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The Dangerous Pokemon World!

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Martin_, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. cosmicwaffle

    cosmicwaffle Active Member

    ((By the way thanks for letting me join, because I know it is pretty late to join:) ))

    "A beach party!" Norman shouted with excitement while he was shaking Diegos hand. "Yay! I love beach partys! We have them all the time in Kanto." Norman shouted with excitement. " Good thing I packed my swimming trunks." Norman then reached into his backpack when the egg his mother had given him started to glow. Norman stared at the egg with excitement. The egg then broke open and a baby Porygon came out. "Yes! A porygon I've wanted one of these little guys for years!. I'll name you Digital." Norman said. Pory? [Hello?] said the newly hatched porygon. [Hi I'm Squirt it's nice to meet you. Oh and yes I am from Kanto.]

    Squirt the Squirtle.
    Abililty: torrent
    TAckle/attract/iron tail

    Digital the Porygon
    Tackle/coversion/conversion 2
  2. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Pokemon: Jaroo The Snivy (Male), Hoffman The Taillow (Female)

    "Nice to meet you Norman!" Said Bio with a smile. She was a little confused about his name, but she didn't let it bother her. She then thought hers was a little weirder so it was nothing to be confused about. She watched as the gg hatched and threw her only pokeball into the air for Hoffman to join in the fun. Hoffman pecked at the ground; her wing bandaged up. Jaroo looked at Squirt. [I'm Jaroo, from Nimbasa city; Unova. Very pleased to meet you.] Said Jaroo with his usual smug grin. Jaroo looked over at Hoffman. [That's Hoffman, she's still a little peeved at me for damaging her wing.]
  3. cosmicwaffle

    cosmicwaffle Active Member

    "Nice to meet you to! You sure have some cool looking pokemon." Norman said with a smile. Norman walked over to the Tailow and started petting her."What happened to your tailow?" Norman asked. [Nice to meet you Jaroo. Nice to meet you Hoffman.] Said the squirtle happily. Pory![Hi!] [ Oh I almost forgot, this is my new friend Digital.] Said the squitle.
  4. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    "Er, well when I caught it Jaroo kinda hurt her wing, but I'm sure she'll be fine. Are we gonna start this party?" She said with a smile. [It's good to finally meet someone that doesn't hurt me.] Said Hoffman with a glare at Jaroo. [See; she's really peeved.] Said Jaroo.
  5. CuriousHeartless

    CuriousHeartless Well-Known Member

    "Good to meet you Norman." Jack said. "I'm Jackson Black, but people just call me Jack. No relation to the actor." He then atched as Norman's egg hatched into a Porygon. "That reminds me guys. The first gym's in the next town and his name's Norman. But that can wait, go pokemon." Jack let out his pokemon. Emerald stared down Norman, the Treeko sizing up the human. Radya did the same from the water, but Tanuki just barked at him and started running around Norman. "These are my pokemon. The Treeko is Emerald, the Magikarp is Radya, and the Zigzagoon running around you is Tanuki. So sorry about him annoying you, but he's loud and energetic, so there's not much to do."
  6. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Diego ★ Vendrix
    ~Pokemon Mart, Petalburg City~
    Badges: 0
    Current Pokemon: Pikachu, Athena the Ralts, Psilocybin the Shroomish

    "Yeah, thanks. Okay then, everyone. Let's celebrate! This is the beginning of a long journey. We will fight many foes and go through the good and the bad times, but no matter what happens, we will stay together," Diego said as he took out several bottles of soda for everyone to drink. The group went to the restrooms in the nearby porthouse and changed into their bathing suits. The group partied, shared stories, and had a good time. It was now around 9:00 and they thought they should camp out. Diego had decided it was time. "Hey Bio, could you come with me? I wanna show you something," he said. Pikachu followed to see. Diego led Bio to a secluded to show her. It was a sculpture of her made of sand, with her name formed under it in shells.
  7. gmoyes

    gmoyes Nerd and Proud of it

    Alex grinned at the others having fun while he was watching the fire and cooking hotdogs and hamburgers. He didn't mind, he wasn't much of a party guy. But he introduced himself and his pokemon to the new guy, Norman. He seemed a little wierd buy hey look who's talking. He quietly kept watching the fire.

    Meanwhile his Surskit and Magnemite were near some cliffs. They were glad with the new friends but they felt a little left out due to thier trainer not giving them nicknames. Mangemite was even more so because it might acually have a conversation with the Porygon. Surskit saw a rock sticking out of the water and got an idea. [Watch this.] He said to his partner. He gathered up energy and shot a signal beam at the rock. A small chip of rock flew off. [Beat that!]
    Mangnemite took on the challange and shot a thundershock at the rock blowing off another chip.
    Surskit grinned. [I can do that with my eyes closed. Watch] He closed his eyes, gathered up energy and shot it at the rock. Unfortunatly the beam missed and it hit the water. [Oh mon, I missed.]
    Suddenly a red and blue fish erupted from the water and sped towards them. Surskit's eyes widened in fear. [Oh-]
    "BEEP!" Magnemite interupted and censoring its partener. They both ran back towards were all the others were with the fish chasing them from the water.
  8. Martin_

    Martin_ Adventure Seeker

    Hello guys! I see you have done well in my absence. Just thought I'd stop by and apologize for the ditching and wish you guys luck. :)
  9. cosmicwaffle

    cosmicwaffle Active Member

    "What a day." Norman said to himself quietly. Norman was getting ready for bed when his squirtle walked up to him and started falling asleep. Norman then set up his sleeping bag, put squirt in it and went to bed.His new porygon then popped out of his pokeball and snuggled up against Norman. Tomorrow marks the start of a brand new journey Norman thought to himself. He then peacefully fell asleep.

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