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The Discworld Shipping Thread

Discussion in 'Alternative Shipping' started by Skiyomi, Nov 3, 2010.

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  1. Skiyomi

    Skiyomi Only Mostly Dead

    Well, I’ll say one thing for being sick: I finally got a chance to read I Shall Wear Midnight by Terry Pratchett. And since I’m all up-to-date with my Discworld reading, I figured this would be a good time to make this topic.

    I feel kinda weird about shipping in Discworld, but considering it’s my favorite series and I do like my shipping, it’s not at all surprising. And there’s such an array of interesting characters throughout the series. So hey, if you like Discworld too, this’d be place to discuss Discworld pairings.

    What Discworld Pairings do you like?

    Eskarina/Simon: I haven’t thought about Equal Rites in awhile, but after reading I Shall Wear Midnight I did. I recall them have a rather sweet dynamic, and Eskarina reminds me a bit of Tiffany. I should probably go back and reread that one. It’s been awhile.

    Eskarina’s still around, and apparently she has a son, so that, I think, lends even more validity to this pair.

    Mort/Ysabell: I have a stated weakness for bickering couples, and I think these two had interactions in Mort that are downright iconic on that spectrum. I was really pleased that Mort decided that just because you can marry a princess doesn’t necessarily mean you ought to, and I’m sure Susan is too.

    Keli/Cutwell: These two were really funny in Mort too and I was hoping they’d get together. Judging by the fact that, according to Mort, Cutwell doesn’t do magic anymore, I’d say they did.

    Magrat/Verence: I just love these two awkward people. From their early courting in Wyrd Sisters (in which, I think you really gotta feel for Verence) to their turbulent wedding in Lords and Ladies (not to mention the whole *cough* ‘Martital’ vs. ‘Martial’ arts) to Magrat putting on the mom-hat in Carpe Jugulum. They had a few mentions in I Shall Wear Midnight and I kinda wish we’d actually heard from them.

    Vimes/Sybil: Well, it’s pretty much official since they’re married and have a son, but I just think they’re fantastic. The Watch books might be my favorite, although it’s really hard to compete with the witches and Sam and Sybil just… work. It always makes me smile to go back and see their early meetings in Guards! Guards! There’s so much Sybil-based awesome in that book.

    Granny Weatherwax/Ridcully: This one is a sort of sweet might-have-been. And you’ve gotta admit that the de facto head witch and the de facto head wizard getting together is… explosively awesome?

    Carrot/Angua: Another well established pair. It’s nice to see they’ve stayed together after all they’ve been through and all the times they nearly died. They even got a mention in I Shall Wear Midnight which is always nice.

    Nobby/Verity Pushpram: Because perhaps even Nobby deserves some love. And she’s thrown some very expensive fish at him over the years.

    Agnes/Andre: I was a bit sorry for Agnes that this didn’t work out. Damn star quality!

    Agnes/Oats: Well, they both have the same interesting little personality quirk. It seems right… ignoring the priest part. And she gave him the boil medicine! Don’t forget that! Since Oats seems pretty active by his mentions in Unseen Academicals and I Shall Wear Midnight, there’s always a chance he could appear in a new book.

    William/Sacharissa: Again, this makes me want to reread The Truth to see their initial dynamic, but I remember liking it, and was pleased to find out in further mentions that they got married.

    Unity/Jeremy: Yeah… I know it never would’ve worked out for… a lot of reasons, but they definitely felt drawn to one another and I especially enjoyed reading Unity’s (ne Myria LeJean) reaction to this.

    Time/Wen: A man who falls in love with Time? Call me girly, but that’s just darn romantic.

    Rob Anybody/Jeannie: Because I love the Feegles, ye ken?

    Moist/Adora: I love these two. I really really love these two. Moist loves danger and you can’t get much more dangerous than Miss Adora Belle Dearheart. Since they’ve already been engaged and Raising Taxes is expected somewhere down the line… I have to wonder what kind of chaos would be kicked up if the two actually married.

    The Wintersmith/The Summer Lady: Fire and ice, never quite meeting. It’s a very pretty symbol. Make this a pinch of The Wintersmith/Tiffany too.

    Tiffany/Roland: I will say that I only support this pairing Pre-I Shall Wear Midnight. I really thought we were going places after the whole letters and rescuing thing in Wintersmith but… well…

    It’s not so much that Roland married Letitia. Letitia’s fine. I like Letitia. But Roland’s just sort of changed in general from what I was expecting after Wintersmith so I don’t think I’d want him with Tiffany as it is now anyway. It’s a shame, because before I Shall Wear Midnight I really liked the idea of these two together. I haven’t warmed up to Tiffany/Preston yet either, which is a shame for me because it looks like that’s the way things are gonna go.

    Nutt/Glenda: These two might have had my favorite Discworld romance and I really hope the two meet again. More than that, I hope they show up as characters again, even if just individually. Since Snuff apparently involves Goblins, there might be the possibility of an appearance from Mr. Nutt.

    Vetenari/Margolotta: I can’t even quite put words to this one. Know it. Love it.

    That’s a long list, but I’m sure I’m forgetting something…
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