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The Dream World

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Toxic Nightshade, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Toxic Nightshade

    Toxic Nightshade GET TO DEL TACO

    The Dream World

    Hi everybody, welcome to The Dream World. This idea has been in my mind for countless months and it was quite agonizing for me to actually execute this project, but I finally got the basis up and running. There will be instances of violence along with language, so this is recommended for a PG-13 audience.

    ***Disclaimer: Though the title says, "The Dream World," I am writing this as a representation of what I think the Pokemon Dream World would actually be and if humans were allowed to go. It really won't be that fluffy kind of World that you go on the Pokemon website for, but my twisted idea instead. Just a heads up.

    Note: This story will sort of fluctuate POVs. I will write down at the top of each chapter who it is telling from though, so just a note.

    Chapter List:
    Prologue (This post)
    Chapter 1: The Musician and the Rat
    Chapter 2: Dreams and Nightmares
    Chapter 3: Introductions and Hearings


    [FONT=&quot]Did you ever[/FONT] really [FONT=&quot]think about where you go when you dream? Do you dream about swimming in the crystal blue oceans or flying through the clouds? Those places are not simply your imagination; they are as real as you and me. Dreams are as delicate as a rose, and they can shatter or blossom with every move you make. Next time, actually survey where you go when you close your eyes; it might help you survive.[/FONT]

    The sound of shrill sirens blared in the distance, breaking the forest's serenity. The wood rustled with the protests of wild Pokemon whose mid-afternoon naps were disrupted. Usually Mother Nature has graced these woods with silence, but today was unlike any other; you could feel it in the air. Tension was everywhere. The forest was holding its breath as though expecting something nobody else could predict.

    The only girl, well, human to be in the forest at the time was the teenage Autumn Mosley. She was a true nature activist, so it was not at all surprising to have her here. Despite the peace this forest emitted, Autumn’s nerves were on end.

    Autumn sat on a flat rock peeking out of the orange foliage, sifting through her large backpack. She froze when the sirens pierced her eardrum. This forest was like a second home to her. She wasn’t surprised to hear the sirens. Autumn somehow knew that the police would arrive about now. At least somebody noticed that she was missing. She ran away from home last night — or what Autumn has to call a home. She was an orphan. She didn’t mind living in the foster home though. This wood was her true home.

    She grabbed a scratched Pokeball out of her bag and threw it in the air. A faint red ray erupted from the ball and formed into a small Pokemon. Its slender body was a beige color, with brown paws. Its long ears and tail looked like crisp summer leaves. The Pokemon looked up at Autumn with its almond eyes shining. Her heart softened whenever she saw him.

    “It’s time, Leafeon,” she stated as she bent down and Leafeon jumped onto her shoulder. His weight didn’t faze her at all. For her skinny build she was stronger than most adults, whether it be from lifting wood, track meets, or just drawing incessantly.

    Autumn swept her brown-auburn hair away. She was a run-away, and she knew that those policemen were out looking for her. She hoisted her pack over her free shoulder and started dashing through the forest, Leafeon clinging for dear life. Unova had a plethora of natural forests seeing as how civilization was built in the middle of a huge national sanctuary. The natives only cleared out the trees that they needed to, which was just enough for Unova to blossom.

    Random Deerling families looked at them curiously as Autumn jumped over fallen cedar trees, mud tracing her clothes. Despite the strain in her chest and the burn in her legs, she ignored and kept running. She was used to this sort of pain, with the track meets she is obliged to go to.

    The forest was not exactly clean. After three minutes of running, you could see that litter was scattered through the orange leaves. Mistralton was at least in control of pollution. The Gym Leader, Skyla, has to keep her runways clear of debris so the biplanes can land safely.

    Autumn visited this place many times and that was where she needed to be. She didn’t really feel accepted in life, but whenever she traveled here she felt at home. Accepted. Loved. The way she never felt in her life.

    "I must... Be getting near..." Autumn whispered to Leafeon as she slowed her pace down. Her voice was smooth and calming. The sirens were still reverberating through the wood, but were getting fainter with every step of her combat boot. Autumn smirked at the thought of what those policemen would say when they couldn't find her.

    A glimmer of cerulean shined under a tarp of golden leaves. She strode towards the natural lake and swept the leaves off the top of the water. A smile crept onto her face as she ran her fingers through the cool water. She nodded to Leafeon, and he jumped off of her shoulder straight into the edge of the pool. He made a splash and as the water rippled, Leafeon seemed to be submerged. He disappeared into the water. Autumn wasn’t alarmed at all.

    "Rest of my life, here I come," Autumn stated as she swung her legs into the foot of the murky water. The cold chill bit at her legs and soaked through her jeans, but subsided after a couple seconds, instead engulfing her body in a warm essence. She quietly sank into the water. A pressure was settling itself on her head and her ears popped. She touched her clothes, which were oddly dry. Her arms tingled and she refused to open her eyes. A cracking noise, like lightning, shot through the air, and the weight was lifted from her body. Autumn's hand brushed the land under her — grass. Cool, moist grass. She finally opened her hazel eyes; starry skies stared back. She was here.

    Autumn shakily stood up and looked at the lush clearing around her. Pokemon flitted in the trees and the forest seemed to be alive. She looked at the area she appeared and saw a patch of soft crabgrass next to a large boulder. Leafeon appeared on top of the rock, curiously glancing everywhere. The portal worked just like it was meant to. Autumn looked through the trail and saw a rainbow arching through the inky sky. The colors diffracted through the moonlight setting off an eerie feel. No matter day or night, the rainbow was always there. It was this world’s trademark.

    A melodious voice startled her, "Autumn, it's good to see you again. Please tell me you are staying this time, yes?"

    Autumn slowly turned around and saw a beautiful, green-haired lady standing before her. Her eyes sparkled like blue gems, and she wore a simple charcoal-colored dress tied with a green bow at the waist. She had a black lily intertwined in her long silky hair. The girl smiled warmly at her; Autumn returned it equally, genuinely happy to see the Peacekeeper again.

    "I am. I should be here for a long time, along with my friends, that is."

    "Hmm, did you bring them with you? Eeeeeeveryone who you invite is welcome here!" she sang happily.

    "Not yet, I-I left them a note." said Autumn. Before she left Unova a note detailing everything was set in a secret place. The police wouldn't be smart enough to find it, but her friends would be. Let’s hope that they would be at least curious enough to look.

    "Okay then, dearest. Well we should find you a place for the night, yes?" asked the girl as she tried walking towards Autumn, but stumbled like a toddler. Her ankle twisted in an odd way, but she showed no sign of pain except for a slight grimace of irritation.

    "Oof... How do you humans travel with these things? I much prefer my Pure Form," complained the girl as she stood up. Her small body was engulfed in a blinding aura, illuminating the dank clearing. Her five foot form compacted even smaller, black streaks formed in her mint hair, and a jade jewel encrusted in her forehead. She looked like a Pokemon now who radiated an aura of power. The light faded and she floated in the moonlight, smiling at Autumn.

    "You don't use your Human Form that much, do you, Meloetta?" Autumn asked the Pokemon who was now leading them through the forest. Meloetta was this world’s Co-Leader. She was a tad flighty at times, but she is one of the most responsible Pokemon this place has to offer.

    “No, no, I only use it when I know humans are around. Not many come to the Dream World now that technology is expanding. It does make me very sad at times, but this is for safety. Humans are missing out,” she stated reluctantly. Her mood change seemed to catch Autumn off guard.

    “At least I’m here, right?” Autumn joked, trying to lighten the mood.

    “Of course, everybody loves having you here, Autumn! We still have to have a Hearing on your behalf though.”

    “Let’s hope that none of the other Legendaries will object in my Hearing, at least,” Autumn said with her voice cracking. “I risked everything to come here…” Meloetta shook her head.

    “They won’t sweetie, or at least I won’t. I wouldn’t worry about it, most of the Legendaries are pushovers anyway, especially when the great Autumn is concerned,” she said with a wink. Meloetta pushed Autumn and Leafeon into their usual guest house and slammed the door behind her.

    The Hearing tomorrow will determine if they are allowed to stay in the Dream World or not, and with everything on the line like this, Autumn chewed her lip with hesitation. She lay in the bed, wishing that her friends will come, and that her thoughts would melt away. She couldn't go back now. A burning sensation formed in the back of her hazy eyes. As the first hot tear streamed down her freckled cheek, she drifted off into sleep, only to be jostled into unsettling nightmares.
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  2. Toxic Nightshade

    Toxic Nightshade GET TO DEL TACO

    (This chapter is going to be a little short, but they'll get longer as we get into the thick of things...)
    Chapter 1: The Musician and the Rat


    Teenage Jasmine Reed sat in her armchair, sipping tea nonchalantly. Her interest fluctuated between the news channel that was playing on the television and the steam evaporating from her drink. She pushed up her glasses and was about to shut off her TV when a single word the newscaster said caught her interest. The anchorwoman said the word “orphan” so clearly that it was quite hard to mistake. Since her friend was an orphan, Jasmine turned up the volume abruptly.

    “Late last night a teenager from a foster home in downtown Mistralton was reported as ‘missing.’ The girl’s foster mother, Amanda Hewitt, says that she last saw the child at around six in the evening when she served dinner. Here is a picture of the orphan in question,” the anchor said as a picture of a girl flashed on the screen. Her face was tan and dotted with freckles, with a tangled mop of wavy auburn hair angling her cheekbones. What were most prominent were her eyes; they weren’t just a simple hazel, but the color of muddy leaves.

    Jasmine felt her jaw drop as she watched the segment. She knew exactly who that missing girl was. Her best friend that she knew since kindergarten was apparenty gone without a trace. She stood up so abruptly that she almost spilled her half-drunk tea. Her breathing was choppy as she set the cup down and dashed out of her room, leaving the newscasters babbling to nobody.

    She barely had the time to write down a note to her parents detailing her departure, but she had scrawled what she needed to. Jazzy was trustworthy enough, so she knew that her parents would not mind at all. Since they were both at work she was free to do whatever she needed to. She quickly hopped in her car and drove off towards the house she knew too well.


    A middle-aged woman scowled at Jazzy like she was an unpleasant thing on the bottom of her shoe. Her hair was the color of a red velvet cupcake and her nails were like pink acrylic talons. She had known who this woman was: Amanda Hewitt, Autumn's foster mother. Amanda never liked Jasmine, but the feeling was mutual.

    "What are you doing here, Jasmine?" Amanda asked in her sandpaper-like voice. Jazzy's stomach lurched when Amanda had said her full name; she loathed it with a passion. To her, “Jasmine” sounds like it belongs on a cat, which is why she adopted the nickname, “Jazzy” instead. Since she was a musician, it fit too.

    Jazzy plastered a fake smile on her face with difficulty. “Nice to see you too, Amanda. Look, my best friend is gone and I want to search her room…” No use in lying, right? Her words gave Amanda a look of wariness.

    "Five minutes, you little demon. That's all ya get..." Amanda answered as she stepped aside, glaring at Jazzy as she strode upstairs.

    The halls were dingy, and a depressed air hung everywhere she went. The floorboards groaned with every step she took. A child's laughter was coming from a door at the beginning of the hallway, which seemed quite out of place. Autumn's door was wide-open, which caused sunlight to partially bathe the hallway. The room was a mint green and very neat for Autumn’s standards. There was a single boy in the room. He was sifting through her desk drawers hastily, tousled dark hair covering his eyes.

    “Who gave you the authority to do that, you little Rat?” said Jazzy as she leaned on the doorframe. The boy looked up and suddenly smirked when he saw who called him out. He recognized his pet name.

    “I live here, I gave myself authority,” the boy snapped as he stood up. He was a couple centimeters shorter than Jazzy and had a mischievous glint in his blue eyes. Adrian Jefferson was Autumn’s foster brother. Extremely smart for his age, he actually tried tutoring Jazzy in the past, which remotely led to bickering. He always tried to show her up and make her jealous over the littlest things. Ever since then, Jazzy had a sour taste in her mouth whenever Adrian was mentioned. She only tolerated him for Autumn's sake.

    “So, Adrian, you don't know anything either?”

    “’Bout as much as you do.”

    Jazzy racked her brain for clues as to where she could’ve gone. Autumn really was the type of person to do such a thing, but nobody could have predicted her to actually leave. Lost for ideas, she eyed the floor warily. If she was hiding something, Adrian wouldn’t know where to look; but Jazzy did. When they were young Autumn showed her a secret place. It was as clear as day; she remembered watching Autumn pulling up the wood planks on her floor, with a loss for words. Underneath was all her secret toys and candy that she hid from everybody that wanted them. She probably did the same thing now.

    Jazzy kneeled on the floor and clawed the edges of the plywood. Adrian was about to protest when she pulled up the plank. Hay and nesting were cluttered underneath the wood, and a folded up piece of paper was nestled right before their eyes. Jazzy froze when she saw the note, and Adrian snatched it before she even opened her mouth.

    “How did you know that Autumn left this here?” Adrian asked as he scanned the note.

    “Give that back!” Jazzy ordered as she tried to steal the paper back from him.

    “No. How did you know this was here?” he repeated, still reading.

    Jazzy rolled her eyes. “I'm Autumn's best friend. I obviously know more about her than you do.”

    Before Adrian could reply his eyes suddenly widened. “What is it?” Jazzy asked as she looked over his shoulder to read.

    The writing was scrawled and messy:

    Dear Jazzy,

    I'm so glad you were able to find the note I left... By the time you will find this, I'll be gone. I am in a safe place and please do not be concerned for my safety. I can handle myself perfectly fine, especially in the world I escaped to. Have you heard of the Pokemon Dream World? It’s not just an urban legend; I discovered the real Dream World. That's where I ran away to.
    (Jazzy had to process these words multiple times before continuing) I would be more than happy if you come and join me… The Dream World doesn’t get many visitors at all. I’ll explain everything when you come. Follow the steps to get there.


    Adrian flipped the paper over to see directions labeled accordingly.

    There was cotton in her mouth. Jazzy was and always will be a woman of science, and this note wasn’t adding up. There is no way that the Dream World, a legend that parents use as a bedtime story, could be real. Dreams are a figment of thoughts that are projected as you sleep. The places you go when you dream are not real at all.


    It seemed like seconds turned into hours. The silence was heavy and they both lost track of how long it had lasted.

    “I-is this real?” Jazzy managed to ask, her voice sounding much more high-pitched than before. Everything this note was saying was going against all she knew.

    Adrian looked just as taken back as she did.

    “I... It’s her handwriting, isn’t it?” he asked as he waved the paper in Jazzy’s face. His voice sounded disjointed, nothing like the cocky tone he usually uses.

    It was hard to argue with him. Autumn’s handwriting was always in flowery cursive, and the note, though quite messy, was hers.

    Jazzy reluctantly nodded. “This doesn’t make any sense… The Dream World is a myth.”

    Adrian said nothing. She half expected Autumn to jump out from her closet and yell, “GOTCHA!”

    “It’s no doubt that Autumn wrote this… But why would she lie like this?” Jazzy asked thoughtfully.

    “Do you really think she’s lying? Autumn hasn’t so much as told a joke in a couple years! She wouldn’t lie to us like that...

    “So we’re going? The note says that this place is in the forest somewhere,” said Adrian after seconds of silence.

    Jazzy felt like slapping him. She couldn’t risk running away from her family for some wild goose chase. “I can’t just run away from home! I’m not like you. Let’s just say that I’m not gullible. Who in the right mind would believe this?” she snapped.

    “Gullible? Firstly, like I said, why would Autumn lie to us like this? She’s not a prankster like that. Secondly, do you have a good explanation as to why she ran away? It’s not like she suddenly decided to test the Pokemon League with only her Leafeon! Try to keep up, Jazzy; I can see the gears smoking in your head. She obviously wants us to come, so why let her wait?”

    His words rang around in her head. Autumn was worth it, she kept telling herself. Autumn and Jazzy have been together through everything. They were always near each other to keep standing tall through thick and thin. Jazzy couldn’t let her down, especially when she is expected to come. So what if her parents freak out? So what if this makes Mistralton City’s headlines? Autumn said that this place was safe; they would be safe.

    No matter how much she trusted Autumn, it was almost too hard to believe. She couldn’t put her livelihood on the line just so they can play make-believe.

    After minutes of thinking, Jazzy finally gave in. If all goes like she thinks it will, her parents wouldn’t even realize that she left. “…Fine. Fine! But when we get lost in that damn forest looking for a myth that is not real, you’ll have an apology waiting for me.”

    “You getting an apology from me is more farfetched than the Dream World being real.”

    Jazzy clenched and unclenched her fists by her side. Every time she interacted with Adrian, anger coursed through her body; this was no exception. Autumn wasn’t there, so she was free to slash all she wants.

    “Rats like you are so irritating,” she taunted as she made her way to the door. “We leave tonight at nine. Oh and by the way, I have Pokemon; I’m not afraid to make them attack you.” Jazzy always used that as a threat towards him. Since Adrian didn’t have any Pokemon himself, he was pretty defenseless towards anything.

    “Let’s just say that your bark is worse than your bite, Jasmine. I’m not afraid of your lapdog.”

    Halfway through the door, Jazzy turned around abruptly. Rage was clouding her thoughts as she put her face nose to nose with Adrian. His eyes showed no sign of fear, but instead, excitement. She didn’t know what she was angrier about, her name being said or him humiliating Houndoom.

    “Do not use my name as a weapon,” she said dangerously. Adrian smirked as he strode across the room, still keeping her murderous gaze.

    “Old Amanda should be kicking you out any time now.”

    “I don’t care what she does! Look, Houndoom can give you a burn that will last forever. You sure you want that to happen?”

    “No. Well that explains your hair,” Adrian added as Jazzy immediately ran her fingers through her bleached hair. It was very coarse from constant dying.

    She chose not to answer him, but instead said “Nine o’clock sharp. I’ll be waiting outside,” as she swept out of the room.

    When Jazzy got home she released Houndoom from his Pokeball. He calmed her when she needed it, and now was that time. She stroked the dog Pokemon's back, Houndoom thoroughly enjoying the attention. He looked up at her with his ruby-colored eyes.

    “I just don't know what to do... Should I risk everything just to go to Autumn?” Jazzy asked. She knew he would not answer, but she needed to vent. Houndoom yawned which made her laugh a little.

    “It's up to me I guess... Hey, would you actually burn Adrian if I asked you to?”

    The Pokemon looked at her sleepily and muttered, “Doom...” Jazzy took that as a yes and let Houndoom rest on her armchair.

    “Let's hope not, buddy. Let's hope not...” she whispered.
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  3. Toxic Nightshade

    Toxic Nightshade GET TO DEL TACO

    Chapter 2: Dreams and Nightmares


    Dinner that night made Jazzy feel nauseous with anxiety. Her parents chatted about their day without a care in the world, while she sat at the end of the table, hardly listening to what they were discussing. Whenever there was a pause or her mother glanced at her, she nodded slightly and continued eating, despite her stomach protesting violently.

    She couldn't bear to think that this may be the last time she sees her parents. What would they do tomorrow when they find their only daughter gone? Would they panic? Would they worry? Would they even care that she left...?

    No, Jazzy thought. She knew that her parents would go crazy. Since she was the only child, her parents were quite overprotective. Adrian didn't have that problem, since Amanda didn't seem to care about anybody other than herself. It would break her parent’s hearts if she ran away. They would probably think she's been kidnapped or something! Nobody would ever expect a good girl like her to actually run away from the beautiful life she has been given...


    Her heart skipped a beat as the fork she was dragging across the plate clattered to the floor. Jazzy just realized that she was staring off into space for a couple minutes minutes at least.

    “Y-yeah Mom?” she asked, partially unable to hide the shaky tone in her voice. She slowly picked up the fallen silverware to buy herself as much time as possible.

    “Is something wrong...? You look flushed,” said her mother with a caring smile on her face. Should she just admit to what's been happening? Maybe her parents could give her advice.

    “Um, I'm just a little worried about something,” Jazzy admitted as she stared fixatedly at her black jeans. She quickly wiped her clammy palms on her pants and refused to look up. Seeing their concerned faces would only make this harder.

    “It's about Autumn, isn't it? I heard it from Skyla... Jazz, I'm so sorry.” Jazzy's mother worked as a clerk at the Mistralton airport. She assigns flights and schedules appointments for people that want to take a trip somewhere.

    Instantly changing directions, Jazzy nodded. “I just can't believe she ran away...”

    “How do we know that she wasn't kidna—” her father started, but her mother kicked him underneath the table before he could form his sentence.

    “Jason...” her mother hissed as she cast him a deathly glare that was exactly like the one Jazzy gave Adrian. He grumbled his last words through clenched teeth, but both Jazzy and her mother chose to ignore it.

    “Dad, I'm one-hundred percent sure that Autumn wasn't kidnapped. I know my best friend, and she knows how to defend herself. She was on the track team back in school, and she had the stamina to run miles on end…

    “Hey, guys, just out of curiosity, what would you do if your own child went missing? If they were just like Autumn, of course,” Jazzy blurted out, instantly regretting she said anything. Her parents looked contemplative for a moment. While the silence droned on, her stomach was doing summersaults.

    “Well, it really depends if they will ever come back or not,” her father piped up, “It’s true that I would probably become depressed, worried, betrayed, but the real factor is if they ran away to a safe place and aren’t eating out of trash cans.”

    Jazzy sighed to herself. At least now she knew what her parents would feel if she actually left.

    “As long as the Pokemon they have are as overprotective as we were, I wouldn’t really have to worry that much. Of course I’ll be heartbroken and searching day and night for my child that left, at least I know that they have defenses.” Just as a couple knots in her stomach untangled, her mother asked one more question that made her nerves go on end.

    “Why are you asking…?”

    Jazzy wished that she was invisible. She wanted to do anything other than answering that question. Biting her lip with hesitation, she found her words:

    "I-I just want to know what it would feel like from a parent's point of view."

    Her mother shrugged. "Hopefully nobody here would have to imagine it."

    It felt like rocks fell to the pit of her stomach. If she wasn't used to hiding her emotions, she would be brought to tears. The burning sensation crackled in the back of her brown eyes, but the tears never came.

    Jazzy's body was rigid. There might be a chance that she never sees her family again. Why isn't she freaking out more? Why isn't she hugging them and telling them that she loves them? Why is she just sitting there letting the doubts eat her from the inside out?

    "U-Um, can I sleep over at a friend’s house today?"

    "Of course you can; which friend?"

    She swallowed silently. "Denise. I'll be home tomorrow," Jazzy uttered. Denise was another friend of hers, they hang out sometimes. Jazzy looked up at her mother and saw in her chocolate eyes that there was doubt. Jazzy made her face appear calm and nonchalant.

    "Just don't stay up too late. You have school on Monday," said her father in an authoritative tone. A false grin spread on her face as she walked over to her father and hugged him tightly. After a shocked intake of breath, he graciously returned his daughter's hug.

    "I love you..." she said sweetly as she released him from her hug.

    "I-I love you too, sweetie." She cherished his words, since this may be the last time she hears them.

    Jazzy then turned to her mother. She was a beautiful woman, with a warm smile and slightly-graying raven black hair. Jazzy had her mother's eyes. Her hairs natural color was a mousey brown, but then she went into a "rebellion phase" and bleached it. After that she got used to the color, so she continued. Now it's burned and white, but she doesn't really care. Her hair isn't a problem worth worrying about.

    She pulled her mother into a tight hug. Knots in her stomach were unraveling once more. Her mother returned the hug. After standing back up she spotted a flash of concern in her eyes. Jazzy pretended not to notice as she picked up her plate and walked out of the dining room.

    Jazzy sighed. That was hardly subtle, but it was over now. They had no idea that they wouldn't see her again. The kitchen door opened and her mother emerged, looking slightly ragged. She put her hands on Jazzy's shoulders lightly and looked into her eyes, as though searching for something.

    “Jazzy... Just know that I will support whatever you do, until the end. I know you're planning something, but... Do what you need to do,” her mother said quickly.

    How did she know? Was it the questions about running away? Was it the hugging? She knew that she wasn't subtle... How could her mother piece together this problem so fast?

    She risked it. Her mother was worth it. She slowly nodded and truthfully whispered, “I promise I'll be back.”

    A tear was glistening out of the corner of her mother’s eye. It streamed down her cheek but she refused wipe it away. Her mother pulled Jazzy into a gentle hug, and yet warmth spread throughout her body. “Please...” she whispered.

    That little word was the last thing they said to each other.


    Jazzy tapped on the handlebars of her bicycle impatiently. Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap. It sounded like the seconds were ticking away into nothingness. She refused to think about what had happened that night at dinner, so instead she filled her mind with complaints about Adrian being late. How hard was it to simply walk outside with a flashlight?

    After what felt like six minutes, a shadow crept out the door of the foster home. Jazzy tightened her grip on the handlebars. As Adrian’s form came into view she could see that he was being weighed down by a large backpack on his shoulders.

    Jazzy rolled her eyes through the darkness. “Adrian, last time I checked, we are not going on a camping trip!”

    Adrian scowled and hopped on his bike, his back hunched from the pack. “There might not be food there, did you ever think of that? Or did the bleach soak into your brain?”

    “I'm not stupid, of course I thought of that! Autumn wrote that this place was safe. If I'm right, there will be food.” Adrian didn't reply, but instead started pedaling towards the forest. Jazzy started right after him, feeling the wind blow through her hair.

    After about five minutes, she decided to break the ice. “So, how did you get rid of Amanda?”

    Adrian kept his eyes on the road and shrugged with difficulty. “I told her that ‘I'm leaving,’ and she said not to be out too late. She couldn't care less about us...”

    None of this information surprised Jazzy at all. What would the authorities would say once they saw that two of Amanda’s children went missing? She didn’t really care, now that she thought about it. Amanda deserves what she gets. She barely even looked fazed when it came to Autumn’s departure. If anything, they’ll be much better off in this magical ‘Dream World.’

    They rode into the forest, thousands of autumn leaves crunching under their weight. After a couple minutes of dodging trees and foliage, they slowed down.

    “What does the note say again?” asked Jazzy when they set their bicycles on the ground. The orange canopy above blocked out the moonlight, so Adrian shined a flashlight onto the note. He read it aloud:

    “‘Step one: Ride into the forest from the south-east entrance (Near the Pokemon Center)’ which we already did. ‘Step two: Continue straight until you see a natural lake (should be hidden under leaves).’ So maybe we should walk now. It can’t be too far away…”

    As they started walking, thoughts occurred in Jazzy’s mind. “Why would we need to go to the lake?”

    “Step three says to jump into the lake. I really don’t know what kind of world this is, but it had better be worth it…”

    Jump into the lake? It was the middle of October, how can Autumn expect them to just wade into a dirty lake in the brisk cold? Jazzy pulled her black jacket tighter around her body. Please let this be worth it…

    The rest of the trek was silent except for the rustle of Pokemon that were curiously looking down upon them. She never noticed before, but the forest was actually quite beautiful. The moonlight glittering through the orange and yellow foliage cast magnificent shadows that danced through the trees.

    Jazzy took a deep breath and breathed in the scents in the air. Pine and a faint scent of wood smoke filled her body. She smiled in the darkness. This wood was gorgeous, but, no matter how many times she went in here with Autumn, she never learned to appreciate the scenery and natural beauty that the forest offered. With so many pressures of everyday life, people forget that there is beauty and wonders all around them.

    “Hey, Jazzy, I think I found something!” called Adrian. Not realizing that he had wandered off, Jazzy followed the sound of his voice. He was kneeling in the dirt, looking extremely puzzled. She sat next to him and swept the leaves away, which revealed navy water that was reflecting everything in the moonlight. She felt just as confused as he did.

    “S-So, we have to jump into this thing?” she asked apprehensively, “Where would it take us?”

    Silence filled the area between the two as Adrian slowly swung one foot into the lake and the other afterwards.

    “Whoa… This isn’t like any other water. W-We’ll find out I guess!” said Adrian as he cast one last glance at Jazzy, with the same glint of sheer excitement in his blue eyes as earlier that day. Without warning, Adrian splashed into the water and engulfed himself under the leaves that swept away.

    Expecting him to come back up, she waited by the bank. He even went under with his backpack and everything! Adrian was a really smart guy, but not all the time.

    Thirty seconds have passed; forty five seconds; one and a half minutes. Adrian wasn’t going to come back up. Jazzy started to panic. Where did he go? Did he drown? Is he really at the Dream World…?

    “Adrian,” she asked with a whimper in her voice. “ADRIAN!”

    Her voice echoed across the forest. She knew that nobody would answer. A chill spread through her body, causing her to shudder.

    Defeated and scared, Jazzy sunk her body into the pool just as Adrian had done. The cold water hugged her entire body, causing her to almost squeal in distaste. She hated being cold, and this was just another reason why. The cold air feels like it sucks the very energy from your body.

    "Here we go..." whispered Jazzy as she reluctantly sunk her head beneath the water. All sound was muffled except from the gurgle of the lake.

    Nothing happened at first, which made Jazzy feel stupid for actually trying it. An odd humming sound cut through the water. A fist seemed to tighten its grip on her ribs, which caused her to cough out any air bubbles she stored in her lungs. Thinking thoughts about drowning, she took a deep breath through her mouth. Warm, muggy air filled her body, very unlike the algae-infested water she expected.

    Adrian was right; it didn't feel like she was in water at all. Her body felt rigid and slow, like she was cast in gelatin. A sudden CRACK burst her eardrums. Her body felt like it was suddenly tossed on the ground.

    It took a while for Jazzy to arouse. Her body was shaking uncontrollably as she slowly sat up and hugged her knees to her chest. Her clothes were dry as bone. She refused to open her chocolate eyes. It was one of the worst experiences of her life. She felt like crying and screaming at the same time.

    A deep voice shattered Jazzy's thoughts. "Get up."

    Jazzy opened her eyes and saw nothing. She craned her neck towards the voice and saw that she was sitting in a forest clearing. The green trees were swaying, despite the lack of wind. The sun was peeking over the treetops, illuminating the sky a faint orange color. The scene would be quite beautiful, if it wasn't for the tall shadowy figure before her.

    If Jazzy wasn't already sitting, she would've collapsed by now. His only distinguishable feature were his eyes, which were an unforgiving icy blue. He wore a black cloak and a tattered, blood-red scarf, even though it was fairly warm. The figure's hair was white as a sheet, which described the color of Jazzy's face right then.

    "I-I can't... Who are you?" Jazzy managed to ask, her arms stiff from hugging her knees.

    "Yes you can, now get up! Humans aren't allowed here anymore, so you have to come with me. I already took your little boyfriend," the figure taunted. Jazzy shakily stood up with her knees wobbling, and she looked the figure straight in the eye.

    "He's just a friend, and... We're here to see Autumn."

    The figure looked surprised, but instead of yelling, much to Jazzy's delight, he turned and gestured her to follow him.

    "I am sorry, but we have to be stern with Humans. Welcome to the Dream World, Jazzy."

    They finally made it to the Dream World.

    "How do you know my name?" she asked as they navigated through the waving forest.

    "I am Darkrai, the living nightmare. Whenever you have a bad dream, it means that I am near. I know every single one of you. Now, pull yourself together. It is time for your Hearing, dark child of mine. You do not want to be shaking when you address the other Legendary Pokemon."
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    Chapter 3: Introductions and Hearings


    It seemed like Autumn was worried for nothing. Just like Meloetta had assured, nobody protested to her being there; she almost cried because she was so grateful. The Dream World was her real home now and Autumn was elated. All was well, until the signal was made.

    Whenever a gathering, Hearing, or an announcement needed to be made, Jirachi, the Dream World's other co-leader, sends up a scarlet star for all to see. After five seconds it explodes into a waterfall of sparks, which tells everybody to gather.

    Autumn's mind was fuzzy as she awoke from a sound sleep. A crack rattled her mind as she looked out the window to see bright red sparks showering the morning sky. What was happening at this time of day? Groggy and slightly disoriented, she pulled on a sweater to fight the morning chill, and trudged outside.

    All the other Prodigies were in the same boat as Autumn; some were trying to run combs through their bed head; others were groaning and stretching; most, however, were walking towards the Plaza with a bewildered expression on their faces. She decided to follow everyone else and tend to her thoughts.

    Did an attack happen? Did a portal collapse? No, if an attack was happening Jirachi would send up a black star... Or was it yellow? Autumn's mind was foggy enough, and she didn't need any extra things to think about. The only sound on the trail towards the Plaza was the quiet murmuring of the curious teens.

    There were no adults in the Dream World. Kids and teens have more brain capacity to actually grasp the magic of this place; if an adult came here, they would over think everything and refuse to accept that this was real. Believing is another reason that adults long for their childhood.

    "Hey, Autumn!"

    She stopped in her tracks and turned around to the sound of who was calling. Running to keep up, a tall boy was pulling on his jacket in haste. Once he caught up, she smiled.

    "Hi, Nathan; what do you think the signal is for?" she asked her friend as they started walking together. Nathan Smith was a nice guy that was the first human to actually welcome Autumn to the Dream World. He was a clumsy boy with dark shaggy hair and olive skin. He was really the only friend she had there.

    "I don’t know... Maybe an Outsider came?" Nathan suggested, setting off millions of bells in her head.

    Outsiders. After a moment of contemplation, realization stopped her in her tracks.

    "Jazzy..." whispered Autumn as she stared at the waving trees.


    Autumn knew it would happen soon, but she never expected her to come as quick as this. There was no doubt about it; they were all walking towards Jazzy's Hearing.

    "Oh no... Oh no, oh no, oh no!" she muttered frantically, ignoring Nathan's confusion. Autumn suddenly burst into a jog; then a run; she had to explain things. The Council would understand, right?

    She quickened her pace.

    Jazzy was probably terrified right now. Having all this information thrown at you was bound to through her off balance. Which Legendary found her? Is she okay? Are they going to rule in her favor to stay...?

    Autumn continued to run even though she ditched the crowd a long time ago. The colorful Plaza was coming into view; all of the Legendaries were surrounding the Plaza's flowery arch, expecting to address a crowd. Floating in the air above Darkrai were two dark forms, one with long blonde hair...

    "No! She doesn't mean any harm!" yelled Autumn as she studied their floating bodies. Jazzy was getting clearer now; her body was bound tightly with what looked like shadows. Her eyes were closed and her face was white as snow. She didn't have her glasses, which Autumn was curious as to where they went. Next to her was... Adrian.

    She brought Adrian here too? Why would she do that? They hate each other, so why did they both come...?

    "Oh, we know. Except the blonde one started hyperventilating, so we had to restrict her," said Jirachi. She was in her Human Form; actually, they were all in their Human Forms. It probably would make Jazzy and Adrain feel more comfortable, but in a way it was freakier.

    Jirachi was about five feet tall, and she had blue tear-like markings under her crystal eyes. Her hair was a violent yellow, and in pigtails that went down to her shins. She stroked one of the three, dark blue ribbons in her hair with distaste. Even though Jirachi looked like a child, she was basically the main leader of the Dream World.

    "But still, could you at least take them down? It's my fault that they're here... I kind of asked them to come," Autumn admitted with a struggle. Jirachi didn't look surprised.

    "Darkrai told us." The Nightmare Pokemon nodded his head, which his scarf slightly obscured.

    "Well they're only bound, they can like still talk. The blondie is just passed out," Meloetta piped up, while staring at the two forms in the sky like a zoo exhibit.

    The other Legendaries nodded, but some just stared at the Humans in the sky. Suddenly, Jirachi raised her arm and shot a blue star into the dawn sky. It shined and then exploded with a sound like no other. The signal meant that this was a private matter; only Autumn was involved with this.

    "So, shall we go to the Council Square?" Meloetta suggested as they all got up and walked towards the middle of the flowery Plaza. Whenever a Hearing was going to happen, Jirachi conjured up stands for the Legendary Council to sit in. As they all settled into their seats, Jazzy and Adrian were floated to the ground, looking like limp ragdolls.

    "Alright everyone; we are now having the Hearing of these two Outsiders, Jasmine Reed and Adrian Jefferson. Autumn Mosley," Jirachi gestured to Autumn, "Has invited these two here, so we have reason to believe that they are trustworthy; any opposite opinions?"

    A couple Legendaries raised their hands; Mew, Cobalion, Virizion, and Terrakion to be exact.

    "We aren't lying! We are trustworthy! We risked everything to come here, seriously!" yelled Adrian hastily. His voice was hoarse, but it was still his. Jazzy was still unconscious.

    Virizion stood up, swept off her green cape, and narrowed her magenta eyes at Adrian. She had a fencing sword sheathed in her belt and green knee-high boots. Virizion looked both menacing and beautiful at the same time.

    Her voice was strong and cold, "Humans lie. Now that you two have seen the Dream World, our safe haven, you could go running back to the petty little reality that you came from and tell everybody. Just because Autumn trusts you, doesn't mean that we should. Wake up the blonde one by the way, she's drooling." Virizion sat down proudly as Manaphy splashed water in Jazzy's face. Jazzy shook her head vigorously as she saw the Council before her, and her eyes widened in shock.

    "But, could you guys at least explain why this world is here? What's the purpose of this place?" Adrian asked.

    Just as Jirachi opened her mouth, Autumn cut in. "M-may I explain things about this world? It might make more sense if I tell them..."

    When Jirachi nodded, Autumn strode in front of her tied up friends and smiled at them. Jazzy opened her mouth when she saw her, but no sound came out. She looked at the ground instead. Adrian looked Autumn straight in the eye, but then he broke the gaze and refused to look at her again. She felt slightly hurt, but she started the explanation she practiced anyway:

    "This is the mythical Dream World. Now, this world has always been here. Pokemon and young children can visit here while they sleep, hence the 'Dream World'. Now, a great woman named Fennel used electromagnetism and Dream Mist (from the Pokemon called Musharna), to create portals to the Dream World so that we could visit when we're awake.

    "The reason why I came here is because I want to find my Potential." Jazzy looked at Autumn with a questioning look. "Okay, well you two know about the human evolutionary chain, right? Like, how we evolved from apes?"

    Adrian nodded blankly. "Well, Fennel discovered that we didn't evolve from apes, we actually evolved from Pokemon. Basically, humans have types — just like Pokemon — that are actually dormant inside of us; that is called your Potential. With the help of the Legendary Council," she graciously gestured to the Pokemon behind her, "They can unlock our Potential and actually train us to fight with it, just like Pokemon do."

    As Autumn paused to let the information sink in, Jazzy found her voice. "Why would you want to battle...?"

    "Wars in the real world wouldn't be waged with guns, there wouldn't be as many massacres, it's really cool, etc., etc. Out of the eighteen types that are discovered, there is one certain type that is your Potential. So, I want to find mine."

    She gave them some silence to think about what she just explained. If it was possible, Jazzy might have even gotten paler.

    "This place is also, as Virizion stated, a safe haven for the Legendary Pokemon. The Dream World is free from Trainers, poachers, or photographers, so they chill out here and train Humans like us. That is also why the Legendary Pokemon are so elusive to capture. Understand?"

    They said nothing; she took that as a yes. "They're all yours," said Autumn as she went back to her spot behind the two.

    "Thanks much, Autumn. Now, Darkrai, release them," commanded Meloetta as Darkrai reluctantly waved his arm. The shadows that restricted them faded into the sunlight. Adrian landed on his feet and caught Jazzy when she stumbled. After a millisecond of their contact, Jazzy quickly blushed and stood up by herself.

    "So, do you two want to take guesses as to what our names are? I assure you that they've taught you all about us in school."

    Adrian straightened and counted out every single Legendary there, in the order they were sitting.

    "Darkrai, Shaymin, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Meloetta, Jirachi, Celebi, Mew, Manaphy, and Phione; did I get them right?"

    Autumn was shocked that Adrian guessed so quickly, even though everybody was in their Human Forms.

    A twenty-something girl with fading green and white pixie cut hair stood up and smiled at Adrian. "I like this one... Nice to meet you two, I am Celebi. You are a smart boy, aren't you, Adrian?"

    He blushed slightly, but shrugged either way. Celebi smirked to herself. "Modest too..."

    Autumn rolled her eyes and Jazzy did the same. Adrian was very cocky, just not around strangers. Celebi probably already knew this, being the Time-Travel Legendary.

    "I can see that these kids do not mean any harm. They only came to find Autumn, am I correct?"

    The two nodded, and Celebi gave a sweet smile. She sat down without another word. Jirachi finally spoke again:

    "So, please raise your hand if you still think that these Outsiders are untrustworthy."

    Thankfully, everyone's hands were left down. Mew was looking judgmentally towards Jazzy; Virizion sat with her arms crossed and an unreadable expression on her face.

    "Well, that makes things easier!" Jirachi exclaimed happily. "Now, like tradition, everybody introduce yourselves to the Outsiders."

    All of the Legendaries looked towards Darkrai hopefully, who grimaced and stood up reluctantly, his bloody scarf thrown over his shoulder.

    "You two already know me... I’m the one that gives you nightmares…" With that, he sat down and Shaymin, a ten year old boy with green hair, white cargo pants, and a red bandanna tied around his neck, bounded up.

    "I'm Shaymin, nice too meet 'ya!"

    Articuno almost had to restrict Shaymin to get him back into his seat. About to throw a tantrum, he sat down with his legs crisscrossed angrily.

    Articuno, a seventeen-looking girl with graying skin and sleek icy hair, stood up with a hand on a finicky-Shaymin's shoulder. "Phew... I-I'm Articuno; um, hi. T-these are my younger siblings," said Articuno as she adjusted her icicle headband and gestured to the two teens sitting next to her. Unlike Articuno's shy and sweet appearance, her siblings looked very intimidating.

    Moltres, her teen brother, looked like he was missing the most important event in the world. He had a scowl on his face as he reluctantly stood up and waved halfheartedly, his orange eyes obviously somewhere else.

    "Moltres..." he muttered. His hair was long, tousled, and the color of a blazing hearth. He looked very out of place in his red and black biker clothing, more suited for a concert stage.

    He along with his older sister sat down as their youngest sibling, Zapdos, stood up with her back as straight as an arrow.

    "My name is Zapdos. Pleased to meet you two," said Zapdos politely as she sat down, still with her perfect posture. She was quite beautiful, with a thin face and golden eyes. She wore a sunflower-colored dress that flared out at the ends, as if hit by lightning. Her blonde hair was naturally crimped, which cascaded down her back. Everybody in the trio was very different, and it was quite hard to imagine them fighting and interacting like real siblings.

    Then it came to the Musketeer Trio's introductions; a tall, blue-haired man in a cerulean caped outfit stood and tipped his feathered hat. His strong eyes were the color of molten bronze, the exact same color of the feather that peaked off of his head.

    "I am Cobalion; I welcome you to the Dream World," said the Pokemon proudly as he looked expectantly to the burly looking man beside him.

    Terrakion, Cobalion's brother, was both taller and more muscular than his sibling. The brothers basically wore the same outfit, except his was a steely brown color. His face was grizzled and had crinkles in the corners of his orange eyes, which gave a hint that he used to smile often; it didn't show.

    "My name is Terrakion. I hope you two enjoy your stay here," said Terrakion with a warm smile. They both sat down, which left Virizion.

    Standing up almost gracefully, Virizion took off her hat and ran her fingers through her pale grass-colored hair. "You people know me by now." Virizion was always a stern Pokemon. Frankly, Autumn was actually afraid to confront her about anything. Her magenta eyes were like daggers whenever somebody crossed her. Virizion was probably very calm and nice on the inside, but her first impression is very rocky.

    Autumn let her hazel eyes drift shut as the sunlight drifted through the trees and danced across her face. It was mid-morning by now, and the temperature warmed up significantly. Autumn had to resist yawning, but she did anyway. She already knew every one of the council members, so these introductions were word vomit.

    Her mind was still weary from the early awakening. The sunlight warmed her cheeks and she could hear a faint Pidove singing his song. It was all so peaceful... The world faded away all around her...

    Everything was hazy except for the onyx colored sky. Autumn was floating two feet from the grass, her body weightless. She had no idea where she was or what she was doing there, but she was very calm about it.

    Where was this place? Curious, she decided to wander through the fog. Suddenly, her body felt like ropes were coiling around each muscle. Autumn was immobilized, but she merely laughed; how could she not expect this?

    Suddenly, a disembodied voice whispered in her ear. She was not surprised nor scared, but instead irritated that the voice was talking to her.

    "Auuuuutumn... Are you afraid of me?" the cold voice asked as an icy finger stroked her spine. She knew that nobody was near. The voice was only taunting her.

    Her voice was dry and chalky. "There's no reason for me to be."

    It took a while for the disembodied whisper to return. Autumn waited patiently for the reply as she floated in the fog, her arms prickling.

    "This is why... Your bravery is admirable..." the icy voice thought out loud. "Auuuuuutumn... I can see your lifespan..."

    She knew where this was heading. The voice suddenly turned fierce.

    "I can tell you anything you want to know! Like... Your future spouse, your Potential, your destiny..."

    Autumn was curious; who — more specifically, what — was this voice? How did it know so much about her?

    "Oh Autumn, I'm a friend of yours actually. Who do you know that can see the future?" the voice mused in her ear. The voice sounded neither male nor female. Autumn's mind went blank as she thought about who this was. Her mind was actually getting hazy; it was hard for her to process things.

    "I... I d-don't want to know anything!" yelled Autumn, although she wasn't sure if she was lying or not. The voice said it was her friend. The offer seemed very tempting, but Autumn knew that she had to resist. How trustworthy could this thing be?

    Her arms were numb now.

    "I can read your thoughts Auuuutumn. How about this: I tell you one important thing about your life, free of charge! Would you like that, my little leaf?"

    Autumn closed her eyes and hung her head loose. She was suddenly very tired and she, just like her limbs, were about to fall asleep. Giving in to the voice, she nodded her head twice. What was there to lose?

    If the voice had a body to speak through, it would be smiling maniacally. The voice laughed softly.

    "I cannot keep you here much longer; your life force is dimming... Auuuutumn, you are the Chosen One whose power can surpass those of the Legendaries. You are the only one who can... Well, I'll leave that for you to find out."

    Autumn only processed a few of those words. What was the Chosen One? It sounded quite special. Wait, why was Autumn special? She was just an ordinary girl and she was hardly a 'Chosen One.' Her mind suddenly went blank. Every thought, worry, memory, everything was erased from her mind.

    "You die if you stay here too long... I will send you back now... Remember what I said, my little leaf. I will be waaaaatching you..." the voice trailed off until Autumn's body was unbinded. She was falling now, falling, falling, falling into nothingness...

    Welp that was Chapter 3; I had so much trouble with this chapter, I didn't know how to describe everyone on the council which actually flowed, every time I tried it just looked so jumbled up... So, this chapter was very worrying for me. Reviews are appreciated, I’m sure that I need them. Any questions about The Dream World you might have will probably be answered in future chapters.
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