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The Dear_______ game

Discussion in 'Games' started by Pamizard, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. Dear Shadow Ninjask,
    Are you a ninja yet?

    Next: Dimentio from Super Paper Mario
  2. Dattebayo

    Dattebayo Banned

    Dear Dimentio,
    I didn't expect you to be the real main antagonist in Super Paper Mario. I always thought main antagonist are supposed to have cool designs, weapons, and powers.
    Sincerely, Dattebayo

    Next: Imhotep from "The Mummy."
  3. Ames Don - The PokeGenius

    Ames Don - The PokeGenius Blazing Champion

    Dear Imhotep,
    For some reason, you remind me of Hitmontop.
    From AD

    The creator of Lego Star Wars
  4. Shadow_ninjask

    Shadow_ninjask Or is it the bagel?

    Dear LSW creator,
    Nice work in making the series.It is a representative of one of the 5 stages a new gamer goes through,as "X-Play" had mentioned...have you ever considered making a Lego version of the TV series (yes there was one)?

    NT:Mama Luigi.
  5. ¶GlichyMissingno¶

    ¶GlichyMissingno¶ .:.~*^Girl^*~.:.

    Dear Luigi,

    Why are you a plumber?

    Signed, ¶GLichyMissingno¶

    Next: A broken door.
  6. Ames Don - The PokeGenius

    Ames Don - The PokeGenius Blazing Champion

    Dear broken door,
    You suck.
    From AD

    Homer Simpson.
  7. Dear Homer,
    Look a doughnut!

    Next: Mew.
  8. Ames Don - The PokeGenius

    Ames Don - The PokeGenius Blazing Champion

    Dear Mew,
    You're so cute and playful.
    From AD

    Mewtwo with a sense a humor.
  9. Cavan_II

    Cavan_II "Dark Lightning"

    Dear Mewtwo,

    Ever heard the one about the Mewtwo and the Bidoof gang?

    Next: A spider's web.
  10. ANGELeon

    ANGELeon SchoOoOoL TiMe AgaiN

    Dear Spider's Web,
    Am I a noob for talking(writing) to something that doesn't talk back?

    Next: Someone
  11. Dattebayo

    Dattebayo Banned

    Dear Someone,
    Shiriki Utundu commands you to jump off a cliff.
    Sincerely, Dattebayo

    Next: Plankton.
  12. The Lemonkraken

    The Lemonkraken The Toad Man Shuffle

    Dear Plankton,
    YOU SUCK!!!!!!!
    ~LTM the fox

    Next: Mr.Krabs
  13. Cavan_II

    Cavan_II "Dark Lightning"

    Dear Mr. Krabs,

    Would you like it if I burned a $100 bill?

    Next: Tweety Bird.
  14. Dattebayo

    Dattebayo Banned

    Dear Tweety Bird,
    Watch out for Sylvester.
    Sincerely, Dattebayo

    Next: Might Guy
  15. Djura

    Djura 99% chance to hit

    Dear What's his face,
    I will kick you in your Kringle, punch you in the holly bush, tear off your partridge and kick you in the pear tree.
    -Mr. M

    Next: Caboose.
  16. Affirmative

    Affirmative STOP RESETTIN'!

    Dear Caboose,

    Met any good trains lately?

    Signed, Affirmative

    Next: Tom Nook from Animal Crossing
  17. Dattebayo

    Dattebayo Banned

    Dear Tom Nook,
    Please don't be playable in Brawl because fighting is not your style.
    Sincerely, Dattebayo

    Next: Atari
  18. Cavan_II

    Cavan_II "Dark Lightning"

    Dear Atari,

    I know about you mainly due to Asteroids.

    Next: The Pokemon Battle Revolution announcer.
  19. Star Dust

    Star Dust live let live.

    Dear The Pokemon Battle Revolution announcer,
    Announce away! Show some love to my team. Or just get me Jirachi.
    Sincerely, Star Dust

    Next person : George Bush!
  20. Dattebayo

    Dattebayo Banned

    Dear George Bush,
    Keep on continuing the Iraq War. It's possible the endangered animal population will increase if the most people die in war. So whatever you do, don't stop the war.
    Sincerely, Dattebayo

    Next: Jack Thompson
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