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The Dragon Quest Club!

Do you like Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies?

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Ace Trainer :D
I would love to join this club!
Fav. DQ Game: Dragon Quest XI(Also currently playing)
Fav. Pokemon: Haunter and Gallade are tied in my book.


Wielding Übersaw.
What is your username? BynineB.
What is your favorite Dragon Quest game so far? Dragon Quest V.
What is your favorite Pokemon? ..Surskit.
What Dragon Quest game are you currently playing? Dragon Warrior Monsters II WHICH YOU SHOULD BE PLAYING (and which was also my first DQ game)


You can't stop me
Welcome to the club BynineB! And good suggestion iii64. My first Dragon Quest game was DQM. Other members, DISCUSS!


Sorry guys, not posting on Serebii much lately.
Anyways, may as well do some stuff and welcome the latest members:
what was your frist dragon quest game
DQ7.... i think it is.... the one on ps2

Also, in New Zealand (where i live) they actually have an add for DQ9 on Ds, which hopefully i will be getting soonish.


You can't stop me
We really gotta get this club moving......does anyone have any suggestions on what other things we can discuss?