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The EclairShipping Thread! Huzzah!

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The EclairShipping General Discussion! Huzzah!


...To the EclairShipping Thread! And it's Chelc approved! Where EclairShippers alike can talk about the relationship between our two Sinnoh girls, Zoey/Nozomi and Dawn/Hikari, and our Hoenn girl, May/Haruka!

•Rules of the Thread•
To have order in this thread, we have rules:

~ All Serebii rules apply, NO EXCEPTIONS!
~ No bashing/flaming anyone on this thread or the ship.
~ As always, with fan art that doesn't belong to you, provide a link.
~ Don't ask stupid questions, leave that for the help thread.
~ No SPAMing, it's annoying, just don't.
~ Stay on topic, as threads were locked beacuse of off-topic discussions.
~ Have fun and enjoy the ship!
~ Update ~ 8.8.08 Post at least 2 lines, or else you'll just look dumb.
~ Update ~ 8.8.08 If you fail to post in 2 months, you'll be put on probation. (Your name will be marked with a red "P".) If you continue to be inactive for two weeks(All together 2 months and 2 weeks), you'll be removed from the fanlist. Come back, answer the current topic, and you'll be back on.

•Fanfictions and One-shots•
Fanfictions or one-shots that include EclairShipping.

riolulu's Always Faithful (Includes BelleShipping and may not be suitible for younger audiences {Making out scenes})
Liberty4Pokemon's Mirrors and Pearls, Mirrors and Pearls


The people who enjoy this ship.


And, Without Further Ado...

The EclairShipping Thread's first topic:

What made you interested in EclairShipping, or was it just love of the threesome at first sight?

Enjoy and let the EclairShipping begin! And remember, we're here to have fun!
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YAY!!!! Eclairshiping thread!!! yesssss! Thank you, BlankAsPaper! *huggle*

What made you interested in EclairShipping, or was it just love of the threesome at first sight?

um...well I'm an appealshipper and a SapphirePearlshipper. So I search something on phtotbucket [I was looking for pics of Dawn and May...i don't remmeber exactly what I searched] and I find a bunch of screenshots of Dawn and May and Zoey. And I was like "Hey...since Zoey likes Dawn so much, she would prolly like May just the same! May is imilar to Dawn!" then I was like "ZOMG! I should ship all three of them!" So I went to the 'what's this ship called?" thread and found the name of the ship. and now I'm a fan! I am soooo tempted to write a fanfic! Maybe I will! This is just so hawt, I love it.

Sorry for the late reply! I tried to post this last night...no such luck. well...I'm posting it now!



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Yay! Our first taker! *Is excited* Umm... I'll answer my own topic:

What made you interested in EclairShipping, or was it love at first sight?

Well, I luuuurve SapphirePearlShipping, and I like AppealShipping too, so it's like a yummy May-Zoey-Dawn samwich! But I loved the idea of some of my favorite characters being in a hawt relationship. ^.^ But anyway, it's just awesome, soooo, it was love at first sight. How could you not love it? ;)

And, here's two more topics:

How would their first date go? (Where, when, and how.)


If one of the three became tops, how would the other two handle it?


wow this is giving me sooo many idea for that fic I'm thinking about starting! okay here goes:

How would their first date go? (Where, when, and how.)

ummmm....May would want to go to some resteraunt, Dawn would want to go to the beach, and Zoey would want to see a movie or someting. So they would settle on going to a little bench house thing (you know what I mean, right?) on the beach. They would go and sit all next to eachother, in this order: Dawn Zoey May. They would watch the sunset and May and Dawn would rest their heads on Zoey's shoulders. (((aaaaaw!)))

If one of the three became tops, how would the other two handle it?

Zoey would always want to be tops. May would want a few turns, but not full-time. And Dawn would kinda hide in the shadows, she would never want to be dominant. lol Zoey and May would fight over who would get to be dominant by having a make-out fest and whoever won that got to be the topper. lol! I can just picture Dawn watching Zoey and May have a fight in a kiss while she justs sits there thinking 'I want a kiss...'




Vogue to the Music
I've always loved the idea of a Haruka->Hikari<-Nozomi love triangle, and I think it could work as a threesome (even though it might take Hikari and Haruka a little while to get used to the idea ^^').

What made you interested in EclairShipping, or was it just love of the threesome at first sight?
I was writing a fic awhile back (I'll see if I can't dig it up) and I thought it would be neat to have Haruka and Nozomi competing for Hikari's affections.
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Welcome to the thread, Liberty4Pokemon! I hope you enjoy your stay! Oooh, that sounds like a cool fan-fic! If you have time, could you maybe write it or, hopefully, find it? It would be awesome to have a fic! ^.^ And one more topic:

What would be the symbol of EclairShipping?

Why do I keep posting this topic? It's fun!!

And Liberty4Pokemon, you're addded to the "Supportes" list.


What would be the symbol of EclairShipping?

you sure like to post topics, Blank!

okay as for my answer:

what are those three pokemon called? Ixi? is that one of them? um....those three if you know what I mean...do you know what I mean?



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Shaaa, yes I do. And I believe it's Azelf, Mespirit, and Uxie. I'll answer my own topic again:

What would be the symbol of EclairShipping?

Three circles that are chained together like the olympics rings. One's is red, (Zoey) one's pink, (May, I don't know why) and one's a pale blue. (Dawn) And it is inside a circle that is golden. And the rings are in front of a big heart.

And everyone, it's okay to post topics, I myself are running out of ideas! But, let's do the captions, 'cause they're fun!!

Give the following characters a reaction to the relationship:

Ash's Pikachu: (You may have translations.)

Ummm...You can add/subtract from the list if don't like/know the person. Shaaa, also you can do this if you don't want to do the above captions:

Pretend you're interveiwing the girls about their relationship, what would they say?


And have it go like this:


May: [Rating: 5 stars] I love both girls, they're great, blah blah blah (Have at least 2 lines of talk!)

Or start your own topic(s), I don't care!

twist && turn

☆ s h i n e ;
Oooh, Eclairshipping. O:

I just liked the idea....especially ever since their little "party". Kinda a pity that we didn't get more insight into what happened...

But I think it's cute and awesome, particularly as I was a fan of Appeal before I knew the wonders of SapphirePearlshipping. And that just naturally...sorta led to Eclairshipping.

idk much about symbolism, but the reactions would be kinda funny, at least the ones I can think of off the top of my head...

I honestly don't think Ash or Brock would care, because Brock doesn't care what the younger girls do, and as long as May and Dawn (and presumably probably also Zoey) are happy it wouldn't bug them.

Misty'd be all: ...wait, wait. You're in a threesome. DID YOU FORGET ABOUT ME? *ragerage* (k I wasn't being serious, but that'd be funny to imagine.)

Kenny'd be kinda ****** about it, but I can't imagine him like...really confronting Dawn about it, I'd just picture him being more wangst-y about it, like, maybe thinking it was his own fault Dawn went for girls because he was just too girly (which makes about no sense at ALL).

Paul'd just say: ...Pathetic. (while of course, deep DEEP down probably hoping they all start making out in front of him, lolol.)

Harley'd be nothing but supportive, but his awesomeness seems to like...defy words.

And I have ideas of what the others'd say, but hell, I'm not entirely sure, so..xD


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Another Shipper! Whoo!

Another supporter! Yay! *Dances around* Enjoy your stay here, twist && turn!! I'll go the captions:


Ash: *Waves a "Single and Successful" flag* Darn it, I only have one choice! Misty!!
Brock: Okay guys, just make out over there, and I'll video tape that for my viewing pleasures, no May! I want full toungue action!
Misty: All of the main girl characters are taken!! I need love people!!
Jessie: Hah! No more competition, mufufufufu...
James: The twerps? And I should care why?
Meowth: Who?
Kenny: And you planned this without me. Am I not loved?!?!
Drew: That was ¥700000 I'm never gonna get back...
Caroline: Fine, fine, just don't try anything in front of your father, m'kay?
Joanna: That's nice, you all are coordinators, also nice, but who's going to give me grandchildren?
Ash's Pikachu: Pi Pika Pi Pikachu Pika Pikachu Pi Pi Pika(Trans: Don't try anything with me, Dawn's Bunarey, and Zoey's Glameow, NOT happening.)
Paul: Love is nothing but a word. Therefore, I will not obsess over it, or make any comments.
Norman: (To May) Okay, 1. You're gay. 2. You're in a threesome 3. You're gay. I see a problem.
Max: I get no nehews or nieces!! I always wanted to be an uncle!! Noooo!
Harley: If ya h*ey h*e h*es want to get on my all-gay-all-the-time thing, I'm going to go like Micheal Jackson and Beat you*!
Nando: Such a lyrical love....*Sigh*

*Micheal Jackson had a song called Beat it. I'll do the other captions later, meh fingers hurt.

EDIT: twist && turn, you've been added to the "Supporters" list
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What made you interested in EclairShipping, or was it just love of the threesome at first sight?
I love appealshipping and sapphirepearlshipping, mixing those two ships together? HELL YEAH! and they say goo things come in threes.

What would be the symbol of EclairShipping?
A ribbon since they do contests, Or even a three ribbions tied beautifully together, each colour blue, red and brown to represent thier colors.


zomg I love doing captions.

Ash: whaa? May and Dawn don't like me? they don't like meeee???
Brock: NOOOOO even the girls et pretty girls before me!!! SO UNFAIR!!!
Misty: ...Does that mean I can't be gay and I haveta like Ash? *kicks the dirt*
Jessie: ZOMG yesss while they make out we'll steal ALL their pokemon! We hit three starly with one stone!
James: ...
Meowth: hey we can take their pokemon and give 'em to the boss! Imagine the boss...
Kenny: DAWN!!! NO!!! you wern't supposed to be like this!!! we were meant for eachother!!! no!!!!!
Drew: you have got to be joking. May's lesbian and dating TWO girls at once?? Stupid expensive roses...
Caroline: oh, is that what you teen girls all do now?
Joanna: ooooh, that's nice, sweety, I bet they will show you lots of stuff to improve your coordinating!
Ash's Pikachu: Yesss!!! Ash won't date one of 'em and ignore me!!!!
Paul: ...hmph. (thinks: 'ggrrrr she's gay and I'm a guy...damn')
Max: noooo! is this my destiny? Am I going to date two guys when I grow up?
Harley: they must've loved me enough to follow in my footsteps. *is flattered* But...I kinda want 'that gay coordinator' to be me...hhm...flattery...anger...flattery...anger. I'm going with anger.

who's nando?

I liked your captions, Blank! heres my favorites:

Brock: Okay guys, just make out over there, and I'll video tape that for my viewing pleasures, now May! I want full toungue action!
Misty: All of the main girl characters are taken!! I need love people!!
Drew: That was ¥700000 I'm never gonna get back...
Ash's Pikachu: Pi Pika Pi Pikachu Pika Pikachu Pi Pi Pika(Trans: Don't try anything with me, Dawn's Bunarey, and Zoey's Glameow, NOT happening.)
Norman: (To May) Okay, 1. You're gay. 2. You're in a threesome 3. You're gay. I see a problem.

I'll do the interveiws later, I'm on a laptop and its hard to type. (you may notice a lot of typos...sory about those!)



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Nando is this dude: Nando

And C.Gholy, glad you can join the convo! *Throws confetti in the air* And riolulu, love Harley's caption...

And now for the other captions:

May: [Rating: 4 and a half stars] Both of the girls are my angels, if I loved them anymore, we would be making out 24/7, wait, we already do that... Only problem with this relationship is that I have to fight with Zoey for Dawn, *Laughs* we have a make-out fight! Who evers toungue get dominence, gets Dawn. In fact, Dawn made up that rule....*Pouts* And we never get into fights, 'cept that one time we argued over who's the better coordinator....

Zoey:[Rating: 4 stars] *Sighs* It all started out when Dawn and I started dating, then Dawn was all like, "I miss my ex!" so we went to meet her, and one thing lead to another, and here we are. We're still trying to figure who marries who in the end, but, for right now it's great. Dawn's my sweet heart and May's my doll. But lucky me, I got to be the dominant one, and I get the whip. *Laughs* The drawbacks, hmmm, would be make-out fighting for Dawn with May and (A girl's toungue gets tired after awhile...) having to live with May, who wasn't my original girl-friend, so I don't love her as much as with Sweetie, but it's all good. I love her too, though.

Dawn:[Rating: 500000 bajillion stars(!)] OMG, what can't I say about these girls?!? I just want to make-out right now! *Sighs* I'm the youngest, so I get babied around. But I get special privliges! Sometimes, Zoey lets me borrow her whip! Whaaat? It's fun, we get into black lingerie and Zoey takes the whip out and-Oh, yeah public site, not porno... But anyways, I lurve the two, heehee. And, since I'm the youngest, before May or Zoey makes out with me, they have to have a make-out with each other in pudding. Mmmm...pudding... I get both of my girlies, too! And Zoey calls me Sweetie and May calls me her Little Angel!

EDIT: C.Gholy is added to the list!


lol nice interveiws, Blank! glad you like my make-out fight idea. :D I feel special!


as for my interveiws: (i'm not doing ratings...idk, i just don wanna.)

May: yup, it's true, we're a three-some! we're three girls in love! When I met Dawn, I was happy about how nice she treated me, unlike this guy I know named Drew.

*Drew strats choking on his ice cream as he watches the TV*

*clears throught* anyway, It started with Dawn and me dating. then Dawn confessed that the whole time she was already seeing someone, and she thought I should meet her. So she introduces me to Zoey, and Zoey and I meshed quickly. Before I knew it, Dawn suggested we be a three-some, and how coud I say no? Now I've got two beautiful girls, what could be better?

Zoey: I've been dating Dawn for quite some time now, and it's always been fun. For one thing, Dawn is an amazing kisser. For another, she's beautiful. When she told me she cheated on me for another girl, I was heartbrocken. But she begged me not to break up with her; instead she wanted me to meet the girl. So, I agreed, because my motto is 'make love, not war' (I especially like the first part of that saying). *coughs* Anyway, so I meet this girl, her name's May. At first I was thinking "oh my god, you're the girl that took my Dawn away from me, I would totally chop your balls off if you had balls. but no. you have to be difficult and not have them." But this May was really nice, and apologized to me for interfearing in my realatioship with Dawn. Then abut two days later Dawn wanted to bea three-some with her. I didn't love the idea, but I agreed because Dawn really wanted to. Now I love May almost as much as Dawn and am just as happy as I was before! Wow, May sure knows what to do with her tounge...Anyway, as for info on us as a coup- oops, three-some, i'm dominant and proud! It's so much fun to be dominant. Sometimes May wants a turn and I haveta fight 'er for it! (major make-out fest!) I win about half the time. We are on the same scale when it comes to kiss ability. But Dawn always just sits in the stands and waits for one of us to come to 'er. *laughs*

Dawn: AAAAH!!!! Just the thought of theese two together makes me want to TACKLE THEM TO THE GROUND!!!!!! I just love them so much. Yeah, I was dating Zoey for longer. And I guess the cat's out of the bag that I cheated on her. Only for a little, like...two days? three days tops? May was just so adorable, I couldn't help myself. Anyway, I made Zoey and May meet, and turns out they worked well together! So now we're a three-some! (my ideaaa!) yay! I love both of them just too much! Sometimes Zoey and May fight over who gets to kiss me more. They make me want to say "stop fighting over it! I want a kiss NOW!" But I just would never be able to choose betwween them, so I just sit tight and wait. It's alwyas worth the wait!

EDITTT: I'm writing an Eclarishipping fic as we speak! I will tell you when chapter 1's up!!!

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OK Caption time!
hidden thoughts XD
Ash: eh what does lesbian mean?
Brock: ooh how lovely
Misty: Hehe this means I can Ash to myself again
Jessie: Dawn is a greedy *****
James: Thehy would make a nice threesome
Meowth: oh yeah
Drew: *Gives May, Dawn and Zoey roses*
Caroline: WHAT!
Ash's Pikachu: (You may have translations.)
Paul: Whatever, who are you?

@ Riolulu i can't wait to see the fic.

I'll try another caption
May: OK who's wearing the strap on?
Zoey: I wore it last time, so I think either you or DAwn should.
Dawn: I'm too young for this stuff, last time it hurted.
Zoey: I'll be gentle and I'll make sure May is gentle too.
Dawn: OK

This caption thing is really hilarious and really cute as well.

New topic
Which song do you think best describes eclairshipping?

I can imagine them singing lady marmalade.
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Thankx for posting, C.! luv the captions. I like Ash's.

as for the topic...

Which song do you think best describes eclairshipping?


Breathe (2 A.M.) by Anna Nalick?




What made you interested in EclairShipping, or was it just love of the threesome at first sight?

Let's see... Eclairshipping is the combination of Appeal, SapphirePearl and Hueshipping. So, combining these pairings gives out Eclairshipping, since I like support all of it, and why not try having the three of them together. Seeing as how they get along so quickly, especially the first time encounters made me think perhaps their friendship might go beyond what we're seeing today.

Dawn, Zoey and May... oh man, if I had time, I can draw "another" artwork between the three of them. I already drew one... but yeah... I don't think I pln to put it online due to its too weird look... XD

Just for offtopicness, I finally remembered why I was so curious about AzuDai... it's because of Libby... =P

Picture for everyone:



aint seen nothin yet
Whoo! Avegaille's here! *Blows noise maker*

Umm...I suck at songs.... but...

Which song do you think best describes EclairShipping?

You Spind Me Round by Dead or Alive. I grew up on 80's music....

EDIT: Avegaille is added + riolulu's fic-to-be is mentioned now in the first post
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YAY Avegaille's here! (lol im just as excited as Blank, here!) thankx for the screenshot! (i feel liek in that 1 Zoey doesn't know which one to focus on...maybe May? she doesn't have a piplup in front of her chest like Dawn does...)

oh...yeah...the fic...I wrote some of it then forgot about it. *digs it up* I'm writing more now! I want chapter 1 to b on my FF.net (in siggy) by at least tomorrow I will tell you guys when it's up, i promise!!



< go ask alice >
What made you interested in EclairShipping, or was it just love of the threesome at first sight?

Well, for me it really was pretty much just liking how cute the three of them all looked together on screen, and especially like during the little sleepover party they had. ^_^

If one of the three became tops, how would the other two handle it?

Uhm yeah, I'm gonna have to go with the general concensus that Zoey and May would be the two more likely to fight for the role of the dominant party while Dawn would kinda just be a bit more shy about the prospect.

Which song do you think best describes eclairshipping?

Hmm... *thinks* hehe, I'm kinda tempted to say I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry...on second thought, yeah, I'll go with that as their song, lol.
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