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The Dreams thread

Royal Arcanine

Well-Known Member
About a year ago I had a dream where I was suddenly in this beautiful garden. Colorful flowers everywhere, some I've never seen before. And in the middle was a statue of Buddah. And every time I moved its eyes would follow literally and I felt like he was trying to tell me something or was but then that's all i remember.

Blackjack the Titan

It’s been a while
Thursday night I dreamed of dancing in the P.R.A. mv. I'm hoping I'm not the only one (I really shouldn't be.


peepee ding dong
Oh god, why did you tell us that!? I've cut up various animals (it's all good, I'm doing a biology degree and it was for uni, not cruelty), and I used to work in a vet. I looked up that surgery, and the images were horrible!

Really? All they do is open a hole in your ear drum and put in a pipe that's like 1mm long. I don't think you looked up the right surgery.


Well-Known Member
Really? All they do is open a hole in your ear drum and put in a pipe that's like 1mm long. I don't think you looked up the right surgery.

I'm pretty sure I did. It wasn't the surgery itself, it was the images of the eardrum after it that weren't nice. It was all blue and bruised looking, and just generally was not in good shape. Looked quite painful TBH.


I had a dream that I was going to some school and I was late and I didn't know which building to go to. This was some random school I've never seen in my life. And there were a load of hills everywhere.
The only funny thing about it was that I actually did end up being late to school this morning. )':


Emperor of Imperium
I was in Somalia, guns shooting everywhere. I was carrying an AK-47 with me, but it had no bullets for some reason. Also, I didn't get shot at all, even though I made no effort to dodge the bullets, etc.

Then I saw this old man who was gonna shoot me with an RPG. I KNEW it wouldn't touch me, but I instinctively punched the old guy in the jaw and then he fainted.

It kinda got blurry at this part, but I do remember riding an Army Jeep to some kind of European Castle....I know...wtf?

Then I woke up. I gotta stop reading, playing, watching things about war and violence xD


there is something wrong in my dreams,ALL of them i go in slow-motian and everything else is normal

i had a weird but cool dream of me in a casino with a cool orb pet that could make floor appear and dissappear randomly and make zero-gravity i eventully fell into an endless hole.......

i remember it perfectly from 2 years ago

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
I've had T-tube surgery (ears) 4 times in my life. All 4 of these times they put me under anesthetics because I'm a pussy. All 4 of these times I dream of random things and people floating through a cosmic, rainbow-colored space.

Oh, is that what it's called? I've had that before, but half the time you did.
(They put me under both times, which I think they have to anyway.) Wow, you must have awful ears, sorry about that. The last time I had the surgery, I just happened to stick my pinky into my ear and pulled out the tube and all this earwax (because they fall out anyway). I was going to show it to Dad when he got home from work, but I lost it xD.

But I can't believe you remember your... sedative dreams.

An example is one where I fell in love with a carrot, but this carrot was killing people so I had to eat it....there's more to the story but it to strange...


Is anyone else incapable of dying in his/her dreams?

I think the closest to dying I had was when I dreamed I crashed through a glass window at my school (because I was rollerblading) and pulled out this loooooong shard of glass from my arm. I shortly woke up after that and that same arm was really numb. And I think I was "eaten" a couple of times, but a new dream always showed up immediately afterward.

Anyway, I can't remember a lot of my dreams lately... which sucks. All I know is they are really weird.

The most vivid one I can think of that was recent was... part of a dream, but it was a horrific scene. We were pretty much watching a video that had this family of monkeys. Well, they were passing a swamp or something, and one of the babies fell off its mom and landed in the water. It happened to get stuck in the skeleton of a human, and it was screeching for its mother to come get it. She never turned around, and so it slowly sunk into the water and drowned. You saw the drowning and everything it was... oh, gosh...

It didn't help that days later I would end up reading a Higurashi manga that involved the grandmother drowning puppies in the bathtub in gruesome detail.

I've also had a couple of dreams about the Nostalgia Critic, but heaven forbid I remember any of them.


when i have scary freams aka nightmares in the dream i always seem to say"aha i have a power WAKE UP!!!!!!"
its really odd my dreams believe me


Oh, u mad bro?
A lot of my dreams involve girls. I guess they are trying to tell me something.

Although, a lot of times I have superpowers as well. So that's open for interpretation too.


Elite Beat Agent
I always force myself to wake up before I die.

This. One of my most memorable dreams is from when I was little and used to walk to school because my house was pretty close. I was walking down the sidewalk and had arrived at the school when I look up, and there's a flaming car in the sky that is falling directly towards me. It comes within an inch of me... and I wake up. Also, Deathseer, and PKMN Trainer Rex, what are those dreams usually about?