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The Double Trouble Header! (120)


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The Double Trouble Header!

Heading to Violet City for the first gym, Ash & Co. meets Casey, a new Trainer who just got her first Pokémon, A Chikorita who eagerly challenges Ash to a battle. When Ash easily beats her with his Charizard, she gets upsets and runs off wanting revenge. Will she get it?

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Team Awesome
Casey! Of all the recurring characters on Pokemon (well, there haven't been a whole lot), Casey is one of my top favorites. I can identify more with her than with any other character. As a die-hard lifelong Chicago Cubs fan, I can easily identify with Casey and her die-hard devotion to the Electabuzz baseball team. Plus, she has a chikorita/bayleef/meganium, and chikorita/bayleef are two of my all-time favorite pokemon (behind only Wobbuffet).

The only thing I didn't like about this episode was that Ash was *way* too harsh on her by using Charizard against her. Otherwise, I love Team Rocket's baseball motto (Rocketshippy!!) and Team Rocket's rooting section. LOL :)


Well-Known Member
oo! I loved Casey! She had a great character and this was a great episode to debut her! too bad she doesnt show up anymore :(

Crystal Clair

Well-Known Member
Casey is total jailbait. Even Brock has to admit she's gonna be a hottie when she grows up.
Casey was too cute.... and nothing beats a tomboy with blueish hair and a baseball cap.
I couldn't help laughing when Casey said the Electabuzz had good hitters and Ash said, "I dont know, I've seen better swings in a playground."
Her reaction
Dont remember if those images are in chronological order though.
I love that episode! And I really like baseball too.


Codenumber 242
The Double Trouble Header!

Heading to Violet City for the first gym, Ash & Co. meets Casey, a new Trainer who just got her first Pokémon, A Chikorita who eagerly challenges Ash to a battle. When Ash easily beats her with his Charizard, she gets upsets and runs off wanting revenge. Will she get it?

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Liked all of that.
Wow, this episode was funny!, especially Ash's comments to the Electabuzz team being bad


Well-Known Member
Ah the 1st appearance of Casey in Pokemon, she's one of my favorites. A very good episode I had forgotten that Casey had caught a Pidgey and Rattata since they don't appear in later episodes with her or when she shows up in Chornicels, but it deffentily looks like she's putting a good team together. I noticed that they failed to show Ampharos and Pichu when Casey was talking about Yellow and Striped Pokemon. Ash and Casey's battle was sure one sided I felt sorry for Casey having to go up against Charizard, Ash should've used Bulbasaur instead to not make it so rough on her, though at least she learned a good lesson in never giving up. Casey and Ash certainly made a good team against Team Rocket, I laughed when Casey's Rattata hit James in a very sensitive place, poor James but thats what happens when your a bad guy. I really see Casey going along way in her Adventures and becoming a serious rival for Ash in the future.


Active Member
I just watched this ep for the first time and it was awesome.
I'll admit some of the baseball puns were lame but most of them were great.
Casey was totally my kinda loli; cute, energetic, tough... Makes me remember Pan from DBGT. (*ignores haters*)

A fine episode. Not my favorite by any means but perfectly enjoyable. I hope there's lots more as I'm watching Johto Journey for the first time.


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She is a pretty cool trainer.She has good training methods.Overall great episode.But why would team rocket want a low-level Chikorita and Rattata!


kiss my greens
Aha, I remember this ep. Casey was so fun ^_^ I love her Chikorita. And a battle in a baseball field? We never see that anymore. We need to see more of her ^^

pokemon fan 132

Well-Known Member
This one for sure brings back memories.Episode introducing Casey which became reccuring characters later on in Johto.The battle between her and Ash was little unfair from his side.His Charizard destroyed her team,and i felt little sorry for her after she lost so hard.Well the good thing is that at least Casey learned important lesson about never giving up.

Too bad we dont get to see her in these days.She was a good character and hopefully we will get to see her somewhere on the road in the future(though not very likely).

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
I think Ash should have at least given her a chance to battle.

Her Chikorita would have obviously been no match for Charizard.

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
Nanako is funny, sure, but I don't know if she's got enough personality to sustain subsequent reappearances. She's really one-note - she's a baseball fan and she loves black-and-yellow Pokémon, and that's about it. Her Kansai dialect is a nice touch, though, as it helps to remind the audience that we're in a different part of the world now. And I will say that as a stereotype of the average Hanshin Tigers fan, she's pretty darn accurate. That cheer is going to be stuck in my head for a while. ("Furee! Furee! Furee furee furee, Elebuusu~!")

Satoshi comes across as kind of a jerk, doesn't he? He's sparring with a trainer who just started her journey and he uses Lizardon to sweep her entire team? I think they should have expanded on that, and made Satoshi feel a little guilty about stomping a rookie this early in her adventure. Well, he took three baseballs to the face, so I guess that's penance enough.

Takeshi commenting that Nanako would be "a lot of fun" in about eight years or so might just be the perviest thing he's ever said. Shudder...


Casey was great, i loved to see her in the anime.
And her Chikorita is very strong...


Let's go to the beach, each.
Oh my goodness, Casey was so annoying. Both her voice and her actions.

Glad that Ash was overconfident though. He rarely meets a Rookie trainer he can beat easily in battle. Though I am confused by the whole baseball battle. It seemed out of place even for Team Rocket.

Chikorita was very cute though and I loved it's headband. 7/10


Shiny Flygon
I think Ash shouldn't have battled her. She was in her first battle, and he sands out Charizard?! It was pretty strange, especially because Chikorita has been with Casey only few days.