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The 'Dex Buster (PG)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by The Black Glove, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. The Black Glove

    The Black Glove The Resident BAMF

    The following Fic is a PG fanfic, inspired by the "Dex Busters" strips written in the Rare Candy Treatment webcomic. However, the characters and story here are entirely my own. In the future, there may be chapters that cross the line, and those chapters will be individually marked with the increased rating for that chapter.

    Chapter List:
    Chapter 1: Busting up the Wall (this page)
    Chapter 2 in progress...

    The 'Dex Buster

    Chapter 1: Busting up the Wall

    Grove Pokémon Lab
    Front Entrance

    Somehow, it was much less impressive than he had imagined.

    Hiro Reed, a black-haired young man, now stood outside the gate of the Grove Pokémon Lab. In his hand, a newspaper, with the "Help Wanted" ads circled. He wasn't a particularly interesting looking person; he stood at average height, with short black hair and dark blue eyes. His wardrobe, as well, was very simple, being nothing more than a blue-white-and-green hooded sweatshirt, and a pair of jeans. On his back was a pack that looked like something most Pokémon trainers carry around for travel, complete with rolled-up sleeping bag. You'd wonder what some random person like him would be doing at a Pokémon Research Lab. Or if you'd heard the stories about the lab's owner, you'd wonder why anyone would be there.

    Fortunately for the sake of our story, our "hero", despite hearing the rumors, is either very brave or very foolish. He'd been searching for a job, after getting fired from his previous one, and the ad he'd found seemed like a rather good choice. It offered room and board, as well as decent pay, and it didn't seem like a difficult job description. Just to assist the local Professor with daily duties.

    "Grove". After doing some research, he'd found out that Professor Grove was involved in the Pokedex Project, apparently handling the data that trainers sent in. Hiro, having owned a Pokedex at one point in his life, understood how important that was- trainers could use the information to understand how to face wild Pokémon in battle. Used correctly, this information could be the difference between life and death. But that's not all. The Pokedex provided lots of other useful information that would help improve the way of life of a lot of different people.

    Well, that had been enough pondering, he thought. Gathering his courage, he walked through the gate and up to the lab.

    The lab itself looked to be in poor condition, almost as if abandoned. The paint on the heavily cracked walls was chipping away, and ivy vines climbed up the side, dominating the building. The lawn was very patchy, and whatever grass wasn't dead from lack of watering was tall enough that it wouldn't be surprising to find Pokémon in there. The windows were shut, though considering it was late in the morning, this was fairly surprising.

    Hiro knocked on the door. A few minutes passed and he received no answer. He knocked again, and waited. No response. As he attempted a third time, the door slowly creaked open. Creepy.. he thought. Still, it was almost an invitation inside, so he quietly stepped in.

    It didn't take a genius to know that the Professor took as much care of his stuff inside as he did outside. The majority of the room was filled with books, many of which had toppled off the shelves and onto the floor. From here, he could see a few other rooms- one that sounded like a computer room, and a few others he guessed were bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen. He would have gone to confirm it, but a certain pile of books caught his eye.

    Well, not so much the books. More of what they were placed on. Near the back of the room, next to a shelf that was nearly empty, a very large pile of books lay on what looked like a small cot with a blanket on it. Perhaps it was just his imagination, but the books seemed to be moving.

    Carefully and nervously, Hiro approached the cot. He was right indeed- the books were moving slowly up and down. With the utmost caution, he moved a few away from a pillow on one end of the bed. There, he got the shock of his life.

    It was a girl. Beneath these volumes upon volumes of books, a young girl was sleeping. She looked to be about his age, perhaps a bit younger. She was slender, and had short brown hair, a bit messy, presumably from bed-head. She wore a red t-shirt with yellow and black rings around the openings over her skinny and *ahem* small torso- the rest was still hidden by the blanket and books.

    "Um... hello?" he said nervously, hoping for a response.

    Slowly, the girl opened one eye, and he immediately knew he'd started off on the wrong foot. They'd only just met, and she was already staring daggers into him. Her next action didn't help; she pulled out a Poke Ball from under the sheets, presumably off her belt.

    "Ehehehe..." Hiro laughed nervously "Sorry to bother you when you're sleeping, but-"

    He didn't have a chance to continue when she opened the Poke Ball in her hand, releasing a creature that looked similar to a wingless bird made of Lego bricks: Porygon. Upon seeing the man in front of it, it glared (as well as a creature made of data can do), and its tail lit up with a purple glow.

    The young man began to panic. "Wait! It's not what you think! The door was open and I-"

    The explosion cut him off, as a Psybeam soared past him. He'd only managed to dodge by a hair, and he was glad he had. The blast took out a small section of the wall behind him. Now he knew why the wall had so many cracks in it outside.

    Psychic blasts continued to fire off around him, barely avoiding a direct hit. By now, the girl was up, revealing the black shorts that had been hidden under the blankets. Getting a full look at her, he probably would have thought she looked really cute, if she hadn't had such a cross look on her face. She walked behind her Porygon, slowly forcing the young man to back up towards the door. "I don't care who you are!" she yelled. "Get. The. Hell. OUT!"

    At this point, Hiro gladly would have complied, but he'd backed into someone. A look of shock came over the girl's face as she recognized who it was, and Hiro slowly turned around.

    "Well, well, Professor Grove. You seem awfully active for an hour you deem so early" Professor Oak smiled.

    Hiro did a double take. On one side, stood Professor Oak, possibly the greatest researcher in Pokémon history. On the other, a girl who was trying to kill him for waking her up, but seemed to be acknowledged by a man of great standing. "Wait... Professor Grove is-"

    Oak nodded. "I'm guessing you're here for the job." He turned to the girl. "Seeing as how you're up, now would be a good time to talk about it."


    Grove Pokemon Lab
    Kitchen/Dining Room

    Turns out Hiro had been correct in guessing that one of the rooms was a kitchen. It was, predictably, as messy as the rest of the house, with a pile of dirty dishes in the sink, and what looked like garbage from a Chinese take-out place was scattered across the counter. The smell was only offset by the open window, which, thankfully, let the stench outside.

    The three people had seated themselves around a small table, which the girl had cleared off beforehand by pushing everything that was on it to the floor. With everyone ready, Oak began to explain.

    "As you may know, my name is Professor Samuel Oak." the old man said, trying to ignore a small puddle of sweet-'n-sour sauce that had been left on the table. "Most people credit me for the invention of the Pokedex, and they are right- I did create the device. However, I was unable to collect information on Pokémon on my own, and thus, I set a system in the Pokedex that allows trainers to send back information about the Pokémon they find."

    He motioned to the girl, sitting to his left. "This is Professor Rachel Grove. Since her father passed away, I have been acting as her caretaker and provider, and she picked up her father's work."

    The young man mused a bit at the idea. "But I thought you live in Kanto. This lab isn't too far from Ecruteak."

    Oak nodded once more. "I invited her to come stay with me, but she refused to leave this lab. She and her Porygon, bit, have proved themselves more than capable of driving off people," he shot a sideways glance at the younger professor, who merely looked away, "so I come in to check on her once a month."

    "Speaking of that..." Rachel interrupted, clearly frustrated with the situation, "Why the hell are you people in my house?!"

    The old man gave her a warning look. "Tame that tongue, Rachel Grove. A young lady shouldn't be talking like that."

    Rachel merely gave a small "hmph" and crossed her arms.

    "My guess," Oak continued, "Is that you're here about the job."

    Once again, the newspaper in Hiro's hand became abundantly clear to the readers. "Yes, sir. I'm applying to be an aide, and the guide said this was the building-"

    "No!" Rachel cut him off, seemingly not caring to let him finish. "We've been over this a thousand times, old man! I don't need help, and I don't want it!"

    Hiro was surprised by the sudden outburst. It wasn't often that he'd seen anyone that defiant, especially to a parent or guardian. Oak seemed as though he was tired of this conversation too. How many times have they had this same talk? he wondered to himself.

    "Like I said in the ad I posted," Oak said, ignoring the female researcher, "it includes room and board in one of the guest rooms here, as well as a monthly paycheck. Rachel will act as your boss and supervisor, and you will help her keep the lab running- be it sorting information or cleaning up the mess afterwards."

    "Wow." Hiro replied. "That sounds like a pretty good deal. I'll take the job!"

    "Very good." Oak smiled, standing up. "I'll be here until tomorrow evening, so we'll be having a test run until then. We'll see how well you do, and if Rachel accepts you, you can have the job."

    That made Hiro a little bit uneasy. She obviously already hated him, what with the whole blasting routine, but he'd struck out everywhere else. He didn't have much choice but to give it his best shot. "Rule Number 17 of being a man- never back down from a challenge!" he answered. "I'll do my best."

    Rachel gave a huff of disdain, then stood up and walked out. Without turning around, she gave her first order: "Then go patch up the wall."


    So, tell me what you thought of chapter one and how I can improve it. Also, if you have any requests for mysteries of the Pokemon World (which can be in the Pokedex or not, your choice), feel free to ask. The 'Dex Buster will take on anything Pokemon-world related.
  2. brawlfan1

    brawlfan1 Brawl

    I must say, I'm already rather intrigued by this story/idea.

    As for requests, Pokémon Black's Pokédex states that Krookodile's jaws can crush the body of an automobile...

    (Sorry for the brevity of this review)

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