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The dread of love(eerieleafshipping)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Lalonde, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. Lalonde


    This ficcy is a oneshot, for my own ship, eerieleaf shipping, featuring Yukimenoko and Leafia.
    This fic is rated pg-13, for foul language, but other than that nothing happens, especially sexual things.​

    The meeting
    It was a cold winter morning, in Shinnou where our story begins. A lone yukimenoko only wanting love set out on her quest of happiness, not knowing that fate would bring her into danger. A young leafia, around our yuki's age was sitting in the corner of a cave, trying to keep from cold. "it's.... freezing..."the young leafia said, its leaves were limping from the cold. Yuki floated over to the leafia. "come, i know of a place to keep out of the cold."Yuki led the leafia down a path in the cave, leading to a chamber where a small fire was lit, and the pokemon that can't survive very well durning the winter months came to eat, and enjoy themselves.
    "Now, what is your name?"Yuki asked the small leafia, who had gotten a cup of hot coco."oh, my name...It's Florce."Florce said, introducing himself."I'm Yuki,"Yuki said."pleased to meet you."They paused for a minute, then Yuki said,"come, let me introduce you to my friend, i think you two will get along."Yuki led Florce to a Glacia siting in the corner a bit far from the fire."Ginga, this is Florce."Yuki introduced Florce to Ginga. Ginga was more a silent type, rather than a optomistic type like Florce, and a Modest type like Yuki.

    The parting
    Yuki began to like Florce more and more as the Winter months went on. Finally, in late Febuary, Yuki delcared her love for him. Florce was shocked."You... love me?!"Florce was in amzament. He too had loved Yuki. But Florce had noticed. "I will have to return to my home in the spring, i won't be able to see you untill... fall."Yuki fell to her knees. "but... Ginga! she is an expert at making grass types used to the snow. then we can live together and have children..."Yuki was interupted by Ginga, who came out of the cave."I will see what i can do,if it is ok with Florce. By then, Florce had started running."Florce!"Yuki shouted, but Florce was long gone.

    The reunitment
    Yuki waited dreadfully, wishing the winter would come soon. A moment later, she saw Florce in the distance, and ran to him."Florce!Ginga has found the solution so we can stay together!"Yuki shouted."Really?!"Florce was so excited to see Yuki agian."yes. all we have to do is get Flare to use a flamethrower on you untill you feel the urge to live in the snow."It seemed easy enough. So Florce thought, and he agreed. "ok!"
    The next morning, Ginga got Flare, the flareon, to use flamethrower on Florce. "Stop!"Florce shouted after a few minutes."I don't feel the cold now. I think i can live here now."

    The End
    Yuki and Florce were overjoyed. A few years later they settled down and had little eevees and snorunts, and they grew up and had there own children. Yuki and Florce had finally found love.

    :D meh first fic, so be easy ;_;
  2. Vycksta

    Vycksta Well-Known Member

    Firstly, it's nice to see a fic on here feature a couple that's not one of the "unholy trinity". So points there.

    As for the fic itself, it's very short and in places I felt as though you could have elaborated on it. Add in more actions, more description. You could have elaborated more on how the two Pokemon fell in love. We know it was over the winter months but when exactly did they first get feelings for each other? I personally am a sucker for that.

    Still, for a first try it's a damn site better than some other "first-shots" I have seen. Keep it up, you do have potential. ^^
  3. Lalonde


    why thank you vycksta. ^_~ for my first fic i quite am impressed with myself.
    yes, in a few places i had no inspiration, just like in english class -.-;
    :p i have trouble with details :O silly me.

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