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The Detested Absol (1153)

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In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night ...
Honestly, outside a capture, was there anything worth writing home about? This episode felt more like a filler in AG. I do like AG, but I don't see anything wrong with this episode. It's just serviceable.


Was hoping to see more of Hoji. He parted with Ash amicably, but I would have liked to see more of his relationship with Goh after the loss and before becoming friends.

It would have also been nice to see more of Goh interacting with Absol, or they could have played up the idea that Goh has greater doubts about Absol than Ash.

Absol is a tsundere.

Absol should have been there for the onsen scene.

Trapinch is hardly random considering they are investigating why the onsen water is cut off. It makes sense to bring a burrowing Pokémon.

Glalie and Snorunt aren't adapted to survive on the volcano and are causing conflicts with the locals, there is nothing wrong with Goh wanting to provide them a home more conducive to their biology while solving the townspeople's issue.

Having Absol, Snorunt and Trapinch in one episode is also a fun easter egg to the fact that Trapinch debuts in the anime in the episode prior to Absol-ute disaster, and Ash captures his Snorunt in the following episode.

Still a missed oportunity for Goh to catch Snorunt.

Swirly eyed Grookey, with still no known moves. + the Grookey fistbump.

Given how much fast travel the series has has, I am happy that they actually had to hike up the mountain. It makes the world feel larger.

Not only do we finally get another episode dedicated to exploring the research fellows premise, we also get one that makes creative use of the environment, rather than a generic location.

Why don't Ash and Goh use other pokemon; because the episode is about Absol, and directing focus onto certain people/ pokemon is hardly unique to this episode/ JN.

Hoji has a regular phone.

Having the inscription be covered by moss rather than sand would be more believable.

'Absol warning about impending disaster and being suspected as the cause is a rehash of AG'; a single episode from almost 15 years ago that the majority of current viewers may not even have seen. Not to mention that Absols whole shtick is about foretelling disaster and being suspected, so of course an episode exploring the Absol lore would explore that.

Pikachu and Cinderace clearly avoid crossing the pool to avoid being too close when the steam bursts out, they only use ranged attacks.

I don't know if lava would have been more foreboding, but considering that green acidic pools do form over geothermal spring, I guess it fits.

Flanery didn't need to be here, the show is more often than not governed by protagonist day saving, it's hardly the first time that a towns gym leader/ law enforcement/ adults are missing during a crisis. No need to bring up each and every pokemon and person Ash has met when they are not relevant to the plot at hand.

It would be nice to see Goh rematch Hoji with Cinderace and Scizor in the future, Absol too if Hoji has a third pokemon.


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Am I the only one getting annoyed Satoshi can only use Pikachu?
I've gotten pretty sick of it too. We're often left not seeing several of Ash's Pokemon for several episodes. I mean, Lucario hasn't been seen in 12 episodes. It took them 13 episodes before Dracovish even appeared again AFTER being captured. That's another big part of the problem with this series. They're horrible at balancing out the screentime for Ash's Pokemon and they don't often throw Ash into situations where he even needs to use them.


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Swirly eyed Grookey, with still no known moves. + the Grookey fistbump.

I just realized, we never saw Swirly eyed Sobble did we?
I remember Swirly eyed Scorbunny and this episode gave us Swirly eyed Grookey but I can't recall if Sobble ever did the Swirly eyes

Anyways I hope Goh catches a Snoring in the future. And hopefully he evolves his into a Froslass. Mostly just to contrast Ash's Glalie and the Glalie we saw in this episode.


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Is it bad that I hate Goh and the writers for not allowing Ash to catch anything even more now? I can think of at least a thousand ways to painfully torture them.
You're sick for actually writing that last line. Yes it is bad, grow the hell up.
Anyone who is liking this post, I hope I don't come in contact with you irl. Liking posts such as these concerns me.
Took the words out of my mouth. The people who actually liked that post make me sick, not surprising seeing who all liked it either.
And once again Goh steals a Pokemon from Ash.
I'm ****ing sick of Ash getting jack while we get a Goh marathon every ****ing month!
What's actually wrong with you? How did Goh steal when Ash never made any move, any interaction or any desire to get absol. Do you know the definition of stealing???? What? Goh haters like you are so irritating, making up bs to spout at him.

Also @Spider-Phoenix @Ace-Barn and any other member of the Goh fanclub, we improving lol. First Goh was a psychopath, now he's a bully. That's an improvement lmao

As for this episode, I didn't really like it. I'm happy it went to Goh, didn't want it to go to Ash. Hodge was nice to see again, his family was nice, grookey fistbumping him was cute. I didn't like how sidelined Ash was, it's so tiring at this point give that boy something atleast. I don't like how the capture happened. Morally Goh is in the right to capture it to save it's life and he even tried to release it so don't even try to claim he was a bully or a bad person this episode. I just didn't like how it felt like suicune all over again, absol and Goh barely interacted to make absols decision feel warranted and I wish Absol got a proper focus. A dull episode but the next one is gonna be so good, can't wait


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Good they separated it between Journeys and Master Journeys


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In this topic: people take a mediocre episode that every saga has in abundance and use as a proof why the whole series is awful

I never thought I'd miss the BW days of these fourms but it's to that point. Always complaining when Goh catches a Pokémon even when it's so obvious that's what's going to happen, always complaining that Ash doesn't get any focus because people have fully bought this narrative and their confirmation bias makes them see "proof" of it every episode even when there obviously isn't and Ash has been getting more episodes as of late anyway. It's so tiring.

It's a very whatever 5/10 episode but I know this isn't a episode that matters so why get all doom and gloom every time theres a mediocre filler, makes no sense to me lol