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The Digimon Club, Version 4.0

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by palkia1, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. palkia1

    palkia1 Palkia Lover

    Greetings everyone. I am Palkia1. As the title suggest this club is for anyone who is a fan of anything Digimon. Whether it be manga, games, or most likely the anime. This club is for you.

    I have restarted this club as the old one was very inactive and the leader never posted. I am now the new owner. I will allow three co-owners. If you want to be one, put it in your first post that you would like to be one, and i will most likely accept.

    When you join, you may claim a Digimon as your own. Just put in your post what Digimon you claim and it will be posted here.

    Here is the current claimed Digimon list:

    Palkia1: Guilmon
    Blackjack Gabbiani: Datirimon
    Elementman-Novapoke: Coelamon
    Xashlei: Gatomon
    #Gecko#: Wargreymon
    mewmew202: Angewomon
    SapphireSwampert: Minervamon
    Emperor Giratina: Cerberusmon
    Pika Hikari KT: Calumon
    Typhlogirl: Piedmon
    Zero X: Gallantmon
    Instant..123: Tentomon
    Kitsune Winterheart: Renamon
    >Entei<: SkullGreymon
    Hotshot: Agumon (Data Squad)
    mysterious~fossil~HP~10: MetalSeadramon
    Dragodynamite: Kumamon
    Lucas!: Terriermon
    Griff4815: Monodramon
    Ichigo101: Patamon
    Ronniesafc: Monzaemon
    Power of Fire: MetalGreymon
    Rotrum: Silphymon
    Motionless: Nyokimon
    Palkia12: Taomon
    Mumage: Sakuyamon
    Mangaeyes: Sakuyamon
    Golde: BlackwarGreymon
    Legendary Warrior: Leomon
    Leomon: Leomon

    Owner: Has the ability to ban people, post topics, recruit co-owners, accept new members

    Co-owners: Has the ability to ban people, post topics, accept new members. If i am unable to run the club for a period of time, the co-owners will take over.
    Blackjack Gabbiani

    1. All SPPF rules apply
    2. No flaming
    3. No spamming
    4. Respect everyone in the club
    5. Only ONE topic can be made per day. Anyone can make a topic.
    6. Use good english and don't write like a noob
    7. In your first post you must put in "Takatomon" to show you have read the rules. If you don't put it in you won't be accepted into the club.
    8. Have fun!


    How to make points:
    Being active: 10 points per post
    Bring in a new member: 20(New member must mention name)
    Have a link to this club: 20
    Draw good quality fan art: 25 (must meet owner/co-owner's approval)
    Make a banner for the club: 25 (must meet owner/co-owner's approval)
    If inactive for a month: Automatically go down to the previous rank (unless you notify staff beforehand of your absence)


    Hatchling Baby:0 points
    Power of Fire-20 points
    Ronniesafc-20 points
    mysterious~fossil~HP~10-10 points
    Kitsune Winterheart-10 points
    Burning Effigy-10 points
    SapphireSwampert-10 points
    Zero X-10 points
    Ichigo101-20 points
    Emperor Giratina-40 points

    Young In-training: 50 points
    Lucas!-60 points
    Rotrum-90 points
    Hapani11-90 points
    >Entei<-90 points

    Brave Rookie:100 points
    Griff4815-130 points
    Typhlogirl-130 points
    Pika Hikari KT-150 points
    mewmew202-155 points

    Mature Champion:250 points
    Instant..123-270 points
    #Gecko#-410 points

    Human Spirit:500 points
    Dragodynamite-540 points

    Rare Armour:750 points

    Powerful Ultimate:1000 points

    Beast Spirit:1500 points

    Wise Mega:2000 points

    Digidestined: Staff
    Blackjack Gabbiani

    NOTE: Any fan art such as banners or userbars would be appreciated. It would be really nice to have some advertisement for the club. I will try and get a banner in my sig as soon as possible. If anyone would like to be a banner maker or contribute fan art to the club, PM me.

    Club banners:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] credit to pkmn4eva for these first three

    [​IMG] credit to mewmew202 for this one

    Credit to Instant..123 for these two

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Credit to Dragodynamite for these banners

    Club userbars:
    credit to me for these
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2008
  2. Blackjack Gabbiani

    Blackjack Gabbiani Clearly we're great!

    I'm in! Takatomon!

    And I dibs Datirimon. It's so cute!
  3. palkia1

    palkia1 Palkia Lover

    Cool, we have a member. Did you want to be co-owner. You're the first member to join up so if you want, the job is yours. I'll add you to the list. Do you think we should wait for more members before starting a topic? I'm getting a banner made to help with advertising the club for new members.
  4. Blackjack Gabbiani

    Blackjack Gabbiani Clearly we're great!

    What does co-owner do? And you're the second person today to ask me that (the other being a Simpsons fan club on Bulbagarden)!

    Digimon cosplay picspam until more people post?


    Yeah. Character obsession.
  5. Elementman-Novapoke

    Elementman-Novapoke Well-Known Member

    Hey you two. I'd like to join; wouldn't mind being a co-owner.

    So, you like Guilmon, eh? He says 'Takatomon!'

    I claim Coelamon. It's my fave with Crabmon and Neptunmon behind it.

    I'll put a link in my sig.
  6. palkia1

    palkia1 Palkia Lover

    Okay, cool we have another member. That looks pretty cool Blackjack. A co-owner's ability are stated in the first post, just below the owner's responsibilities. I forgot to add that if for some reason i go away for a period of time or are unable to properly run the club for a bit the co-owners will take over.

    And Elementman-Novapoke, welcome to the club. You have been accepted as a co-owner of the club. I will also put your claimed Digimon on the list.

    I think that we might as well try a topic. I know there's only three members but i thought it would be cool.

    What is your favourite Digimon Anime Series?

    Mine would have to be Digimon Adventure 02. I loved how TK and Kari were in it from the first anime. I liked the Digimon belonging to the digidestined as well as the evil Digimon (Blackwargreymon and Arukenimon rock). I think that the new Digidestined were cool (except for the voice of Cody. That voice is horrible).

    What do you guys think of making ranks for the club. If we get more members, when they join they become In Training. Through various contributions to the club (posting, making fan art etc.) they gain points to move up ranks until becoming Mega. If they're inactive for a few weeks they get demoted a rank. What do you think?
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2008
  7. Blackjack Gabbiani

    Blackjack Gabbiani Clearly we're great!

    Sure, I'll be co-owner.

    Mine's the much-hated Frontier. Say what you will, I loved it.
  8. Xashlei

    Xashlei probably elsewhere

    Takatomon is a weird thing to say to a non-Digimon... May I join?

    I'd like to be co-owner as well, but it's not really a requirement, plus I believe it was actually against the rules to ask unless the owner says he/she needs some... ^^;

    I'll claim Gatomon.
  9. palkia1

    palkia1 Palkia Lover

    Okay, we now have our three co-owners. Welcome to the club Xashlei

    Blackjack Gabbiani, i like Frontier as well. Everyone says it sucks because humans shouldn't be able to turn into Digimon. I liked that idea and i think Frontier was good. My second favourite. Biomerging in Tamers was pretty good as well
  10. Xashlei

    Xashlei probably elsewhere

    My favorite season is 02 and Adventures... classic thing I guess... I enjoyed the crests and most of the plot-twists... plus they had my favorite partner Digimon in those first two ones.

    Oh, and has anyone here seen Savers? I haven't yet... but I have a feeling I will soon.
  11. palkia1

    palkia1 Palkia Lover

    Nah, i haven't managed to see it yet. Has it been release outside of Japan yet. I live in Australia, and thus i have been getting my Digimon off the Internet. I'm currently watching Frontier and my favourite, Adventure 02.

    Ironically enough, i was thinking of making a Simpsons fan club here. I love the show and i've never seen one here before
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2008
  12. Elementman-Novapoke

    Elementman-Novapoke Well-Known Member


    My fave season is either Frontier or 01.

    I loved the originality of Frontier, and you can't really beat the original IMO.

    I havn't actually seen DATS or whatever it is, but i'm British, so... yah.

    For me, it goes:
    1). Adventure 01.
    2). Frontier
    3). Adventure 02
    4). Tamers

    I dunno why it's like that, but funnily enough, my brother's list is the other way around.
  13. palkia1

    palkia1 Palkia Lover

    My list of favourite to worst Digimon anime would probably have to go like this:

    Adventure 02
    Adventure 01

    I'm not sure about which goes second and third between adventure 01 and Frontier. They are both awesome shows. I didn't like Tamers because the stupid "Digimodify" being screamed a hundred times an episode was annoying. Jeri was stupid as was Kazu and Kenta. I also think that the final enemy was weird. I always think the final bad guy should be a Digimon.
  14. Burning Effigy

    Burning Effigy A Hollow Being

    I'll join up again. Adventure 01 is my favorite series its what hooked me on digimon. My favorite digimon are Banchou Leomon and Alforce Veedramon. I'll claim AlforceVeedramon I think.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2008
  15. #Gecko#

    #Gecko# The Essential One

    May join?
    I claim War-Greymon as my Digimon(I claimed him first) :)
    What is your favourite Digimon Anime Series?
    Adventure These were awesome. I also love Data Squad as it stop putting fillers and actually going to the plot now. I love ALL the seasons though.
    As for ranking how about this:
    Required points:
    Making Points:
    Being active:10
    Bring in a new member:10
    Make a Banner:50
    That's half an idea, but something
  16. Elementman-Novapoke

    Elementman-Novapoke Well-Known Member

    Sorry, but no.

    Read the rules.

    Anyhow, I think i'll create a topic.

    There is an unnamed Digimon game that will come out on the wii, what would you like it to be?

    Yeah, kinda longwinded, I know.
    I'd love to see it as a third rumble arena, a while back, I wrote a list of what it should include. I think I gave it around 50 characters. I know that it's ambitious, but eh, anything could happen.

    edit: I may send you an idea for a ranking system too, palkia1.
  17. mewmew202

    mewmew202 Well-Known Member

    Hey I have loved Digimon for awhile and am interested in joining this club. I will be active more in 2-3 weeks when midterms are over cause I will be busy with those. And I would like to claim Angewomon because it is totally awesome. (and gatomon is taken)
    And for my favorite series of Digimon is probably adventures 02 the only problem I had with it was the bad guy was being controlled by the other badguy being influenced by who we by now firmly believe is the real bad guy but was actually possesed by the real bad guy lol. Anyone else notice this? But the charecters and the plot of it were definitly my favorite.
  18. palkia1

    palkia1 Palkia Lover

    Welcome to the club mewmew202 and #Gecko#. As Elemental-Novapoke said, Burning Effigy, you're denied until you read the rules.

    That's a pretty good looking point system Gecko.

    There is an unnamed Digimon game that will come out on the wii, what would you like it to be?

    I've never actually played a Digimon game so i'm not quite familiar with the gameplay/style of the games. I am thinking of getting the Digimon World game for the DS as that looks pretty good.
  19. #Gecko#

    #Gecko# The Essential One

    Thanks, palkia1.
    There is an unnamed Digimon game that will come out on the wii, what would you like it to be?
    Digimon World Dawn is the only digimon game I played, so I just would the game to have a good plot, don't take out popular Digimon like Raidramon(not on Dawn) and hoping for it to connect with Digimon Dawn/Dusk. And cool evolution scenes.

    Anyway, I think I'll PM you the point system(I'll try improving it) so I won't have to post it here every time.
  20. mewmew202

    mewmew202 Well-Known Member

    You know what? I have never actually played any digimon games my reason for being a fan is solely for the show. I might buy the DS game though and I have to wonder if the wii game will be good. I might look into it when it gets closer to the release date. And if I may can I start a new topic? If not please ignore it.
    Who is your favorite human charecter?
    Oddly enough considering they are such opposites probably Kari and Rika.
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