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The Drabble, Flashfic, and Poetry Thread!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by AmericanPi, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. AmericanPi

    AmericanPi Write on

    The Drabble, Flash Fiction, and Poetry Thread
    For all of your short 'n' sweet creative projects

    Approved by JX Valentine

    Ever had a sudden inspiration to write, but your burst of creativity is too small for a one-shot? Well my dear, call it a drabble or flashfic, and come on down!

    Welcome one and all, to the SPPf Fan Fiction forum's Drabble, Flashfic, and Poetry Thread. Here in this awesome little thread, you can post short creative works written by you. And they don't even have to be about Pokemon! We accept works from any given fandom, be it cartoon, anime, or live-action.

    We don't ask for perfection, and we don't expect it. That being said, at least have some semblance of proper grammar and correct spelling in your works... please? It's just nice to be able to read clean, well-polished drabbles, flashfics, and poetry. Be proud of your short works! Dress them up with pretty words and nice grammar. 8D

    This thread was heavily inspired by the still-active Shipping Drabble Thread over at Shipping Fics and the Post A Scene! Thread from a while back. The multipurpose format of this particular thread allows for drabbles and scenes as well as other short works, so go wild and post your short creative works here!

    Drabble? Flashfic? What are those?

    Drabbles are 100 words or less. Flashfics, short for flash fiction, are between 100 and 1000 words. Please note, however, that there is a size limit on works that we can accept in this thread: No more than 1000 words. Anything longer than 1000 words is considered lengthy enough to be its own chapter, or at least a one-shot, so if your work hits the 1000-word mark please post it as a chapter or one-shot in the appropriate forum, genfic in Fan Fiction and shipping fics in Shipping Fics.

    All we ask is that you follow the rules, post with the correct form, and have fun!


    • All SPPf general forum rules and Fan Fiction forum rules apply.
    • No works whose sole purpose is to bash, flame, or troll.
    • No double/triple/quadruple/whatever +1 posting. Server lags and errors are common, but if you do happen to make an extra post, please delete it, okay?
    • Tying in to the previous rule, if you made a post in this thread and want to post another work when nobody's posted after you, please edit your original post with the second/third/whatever work instead of double/triple/whatever posting.
    • You may also submit more than one work per post, just please use a new form for each work.
    • Use the correct form when posting your drabbles, flashfics, and poetry.
    • There are three types of posts that you may make in this thread: 1.) Actual short works, 2.) Comments on other people's short works, and 3.) Comments and questions about the thread itself. Any other post is subject to deletion.
    • Please note: if you are submitting an R-rated work, please contact a mod before posting it in this thread, state the name of the mod who approved the work when you post it, and post the work under a spoiler tag. Yes, we do accept R-rated drabbles, flashfics, and poetry. However, don't abuse this privilege. Using a Spoiler Tag for higher-rated works is just to keep the thread work-safe and kid friendly, since young kids do frequent the site.
    • No one-shots or chaptered fics. Basically, as long as your work is over 1000 words in length, it goes as its own thread in the appropriate forum, not here.
    • Gen works only! Shipping works go in the appropriate forum.

    Submission Form

    Use this when you submit your drabble, flashfic, or poetry. Take out everything in parentheses when you fill out the form. BB code formatting is optional. 8D

    [B]Title:[/B] (The title of your work goes here.)
    [B]Work Type:[/B] (Drabble, Flashfic, Poetry, etc.)
    [B]Author:[/B] (Your username.)
    [B]Fandom:[/B] (Self-explanatory. Use "None" if your work has no fandom.)
    [B]Rating:[/B] (R-rated works must be approved by a mod before posting in this thread.)
    [B]Word Count:[/B] (Optional.)
    It's just that simple! ^^ Not all works are necessarily required to have titles, but we recommend it, because untitled works of art are like nameless children.

    Have fun, and happy posting!
  2. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Title: Midnight Seller
    Work Type: Flash Fiction
    Author: Chloboshoka
    Fandom: None
    Rating: T
    Word Count: 101

    Originally post
  3. The Teller

    The Teller King of Half-Truths

    Alright, let's give this a whirl.

    Title: The Distortion World
    Work Type: Drabble
    Author: The Teller
    Fandom: Pokemon!
    Rating: Boy I sure hope this counts as T.
    Word Count: 93

    As soon as I was pulled through, I experienced death. There was no breeze, no sound, no movement, no law on what should and shouldn’t be. Isles frozen in the sky like a paused movie. An ear-splitting silence. I couldn’t even hear myself breathe. I smelled nothing. I tasted nothing. Was I hovering due to the seeming lack of gravity, or was I standing? I couldn’t feel the ground. All I could hear, all my senses would allow me to experience, was my heartbeat.



    And I just wanted it to stop.
  4. JX Valentine

    JX Valentine Ever-Discordant

    *cracks knuckles* Let's break the seal on this whole comment-less thread, shall we?

    On the one hand, there's something almost lyrical about this drabble. Obviously, it's got this dash of edgy fantasy (with the colorful, flesh-eating condoms and all), and because of that and the fact that a woman is buying them, this almost seems like a brief snippet about a woman claiming her agency and all. Like a very short rendition of Teeth. You know Marie is about to do something with those condoms and all.

    On the other, I almost feel like you could've used up your time a bit better towards the end, with the appearance of Esther. Short fiction only lets you do so much, so you have to make sure every word's as impactful as possible. Bringing in a character that you don't explain, whose interruption really doesn't add to the tension of what Marie is about to do (or the tension between her and Punjab), forces you to spend words on that instead of highlighting the emotion of your drabble, you know?

    But! It's an interesting little tidbit that hints at a much larger, more fascinating story, so not too bad!

    The Teller:
    I know I say this to you frequently, but I love your serious works. You seem to know exactly what notes to hit in order to highlight more pensive moments.

    Like this one. While we're not told exactly what's going on, whatever it is is terrifying. The sensations your narrator goes through are hella visceral in nature, even though what you're describing is a great big nothingness. You can almost feel that ear-splitting silence (an amazing phrase, by the by), that lack of a breeze, the way the air has to feel as you're watching isles hover...

    And then—then!—there are those sounds at the end. Like after this sudden moment of tension, your first sounds seem suspiciously like a heartbeat. (Whose? We don't know! 8D) And that just ups the suspense and slight creep factor, imo.

    In short, love it. Keep up the excellent work!
  5. The Teller

    The Teller King of Half-Truths

    Thanks, JX, for the review! I'm glad you really liked it. All that dry, stuffy academic writing I did is finally paying off, lol!

    ChloboShoka, I certainly know a few friends who are interested in your character's wares. I have this image of Victorian London in my head as I read this, though I suspect it's not actually during that timeframe. I was a bit confused as to the on/off switch to the curses. First it's off but then by obtaining the condoms it's on? But did Punjab then have the curse already because he had obtained them prior? As JX said, Marie planned this out beforehand. She knew what she was doing, and therefore has a plan, and it's good that we can decipher that in as few words as it took. It makes me want to know the backstory to this character.

    Anyway, here's Wonderw...I mean...

    Title: It's Mr. Mime Time
    Work Type: Drabble
    Author: The Teller
    Fandom: Despite the name, which was just too good to pass up, I think this story really works best in the "None" category.
    Rating: G
    Word Count: 84

    And here we see the mime. Look at how loud he is, screaming his words with such conviction. A flick of the wrist. Eyes widen and narrow. His mouth forms anew. With each movement, he blares a new story to all who watch. He is the master of storytelling, as he knows how to speak to people of all languages, of all ages, from all backgrounds. How silly is he, the mime? There is no hat before him, but coins litter by his feet.

    EDIT: I'm a horrible person, so I wrote this after coming up with it in the shower. This is my official response to the changes made to one of the characters in USUM, and how I disagree with them.

    Title: Barbie Doll
    Work Type: Flashfic/Songfic?
    Author: The Teller
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Rating: T
    Word Count: 228

    I made up an abbreviated version of the song "Barbie Girl" to reduce space and redundancy for the purposes of this entry.

    (To the tune of "Barbie Girl" by Aqua)

    I’m a Barbie doll, in my mother’s thrall!
    It’s poetic, it’s horrific!
    She brushes my hair, and dresses me with care!
    Her sick obsession, becomes my creation!

    Come on Lillie, let’s go shopping!

    I’m a Barbie doll, in my mother’s thrall!
    It’s poetic, it’s horrific!
    She brushes my hair, and dresses me with care!
    Her sick obsession, becomes my creation!

    I’m a fragile girl, in my mother’s cruel world,
    Makes me talk, makes me walk, without folly.
    I’m her doll, nothing more, can’t see past the front door,
    Can’t go there, can’t do that, don’t be silly!

    She will touch!
    She will play!
    And I’ll say “I’m always yours.”

    Come on Lillie, no more stalling! (Ah ah ah no.)
    Come on Lillie, let’s go shopping! (Oh no, oh no!)
    Come on Nillie, no more stalling! (Ah ah ah no.)
    Come on Nihil, let’s go shopping! (Oh no, oh no!)

    Mother sees, Mother please, don’t do what you just please!
    I can’t be what you want, I will beg on my knees!
    I can’t do this again, I just want to have friends!
    I want Dad, Gladion, be a family.

    She will touch!
    She will play!
    And I’ll say “I’m always yours.”

    I’m a Barbie doll, in my mother’s thrall!
    It’s poetic, it’s horrific!
    She brushes my hair, and dresses me with care!
    Her sick obsession, becomes my creation!
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2017
  6. Agh, it feels so good to post something again. It’s less than 1,000 words so I assume it should go here.

    Title: Ace Trainer Vito
    Work Type: Flash Fiction
    Author: Dramatic Melody
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Rating: G

    Ace Trainer Vito​

    “You’re the first Trainer I’ve seen deploy Pokemon with such mastery. But I should warn you—my son is stronger than you.[sup]1[/sup] He even challenged the Pokemon League, I’ll have you know![sup]2[/sup]”

    “When it comes to Pokemon battles, we’re pretty passionate![sup]3[/sup]”

    “Mom is stronger than Dad. I’m stronger than Mom. And Grandma’s stronger than me! But my big brother is even stronger than Grandma is![sup]4[/sup]”

    “There’s no question that you’re strong. But if you ever battle my grandson, you’ll end up crying in frustration.[sup]5[/sup] He’s stronger than any other trainer we know![sup]6[/sup] My grandson must be challenging the Pokemon League Champion by now. Knowing my grandson, he could be the Champion already![sup]7[/sup]”

    [sup]1[/sup] I think we’ve established that his son is, in fact, not stronger than you. He’s not stronger than a lot of people—I’ve battled and lost so many times the moment I stepped into Victory Road, and every loss only further proved my father wrong. Whoever “you” he’s talking about, there’s a pretty high chance they’re stronger than me.

    [sup]2[/sup] He hasn’t challenged the Pokemon League. I haven’t even seen the other end of Victory Road after months of training here because all these strong trainers come out of nowhere and steamroll me. No, that’s unfair—they don’t come out of nowhere, they come from their own regions and cities and families, and they’ve all trained much harder and much more effectively than I’ve ever done.

    [sup]3[/sup] My mother isn’t wrong. I just wish I had the skill to back up that passion.

    [sup]4[/sup] And Steven Stone is stronger than me. And each member of the Elite Four is stronger than me. And this guy with white hair—or a white hat, I’m not sure—is stronger than me. And this green-haired kid with this terrifying Mega Gallade is stronger than me. And this trainer from Alola with this weird dance that somehow made his Noivern even more powerful is stronger than me. And everyone I battled today is stronger than me. And yesterday, and the day before that…

    [sup]5[/sup] I’ve done that once, cry in frustration. I was staying in the Pokemon Center in the south entrance of Victory Road when a group of five trainers barged in. They reeked of overconfidence, and when they had their Pokemon healed up, they all said that the next time we see them, they would’ve all replaced the Elite Four and Champion. That didn’t make me cry in frustration—what did was realizing how, only months ago, I was that kind of person. I was the one who was going to be Champion. I was the one who told the Nurse that the next time she saw me, I was going to be the greatest Champion Hoenn’s ever seen. But here I am, months later, and when the Nurse sees me every night, she still sees an Ace Trainer who is still so, so far from being the greatest.

    [sup]6[/sup] Grandma always told me I was the strongest trainer she’s ever known. Whenever I was with her, she told everyone she met that Vito Winstrate was the strongest trainer they’ll ever know. And since she’s battled hundreds of trainers, I never doubted her. I always took that title to heart, and before I left for my journey, I told Grandma that one day, I’ll be the strongest trainer everyone’s ever known. I don’t know when that day is, or even if it’ll actually arrive, but I know that Grandma wouldn’t be telling anyone I’m the strongest trainer she’s ever known when she sees me now.

    [sup]7[/sup] I’m never going to be Champion. Months ago, I would’ve hated myself for saying that, and in a way, I still do. But there’s no way I could be Champion if I always lose. There’s no way I could be Champion if I can’t even get past Victory Road. I know that my family’s going to be disappointed, but honestly, I’m at a loss for what to do. I don’t have the heart to tell them that I’ve failed them. They don’t deserve that. I don’t deserve them.

    The dialogue at the first part of the story is not mine—it is dialogue taken from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The footnotes after, however, are written by me.

    Thanks for reading!
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2017
  7. Chibi Pika

    Chibi Pika Stay positive

    Hot damn. Dramatic Melody, you've always had a way with making me feel intense emotion regarding NPCs that I never expected to have feels over, and this is no exception.
  8. Thank you so much! The character was such a good candidate for a sad introspective story that I couldn’t pass it up. I’m glad you enjoyed it! :)

    One more work before the year ends, and a much more light-hearted one than "Ace Trainer Vito". It turned out a bit shallower than I wanted to, but I really wanted to write the scene out so it'd stop bugging me. Plus, I think there’s no better time to post this than today.

    Title: New Year’s Eve
    Work Type: Flash Fiction
    Author: Dramatic Melody
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Rating: G

    New Year’s Eve​

    “Are you sure you’ll be alright?”

    “Yeah, yeah, don’t worry about me,” Sal replied as she finished wiping the healing machine. “Besides, I wouldn’t want you to miss that New Year’s kiss, right?”

    “I owe you big time, Sal,” said Jill as she put on her coat and bonnet. “Really, just tell me when you need me and I’ll be there.”

    “Thanks, Jill,” said Sal. “Tell Vince I said hi whenever you’re not busy kissing him.”

    Jill laughed and waved goodbye as she exited the Pokemon Center, leaving Sal as the only person in the room. For the first time in her seven months of working in Castelia City’s Pokemon Center, she was completely alone, save for the Audino that was taking inventory at the back.

    A few weeks prior, she and Jill had been assigned to work the night shift of New Year’s Eve. While Sal obliged, Jill was more concerned, as she and Vince had made plans for the night. In the end, Sal made a deal with Jill that she’d work alone that night shift and Jill would cover one of her shifts in the week that followed.

    “It’s nice to have some peace and quiet for once,” Sal muttered to herself. “If I’m lucky, all the trainers would be busy watching the fireworks later—”

    As if on cue, the Center’s entrance opened and a boy hurriedly walked inside, his whole body shivering. Sal knew that he wasn’t a Unovan as he had covered himself with far too many layers of clothes, and she was already preparing herself to be more accommodating than usual as tourists often demanded more when being served.

    The boy took a huge sigh before taking a look around, Sal catching the surprise in his eyes when he realized that there was no one else in the Center. He slowly walked towards one of the tables to put down his bag before going to Sal’s counter.

    “Hello, and welcome to the Pokemon Center,” Sal said almost automatically. “We restore your Pokemon to full health. Would you like to rest your Pokemon?”

    “Y-y-yes, please,” the boy replied as he handed over five Poke Balls. “Th-th-thank you.”

    Sal had briefly made contact with the boy’s hands, but she could already sense how cold he felt. After she deposited his Poke Balls into the machine, she turned back to him and took out two paper cups from the cabinets below the counter.

    “Coffee or hot chocolate?” she suddenly asked.

    “Uhh...huh?” the boy replied.

    “I think you could use a hot drink,” Sal said with a smile. “So, coffee or hot chocolate? Don’t worry, it’s on the house. Think of it as a treat for New Year’s Eve.”

    “Th-th-thank you, ma’am,” the boy said, his relief apparent in his tone. “H-h-hot chocolate, if that’s alright.”

    Minutes later, Sal came back from the Center’s pantry with two cups, handing the cup of hot chocolate to the boy. He quickly drank half of its contents in one gulp and let out a long, contented sigh, while she stirred her own cup of coffee

    “Thank you so, so much, ma’am,” said the boy with a smile. “I’m still not used to the cold here in Unova. Hoenn never gets winters like this.”

    “Ah, I figured you came from a warm region,” Sal replied. “How are you liking Unova so far?”

    “It’s great, and there are so many good trainers,” he answered. “I actually just came from beating Burgh! He said I was his last trainer for the year, so I wanted to give him a memorable battle. His Leavanny was really, really tough, but me and Gallade pulled through in the end!”

    “Ah, congratulations!” Sal said, taken aback that she was talking to a strong trainer. His looks hadn’t given her the impression that he was some sort of veteran, but since being reassigned to Castelia and being introduced to thousands of trainers, she’s becoming used to seeing strong trainers of different colors.

    “So, you aren’t watching the fireworks display tonight?” asked Sal.

    “I think I’ll pass,” he replied. “I’m still not used to being around so many people. Hoenn’s cities don’t have big crowds like this!”

    “Heh, Castelia’s really something,” Sal said, remembering her similar reaction after she had moved to the city from Driftveil. “If you want, you can stay here to pass the night. All those tables are unoccupied for tonight, so make yourself at home.”

    “Oh, thank you so much, ma’am!” he replied. “You’re so, so kind.”

    “Don’t mention it,” she said as she extended her hand. “And just call me Sal. No need for that ‘ma’am’ stuff.”

    “Wally,” the boy replied as she shook her hand.

    “Well, Wally, thank you for waiting. We’ve restored your Pokemon to full health,” she said as she handed him his Poke Balls. “And happy New Year!”

    After the tenth thank you, she watched Wally go back to his seat and place himself underneath all of his layers of clothes. The low murmur of the Center’s machines accompanied the loud shouts and cheers that spilled from outside, and moments later, Sal heard all the fireworks go off.

    “Not a bad way to end the year,” she said to herself as she finished her cup of coffee. “Not bad at all.”

    This Sal is the same Sal as the one in Unpacking. I noticed how all my works this year have featured Pokemon Center nurses in varying degrees of importance, so I figured I’d end the year following that trend. I also noticed how I haven’t written a fic with Wally since last year, which is a mistake I didn’t want to carry to the New Year. Haha.

    Thanks for reading!
  9. aeternum

    aeternum Well-Known Member

    Title: Blackwater
    Work Type: Poetry I guess?
    Author: aeternum
    Fandom: none
    Rating: G

    There's a darkness down below,
    Just beneath the surface.
    Something begins to glow,
    Not yet with a purpose.

    The waters reflect,
    Our innermost desires.
    So we go to inspect,
    What lights our fires.

    We see our wishes,
    And hear our hearts voices.
    The darkness begins to flourish,
    As we start to make our choices.

    Lives within darkness,
    Or life with lightness.
    A world without fairness,
    Or a world of equal without excess.

    Our hearts desire,
    Our minds defy.
    That brilliant fire,
    Making us beatify.

    But when the truth,
    Comes to surface.
    Body and soul are made uncouth,
    As the blackwaters divine their purpose.

    Title: ?
    Work Type: Poetry I guess?
    Author: aeternum
    Fandom: none
    Rating: PG-13?

    Take my thoughts and burn them, damn they're such a burden.
    Take my bones and bury me, steal me away from this space.
    My heart is a cage and my mind is a trap.

    The love we had was as a flower, beautiful and yet so fickle.
    One thumb of green and one of naught, our petals fell soon as they'd bloomed.
    The rains've stopped falling and ice replaced them, the blossoms of our love fell in dormancy.
    Yet when the rain came and with it I, your buds had bloomed in another's garden.

    You say let's bury the hatchet, but make it more about burying our hearts.
    Our past is real whether you like it or not, at least try to play your part.
    No need to feel ashamed, just learn from your mistakes.
    I'll be as a scar on your history,
    Your lackadaisical attitude a stinging departure of hamfistery.

    My emotions are a torrent, and you're my breaking dam.
    Open the gates and I'll rush back in, only for you to close again so quickly.
    Again and again I tumble over, wishing for a different stream on the other side to fall.
    It's always the same, yet I run ever on.
  10. The Teller

    The Teller King of Half-Truths

    Title: The Millennial Prophet
    Work Type: Drabble
    Author: The Teller
    Fandom: Pokemon X & Y
    Rating: G
    Word Count: 97

    October 12, 2013

    Dear Diary:

    So, like, today was SUPER frustrating! Jenna, me, 75% off sale, and pumpkin spice lattes at the café in Geosenge Town. But then, like, a giant crystal flower pops up out of the ground at the town center, shoots a laser into the air, and knocks over all the buildings! Including the café! The police say it’s, like, a doomsday device and we’re all gonna die. People running away scared. But now how am I going to get my pumpkin spice fix?! #whyme #sixthgenerationproblems #savethepumpkinspice #hashtagsinwrittendiaryentries #thoughtsandprayers #blessthismess #jennaisamiltank #besties! #digimonrulez #meirl

    EDIT: Welp, this thread is dead. Anyhow, here's another short story. It's kinda based on my story "The Disingenuous Magearna."

    Title: The Convenient Discovery of a Lifetime!
    Work Type: Drabble
    Author: The Teller
    Fandom: Pokemon LGPE
    Rating: G
    Word Count: 82

    Professor Willow: “Uh…professor? Why are you going around saying that we’ve discovered a new Pokémon called Meltan?”

    Professor Oak: “What are you saying, my boy? We have discovered a new Pokémon!”

    Willow: “But professor, that Pokémon I sent you was just a Ditto with a lug nut on its head…”



    Willow: “…I don’t think he even knows my name.”
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2018

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