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The Dangerous Pokemon World!

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Martin_, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Martin_

    Martin_ Adventure Seeker

    Hi, this is my first RPG but don't let that get you down because this will be an amazing adventure.

    The Dangerous World of Pokemon​

    This world of ours is a vast place, full of wonderful, amazing, and powerfull creatures. These creatures are the Pokemon that we have live beside since they have appeared on this world, they are pets, friends, and even partners in battle with us every day. It is a peacfull balance that has been sustained for thousands of years. Every year hundreds of youngsters have left there homes at the age of ten to set off alone on a pokemon journey. Recently though the peace has been disturbed and the world is more dangerous than it has been so this practice is now to risky and most have changed to fit the new world. Now kids set off in groups often comeing from different towns and regions being the age of 13-16 so that they will be safe on their journey. You are now one of them, so how will your adventure unfold in this dangerous world of pokemon?

    In this Dangerous world of pokemon there have been disturbances of the peace by Team Rocket who have abused the pokemon and treat them as if they are slaves, then uses them for their own nefarious deeds. These things Range from petty theft to plans to control the world. Many of their poor pokemon have run away or been released when no longer wanted and they have spread their distrust and spite towards humans through the wild pokemon population makeing them increasingly dangerous as well.
    (excuse the seming lack of storyline so far but this will be a very free flowing RPG and develope as we go)
    As we have decided we are starting in the Hoenn Region so we will only encounter pokemon from this region besides some special cases. We will start in the small town of littleroot home to Proffesor Birch and his labratory. In this new dangerouse pokemon world trainers have contacted their (or anothers as some people have chosen) regions head pokemon researcher to find them a suitable group with wich they will travel nd that is what we have done. we have all flown or traveled here to meet eachother and head out. We do not know of eachother besides names and pictures so everyone may recognize eachother through photos.

    Info/Rules/Guidlines for when we start:
    1. I will do a magor plot (story) post once every 48 hours or so and will post event post in between them to keep the faster people entertained EDIT: Ok it has dawned on me that I don't really have an overall plot and don't want one so this idea is void. Instead I will just post events after everyone has posted at least once since the last one, and if not everyone has posted it will happen 48 hours after the last one happend. The events cans be small like the sun setting and needing to set up camp or big like a pokemon attacking or team rocket doing something.
    2. You may only post 3 times between any story/event post with a gap of two other posted not by you between each of yours unless I give permision. EDIT: This rule is now void as well, you may post whenever you want but the two other people have to post between each of yours still, this rule does not apply to pokemon battles.
    3. If you do not post within 96 hours you are turned into a temporary NPC and after another 48 hours you are kicked unless you PM me a good reason EDIT: this rule still applies but with an add on. After 48 hours of no activity I will use your charachter for one post only just to make him move forward a bit. Remember that this is a freeflowing RPG and you can post anything you think your charachter would do.
    4. All posts must be at least 7 sentences and have a purpose to further the storyline
    5. All posts must have good grammar and be understandable unless it is your charachter speaking
    6. Please post thoughts in italics and speech in quotation marks and third person speach should stay normal
    6. No foul language outside of charachter speech and even then it is to be scarce and appropriate to the situation
    7. I will be the only one to introduce all NPC's and pokemon unless I give permision
    8. Team Rocket will play a role in this and they may develope a big part of the plot (emphasis on may)
    9. Wild pokemon will be caught on a first come first surve basis after they are introduced and will be battled (me being the wild pokemon)
    10. You can't catch two pokemon in a row and can't have more than two above the player with the least
    11. All pokemon battles with be realistic with each of the pokemons trainers describeing their pokemons moves andwhen it is over there will be injuries that will be healed at a pokemon center
    12. All of our starter pokemon are lvl 5 and they lvl up every battle win/lose.
    13. All attacks that it knows are useable, so the four limit is void though you can only use 5 different moves per battle.
    14. The pokemon will learn moves at the same rate as they do in the game so research your pokemon and try to be truthful (bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net is a nice place to do this)
    15. TM's/HM's/Tutor moves can only be learned once every 48 hours
    16. Please read all posts before makeing a new one
    17. Ignoring these rules in a great or often degree I will be PM a warning and if you conntinue you will be kicked
    18. PM or VM me any questions or suggestions to improve the RPG (I prefer VM for questions just in case someone that has the same question can see it)
    19. Please add your pokemon that you have to your first post for refference with it's species, nickname, level, and known moves.
    20. All pokemon wounds are from now on scratches or bruises, so don't add anything too bad (without my permision that is)
    (was a lot of slight edits)
    Now please before we begin repost your accepted sign up here also with your way of transportation to get to littleroot (anything senseable works) and how your charachter felt along the way. When four of us have done this we will continue from there. Also you will all be carrying back packs so think of what you have in them because it will come up in early posts.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2011
  2. locomo

    locomo Want a hug? :)

    Name: Tyler young.
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon Agenda: To fill up his pokedex, and be a top coordinator. His dad saw every native sinnoh pokemon, and his mom was a top coordinator, and hed like to follow in thier foot steps.
    Description: 5"4 in height. He wears a light blue jacket over a plain white *** shirt. always wears dark jeans, and has good reflexes. Considers himself to be fast when he wants to be.
    Personality: Quiet... stands up for others. Not that smart, HATES bullying. Feels he is ALWAYS right, and hates to be proven wrong. Can get in fight with others if they make him mad enough, but other than that he is friendly over-all.
    History: Home town Celestic town, and never ventured far out of the town due to the mist on one side. Brother set off to be a pokemon master a few years ago, and is now journeying in the Kanto region... his sister is a coordinator doing contests in Sinnoh currently. His parents made him wait before begining his joruney at 10 years old, like his siblinds did. Before he starts his journey his mom gifts him a mystery egg... it will hatch soon
    Special Skills: Runs fast, good reflexes.
    Other: met cynthia, sinnoh champion, one time when she was in celestic town. Before getting a pokedex carried a small "sinnoh pokemon hand book"
    Region Vote: Sinnoh or Isshu region.

    I looked back from the boat to see the ocean trailing behind us. I knew somewhere behind me was Sinnoh... First time I left my home region. I wanted to begin my journey in sinnoh region but professor rowan advised itd be better for me in hoenn... I hugged my pokemon egg as the boat proceeded forward. I look ahead, and saw a stretch of land... I looked at my hand and read my sketched notes. "Littleroot town... Prof. Birch" I sighed as I heard the man anounce over the intercome "We will arive in hoenn shortly". I took one last look back at Sinnoh, before looking forward, to where my new adventure would begin.

    EDIT: You handled my character well, thanks.

    Pokemon: Snorunt. Nickname: N/A. Level: Currently Level 8?. Known moves: as of 2/27/11: Powder Snow, leer/double team.

    Pokemon: Silcoon. Nickname: N/A. Level: Currently 8. Known moves: Harden/poison sting/tackle.

    Looking back, this is my first ever RPG SU... it sucks. how did i get accpeted? lol.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2011
  3. Martin_

    Martin_ Adventure Seeker

    When your charachter speaks it's in first person (I) and when he's not you post in third person. (He) Please read the entire post and add what was asked. Also from now on please PM or VM all questions.
  4. locomo

    locomo Want a hug? :)

    Done. Thanks.
  5. Martin_

    Martin_ Adventure Seeker

    Name: Merrin Cross

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Pokémon Agenda: To beat the Hoenn Gym Leaders and have fun along the way.

    Description: About 5' 5" with dark brown hair and boyish features that never seemed to leave his face. He wears jeans and an array of dark colored T-shirts with the occasional design. You will be hard pressed to find him without a jacket. He walks looking down most of the time but stands tall.

    Personality: He is friendly and easy to get along with. He can be outgoing when he feels like it, easily talking with everyone and making jokes, but can also seen to be a mute when he is upset not saying a word. It takes a lot to anger him but when it happens he really goes off but he can be gentle and caring when the time requires it.

    History: Merrin grew up in the town of littleroot visiting Professor Birch since an early age so he grew up with a love for Pokémon. While growing up Professor Birch had taken him out on research expeditions searching for and documenting Pokémon throughout the region. When he was 8 while on one such expedition a Pokémon jumped out of the surrounding forest and attacked humans and Pokémon alike with the team. Birch said it was rare so he thought nothing of it but it became ever more frequent over the years... Now as his time to Littleroot town draws close he is excited to meet the newcomers that are going to join him for the journey. He also started thinking of which starting Pokémon to choose since he doesn't have any favorites in the lab.

    Special Skills: Through his time with Professor Birch he learned to track Pokémon, find paths, and developed an innate sense of direction. He has also studied the maps of the region thoroughly.

    Other: He has nightmares about his first Pokémon attack and freezes whenever one happens for about a minute due to fright.


    Species: Mudkip (Sapphire)
    Moves: Tackle, Growl, Mud Slap

    Species: Poochyena (Perro)
    Moves: Tackle, Howl, Sucker Punch

    Species: Seedot (Sprout)
    Moves: Razor Wind, Bide, Harden

    While waiting at the laboratory in Littleroot town Merrin sits thinking about the people that are coming to go on a journey with him. He has been awaiting this for a long time but seems calm for the most part if a bit anxious. He's thinking about the people that will be showing up soon from across the world to make their Pokémon journey through the Hoenn region. He is a bit nervous about his first impression on them, one of his thoughts are I hope I don't make a fool of myself, since he has had a habit of doing that when nervous

    By the way: You all have backpacks of stuff you brought on your journey, think about what you will have in them for a bit later.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2011
  6. Xman96

    Xman96 Fighting Leader

    I was wondering if I may join? I will wait to flesh out a character until I get confirmation.
  7. Martin_

    Martin_ Adventure Seeker

    I'm sorry but it's a bit late for that. I'll make another one soon if this goes well so just keep an eye open.
  8. BlackSteelix

    BlackSteelix New Member

    Name: Jackson leaf

    Age: 14

    Gender: male

    Pokemon Agenda: to become the worlds authority on grass Pokemon and herbal medicine.

    Description: Jackson's a rather short kid for his age, only standing about 4'9". his hair is a light green color and he always has it in a pony tail. his eye are a piercing cyan blue and his skin is tan. He wears a light brown poncho with a symbol that looks like a xatu, he also wears brown shorts that go down to his knees.

    Personality: Jackson can seem arrogant and snotty at times, always having to put his two cents worth in. But, in actuality he a very caring guy, he just has a hard time expressing it. he seems to get along more with Pokemon then he dose with people. Jaskson being a "county guy" gets nervous around tall buildings and cites. (btw, don't call him jack he doesn't like that...)

    History: Jackson was born in the tree surrounded, Fortree city were his parents both worked as practitioners of spiritual an herbal healing. it was only natural that he picked up on his parents skills. As he grew up he learned the ways of the Pokemon around his home town and developed a relationship with him, one in particular being a young Tropuis. He found him in near his home and the two seemed to hit it off rather quick having a genuine interest in each other. it wasn't long until they became best freinds and know where ever Jackson is, so is his Tropius.

    around about his 14th birthday he set off on his Pokemon journey but unbeknownst to him the pokemon world had changed in a very dangerous way.

    Special Skills: he's experienced in use of many different kind of herbal medicines that come from plants and grass type Pokemon, and he's always happy to heal someones Pokemon with them, but he's just as skilled when it comes to battling.

    Other: he always tries to have some kind of herbal medicine on hand as well as some berries.


    I yawned loudly as I felt my fathers glider plane come to a stop, "huh? are we there yet?" I asked as i got up from the back seat. "we're here, or more specifically in a clearing Next to little root town", my father said with genuine interest. this place look good enough to me plenty of trees and plants all over, i thought as i jumped out of the plane. "come out Tropius, take a look around!" i shouted as I threw out Tropius' poke-ball. Tropius appeared after taking a quick look around, Tropius turned back around and gave me a sunny look. then my dad interjected, "Son remember its dangerous out here these days". "yeah, yeah, I got it ok!" i snapped back slightly annoyed. "hey wait a minute dad how are you going to get your glider back into the air?", I asked. "simple i'll just use my Swellow to whip up the wind", he replied happily. with that he sent out his Swellow and yelled "ok Swellow use gust!" and with that Swellow began flapping its wings vigorously and then his dad's glider was off with Swellow fallowing behind. "good luck son!", I could barely hear him say. after that Tropius and I began our short walk to little root town.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2011
  9. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    not to be a serebii rule enforcer, but sign-ups usally go in the sign-ups section

    just saiyan
  10. Martin_

    Martin_ Adventure Seeker

    They are reposting their sign ups for reference. I thought it'd be an ok Idea, they were already accepted in SU forum
    Edit: Blacksteelix you forgot to capitalize a lot and there are a few typos, please fix and don't let it happen again.
    Also since our sign ups are full already we will wait for all seven of us to make a post here before we begin. (I know I meant there to be six but I think I can handle seven)
    And remember to read entire first post, I added some info/rules to the end.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2011
  11. CuriousHeartless

    CuriousHeartless Well-Known Member

    Name: Jackson "Jack" Black (That was unintentional, it is more of jokes off of my name that turned into Jack Black)
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon Agenda: To defeat Drake.
    Description: He is aproximately 5'9". He has short brown hair and blue eyes. Like most teens he has acne on his face, mostly concentrated in the upper right corner of his forehead. He has average sized arms and legs and his whole body is pretty proportional.He wears blue jean and a blue t-shirt without any designs. He has a blue backpack that carries a wallet, some food, a change of clothes identical to the ones he is already wearing, swimming trunks, a water bottle and some chapstick. He also has a watch on so that he can stay on time.
    Personality: He is a bit of a perfectionist. He subconsciously lists people as idiots or not, and he shows obvious contempt for those he decides are idiots. He is not a people person, he prefers to go alone, or alone with his pokemon once he gets them. He is a determined person and won't give up until the end. Jack also like to use big words.
    History: Born the younger of two brothers to an average family, he was loved very much. He had a basic childhood, went to school, made friends and all of that. Then, Kevin, his older brother, started his journey. In only three months Kevin claimed all of the badges in the Hoenn League and won the Hoenn tournament. Jack's parents spent a lot of time with Kevin, who was now regarded as a small star for his quick rise is rank.
    Two years later, about a year ago, Kevin challenged Drake, one of the Hoenn Elite Four, and lost. Kevin was devestated and left the family to train, and hasn't been heard from since. after Kevin's departure, their parents have become despondant, making Jack have to take care of himself. When he was about to start his journey, Jack swore to beat Drake and prove that he was a better trainer than his brother.
    Special Skills: He has memorised most pokemon and can remember little things about people.
    Other: He is pretty much me, excpet for the history. Sorry for the history seeming a little cliche. to me at least, but I can't really think of anything.
    Region Vote: Hoenn.

    Jack got up and got dressed. 'Oh joy.' He thought t himself. 'I get to start my pokemon journey today.' He lazily walked downstairs in his house and called to his parents. "Mom, dad. I'm leaving!!"

    "Okay." His mother's voice came from upstairs. She obviously didn't care.

    'What an idiot'. Jack thought to himself as he went out of the front door. He started walking through the small town to the laboratory of the famed Proffesor Birch. 'Finally, I get to leave this heckhole.'
  12. gmoyes

    gmoyes Nerd and Proud of it

    Name: Alex Morgan

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Pokemon Agenda: Currently, he plans to be a top pokemon battler but wants to be a pokemon researcher. He's taking the gym challenge.

    Description: 5'4", slightly overweight. Short brown hair with little care for style. He has green eyes and glasses. Always wears jeans, golf shirts and his favourite blue plaid jacket. He carries a big old army backpa that used to be his dad's. He's the type of person people would mostly over look and he's fine with that.

    Personality: Quiet and smart, your steriotypical nerd. However he's proud of being one. However once you get to know him, he's funny and will support his friends. However, he hates to be wrong and rarely is. He loves reading and being on the computer. Most of the time he likes to be alone but he's glad he will be traveling with friends. He doesn't care about fashion or anything like that.

    History: His history is sort of boring comaped to many others. He was born in Cherrygrove city but he and his family moved to Mauville City two years ago. He's older than most people when they start thier journey. This is due to him staying in school longer than most people. When announcing that he was leaving to go on a journey, his technology teacher gave him his first pokemon: a Magnemite. It was an award for his outstanding computer skills. He has an innoying little brother that will start his own journey soon. It wouldn't be surpising to see him pop up somewhere on the journey.

    Special Skills: He has great knowledge of lots of things, mostly about computers. He's also saved up a lot of money for the journey.

    Other: Carries around a laptop and camera everywhere.

    Region Vote: we doing Hoenn anyway so...

    Magnemite Lv 9 Mild Magnet Pull Tackle, Metal Sound, Thundershock
    Surskit Lv 7 Hasty Swift Swim Psybeam, Bubble, Signal Beam, Quick Attack

    A car pulled up to the Littleroot Pokemon lab. Alex opened the passenger door and put on his backpack. A plump, middle- aged woman with glasses and short curly hair sat in the driver's seat. "Bye Alex! Have fun! Love you!"

    Alex blushed and glanced at the other guys gathered by the door. "Love you too mom. Don't worry, we'll stop in when we get to Mauville. See yeah."

    "Call me every day! Bye Alex!"

    "I'll email you. Bye!" They waved to each other as his mom pulled away. He turn to the guys gathered by the door with a sheepish grin. "So, uh, I'm Alex. Am I late?"

    (it's ok, most likely when he sits down to wait, he would pull out his laptop and play solitare or something. he would be a little wierded out by the outright welcome)
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2011
  13. Martin_

    Martin_ Adventure Seeker

    (since gmoyes went a bit forward I'll post this then we wait for the other two to post)
    Merrin walks up to the newcomer Alex shaking his hand saying, "Hi, I'm Merrin, and no your not late. In fact you beat a couple of people here. Come on I'll introduce you to the others that have showed up." Letting go of Alex's hand he leads him to the door where a kid is standing with an interested expression on his face. He is a bit short with light green hair in a ponytail. He wears a light brown poncho with a symbol that looks like a xatu, he also wears brown shorts that go down to his knees. Merrin says as they walk up, "This is Jackson, he got here just before you."
    Alex says, "Hello," with a smile. Jackson nods and gives a nice smile back and walks inside. Merrin follows with Alex right behind into a large waiting room. It is roughly 30' by 30' big with a few mirror (dressing room ones) sized windows facing out the side of the building with the door. There are some large green plants along the walls (which are white) with some benches on either side of the middle walkway to the receptionist desk (which currently was empty) with a hall off to the right.
    Jackson walks over to a bench to the right of the room sitting off to the side of a tall boy. Merrin gestures to wards him, "This is Jack, you might want to try not to get the to confused." Jack, who was wearing blue jeans and a blue t-shirt without any designs with what seemed to be a slightly frustrated look on his face, just nods in their direction.
    "And over there," Merrin says while pointing at an average sized kid wearing a light blue jacket over a plain white tee shirt with dark jeans who was standing on the left side of the room looking at some of the plant's, "is Tyler." Tyler turns to them and smiles politely saying, "Hello." Alex smiles back and says to all in the room, "Hi guys," with a smile. Merrin then says "We are expecting two other that should be here any minute, so make yourself comfortable and have a seat for a for a while." Alex took his advice and sat on the bench across the "Jack" duo.

    We will now wait for the other two to post before we continue. Edit your first post to tell me how I handled your characters please. :)
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2011
  14. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Name: Diego Vendrix
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon Agenda: To live a great heroic life with friends and have a family; also be the best Move Tutor

    Description: He is around 5'1" and looks of Mexican origin. However, his limited Spanish blood makes it unnoticeable at first. He has as subtle tan, not dark enough to look Hispanic, but not pale enough to look Caucasian. His hair is jet black like the feathers of a raven. His hair style somewhat resembles a shorter version of Sonic the Hedgehog’s quills. His eyes are a chocolate brown, and they often express his full list of emotions to someone who understands him. He has a rather nice build. He is lean-looking.

    Diego wears a gray t-shirt with a red sun on the front and blue crescent moon on the back. He has on some jeans and some black tennis shoes with a gold dragon on them. He has his PokeGear on his left arm and carries his Pokeballs in a black-camo backpack. He completes the ensemble with some futuristic-looking goggles on his head.

    Personality: Diego is a complicated character. He acts polite and cheerful around people. He has a short temper and is often annoyed by people. However, he has a deep loyalty to those he cares about. He is also quite eccentric and affectionate, often scaring people away, having to develop a lone-wolf persona as a defense mechanism. Deep down, he is lonely and feels misunderstood. He also has a dark, twisted, merciless side to him that is also somewhat crazy. He is also philosophical and occasionally zones out. He is a solid trainer, preferring to use mixed types that balance out as well as giving his pokémon 'surprise' attacks.

    He is thoughtful of others, although he often fails at trying to cheer people up. Despite being very intelligent and his method of thinking things out, his curiosity and short temper make him have a compulsive edge to him. He has a bit of gluttonous and slothful side to him. He loves eating, but doesn’t like to exercise often. Despite his lone-wolf attitude sometimes, he really yearns for that group of people he will die for and vice versa.

    He was found as an orphaned infant clutching an egg in Bell Tower during a thunderstorm. No one knows who was it or how they got in. The monks themselves didn’t know. However, he was found by the Kimono Girls, who alongside the monks, raised the child. His first word was Ho-Oh, when he claimed to have seen Ho-Oh near Bell Tower during the beginning of the New Year. At his first birthday, he had a nightmare and when his surrogate moms came in to check, they claimed they saw a Darkrai near the child, a Darkrai with indigo eyes instead of blue eyes. He wasn’t harmed, but this was the beginning of a dark side to Diego. Upon reaching the age of 10, he wished to begin his Pokemon journey, but because of increasing dangers, he wasn't permitted. However, he also expressed desire to be a Move Tutor so they sent him to a friend of theirs in Hoemn to learn the basics. At age 14, he decided to go on his quest with his Pikachu that hatched from the egg on his first birthday.

    Special Skills: Is a Move Tutor in training; also can dance awesomely

    Current Pokemon:
    *-Egg Moves **-Move Tutor
    Pikachu the Pikachu (Male)
    Level 9
    Current Moves:
    Thunder Punch
    Thunder Shock**
    Rock Smash**

    Athena the Ralts (Female)
    Level 7
    Current Moves:
    Ice Punch**

    Psilocybin the Shroomish (Male)
    Level 5
    Current Moves:
    Wake-Up Slap*
    Diego ★ Vendrix
    ~Littleroot Town~

    Diego and the little Pikachu on his shoulder waved goodbye to the jolly chubby man with his Flygon. Diego and Pikachu arrived in Littleroot Town thanks to the help of his mentor and his Flygon. Diego then looked around. It was a nice town. He then noticed that most towns of beginning looked alike. "Ready, buddy?" Diego said as his Pikachu raised its fist in the air.

    As they headed to the lab to meet their group, they noticed some were already there. "Hey, everyone? You ready to do this?" Diego said while his Pikachu was on his shoulder. "My name is Diego Vendrix and this is my partner, Pikachu. What is your names?" Diego said with a grin as he held out his hand for them to shake.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2011
  15. Martin_

    Martin_ Adventure Seeker

    (again just trying to get everyone up to date in the lab, luckily theres just one more to go)
    "Yes!," Said Jack who was thinking this was takeing to long. Merrin turns around since he was still looking at Alex as he took a seat and walks up to Diego to shake his hand (this time I'll let you just look at his description) saying, "Hi, I'm Merrin. I suspect your Diego?" Diego looks pleasantly surprised as he says, "Yeah, How'd you know?" Merrin replied saying, "Proffesor Birch showed me photos of everyone comeing." then Merrin walked arround giing another round of introductions. After Merrin says, "Well now all we're missing is one person who should show up in any minute the we'll go down the hall and talk To Proffesor Birch together."
    (I forgot the hall in the room description in my last post so I'll add it now, also we have to wait for the last person to really begin)
    Edit: since I didn't want to put a useless post I'm putting this here. The first story post will happen in twelve hours with or without serenus
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2011
  16. BlackSteelix

    BlackSteelix New Member

    Enter Jackson Leaf

    As I made my way though the clearing I saw a small town. This must be the place. "well tropius, lets double-time it to the lab of this professor guy", I shouted as the two of us ran the rest of the way. Then, with a loud thud we swung the door open. "JACKSON LEAF IS IN THE BUILDING!", I announced to the group with the snap of my finger. "Tropi!", Tropius chimed in as well in as well. I waited for a response. There were a few odd people around my age in the same room, maybe they are the ones that will go with me on my journey. Some already had pokemon, and maybe some were probably going to get there first ones, at least that's what I thought...
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2011
  17. Serenus

    Serenus Hey Betsy!

    ((OOC: Apologies I was out at a party. I will post now but I do have to say something. Martin_ you were criticizing BlackSteelix for typos and one of your rules is about having good grammar. So far, you have made no less that twenty 'typos.' Some are acceptable but as you are the GM, please check them out. That is all I have to say on the matter.))

    My Character Profile

    Ashley stood waiting on the starboard side of the deck, he looked over at the waves crashing gently onto the boat, he could see land and would be arriving soon. Johto seemed like a million miles away, Ashley felt scared slightly about going out travelling but he optimistic about his travels in Hoenn.

    Nidoran was playing around at his feet. It was a cute pokemon with it's large ears and whiskers. Ashley looked down at her and smiled, he heard his stomach rumble and returned Nidoran and decided to look for something to eat. He walked down the modern deck and threw some doors in to a food court, he took a seat in old fashioned bistro and a old waitress strolled over to take Ashley's order. She looked like she was in her fifties, with permed light, obviously bleached, hair. Her scruffy uniform looked like it was in desperate need of an upgrade, she had a tight checkered apron wrapped around her with a stain that Ashley hoped was Salad Relish. Ashley ordered a Banana-Nut muffin and a Cafe Au Lait, the woman, who from her silver name tag was called Betsy, simply grunted and wondered off.

    Ashley checked his satchel and saw some pokeballs, capsules and seals. A bit of Pokemon food and general items like potions, and a postcard from his parents with a picture of a ribbon on it,
    'We wish you luck on your journey and know you can achieve anything,

    Love Mom, Dad, Ammy and Metty

    He couldn't believe they included the pokemon name's on the card. Ammy was an Ampharos and Metty was a Metang. Besty arrived with his food and beverage and plodded away. The food was actually quite nice, and Ashley enjoyed watching some live battles that were happening on the lower decks. After paying, an announcement was made that they would be arriving at Littleroot soon. He gathered his things and went back to the head of the boat.

    When the boat docked, Ashley realised he was running late. He decided to run slowly to the lab to make a fashionably late entrance. Littleroot was nice and had a quaint feel but Ashley was already thinking about catching pokemon and contests. He arrived with Nidoran out of her ball and walked into the lab.
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    (Sorry about the typos that I didn't notice but from now on I'll try to do better)
    (This is the first story post and if all goes well everyone will be able to make full length posts themselves after this)

    It was about five minutes after Diego arrived, which was spent with some idle chit chat, that Ashely walked in looking at the other teens that have beaten him there saying "Hi guys, I'm Ashley and this," gesturing at the pokémon at his feet, "is my nidoran."
    Jack who still looked a bit frustrated blurted out, "Finlay your here!" while standing up now looking at Merrin expectantly. (Everyone has now assumed Merrin was currently the one "in charge" at the moment)
    Ashley looks a bit annoyed while he says, "The boat ride was a bit longer than expected, sorry." Then he also looks to Merrin who laughs a bit and says, "Don't worry about it, welcome to Littleroot town, I'm Merrin," and walks over to give Ashley a hand shake.
    Ashley returns it while saying, "Have I missed anything?"
    Merrin replies, "No not yet, we were waiting for you to get here." Then Merrin goes through another round of introductions and says, "Now that everyones here lets go see Professor Birch," with an enthusiastic smile. Then he walks down the hall with the rest following. The Hall is surprisingly short and opens up into the main laboratory. It is about twice the size of the waiting room with equipment along the walls along with an array of screens and some tables and other equipment in the middle. (I think it would be a bit much to describe so use your imagination and pokémon knowledge)
    There are a couple other people in the room working quietly but Professor Birch is working on something on the right side of the room, and as they walk in he turns and says, "I see you have all made it here safely, welcome to Littleroot town and," while looking at Jack, "to you welcome to my lab, since you happen to live here like with Merrin." Then looking to them as a whole again he says, "Welcome all of you to my lab. I'm sure you have some ideas as to what goes on here as most people do. Here we study pokémon so we can understand them better and make better advancement of are own, such as medicine or technology inspired by them. We also hold the duty of sending trainers off on their journeys and holding their excess pokémon so the can catch as many as they want." He notices that most the other guys have pokémon already, he's a bit surprised that one has an egg container thats egg moved slightly, then he looks at Jack and Merrin saying, "I see that you two are the only ones without a starter pokémon." He looks behind them to another researcher in the room calling out, "Tim, please bring me the starter pokémon balls!"
    Tim a rather short but thin man with square spectacles walks from his work screen and grabs a pouch from a nearby table and takes it to the professor. "Thank you Tim," says Birch as he take the pouch and Tim walks away. He opens the pouch and holds up a pokeball with a small flame symbol on it saying, "This one contains torchic, the fire type pokémon," then he takes out another with a wave symbol on it, "this one contains the mudkip the water type pokémon," and then he take out another one that has a leaf symbol on it, "and this one contains the treecko the grass type pokémon." He looks at Jack and says, "Why don't you pick first?"
    After a brief second of contemplation Jack says, "Give me treecko," Professor birch shrugs and tosses him treecko's pokeball. Jack catches it easily then throws it in the air saying, "Come out Emerald!" (which is treecko's new name) Ball opens in midair releasing some red energy that transforms into a small gecko like pokémon then the ball returns to Jack's hand who puts it way. "Treecko!" says the pokémon while he stands beside his partner.
    "Now who would you like Merrin?" said the professor while he turns toward him. Merrin says quickly, "Mudkip please," and catches the ball as Professor Birch throws it. He catches it a bit clumsily then throws it in the air and says, "Come out Sapphire!" and out of the pokeball came an animal/fish looking pokémon.
    Professor Birch put the last ball with the pouch on a nearby table and picked up a stack of pokedexs (picture the ones in the first season) and handed them out while saying, "They already have your info so all you have to do now is scan your pokémon and you can be on your way." Everyone immediately scans there pokémon besides Tyler who just stares at his egg in it's capsule.
    After Jack scans his pokémon he says, "Well I'm done here," and walks out of the room and down the hall. Before anyone can say anything Tyler says, "My eggs hatching!"

    (Ok now full length posts are needed and I would prefer locomo to post first so he can get his pokémon, but anyone can post as long as it's about what they are thinking/feeling at the moment and do something small like say a short phrase)
    Edit: Ok now you may do whatever you think you charachter would do without reservation since locomo has posted.
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    The egg began to glow and I quickly took it out of the egg carrier. Before I knew it, in the eggs place was a little snorunt! I took out my pokedex and scanned it.

    Snorunt, the Snow Hat Pokémon. Snorunt is said to bring great wealth to any home that it lives in. (Pokedex entry from Pokemon D/P)

    Wow! "Snorunt!" The snorunt blinked. And sneezed out some snow. Snorunt looked around confused by the surrounding. Snorunt began to cry with so many people staring at it.
    "Oh no! Its ok Snorunt, its ok!" I said, I scooped Snorunt up with my arms and began to craddle her like a baby. This is so embarasing ... I thought to myself. Snorunt calmed down a little. But was still teary eyed. I got my bag and pulled out some home-made poffins, and fed Snorunt a light blue one, hoping shed like it. Snorunt stopped crying mommentarily, and chirped "sno! sno!" ... I guess she liked it. I looked up and realized everybody was watching me... I gave a small nervous chuckle... while snorunt munched on my poffins looking happy and satisfied.
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    Alex grinned when he saw the baby Snorunt. He was a little disappointed that only the people that didn't have a pokemon get a starter pokemon. He mentally shrugged. I guess it's only fair, he thought. But I wish I got a Treecko. He also wondered why Merrin chose the starter that was weak to Jack's. Either way, Magnemite has problems with both. Grass is resistant to electric and fire is strong against steel. Mudkip would be easy but when it evolves it gets ground type wich is x2 super effective. Oh well, could be worse. He took Magnemite's Pokeball out of his pocket and scanned it.
    Magnemite, the Magnet Pokemon. The faster the units at its sides rotate, the greater the magnetic force they generate.
    He shrugged. "Nothing I didn't aready know."

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