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The Detested Absol (1153)


Currently hidden in the mysterious Glimwood Tangle
So basically brainwashing chemicals?
There is a problem in your reviews, Bea has not had any focus episode, and your document says that she has 1


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  • The preview for the next episode shows us Axew, who still hasn't evolved. ****. Just ****ing do it already, holy jeez. It's not like Iris doesn't have other Pokemon to be her cute mascot. It's not like it's doing anything interesting as an Axew. It's not like she appears enough for an evolution to change things.
I think the creators are trolling us again and this scene from Axew comes from a flashback (as we know from scans, we are supposed to get memories of the trip around Unova). If Iris did still have Axew, it's a little suspicious that it was not shown in either opening or any promotional scans.
Naah. They needed something for plot sake so that absol would get involved. If lucario or sirfetchd broke the rock no reason for absol to appear and no capture. Other wise wouldnt dragonites hyper bem do the trick as well...
So they sacrifice Ash's intellect for Goh's capture.


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Obviously not. Goh will try to catch a bug and by accident Arceus will materialise there and get captured by the standard Pokémon ball.
Oh, btw, from the recent merchandise, Darkrai is promoted together with Galarian Birds but there's no Cresselia, does that mean we will see Darkrai in the anime soon?