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The Dragon Quest Club!

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by LugiaSoul, Jul 20, 2010.


Do you like Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies?

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  2. It's pretty good.

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  1. LugiaSoul

    LugiaSoul You can't stop me

    Hello everyone and welcome the the Dragon Quest Club! This club was made so that all of us Dragon Quest fans can discuss the games, strategies, battles, and most importantly, just have fun! I will be thinking of some games or competitions to run, so for the time being, just hang out. If you would like to join, just fill out this form. (And read the rules!)

    What is your username?
    What is your favorite Dragon Quest game so far?
    What is your favorite Pokemon?
    What Dragon Quest game are you currently playing? (if none, just type 'none')

    1. Don't ask for illegal content, discuss cheating devices or cheat codes
    This includes episode downloads, Gameshark, Action Replay, ROMs, etc

    2. Limit the use of foul language
    Try not to evade the swear filter too much as well

    3. Don't spam
    Basically, posts that contribute nothing to the thread or topic.

    4. Don't post multiple times in a row
    There are a few special cases where this is allowed.

    5. Stay on topic within threads
    If you want to talk about something completely different, make a new thread or use the search button to find the right one.

    6. Don't post inappropriate or offensive material
    Porn or anything else "not safe for work"

    7. Don't troll or flame users. Be respectful.
    Includes the use of language that's racial, religious, rude, sexually explicit, insulting, threatening, abusive, hateful, ethnic, or just a general intent to annoy others.

    8. Don't minimod
    This means posting simply to say something along the lines of "This should be closed." or "UserA, you spammed."

    9. Don't advertise other sites in posts/threads.
    Put the links in your signature.

    10. Have fun!

    Members List
    Owner: LugiaSoul
    Co-Owner: Zorg
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2010
  2. Zorg

    Zorg Spongetastic

    Yay! First post, i was gonna make a DQ club a while ago but figured it would get no posts, just like my Disgaea club got.

    What is your username Zorg, or you can call me ObsidianRanger
    What is your favorite Dragon Quest game so far? Hmm.... DQ: Monsters Joker
    What is your favorite Pokemon? Hmm.... Foretress at the moment, but it changes.
    What Dragon Quest game are you currently playing? (if none, just type 'none') None

    I have played DQ7 (i think its 7) on PS2 and DQ: Monsters Joker and Hand of the Heavenly Bride from DS
  3. LugiaSoul

    LugiaSoul You can't stop me

    Welcome to the club Zorg! Since you were the first post, would you like to be the co-owner of this club?
  4. Zorg

    Zorg Spongetastic

    Thanks LugiaSoul. I would love to be the co-owner, and hopefully a few more people join sometime soon.
  5. LugiaSoul

    LugiaSoul You can't stop me

    Help Wanted!
    We need:
    More members, a graphic artist, and then a discussion topic! Anyone can apply!
  6. Zorg

    Zorg Spongetastic

    I could attempt to make a few banners, I've made a couple decent ones before.
    ....But first we still need more people......
  7. LugiaSoul

    LugiaSoul You can't stop me

    Ya I know.....I wish there was a way that we could advertise to come here.....can we use the chat system?
  8. Sprintking

    Sprintking Well-Known Member

    Hey! I'd like to join this.

    Username: Sprintking
    Fav. Game: DQ VIII, also the one I'm playing right now.
    Fav. Pokemon: Scizor.
  9. LugiaSoul

    LugiaSoul You can't stop me

    Welcome to the club Sprintking! Not much is going on right now, because we still need more members.
  10. Zorg

    Zorg Spongetastic

    Ok, well since we have a whooping 3 members, i may as well start a topic if i'm allowed.

    What is your fave monster that has occured at least in 3 different DQ games, apart from a slime
  11. LugiaSoul

    LugiaSoul You can't stop me

    A METAL slime. :p
  12. Sprintking

    Sprintking Well-Known Member

    But slimes are the best! I guess I've got to go with hammerhoods. I've always had a soft spot for them.
  13. LugiaSoul

    LugiaSoul You can't stop me

    Ya those are pretty cool too. Hey Sprintking, are you ever gonna get DQIX? It's awesome! And. it took me 40 hours to finsish, and that's with cheats!
  14. Sprintking

    Sprintking Well-Known Member

    I definitely plan on getting it soon.
  15. Zorg

    Zorg Spongetastic

    Well my fave monster would probably be a dracky.... of what i can think of at the moment....

    Still only have three members...
  16. LugiaSoul

    LugiaSoul You can't stop me

    Ya I know....this stinks. I'm gonna put something in my signature.
  17. LugiaSoul

    LugiaSoul You can't stop me


    JOIN US! We need more members!
  18. LugiaSoul

    LugiaSoul You can't stop me

  19. iii64

    iii64 New Member

    Well hey I like the onlyone I have monster jocker Il join

    name iii64 or Seani ninja blade for short
    fav. Game is well monster joker which I compleated 2 times
    fav pokemon charazard
  20. LugiaSoul

    LugiaSoul You can't stop me

    Accepted! Welcome!

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