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The Drifting Snorunt (584)


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I liked it when Dawn was imitating Meowth.

I did too.

dont be a webo pokemon have multi cultural city,houses and stuff since the begining.

Liking the Japanese culture does not mean he/she is trying to be Japanese. Besides, I'm sure they wanted it to look Japanese to fit Froslass. Froslass looks extremely Japanese

I really liked today's epsiode! Some folks may call it a filler, but I was quite content with it, except one scene which I'm going to mention later.

So do I! To be honest, this Twerp-Team Rocket-cooperation accounted for the episode being especially good and entertaining!

7 out of 10 points

Same. Team Rocket-Ash's group cooperating is always good.

The battle:

Wow...the villains really are overpowered. And I thought Saturn, Mars, and J's pokemon were powerful. It took 5 pokemon to defeat this Glalie. Carnivine, Yanmega, Chimchar, Buneary, and Froslass.

One thing I never understood, if these villains are so strong why don't they enter leagues? If the rest of their pokemon are this strong they should have no trouble winning. It's almost to Elite 4 standards.
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thunderblade12 i think u meant it took 5 pokemon to defeat glalie. that glalie was so tough. Ash's glalie looks weak and nice compared to that 1! Ash should have used pikachu with its iron tail to help.

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This episode was good. Cool to see a Froslass. Also like to see one of my favorite ice types make a return, although Leer was a random move. Team Rocket blasting off was one of the funniest I seen in a long time.
Quite a good episode. ^^
Since I have nothing to do, I'm just going to list a few points- things I notice, things that are funny, things I like / hate etc.

-Ah, another good ol' truce with Team Rocket.
-Seeing Froslass cooking for Ash and co in the cabin made me giggle. No idea why.
-That poacher has one hell of a Glalie. Even though he was outnumbered 4 to 1, he still won.
-The battle between the poacher and Ash started off good, but got extremely boring and repetitive. It was all, "Chimchar! Dig, flame wheel!" and "Glalie! Protect, Gyro ball!" for just about the whole battle. No strategy.
-I don't believe Ash and co. actually passed on Meowth's message. I thought Meowth was just saying it as a pun.
-Dawn said twerps the same way Meowth does. xD
-I dunno about anyone else, but doesn't it seem a little suspicious that a cabin pops out of nowhere behind Froslass?
-Pikachu did not do a single thing in this episode.
-Seeing this episode reminds me of Ash's Glalie. I miss Glalie.
-I like the music in this episode ^^ Especially at the beginning of the battle with the poacher, and at the end where they farewell Froslass.
-Team Rocket's exit in this episode was great. xD


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I find this episode a strange one.

Nice to see Froslass but her character was a bit too... meh.

The Rocket-Ash group was actually nice to see. It makes things more exciting.

That poachers Glalie seems to be overpowered, seriously. Rocket-Ash group should had easily defeated them in seconds. Disappointing.

Also, I guess Hyperbeam recharge count doesn't apply anymore in the episodes.

Still, the failed attempt in stealing Pikachu was just a 'lol' moment which made things a bit more entertaining.

I give it a 6.5/10.


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Hm, episode was nothing special. I don't really like Froslass and I already became sick of Dawn's Piplup and TR's Meowth...
Man, that Glalie was soo strong, it's weird how none of theese Pokemon Ash and Co. have weren't able to defeat it!


I missed the episode yesterday because I went to the Comic-Con, but now I managed to finally watch it when a friend of mine at DeviantART send me a link to the episode. I have to say it is good, but I thought they could've saved Froslass for the next gym battle episode at Snowpoint City. I never knew there were also Pokemon poachers as I thought Pokemon hunters already took that role for stealing pokemon to be rich.


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It wasn't too great of an episode. A lack luster filler before the gang reaches Snowpoint City. The only thing that really bothered me was the fight against Glalie. How was it capable of taking on 5 pokemon at once? They just made it way too powerful.

And Ash telling Chimchar he's their only hope because he's a fire type? Um isn't Glalie a Ice/Dark type? Doesn't Croagunk know the fighting type move brick break? Wouldn't that be X4 effective against Glalie? Or are we just ignoring Brock's Pokemon now?

Anyway this episode is the type I wouldn't mind missing. It was just a boring filler.


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^^^^^Glalie is a pure Ice type. Croagunk still would have been a fine choice, but so would Pika (Iron Tail), Sudowoodo and Gliscor (Fire Fang, although Gliscor still isn't that great of a choice.

I have a question, how did Chimchar take so many Hyper Beams?


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quite dissapointing this episode went like this
chimchar loses in a boring battle
froslass beats glalie instead
froslass is boring
chimchar went bad
no refrences to dawn stone or ash's glalie
and i had high hopes for this ep...sigh

This episode was pretty boring... I was expecting much more by it. When it first had ash and co help frostlass I knew it wasnt gonna be like I thought the episode would. That snorunts voice was ugly btw. And that hunter seemed impossible to beat with a ugly ice type.......when Ash had a FIRE type pokemon?! Come on now and that protect shouldnt have worked so much like it did. That made Ash look weak as a piece of bacon. Wtheck was that all about!? Frostlass should have been put into a better viewing. Lame battle and lame episode I gotta say but I loved how TR slipped and rolled away as a blastoff, only thing I liked.


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I really enjoyed this episode! Though I do agree that the Glalie seemed too strong. Anyone else notice that they used the ending theme from Jirachi Wish Maker in the ending for this episode? That's an added plus for me. XD
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Was an okish episode. I liked Team Rocket and Ash and co working together although I felt a bit sorry for Meouth. Liked Dawn imatating Meouth though and it was good to see Frosslass. i thought Ash was going to mention his Snorunt as well,that would have been a good bit to put in. Nothing much happened but i supose you cant have high drama all the time


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I gotta say, I enjoyed the episode as well. I feel the same way when the gang and Team Rocket work together. They're always pretty good. And also, Froslass was great to see in the anime.


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When I saw this episode in japanese i was wondering what that spinning attack glalie was doing. I would have never guessed it was gyro ball.


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^^^^^Glalie is a pure Ice type. Croagunk still would have been a fine choice, but so would Pika (Iron Tail), Sudowoodo and Gliscor (Fire Fang, although Gliscor still isn't that great of a choice.

I have a question, how did Chimchar take so many Hyper Beams?
The way Ash was pushing it made it take in all those hyper beams.


Been a while since I saw it - don't know if I'll remember everything...

In a seemingly bone-chilling day, with temperatures at rock-bottom, TR are practically suffering from frostbite. They then see a Froslass, which is thus beckoning them to follow her. Not a good sign, as since Froslass is a ghost, having one such ghost beckon you is a sign that death is coming. They follow it, being the dipsticks that they are, & I'm expecting them to be dead from frostbite.

Just as soon as that's done, we then head to Ash & his gang, who are also caught in the said blizzard, & like TR, they are ill-prepared for times such as this. However, they are smarter, if only slightly, because they actually try to find a shelter with a means of getting a fire set up. Unfortunately for them, nature conspires against them by sliding some snow on top of their fire, & for the double whammy, that same Froslass that supposedly lured TR to their deaths is now beckoning them to follow her. This time, however, a nice & cozy cabin awaits them; Froslass leads them inside, & supposedly shelters them from the blizzard; she even makes them warm food - a perfect setup if I ever saw one. Once Dawn's Piplup gets in the tub, everything goes to hell, as it turns into a block of ice, & the cabin turns into an ice cave. However, instead of condeming them to an icy death, Froslass took Piplup hostage, & to top that off, she did the same thing to TR's Meowth. Turns out, she wants her child Snorunt back in her hands, which happened to wander off into the wild blue yonder. Being the pure-hearted people that they are, they decide to help her out.

As the search commences, they happen to bump into TR, but there's no fighting & carrying on this time, as they both have much bigger fish to fry. THey soon join forces for the time being, & soon, they find the Snorunt; they also found more - a Glalie, but this one has evil intentions. It just so seems to be that this one in particular belongs to a poacher, who wants that Snorunt for his own gain. Everyone gets in his way, but he's not amused; he sends Glalie to them; they try to fight back, but its endless flurry of attacks seem to be too much. Combine that with the fact that Glalie can fire off a Hyper Beam (I'd like calling it a "Special Beam Cannon") & still be able to fight back immediately afterward gives me the hunking suspicion that the poacher's Glalie is haxxor'd. Just as soon as all hope is lost, Froslass joins the fray on Ash's side, & with their combined strength, they pummel him & Glalie into submission. They then cage them in his own cage & leave him to die from frostbite.

Froslass is reunited with her child, they get their Pokemon back, & all is well. After they leave, the temperature starts to climb to the point that the snow starts melting - that means no frostbite for the poacher, but he's still going nowhere...

Looks like my memory is still as sharp as ever! *snickers*

*continues to linger around*