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The Detested Absol (1153)


Currently hidden in the mysterious Glimwood Tangle
Now I want Absol to be used frequently, that's my whim


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Reviewing the Pokémon anime in 10 words or less:
"Best Journeys' ex-COTD returns"

Episode: 6/10

Also for a no important plot episode, this thread is something else...

Starswirl Pikachu

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While the episode did not do anything particularly wrong, it also did not develop the larger story very much either. Was still a good chance to demonstrate what a pokeball can do in a dangerous situation. For a moment it did not look like Goh intended to keep Absol after it was already (captured/ saved from harm) inside the ball?

The absence of Team Rocket seems to have contributed to the reduced amount of action for the trip.