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The Dawn of Future


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Here's my first own RPG! I hope you enjoy!

The Dawn of Time PG:10​

PLOT: You, yourself are a Pokémon that is a close friend with a scientist that is Alakazam. He gives you an invitation to his laboratory to get a first glimpse at his new invention. So when you walk over there, you see the sky getting somewhat peculiar and it seems like it is going to storm. So when you get to Alakazam’s laboratory, there are already tons of Pokemon there. It is a very gigantic room, with curtains in the front of it, so there is tons of space for everyone to get in. You go get a drink, chat with some people you know, hang out for a while. Then, when it seems no one else is coming, there is a loud noise coming from a speaker. The curtains in the front of the room open, you can see a huge mechanism on the stage that was behind the curtains. Then, Alakazam comes from behind the curtains.

“Welcome one and all!” Alakazam said. His voice coming from the speaker.

“You, all you, are about to get a first, once in a lifetime gazing at my greatest invention in the world!” Alakazam exclaimed.

“You my friends, well get to amaze at my invention. In use!” Alakazam shouted.

“What is it?” yelled one of the Pokemon from the crowd.

“It, my good man, is a time machine!” Alakazam answered.

Alakazam had a short pause after everyone. Right before Alakazam could speak again, the guy from the crowd who yelled the question at Alakazam asked “How do we know it’s going to work?”

"Which is why I am going to test it!” answered Alakazam. He then jumped into the seat of the time machine and flipped a medium sized switch. It started to sputter and shake. Sparks flew out of it. It was lighting up like a firecracker. Just then a lightning bolt blew a hole through the roof and hit the machine. Then, the light got bigger and bigger. It got so big; it engulfed the whole room with everyone in it. You feel like you are traveling at light speed. A few seconds later, you’re back in Alakazam’s laboratory. But the room is all wreaked and Alakazam is nowhere in sight. The whole town is wreaked. You don’t know where you are. So you start your own adventure to the road back to your own time. What will you do?

SIGN-UPS: You might’ve guessed that you are in the future. (Your character doesn’t know that until later.) So you are free to do what you want. But I was planning to have us run into some other Pokemon from the future. (They’re in the resistance. They fight the Robo-Pokemon who took over the future. They’ll find that out later.) So anyway here’s what to do.

1. Have little bunnying, and NO Godmodding. No invincible characters please.
2. All general forum rules apply.
3. I would like no swearing or sex crap please.
4. If you are arguing with somebody please PM me.
5. I would like to have everyone to be accepted so that everyone who wanted to join can join.
6. You do need to show me an RPG sample.

Name: obvious. Nickname if you want one. With gender.
Attacks: At least two or more moves. Up to four of course. TM and breeding attacks are acceptable.
Description: Does your Pokemon wear anything special? If so tell how your character got it. Optional.
Personality: Tell me what your character is like. Up to at least 4+ sentences.
History: What was your character like? Where were they when they were young? What was their life like? Up to 5+ sentences preferable.
Anything else: optional
Here’s my sign up in case you’re confused
Name: Gliscor, ;472;, Male.
Attacks: Brick Break, Steel Wing, Cross Poison, and X-Scissors.
Description: Gliscor is a shiny Gliscor, having a blue base with yellow markings.
Personality: Gliscor had a pretty rough life as a kid. Had no parents and got teased at from some jerks. But he put that in the past. Now he is nice to others and kind. But, if somebody ever teases him, he gets enraged. Although, after awhile he forgives the person. Somewhat of the time when he fights, he gets a little cocky. But he is also very strong. So he’s kind of the strong and silent types.
History: Gliscor had a pretty downhill past. Before he even hatched, his parents disappeared. When he hatched he had no idea where to go. So as a newborn Gligar, he started traveling the forest where he was born. He wasn’t lonely, because while he traveled, he made many friends. Some helped him on his journey. Later on, he met some mean Pokemon who teased him and poked him around. So he decided to train to get better so he could defend himself. After many hours of grueling hard work, he became so strong; he could break a boulder in half! So when he ran into that gang of Pokemon, he showed them whose boss. Then, right after he defeated the Pokemon gang, he evolved into Gliscor. After some more traveling (this time out of the forest!)He found a nice town and moved into a nice medium sized house.

Incase if you're still confused, just PM me. Ok? BTW we need at least 10 people or more (i'll add more spots when we get to ten if anyone else wants to join)
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Miror B.

Name: LoLo, ;271;, Female

Attacks: Mega Drain, Rain Dance, Ice Punch

Description: LoLo is similar to a shiny, but being more neon green with a navy blue lily pad.

Personality: LoLo is very laid back. She is always relaxed, and never gets energetic about anything. This is why she refuses to evolve into Ludicolo. She spends a fair amount of her time underneath the surface of the water, letting the slow current take her wherever she will end up. When above ground, she's usually taking a slow walk through a small marshy area, or gazing up at the giant Weather Institute building. She is a very thoughtful girl. She would spend most of her time thinking about something. When she ran out of things to think about, she would train her not-so-strong Ice Punch move.

History: LoLo hated her parents growing up. Her parents were Ludicolos that would dance non stop. She spent the whole time letting her lilypad keep her under the surface of the water as a Lotad. When she evolved into Lombre, she left for a life on her own, still underneath the surface of the water. She is a very lonely person, and always has been. After she left her parents, she followed a river to Route 120, near Fortree City. It was the perfect environment for her, with no Ludicolos in sight. She's lived in that area ever since.

RP Sample: ...Um, I've never RP'd on Serebii before...please don't be mad...
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Miror B. it's ok that you've never ben on a RPG.It's not bad, but you might need some more on history and personality. For history, you could tell what Lombre did on her life when she left her parents. Ok? Just add some more. But you are pending
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Much better Miror! Lolo is accepted


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Gotcher SU right here! Heartily awaited and finally done. Now stop badgering me!! (kidding!)

Name: Absol/Kismet ;359;, Female

Attacks: Quick Attack, Night Slash, and Bite.

Description: Kismet is less gruff looking then most Absol. While most have an air of duty and look very serious, Kismet is softer, gentler looking. Also, instead of a blue face, claws, and tail, she has dark grey markings. Perfect pic on this link.

Personality: True to her different appearance, Kismet is flippant and relaxed. She is very carefree, happy-go-lucky also fitting to her actions. She stays relaxed, though most of the times her insides are turning over. Why? Well, she's usually in trouble. Also with a calm nature, she seeks adventure; two rather contradicting attributes. With her excitement seeking comes trouble. She gets herself into the tightest situations anyone can imagine and the strangest part is she does it on purpose! So with a calm aura and more correct term, wild, self, Kismet is rather peculiar.

History: Kismet has a colorful past. When she hatched from an egg like all Pokemon do, she was staring into the face of Poliwags. A peaceful community of forest dwelling Pokemon, Poliwags, Pidgy, Paras, Sudowoodo, Tropius… and many others raised Kismet. They raised her to live off the land and made her very resourceful. Then, feeling out of place, Kismet left with heartfelt good-byes after ten years. She explores the world, looking for fun and finding trouble. She’s had run-ins with evil organizations and rescued whole towns before, but she’s no hero. She’s not as well known as any hero, but does her part to help the world.


<---My fave PKMN
Name: Monfeno, Alex, Male

Attacks: Flame Wheel, Mach Punch, Quick attack, Flamethrower

Description. He doesn't really look like the toughest Monferno on the block. At the top of Alex's head, is a tuft of hair, much like Sparky(Richie's Charmander). Instead of blue fur covering his face, it is yellow. His regular fur is also a lighter colour/shade of brown.

Personality: Alex is not really defensive, but if he must fight he will. He doens't usually fight as a first resort, but sometimes it does happen, especially if he's mad. The only thing that really makes him mad are bullies. He likes to travel in groups, and often likes to be paired with a younger pokemon, just to show some confidence, and be a good role model. He hates it when people judge others by what pokemon they are(e.G-Grimer), and feels like knocking some sense into others when they do it. He hates spicy food, and loves Oran Berries.

History: Alex's life was pretty average until the 'event' happened in the local forest. Alex always did hate bullies. He actually stood up to one for the first time in his life, when a Machop was bullying him around in the local forest. He ounched him, and the bully fell down, hurt. After that, rumours spread across the village, saying that a poor innoccent boy was assualted. This rumour had also spread to other places too, so many people have heard of him. Of course, his parents didn't beleive him that it was for self defense. He was shunned afterwards by many other pokemon, and eventually Alex left the village. He didn't know where to go, so he just went wherever his feet would carry him.
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Ok guys. your both accepted! Skillfulness and Jegretis.


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Reserve me pwease.


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Jegretis: Well, it's like Mystery Dungeon in the fact that it is Pokemon based, your character will be a Pokemon. It takes place on a random plant, not Mystery Dungeon. The set up specifically is in the city. If you mean a Mystery Dungeon RP as in exactly the same, then no. If you mean it as from Pokemons point of view on their own planet, then yes.

AzerWrath: You are most definitely reserved.


「深弾幕結界 -夢幻泡影-」
Name: Armaldo, Arilnar, Male.

Attacks: Flash Cannon, X-sissor, Giga Impact, Shadow Claw.

Description: Shiny, but Shiny in his own way. His feather-like protrudions and changed into a kind of Shadowy-tenticle-wings. His armor plated body, originally Yellow and blue, is now Black and red. On his neck, he has Golden spikes facing the front. His tail, is more armored and also has Golden spikes facing downwards. His claws are the most Intresting, unlike a Normal Armaldo's Single claw, Arilnar has 3, which is kind of weird because all other Armaldos only have 1. Arilnar's legs, have two Golden spikes which has a black line all around it. His legs are also faster and more muscular, allowing him to sprint and jump quite high.

Personality: Arilnar tends to keep to himself, only lending aid to those Truely in need. He once wasnt like this, Long ago, he was Cheerful, friendly and Optimistic, always going around helping other people as much as he could. Arilnar only fights when he is nessary, as his powers are unbelieveably strong, but not as strong as a Legendary and things like that, He can still be taken down thou, and Arilnar is Honorable, able to conceed Defeat without Sulking and wanting to take Revenge. Arilnar is now very happy, for some weird reason, and is like last time, wanting to help all others what ever the cause, but he has to ponder, weather or not he has to fight someone or something. Arilnar's mind is always thinking of something at almost every moment.

History: When Arilnar was young, oh so young, he was treated as a loser, and for years he sat by himself, awaiting for hope to come. And then one day, he saw a Bidoof about to get crushed by a boulder rolling down a hill. As he crawled and crawled, he started to glow and then, he ran, ran oh so fast, jumping high in the air and used Giga Impact onto the boulder, turning it to small pieces of rock. As the word travelled around his town, many people welcomed him now, and stoped treating him like a loser. His Parents, were gone long ago, travelled to some mysterious place, but somehow always manages to send a few postcards to Arilnar, telling him about their Adventures in somewhere called Sinnoh, and Kanto. Arilnar always kept those Postcardsa in a big folder filled with other precious stuff. Over time, the other pokemon treated him as their Hero, as Arilnar would always be there to take care of trouble... He could have people from a rampaging herd of Drapion, and even help find a lost child in the desert. But there was one thing he could not do, which was to fight lots and lots of Pokemon at one time. One day, Arilner failed to protect a Happiny from a group of Gabite and a large Garchomp, and walked slowly with the small Happiny's body in his claws, he placed it to it's parents and ran off, to somewhere far... Snowpoint City. In a cave, there was a river, and in it's centre, a hollow glacier. Arilnar sat, and meditated. As the ice broke and rocks fell, Arilnar didnt care, he sat there... And then, somewhat touched by Arilnar's True self, Someone flew down, He was gigantic, and overwhelmingly Powerful, He became Arilnar's mentor, teaching it all that he could, and Over time, Arilnar Changed, became Anew and set off, as his Master too needed to leave, As Arilnar walked, as a Wanderer to forever be, he would not forget the One, his Master...Giratina.
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Name: ;025; Pikachu, Silver, Female

Attacks: Thunderbolt, Brick Break, Grass Knot, Subsititute

Description: Silver is almost a shiny Pokemon because of her mother being shiny. Silver's tail is silver when it should be yellow. Her eyes are also green.

Personality: Silver is outgoing and loves to explore. Her temper isn't always under control and she says things she'll regret. She has sorta has a saving-people-thing and can't leave anyone behind. She always speaks her mind and isn't easily intimidated. Silver is also bery confident despite her history.

History: Silver was born in the forest with all the other Pikachu. As a child, she was the runt of the litter, the weakest Pikachu. She was teased alot and was always beaten up by the stronger Pikachu. This made her want to become stronger and she did just that. She was still not strongest but, Silver was at least treated with some respect. Now she lives in the forest and has never left it except for one day when she ventured out to the lake and could have sworn she was a Pokemon dive into the waters but, she never saw it again.


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AzerWrath: Very good description on well, description. You are 100% accepted!

AdnRayquazaSilver: Not bad. Not bad at all. You're defenitly accepted!
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Name: ;105; Bone, male

Attacks: Bonemerang, Double-Edge, Fire Punch, Stone Edge

Description: Bone looks like a normal Marowak, except he is colored dark brown and has a cut down the middle of the eye hole of the skull on his head.

Personality: Bone is a good fighter and hates to lose any sort of competition. When he does, he tends to disappear and then reappears some time later, stronger than he was before. Despite being so strong, he often cries at night because the full moon reminds him of his deceased mother. Also, he often bullies weaker Pokemon, believing he is stronger.

History: When Bone was still a baby, his mother was killed by a pack of Houndoom. He became so furious that once his mother's body was decomposed he wore her skull as a helmet and used her leg bone as a weapon and searched for the pack of Houndoom. He never found them, even to this day, so he stopped searching. Instead he trains to become stronger in case he ever does find the murderous pack of Houndoom. He went to Alakazam's laboratory after he recieved the invitation, and when the time machine sent him and everyone else to the future, he assumed it was the past and decided to look for his mother.

Anything else: He hates all Houndoom, for obvious reasons.
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Im gonna edit some stuff for my Char, tomorrow or some time afterwards, check if it is Ok for my character.


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AzerWrath: It's fine that you change it. It looks great anyway.

mitchiscool: Good job on the SU. But you don't need to talk about going into the future. But it's still great. A-C-C-E-P-T-E-D! lol!


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@Z-Gon- I just wanted to change it >:3

@Pokefan0234- Theres also Burned Tower :D


Burned Tower was in my options. The only problem was that it burned down... so it only has like two floors.

Arilnar sounds amazing by the way. You're a very good writer.
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@Pokefan0234 - Well, In my opinion, Your Character is very, well, You are GodModding, i would say, because, it is unbelievable that your Character can actually beat Ho-Oh, and, with a fire-based attack, even thou Ho-Oh is part Fire.