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The Drifting Snorunt (584)


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Froslass in a Blizzard!?

Heading towards Snowpoint City, Ash & Co. get attacked by a wild Froslass whom takes Piplup hostage, and also takes Meowth from Team Rocket. Ash & Co. and Team Rocket both start to hunt down Froslass to retrieve their friends and learn that Froslass is just looking for its child Snorunt and needs help. Ash & Co. all go to help find Snorunt but find another trainer hunting for it. Can Ash & co. return Snorunt to his mother?

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burning it down
Looks like a good episode. Nice to see Froslass, she looks really great in the animé. Nice to see a Snorunt again, might've brought back nostalgia for Ash.

Almighty Zard

He has returned.
Looks like a good episode. Nice to see Froslass, she looks really great in the animé. Nice to see a Snorunt again, might've brought back nostalgia for Ash.

from what i understand from bulbagarden the episode was dull and not very eventful.

heh, i knew they would tease us with Chimchar again, they love doing that these days.


Contaminated KFC
I thought the begining of the episode started out to be quite promising, but then it all sort of devolved into a 'fight the violent hocky player' thing that just seemed to be all over the place.

I know they were trying to make it all a wee bit more dramatic by having the heroes against the ropes while the ickle Snorunty-wunty was twapped in the cagey-wagey, but that was just over the top. 4 pokémon attack it and it's still able to keep firing Hyper Beams like an undefeatable madman? I'd have been ok with that if had plump poacher-type person used some dirty underhanded tricks to get the upperhand (how's that for an oxymoron?), but it was all just mindless beam firing.
And then all it took for it to go down was a Shadow Ball from Froslass? Makes the entire plot seem somewhat pointless when the pokémon that asked for help in the first place basically takes down the villain in one shot.

Oh lord. It sounds like I'm...taking the show...seriously.
Do I ever hate you guys right now.


Grass/Water Lover
It looks realy awesome *_* I realy want to watch it , but I don't know a site to download Japanese Pokemon episodes with English subs =-=


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Sorry Gravy,I know you had a little bit of hope for this episode but I have to say that the of Froslass was rather...uneventful and boring. Which is really a shame for such an interesting Pokémon.

They gave Mismagius a decent debut by giving it a mischievous personality yet, another great new ghost-type is a uninteresting "mother" ( I guess) who just wants her yukiwarashi back...meh. It was hardly in this episode at all anyway, the beginning was a funny set up but the facade broke away way too early :/

The episode had only one thing: a seemingly endless battle against a way too strong Glalie ( seriously, Hiko, the bunny, Masukippa, Megayanma AND Froslass had a hard time to beat it? Max EV training or bland plot device?)

I really hope that Candice will use her Platinum team so Froslass can get redemption for this lame filler...Takeda didn´t help either...
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Sinnoh Master
Chimchar needs to evolve immediatly, he had no chance to beat Glalie without helping from Froslass. when he got a lot of hits, I though he is going to evolve but I was wrong.

funny to see Chimchar uses Dig in Ice field.

anyway, I liked the episode.


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I personally hated the battle between Glalie vs Chimchar. I mean here we have Ash use Chimchar effectively and the thing still wouldn't go down.

I know Glalie's stats are better than Chimchar's (All 80's compared to high of 63) but all its gym training Chimchar received practically went down the drain in this battle. It's battles like this that make me think a certain Pokemon has no chance whatsoever beating a certain trainer. Imagine what he'd say to Chimchar if he was in this episode.


Thank you, SPPf! :)
Last week's "voice" gimmick went over fairly well, so I'm gonna milk this thing again. Before you know it, I'll have killed that horse, beaten it, tarred and feathered it, and then sold it to McDonald's HQ for their McNugget filler.

*Ahem* This is Bono. Of U2. In addition to reviewing this episode, I'm also here to promote our new album - No Line on the Horizon - which is released next week. I know the lead single is horrible, but the rest of the album is much better. Trust me. Anyways, this episode is about Froslass. And a blizzard. And Takeda. Are you also Irish, Takeda? Because only a chronic drunk could animate things as sloppily as you. Ready? Uno, dos, tres, CATORCE!

Yukimenoko's arms stem from its head; I wonder if it has ears on its shoulders. Those are the types of freaky mutations I see on my many charity trips to Africa, and why we need awareness elevation of "Head-Arm Syndrome". Alas, that Froslass is a foul temptress who moves in mysterious ways and appears to numb travelers at a place called vertigo. She makes an illusion cottage appear out of nowhere, which is even better than the real thing. But the truth is unveiled, as Pochama is encased in ice so that Froslass can forever hold it, thrill it, kiss it, and kill it.

The gang is essentially blackmailed into finding a Snorunt - the Froslass line's original of the species - as Piplup is stuck in a moment it can't get out of. Muku.MOFO finds Snorunt and reports back in the name of love. Suddenly, a Glalie emerges from the unforgettable fire (Ash: "Wow! A Glalie! I wish I had one!"). Some jerk in a snowmobile drives up, his desire burning. "What up, fools? They call me Filler Dude. I come from where the streets have no name. Snowpoint City, or the City of Blinding Lights, or whatever." And Carnivine actually uses that one new vine attack!

This is, of course, where viewers think having Chimchar evolve here would be the sweetest thing, especially since past evolutions happen when a Pokemon is getting slaughtered but won't give up in that moment of surrender. Unfortunately for those hopeless hopefuls, Froslass happens to stumble upon what is becoming a Sunday, bloody Sunday, and interferes. It's a beautiful day, sky falls on Chimchar. And so Snorunt is rescued and TR falls into a snowball and rolls off a ledge, just like in Yoshi's Island. Yes, I played Yoshi's Island. I'm Bono. I do everything.
(18 U2 references in last 3 paragraphs. Gotta find 'em all!)

While Bono likes episodes that have the main trio and TR team up, he feels Froslass deserved better. Heck, she was absent the entire middle of the episode and was animated awkwardly. If I was in an episode, you'd better believe that I'd be on-camera at all times and animated sexily! I'd also like to see Candice have one, even if Abomasnow would take precedence. Bono out.

Korobooshi Kojiro

I liked the part of this episode where Glalie beat up stuff.

Oh Gravy, I noticed your question on BMG earlier about Mimirol's voice. I believe her VA did go on pregnancy leave.
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uber gon

Accept Change
You'd think the Dawn Stone would be referenced here, but NO.


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quite dissapointing this episode went like this
chimchar loses in a boring battle
froslass beats glalie instead
froslass is boring
chimchar went bad
no refrences to dawn stone or ash's glalie
and i had high hopes for this ep...sigh


Too old for your rubbish..
I doubt he would stand there thinking about his own Glalie while getting attacked by a crazy one.

Poacher: Glalie! Hyper Beam!
*Everyone runs for their lives except Ash*
Ash: Oh yes, I remember my Glalie. What an amazing Pokemon. Maybe one day I can teach it Hyper Beam.


-Ah, the frozen tundra! Just in time for all the snow and ice to start melting in the real world! (unless you're in that other hemisphere, you freak)
-Team Rocket is lost and will probably die a cold death since they have no winter clothes. Oh well, they had a good run while they lasted. :(
-A random ghostly Pokemon is beckoning? That's a sign that it's either luring you into the bowels of hell or off a cliff. DON'T DO IT, TR!
-AshnCo are wearing highly sensible snow gear, what with their winter coats and scarves and heavier pants and snow boots and mittern and winter hats and...oh, wait, no, they're just wearing ponchos over their usual clothes. Maybe they like hypothermia. And Dawn is BLATENTLY carrying Piplup around for no reason! Seriously, just look at it. It's being carried in her arms like Pikachu is in Ash's arms for NO GODDAMN REASON. Maybe she's hoping the tiny amount of body heat it provides will stave off the hypothermia just a little bit longer. (and the censors wouldn't allow her to hold it in front of where she needs extra heat the most)
-And now Dawn has Buneary out too. PUT ON SOME PANTS IF YOU'RE THAT COLD. Seriously, do it. Now.
-Ash wisely has his fire monkey start a fire so they can get some warmth...instead of, you know, putting on some weather-appropriate garb.
-And some snow conveniently puts out the fire. Well, the monkey already has a flaming butt, I'm sure that'll do for now.
-How did Ash know what Froslass was without looking at his Pokedex? Or did I just mishear what he said?
-And AshnCo is about to be lead to the bowels of hell/over a cliff too.
-Or into a house that appears out of nowhere. I'm guessing that's where the gateway to hell is located.
-The gang sees nothing wrong with a house appearing from the ether.
-FIRE! I KNEW THEY WOULD END UP IN HELL...oh wait, Froslass is just cooking for them. I guess this thing is the Housewife Pokemon.
-A hot bath too? Maybe it's going to drown them and CAST THEIR SOULS TO HELL?
-Piplup volunteers to be the first to join Satan's Army, and...becomes encased in ice?
-And the house is vanishing! And AshnCo was eating some sort of ice dish! Apparently Froslass lead them to one of the icy circles of hell. (there really are circles of hell with lots of ice. Just ask Dante.)
-Dawn? Is something stopping you from recalling Piplup to its Pokeball instead of keeping it encased in ice as it goes towards a sad, freezing, death?
-So Froslass is forcing people to look for a Snorunt under threat of killing hostages? Awesome!
-Is this going to be another Pokemon that goes "I CAN'T TRUST HUMANS" until AshnCo does something heroic that makes it change its mind and save their asses at the last minute? Probably.
-And TR finds the Snorunt first. But MukuBIRD sees it shortly afterwards! DRAMA!
-Naturally, AshnCo and TR crash into each other and get ready to argue.
-Demon hockey mask appears!
-Demon hockey mash spirits Snorunt away to do terrible things to it!
-Why does Mr. Poacher want a Snorunt so bad? Who knows!
-Fighting, fighting, fighting.
-Momma's found her baby in a cage...and she's not happy. But for now she just watches since there are so many scaaaary humans over there.
-Cue montage of Chimchar failing at fighting as Froslass realizes that some humans actually care about the welfare of Pokemon.
-And after a mini-speech by Ash, Froslass jumps into the fray. Called it.
-Mandatory heartwarming reuniting scene of mother and child:Check.
-And AshnCo leave the pocher locked in a cage out in the frozen wilderness. EVERYBODY loves hypothermia, so they're just sharing the love.
-Blah blah adorable ending scenes blah. Have I mentioned how much I love it when the writers use Meowth as a translator? I guess it's because it's really the only way they go HEY MEOWTH CAN DOES SOMETHING BASICALLY UNIQUE TO HIM AND A FEW TELEPATHIC LEGENDARIES anymore.
-Wait, the snow's melting already? I DEMAND A FINE!