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The Differences Between Men & Women.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by Ethan, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. GhostAnime

    GhostAnime Searching for her...

    because height is more of a masculine thing. they're pretty much wired to care about height. they want it for security.
  2. Cain Nightroad

    Cain Nightroad Daydreaming

    I've noticed this as well. At my school, we males seem to compare each other's height and the like much more than the females do. Ironically, many of the females at my school are taller than most of the males.
  3. Yogurt

    Yogurt Well-Known Member

    Same. I'm a girl and I wouldn't date anyone shorter than me. I mean, I don't really have to bend down to kiss the boy. That just doesn't make sense. Probably the tallest girl at my school could still find a guy taller than her. I'm 5'8" and I just look for a guy around my height or taller.
  4. GhostAnime

    GhostAnime Searching for her...

    it would be easier for you to admit that you just find taller men more attractive.

    i mean, us men have to bend down more less of the time, and you dont see us complaining.
  5. Profesco

    Profesco gone gently

    To be denied a compatible relationship just because you're either too tall or too short would be just foolish, not to mention kind of tragic. Girls, guys, whoever does that ought to be a bit less superficial about it. >_>
  6. Mr. Mudkip

    Mr. Mudkip Banned

    Females grow faster and earlier than males, it's the case here too.
  7. GhostAnime

    GhostAnime Searching for her...

    profesco, girls cant help it. it's completely biological.
  8. Profesco

    Profesco gone gently

    Then let this be the only time in my life I express a desire for romance and heart to overtake science and mind. >_>
  9. GhostAnime

    GhostAnime Searching for her...

    welcome to the real world. =p
  10. Cain Nightroad

    Cain Nightroad Daydreaming

    Both genders usually use the body and desire over their better judgments. That's why we have so many divorces nowadays, but that's another story. Especially when young and during adolesence, males and females go against their better judgments and their conscience when it comes to relationships.
  11. GhostAnime

    GhostAnime Searching for her...

    i really doubt there are divorces because of looks. we would have had a high rate waaaaay ago.
  12. Cain Nightroad

    Cain Nightroad Daydreaming

    Well, I was meaning that many divorces occur because people often marry each other for sexual attraction, not really for love. Thus, they aren't very strong marriages, and often don't last long.
  13. GhostAnime

    GhostAnime Searching for her...

    so why didnt people do that before? i'm just saying that if that were truly the reason, why does it suddenly begin now?

    of course ive never research on divorce rates but i personally believe it's more likely to be psychological.
  14. Cain Nightroad

    Cain Nightroad Daydreaming

    Divorces used to be very shameful, but then became more commonplace towards the latter half of the 1900's. Sure, there have always been divorces once people seem to drift apart from each other, but not as much as there are now.
  15. henri_chung

    henri_chung ^not real name,noobs

    I agree with "Cain NightRoad" but why the 1900s? the great depression:confused:
  16. the1stpkmnfan

    the1stpkmnfan Your Big Buff Bro

    Women panic way too much about anything. Men don't easily panic a lot than women.
  17. Dark SpOOn Bender

    Dark SpOOn Bender Paramount

    Yes, but of course it isn't exactly justified. It's not like a shorter man isn't capable of protecting a taller woman in certain situations, and just because you are taller than your partner doesn't necessarily make you some type of Superman.

    My point though is that I think girls think of shorter guys as being less masculine, while not too many guys feel incredibly emmasculated just because they are with a taller girl. I think girls care about the guy's height in a relationship more than the guys care about their own height in the relationship.
  18. Azurne

    Azurne ~ ♥ ~

    XDD about this height thing.

    Because I don't really care; I love a guy shorter than myself. It's not like he's radically different from any tall guy.

    Guess it depends though, because had you asked me before I met him, I would have said the same thing about not dating short guys. *shrug*
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2008
  19. the1stpkmnfan

    the1stpkmnfan Your Big Buff Bro

    Women mature more faster than Men. Men have apparently a slower time to mature.

    edit: Yeah! Rank Up! Got Blue Hair!
  20. GhostAnime

    GhostAnime Searching for her...

    well thanks for proving our point even more now.. >_>

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