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The Dragon's Reborn!

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by DragonKingUK, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. DragonKingUK

    DragonKingUK Dragon King

    The Dragons, an ancient race, is now dead. Only a few remain. Now, trolls have taken over everything. The ones that killed the Dragons, are the bastards called the Dragon Hunters. They are specialists when it comes to killing Dragons. What they didn't know, is that the Dragons were keeping the real threat away. Now with almost the entire race dead, the real threat is on the way, a threat that is a danger to every race in the galaxy. So far, the trolls have taken over everything that once belonged to the Dragons. The Elves, a forgotten race, has disappeared from existence but before they did, once ancient elf gave a final prophecy. The prophecy was unclear, as most of it was lost, or destroyed but the scientists found certain pieces of the prophecy on their ancient walls. This, is what was recovered.

    'The--------were minor, Threat will come------destroyed--------dead-------lost,-------forgotten, find the last, save them, save us, for not for them, we would of been dead thousands of years ago, with the-----gone, chaos will raise, and the------------------------come. When they come, if they come, we are all doomed, only they can save us now, find them and save the few remaining---------or else then entire universe is doomed'

    The scientists are trying to uncover the prophecy even today, but nobody truly knows what the meaning of this message is, it is now the year 3050, many races roam around. Phoenix's, trolls, humans, demons, angels and many more. The demons walk in the darkest areas, where it is always night, and never day. They walk in a corrupted path, where the road is made from flaming bones from all the dead. Every building destroyed, corrupted, unstable or sometimes all three. Not many see a demon and live to tell the tale and even so, the place is almost impossible to find, and if you did find it, it would be too dark to even see. The Angels live in a holy place, so holy, that the light there could blind you. The water could heal every disease known to man, but the place is so hidden, is is almost impossible to find.

    The Dragon race is destroyed, only a few remain. The only remaining Dragons are eggs, in a dark evil cave inhabited by trolls. The eggs are due to hatch at any moment, will the last remaining Dragons be able to escape with their lives before it's too late? Will they be able to stop this unknown threat? Only time will tell

    1 You must create at least one Dragon Hatchling.
    2 Any and all races are allowed, if you do decide to be and elf them please Pm me.
    3 You may make up a race. Be creative.
    4 The character limit will be Six
    5 No god modding or perfect characters.
    6 If you join, then don't drop out. If you must, then somebody will take over you're characters.
    7 Please write at least three lines, more is preferred.
    8 Feel free to take the story wherever you want it. I will do mod posts when needed, but be creative and have fun.
    9 I am the Gm, my word is law.
    10 I may edit, change, delete and add any rules I want at any time, I will update you when I do, make sure you check them.

    I am looking for a co-gm to help me with this Rp. If you are interested please Pm me with a reason why you should be Co-Gm.

    Character Sheet.
    Age: (Any age allowed, if dragon, then please remember, you are only a hatchling)
    Race:(Any and all accepted, if elf please Pm me. You may create your own.)
    Powers:(If any)
    Abilities:(Minor powers and things you have learned to do, like talking and understanding animals)
    Skills:(Things like weapon mastery go here)

    Coming soon.

    Maps and Layout
    Coming soon, if somebody could help me with this maybe?

    Other Information and Important Stuff
    Coming Soon.

    Accepted Character Sheets
    Coming Soon.
  2. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    While the plot does seem short in Serebii standards, this RP sounds glorious.

    Count me in. I'll reserve two characters - dragon hatchling and a Mimic.
  3. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    >tfw no one posts for a couple days.
    Lemme fix that. (I'll update my apps)

    Name: Chrome
    Age: Not hatched yet
    Gender: Male
    Race: Dragon
    Appearance: Chrome, being a young hatchling, lacks wings. His skin is rainbow-hued and shiny, just like his egg. His body resembles that of a Salamander and he posseses six eyes – red , blue, yellow, green, white and black. His tail is has a Morningstar-like structure at the end for melee offense. His forelegs are long than his hind-legs. He is currently about the size of a house cat.
    Bio: N/A
    Powers:(If any)
    Abilities:(Minor powers and things you have learned to do, like talking and understanding animals)
    Skills:(Things like weapon mastery go here)

    Name: Masquerade
    Age: 200 (Physically 16)
    Gender: Female
    Race: Mimic
    Appearance: Masquerade’s Mimic form is basically a treasure chest-like shell with glowing-red eyes peering from the inside of the chest. This treasure chest is wooden with silver linings and markings by the sides and along the edges. It is also embedded with a silver-coated keyhole. This mysterious treasure chest somehow manages to fit Masquerade’s human form. Masquerade’s human forme is a stark-naked young, 16-year old busty lady. Her cup size is a C, which goes well with a completely flat stomach and hourglass figure. She has a long, dark blue hime-cut accompanies with those demonic-looking red eyes, coupled by an easily visible cute fang in her mouth. Her body is 1.5 metres tall, and her thighs are minorly chubby. Her complexion is quite pale in human terms. She posseses medium-sized elven ears. Her outfit varies greatly.
    Personality: Masquerade can be described to be ‘tsundere’. She treats people very coldly (except Chrome) when she first meets them. She also tends to dislike humans. When humans approach her treasure chest, she will immediately absorb them into it, before either raping, robbing or tormenting them, but sparing their lives in the end. Like the rest of her species, she is greedy, and would use her natural species trait of camouflage to steal items such as treasure or weaponry to add to her collection. She despises wearing clothes, thus does not wear anything while hiding in her chest. She is extremely protective of her allies.
    Bio: Masquerade was not born, but created from a magically enchanted treasure chest from a flawed attempt to summon a demon from the depths, causing the inexperienced summoner to vanish. She was born as she looks like now. She lived a hard life, attempting to survive in the harsh and cruel world where monsters like her were slain. She had seen how cruel yet kind mankind could be, thus began to grow a dislike for them. However, one day, she met a nine-taled fox named Gumiho, who guided her when she was but a wandering soul. Masquerade accepted Gumiho as a Master, and in turn, Gumiho taught Masquerade many skills, ranging from accuracy to speed and disguise. It was soon time for Masquerade to have her own adventures and leave Gumiho. She has did everything she can to adapt to this urbanized world.
    She is currently disguised in the troll’s dungeon, ready to steal an egg to prevent it from being harmed. She has successfully stolen a rainbow egg and is attempting to steal a couple more so that they can be free.
    Powers: The treasure chest that Masquerade hides in is a gateway to her vast pocket dimension, where she keeps the things she stole or obtained. These items include weapons such as ancient cannons, heavy longswords, katanas, Desert Eagles and many, many more. In her human form, she can summon these items from this pocket dimension.
    Abilities:(Minor powers and things you have learned to do, like talking and understanding animals)
    Skills: Masquerade is an expert in terms of accuracy when it comes to far-range weapons. In her mobile human form, she is especially trained in speed and agility, in addition to hand-to-hand melee combat, although she prefers to use an all-offense no-defense blade technique.
    Likes: Her allies, Gumiho, shiny things
    Dislikes: Wearing clothes, humans
  4. Storm Surge

    Storm Surge Bird of Jesus

    I'm in this...reserve a Hatchling and a werecat.
  5. DragonKingUK

    DragonKingUK Dragon King

    Ok, I need more people though.

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