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The Eevee Spectrum | RP Thread [PG-13]

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Tangeh, Dec 11, 2018.

  1. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    - The Eevee Spectrum -
    [Rated PG-13]

    *sign up thread

    Please refer to the sign up thread for plot information. Sign ups are closed.


    RPer list:

    1. Tangeh - Mariana Brightsea and Tidus the Vaporeon
    2. GoldenHouou - Cecilie "Cece" Novák and Caesar the Jolteon
    3. Vern - Valerie Arkwright and Blaze the Flareon
    4. VampirateMace - Jordan Myung and Cosmo the Espeon
    5. Schade - Joshua "Josh" Pierce and Zeke the Umbreon
    6. Minteh - Greta Berg and Kari the Glaceon
    7. Monster Guy - Princess Rose Hadley and Brier the Leafeon
    8. Monster Guy - André Bellamy and Jeanne the Sylveon

    Mariana Brightsea & Tidus
    Geosenge Town

    A young woman wearing a deep cobalt blue dress marched purposefully into Geosenge Town. Her yacht - a gift from her father which she rarely got to use - had docked at Shalour City, which meant she'd spent the last few hours walking through Reflection Cave in order to travel to the next settlement over. Horrible city planning, really - so close to the water, yet there were no nearby dockyards for her to store her yacht? She sighed dramatically and paused for a moment to flip her curly brown hair neatly out of her face. "Come, Tidus," Mariana called to a vaporeon who was lagging behind. She'd felt unsafe traversing the cavern alone, so Tidus had walked with her the entire way here. Mariana was pretty sure it was the most walking she'd ever made him do. Like most water-types, he would've preferred swimming over. Mariana had even considered it, but after studying a map determined that the tall cliffs that bordered the ocean would make it impossible. Again, terrible city planning.

    At any rate, she'd made it, and now she had to figure out why exactly she was here. She'd been led here by an odd dream and Tidus's relentless insistence she listen to it. She had to temporarily close her gym - if the trip took more than a week she had a substitute leader scheduled to come in (it was difficult to find suitable replacements on short notice), but Mariana desperately hoped this whole ordeal would be wrapped up quickly. She hated being away from her job. She walked slowly toward the center of town, not totally sure what she was supposed to be looking for. Part of her hoped this whole situation really was just a waste of time. Well, she had the time off, she supposed she could do with some sightseeing and shopping...

    Tidus gave a short bark and darted toward the center of town. "Tidus?" Mariana called, following behind him. She caught sight of a large rock formation in the center of Geosenge Town - three massive stones jutted out from the ground. It was truly beautiful - Mariana stared up in admiration. Tidus called out to her again, then placed one paw on the stone monument. He stared at her intensely. "What is it? You want me to touch it?" Tidus nodded firmly. Mariana rolled her eyes. "Well, we've come this far..."

    As she neared the monument, she felt a chill go down her spine. The sounds of the townsfolk seemed to fade away, and the sun even looked like it had dimmed. She reached a hand out and hesitated, the odd aura making her cautious, but gathered her resolve and placed her palm against the cool stone. The ground tremored and Mariana leapt back in alarm - as soon as she had, the world became brighter and louder. Mariana's head swiveled from side to side, but nobody else in the area seemed to have noticed any of this. She tried to still her breathing and looked down at Tidus, who was still staring intently at the monument.

    Then, slowly, nine circular indents in the stone slab appeared one by one. The second of nine began to glow a deep blue. Tidus held his gaze for a few moments longer, then yawned and curled up next to the monument. He shot a weak water gun at his paw and swiped it repeatedly across his face, and then along his fins - his typical preening routine.

    Mariana was nervous now. Nobody else was paying her any mind. Did nobody else feel that earthquake? It must've only been around the three stones, but why? She hovered near the formation. The dream had mentioned seven other trainers, so she figured she should wait and see if anybody else showed up...
  2. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy The dimpiest imp

    André Bellamy and Jeanne the Sylveon
    Geosenge Town

    A pink limosine pulled into the rural town, and out stepped a familiar blonde young man clad in pink. André had flown to Kalos from Unova on his private jet, and being a Kalos native, his family's home was in Lumiose. Meaning, he had easy access to his favorite method of transportation. That pink limo was not the most subtle way to get around, but André was never subtle.

    As soon as people saw the pink clad movie star, and his Sylveon strutting alongside him, the pair were mobbed by a bunch of screaming fans. Considering the size of this place, they probably never expect to see a movie star like himself casually drop in. André was more than happy to sign a few autographs, and take some selfies with them. Even Jeanne preened and posed for a bunch of pictures. He never understood why so many celebrities acted bothered when people recognized them in public. These people were paying for you're career, you may as well give them what they want. Besides, stars wouldn't be stars if they didn't like the attention.

    Now that he had arrived, André's next order of business was to figure out why he was here. He had been told to come here by an odd dream, and Jeanne's insistence. While it was nice to pay his home region a visit, it was still a little odd that he would get sent here of all places? Not having any clue what was supposed to be happening, the young movie star casually walked towards the center of town, as that seemed like the logical place to go. All the while continuing to sign autographs and take pictures with fans that asked for one.

    Suddenly, Jeanne yipped, and darted towards the beautiful rock formation in the middle of the town. André chased after her. It was out of character for her to suddenly run off. When he caught up with his Sylveon, he saw her placing a paw on the stone, while giving her trainer a pleading look.

    "Do you... want me to touch it?"

    "Syl!" The Fairy type yelped

    André looked at Jeanne, raised an eyebrow, then back up at the monument. He wasn't particularly looking foward to putting his bare hand on a rock. Who knows who else may have touched that thing? It was stramge that Jeanne casually touched a possibly dirty rock. She seemed like she knew something André didn't. As he got closer to the stone, he felt a chill go down his spine. All the noise in the background faded, and even the sun seemed to get dimmer. It was all very strange to André. Still, he took a deep breath, and placed his hand on the stone.

    Suddenly, the earth beneath him shook, immediately André lept back in surprise. No one nearby seemed to notice the shaking. André took several breaths as he looked down at Jeanne, who was laser focused on the rock. Then, slowly, nine circular indents in the stone slab appeared one by one. The ninth of these circles began to glow a bright pink.

    Jeanne held her gaze for a moment longer, then curled up against the monument, and started to lick her paw, desperately trying to get it clean. There was the Jeanne André knew!

    So after all of that was over, André pulled out some hand sanitizer to clean his hands with. After that, he had to wonder, now what? Nobody else seemed to notice anything that had just happened. Well, except this pretty brown haired girl in a stylish blue dress, and her Vaporeon who also happened to be there. The dream did mention there would be other trainers meeting here. Maybe she was one of them? Couldn't hurt to introduce himself, not that he needed any introduction.

    "Bonjour, mademoiselle!" André greeted as he gave her a kiss on both cheeks, and handed her a pink rose. How André always seemed to have a pink rose handy was one of the great mysteries of the universe. "I am André Bellamy, but I am sure you already knew that, non? May I ask what you are doing here? It is not everyday you find a beautiful lady such as yourself standing in front of a buch of rocks."

    Meanwhile, Jeanne blew a kiss, and winked at the girl's Vaporeon.
  3. Schade

    Schade Do you hear it? Don't listen.

    Joshua Pierce and Zeke
    Geosenge Town

    The busride to Geosenge town was a lengthy one. One would think that the small settlement wouldn't be too far from Lumiose considering the chronilogical order of the Kalos Gyms, but considering there was a small world between the urban Santalune City Gym and the coastal Cyllage City, with different geography fit only for those fitness bloggers you see on tv complaining about minor things, the bus, and other cars and veichles in general, had to take a long, long detour. The ride was pretty much what noe would expect from public transit in a region where most people just travel by foot, bike or strange ride pokemon: Josh was one of three people on the bus, not counting the bus driver. The other two were a large large woman, snroing loudly for the 7 hours straight, while the other one was a very out-of-place businesswoman talking on the phone about.. something. Don't tell her husband abut it.

    Suddenly, as if he had been asleep for the past 5 hours, the bus yanked to a stop. looking around, Josh noticed he was the only one left on the bus. Exiting the bus, he waved goodbye to the driver, who didn't seem to notice him, and walked off. At this point, he also released Zeke from his Pokeball. The Umbreon yawned loudly and stratched out before looking around curiously. Th small town was surprisingly crowded, with a lot of... screaming people? Was there some sort of big sale in a nearby store or something? He saw a very out-of-place pink limousine driving off into the distance. Regardless of what was happening here, there were a lot of people, and quite frankly Josh didn't feel like dealing with that kind of stress right now. He had gotten the gist of his weird superpower thing lately, and could now slip in and out of detectability as he pleased, rendering him invisible to the people around him. Zeke, however, didn't buy into it, and could always sense him around. Just like that, Zeke started looking around curiously before sniffing into the air, sneezing twice and then looking directly in Josh's direction, kinda.

    After the initial surprise of Josh' sudden apparent disappearance, Zeke guided him along. Josh walked past the crowd of people with ease, figuring out that he really wouldn't have needed slipping under the radar after all. Due to the crowds sheer size, he didn't actually see what the ruckus was about, but it was now easier for him to ignore it as he followed Zeke. Zeke led im over to the rock formations and strut casually by a Sylveon in the process of creepily flirting with a Vaporeon, before sitting down next to the slab. The other eeveelutions momentarily stopped for a moment to check out the newcomer, but quickly went back to their thing. Josh followed behind, walking past a very glammed up woman and a guy dressed in pink, pretty much ignoring them both as he looked at Zeke. Still unnoticable, he spoke up. "What about it, boy. You want me to touch this rock?" he asked, looking at the formations. One of the slabs had 9 circular indents of different colors. Well, of two different colors. Blue and pink, to be exact.

    Touching the stone, one of the indents started glowing like a dim, dark black void. It was soothing to watch, actually. Dim and pulsing like the eternal nothingness of death, reacting to the dormant darkness lying in Josh's heart after years upon years of self-neglect and doubt... Josh was pulled back into reality by a loud bark from Zeke, who was sitting next to the stone, watching him. Composing himself, Josh made himself noticable again and turned around towards the two other people there. judging by their appearances, they were either an unfortunate couple, or stranger meeting under mysterious circumstances. Just as he thought of the latter, he remembered that there would be others like him. others with eeveelutions of their own, being guided by dreams of their own. He really should've clocked it when he saw the Vaporeon and Sylveon.

    "Hi, i'm Joshua." he said before going quiet again. considering they were both probably there for the same reason as him, he didn't feel the need to say anything else for the time being. If the dream was anything to go by, there would also be more people like them, and he figured explainations would occour when they got there. eke yawned and sat down next to Josh, tilting his head curiously while looking at the other two.
  4. Minteh

    Minteh It's so shiny!

    Greta Berg and Kari the Glaceon
    Geosenge Town

    After spending the last day in the bustling coastal Cyllage City, Greta was glad to finally be on her way to Geosenge Town. That wasn't to say Cyllage City hadn't been lovely, but since arriving in Kalos officially, Greta was eager to learn more about the strange dream she had. Perhaps had things been different, she might have taken more time to take in the sights as she had never been in Kalos before. She had left her hotel early, and headed to a small restaurant for breakfast, which she enjoyed whilst taking in views of the sea. After this she was finally on her way, taking some time to let her meal go down before finally heading out of the city.

    The journey to Geonsenge only took just under two hours, and probably would have been shorted, had the stones on Route 10 not caught Greta's attention. She had heard tales of the mysterious stones in this area before. Rumours of them giving off energy. Greta didn't know if this was true or not, of course, but on that day the stones appeared normal. The only thing to note being the sheer number of them.

    When they arrived at Geosenge Town, Greta had barely a minute to take in her surroundings, before Kari seemed eager to move ahead. Up until now, the Glaceon had remained at her master's side, but now she was trying to rush ahead, and even Greta's attempts at calling back or asking to wait did little. The Glaceon rushed on ahead, in the direction of the beautiful rock formation, leaving Greta to hurry after her. When they reached the stone formation, Greta noted they were not the only ones there, noticing two boys and a girl stood by the stones, as well as an Umbreon, Vaporeon, and Sylveon sat to the side. She was a little surprised at first to see the other trainers, but then she recalled in the dream being told there would be more like herself. She made a small nod towards the trainers, unsure if they saw her or not, before taking a step closer to the stones.

    Beside her Kari moved forward, placing a paw on one of the stones, before turning and looking at her trainer with pleading eyes.

    "What is it, girl? Do you want me to touch it?" Greta asked, looking down at her Glaceon.

    A blink followed, and a small nod of the head.

    Greta nodded back, took a deep breath, and put her hand on the stone. It was only as she did so that she noted that all the noises in the background seemed to fade and the sun even seemed to dim. Greta jumped in surprise when the ground began to shake, watching as nine circular indents appeared on the stone. Three were already glowing, one for each already in attendance, but now a fourth had begun to glow. The sixth of the circles began to glow a bright blue.

    Stepping back from the stone, she made her way over to the other trainers. Kari was sat with the other pokemon, and to Greta's amusement, was, as usual, doing her best to ignore them, instead casually licking a paw and draping it over one ear as she began to wash. Looking back at the trainers, Greta offered out her hand to the nearest person. "Hello, I'm Greta," she greeted warmly.
  5. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Valerie Arkwright and Blaze
    Geosenge Town

    Val yawns, stretching both arms above her head as she glances around the streets of Geosenge town. She’d been here a few times before, but never for long, so everything is delightfully unfamiliar to her. “Ah,” she sighs, a wide smile on her face, “It’s been a while since I’ve been on this sort of adventure… hey, Blaze, you enjoying yourself?”

    In response, her companion bumps rather irritably into her leg and lets out an exasperated breath, as if to say ‘you know that all I want to do is sleep’. Val laughs, leaning down to ruffle the flareon’s mane, then slips her hands back into her pockets, looking around for some sort of road-sign. She’d purposefully avoided the ring of stones in the little town’s center, having decided to enjoy her newfound lack of responsibilities for as long as possible. Something about the way things had gone down in her dreams made it feel like there was some sort of huge revelation waiting for her at that place, something she could really do without.

    Unfortunately, even this moment of fragile peace is soon shattered by the sound of… screaming fans?

    Curious, she breaks into a small jog, peaking around the corner to see a face she recognised immediately making his way towards the stones in the center. Wait — is that André Bellamy? That movie star? What the hell is he doing here? Don’t tell me… She sighs and shakes her head, dismissing the notion. There’s no way someone like him would bother with such a journey, and as much as she liked the guy’s movies, all the paparazzi would more than a little annoying.

    Nevertheless, the guy continues to stride towards the stones in the center, suddenly breaking into a run as a… Sylveon makes a dash for the rocks in the center.

    “Oh, no, no no no,” Val mutters, keeping as close to the wall as she can, “If we’re gonna get mobbed by people all this way, I swear I’ll ****ing — Blaze? Blaze?” She blinks, barely catching a glimpse of the Flareon as it disappears into the crowd, making an uncharacteristically energetic run towards the ring of stones. Shaking her head, she runs after him, weaving through the crowd in a wave of hasty apologies and unwanted shoulder bumps.

    When she arrives at the rocks, she notices that three other people and four Eevees are already there, chatting amongst each other to the side. Just like she’d feared, André is there as well, flirting with a woman Val feels like she’s seen before but can’t quite recognise. Before she can spend too long observing the others, Blaze jumps up and bodyslams the rocks, which, now that she takes a good look at them, have a few indents that seem like they’re… glowing?

    Curious, she walks up and squints into the glowing indents, staring at them. Already, four are lit up — one dark blue, one pink, one black, and one a paler blue. Shrugging, she pokes her finger into one of the indents that still remain un-glowing. All of a sudden, everything around her seems to go quiet, like she’d just been torn out of this world and into a dream, where nothing existed but her and the stone — not the crowds, or the wildlife, or anything, really. The ground beneath her starts to shake, slowly growing in intensity until she feels herself losing balance, and quickly steps away, shaking her head in an attempt to clear it. When she regains her bearings, she opens them again, to see that another of the indents — the fourth one, the one she’d touched — had lit up a bright red colour.

    Blinking, she stares at the rock for a bit longer before stepping backwards to look at all the others who’d gathered there. There’s André, of course, easily recognisable, that posh-looking woman, an oddly familiar looking guy who’d just sort of… appeared out of thin air? I swear I’ve seen him in that one bar across the street before... Lastly, there’s a plain looking girl who’s holding out a hand in her direction — it takes her a while to realise that she’s offering a handshake. “Hello,” the girl says, “I’m Greta.”

    “Valerie.” She sighs, shaking Greta’s hand with a warm smile, “Or Val, if you prefer.” She makes a gesture to the other people present, “I take it you're all here because of dream-related business?"
  6. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy The dimpiest imp

    Princess Rose Hadley and Brier the Leafeon
    Geosenge Town

    Rose and her family had arrived in Luniose City earlier in the week. Her parents had royal business to attend to in the Kalos region, and as Princess, she was required to attend. All day long she had to attend meetings with important Kalosian officials, and discuss political matters. Despite what most people her age might have thought, she actually found all these topics fascinating. One day, she would become Sinnoh's queen, and these responsibilities would fall to her.

    Today however, the Sinnoh Royal Family were merely touring the region. They had made a stop in Geosenge Town. This was the rare occasion where she had time to herself. She decided not to take the bodyguards with her, as they would most likely just get in the way. Her parents didn’t always approve of her traveling without protection around, but it wasn’t like she was going far. Besides, Rose was a grown woman, and she had Brier, her loyal Leafeon companion by her side. Surely, she could take care of herself.

    Brier was eager to get to the center of town for some reason, and Rose followed along. She managed to get there without being noticed. Mainly because many of the town’s residents were more interested in some pink clad young man with a Sylveon who had pulled up in a pink limousine. She had never seen a man wear that much pink before. Rose figured he must have been some sort of celebrity, but she didn’t recognize him. Of course, she didn’t have much time to keep up with pop culture.

    After making her way through the crowd of people, and stopping to apologize to the people she bumped into, Rose arrived at the ring of rocks at the center of town. According to what she had read, the rocks were rumored to have mysterious powers, but it was unclear as to what. One of the rocks had 9 indents, and five of them were glowing various colors.

    There were also five others waiting there along with their Eevee companions. The dream did say there would be others involved. Rose figured she may as well introduce herself. “Greetings everyone. I am Princess Rose Hadley. Pleased to make your acquaintances.” She waved politely at the rest of the group. “This is Sir Brier.” She gestured to her Leafeon, who bowed his head in acknowledgement, and as a sign of respect. “I presume we are all here for the same purpose?”

    As she spoke to the rest, Brier placed his paw on the stone, and yelped for his trainer’s attention.

    “Yes Brier? I assume you want me to touch the rock as well?” Rose nodded, and walked up to the rock. She looked at it for a moment before and placing her hand on the stone. Suddenly, everything around her slowed down, and the sun seemed to dim while the earth shook for a moment. Then the eighth indent glowed a grass green color. Rose was unfazed by all of this. She was actually rather intrigued. “Fascinating...”

    Rose then turned her attention back to the rest of the group. “So, does anyone have any thoughts as to what sort of divine purpose we have been gathered here for?” She asked to no one in particular. “It is not every day a group of strangers are summoned through their dreams due to a prophecy. Oh, but I do hope this won’t take long. My family will no doubt be concerned if I were to vanish for an extended period of time...”

    Meanwhile, Brier laid on the ground, next to the Glaceon that was grooming herself, and started photosynthesizing.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2018
  7. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou your deadman

    Cecilie "Cece" Novák & Caesar the Jolteon
    Geosenge Town

    "Wait, wait, whoaa, is this really the place? Seriously?"

    Cece leaned precariously over a rocky ledge, squinting at the unassuming town below. From so high up, the rural town looked absolutely tiny, like a miniature on a child's table. The colourful roofs looked like stationary insects, and the famed stone structure at the heart of Geosenge was nothing more than a trio of pebbles. Unimpressive and insignificant, especially next to a mountain range that scraped at passing by clouds. Why people would journey miles just to see some silly rocks, Cece could never understand. Especially when they had perfectly scaleable mountains right next to it! Aaah, people were stupid.

    The high altitude winds tugged at her hair and clothes as if trying to yank her into a free-fall, but she barely noticed.

    "Hey, Caesar!" she called out at the Jolteon behind her, still peering down at the town. "If your nose was wrong, I'm taking your share of lunch as compensation!"

    She saw a defiant crackle of electricity in her peripheral vision. She assumed the Jolteon had said something too, but the wind had stolen away her words before they reached her ears. Not that Cece would've understood them anyway.

    "You're sure? Mm, 'kay, then I guess we'd better get down." Cece finally tore herself from the edge. She adjusted her backpack and gave her cap a playful flick, then whirled to grin down at the Jolteon. "Last one down's a Slowpoke!"


    A few hours later, the duo was striding through the quiet gravel roads of Geosenge, their argument audible from a mile over.

    "Nuh-uh, I'm telling you, you cheated." Cece insisted for the umpteenth time, arms crossed. Caesar barked out her name in retaliation, saying something like 'you're such a sore loser!' ... probably. Cece huffed. "You did too! Ugh, you're seriously gonna make me call it a draw again. You can't keep doing this. How are we ever gon-- wh-! Hey! Where are ya goin'? We're not done here--!"

    Caesar wasn't listening. As if possessed, she had taken off towards the center of the town and Cece had little choice but to kick into a sprint if she wanted to keep up. And boy, did she ever; Caesar never took off like that unless she'd sniffed out something interesting.

    The Jolteon slowed down as she drew close to the rock formation they'd seen from above. At first, Cece thought she was interested in the other Eeveelutions and their trainers lingering about the area, but the electric type walked right past them as if they weren't even there. Huh. Shrugging, Cece waved a casual hello to the group, then jogged after Caesar. For whatever reason, the Jolteon seemed really interested in the dumb old rocks.

    "Since when were you such a typical tourist?" Cece mocked playfully.

    She took another step closer, then another, and yet another-- and with each one, her grin faltered more and more. There was... something in the air around the place that made the tiny hairs on the back of her neck stand up. It felt like electricity - but not the kind she or Caesar were accustomed to. It wasn't tangible. It was tension, so thick you could feel it travel down your spine and nibble at your fingertips. Or somethin' like that.

    Cece stopped behind Caesar. For a moment, the latter simply sat and stared at a row of colourful indents on one of the stones. Then, all of a sudden and with no provocation at all, she attacked. Electricity coursed through her small body, ruffling her spiky fur before it released onto the stone. Sparks flew everywhere, bouncing off the smooth surface for a good minute until Caesar finally relented. With a huff, the Jolteon turned to her trainer and jabbed one paw at the slab. "Jolt!" It was a command.

    Shrugging, Cece reached forward to touch the stone, if for no other reason than to humour her partner.

    The second she did, the world around her grew blurry. No, rather, for a fleeting moment, it did not exist at all; the ragtag group of Eevee trainers dissolved into a mist in her peripheral vision, and every source of light around her grew dim. Nothing existed except her and the cold stone pressed against her palm. And then, as if someone had flicked a switch, everything came back in a rush. The light, the chatter, the colours, the distant chirping of birds she hadn't even noticed before; it was all bright and loud. But even in the sudden onslaught of stimuli, one thing stood out to Cece above the rest; the stone tablet and its third indent, now glowing in a radiant yellow.

    ... Cool! So this was why people flocked here the world over. They got some mad special effects going on. Who would've thought, and in such an old town too. Unless, ooo, maybe this had something to do with the 'prophecy'?

    Cece grinned, wiping her hand on her shirt. She still wasn't sure how much weight she could put on some funky old dream, but real or not, this whole things seemed pretty fun - and she wasn't about to miss out. Besides, for whatever reason, Caesar believed it. She might as well play along. Which meeaaaant...

    The girl whipped around. She tilted her head at the group nearby, then strode over without a second thought. Noticing this, Caesar quickly followed suit, walking up to her evolution kin with her head held high.

    "Heyo, y'all here for the 'prophecy' too?" she chuckled, "what do ya think they'll have us do next?"
  8. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Just outside Geosenge Town

    It was a nice sunny day in Kalos.

    A slick white and green taxi cruised along road approaching Geosenge town. It had been recently washed and sparkled in the sunlight. It was one of the newer model luxury cars that could charge a little more because it was in higher demand. Not that the price was of much consequence to it's passenger, who was certainly doing alright for himself.

    Happy upbeat pop music was playing over the radio, and the driver tapped his thumb along with it, occasionally glancing in his passenger using his rear view mirror, just to make sure he was real. It wasn't often he drove someone so high profile. Most the locals celebrities and royals had their own private vehicles with their own private drivers. But since this was someone from another region, he'd called in a request to one of the regions better ride companies, a company for which this lucky feeling driver happened to work.

    Eventually the car rolled to a stop in the lot near the Geosenge monument, not getting much attention from crowd who were already fawning over the sightings of a movie star and a princess. The back door popped opened and a pair of mock tauros leather boots hit the ground, raising a tiny cloud of dust, followed by a toned slender body in fashionable clothes. His gold earrings and barrette sparkled in the sunlight. The purple-black bob of hair swished around his face as he slipped on a pair of white rimmed sunglasses and surveyed the area.

    Jordan Myung & Cosmo the Espeon
    Geosenge Town

    Jordan stepped away from the vehicle as Cosmo leapt out, landing lightly beside him. He circled around Jordan as many of the closer members of the crowd started to recognize him. Whispers of further excitement spread through the onlookers. Jordan wasn't quite as popular here in Kalos, but he was still definitely internationally recognized.

    Cosmo uncharacteristically ran ahead, so Jordan calmly made his way through the crowd after him, with a polite smile and the occasional wave. He trusted his pokemon to stay out of trouble, Cosmo was level headed and well trained. He followed as Cosmo ran into the monument. Here everything else seemed to grow dim; the outside world, the visage and din of crowd, the bright clear blue sky.

    Now he could see a group of other trainers and eeveelutions standing around a stone slab in the middle of the monument. He was not aware of a stone slab existing within this monument, but honestly he was more surprised everyone seemed to have shown up already. Even though psychic type pokemon existed, humans were not commonly believed to dream of the future. - He actual recognized a few of them immediately; Andre the movie star, Mariana the gym leader, and former coordinator Greta. He was also aware now that the indents were glowing different colors, well, seven of the nine indents were glowing at least.

    “I see you've been expecting me,” joked Jordan. Cosmo stopped before the slab, tilting his head towards one of the remaining indents. Jordan nodded to him, this seemed pretty obvious, and set his hand down on the stone. Violet light, much like his pokemon's psychic powers, erupted from the concave.

    Jordan stepped away, the series of glowing lights looked marvelous. There was still one dent left. He did a quick mental count of the other trainers, seven. . . that matched his dream. So, why did it look like they were a trainer short?
  9. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Mariana Brightsea & Tidus
    Geosenge Town

    For a small while, nothing seemed to happen. The blue indent continued to glow brightly, but the rest of the world walked by without paying them any mind. Mariana fidgeted and looked down at Tidus, who was now poised upright, his ears twitching at every little sound. He was clearly waiting for something to happen. Well, she supposed she should probably give it a few minutes…

    Slowly, Mariana realized she could hear something too. It sounded like… excited screaming? Mariana and Tidus both looked curiously over at an excited crowd that had formed not too far off from where they were standing. Then a sylveon rushed out of the crowd and waited near the monument for her trainer, Andre Bellamy. …Wait, Andre Bellamy?!

    Mariana stood awkwardly back as he touched one hand to the stone monument just as she had earlier, and the very last indent began glowing a bright pink. Fitting, she thought – Andre Bellamy was well known for his love of the colour. Then he turned to her, giving her a traditional Kalos greeting as well as a pink rose. Mariana blushed politely as she accepted the flower. "I am André Bellamy, but I am sure you already knew that, non?” he said. “May I ask what you are doing here? It is not every day you find a beautiful lady such as yourself standing in front of a bunch of rocks."

    Mariana smiled and idly spun the gifted rose with one hand. “Oh naturally, Mr. Bellamy. Tidus and I are quite big fans of your movies – isn’t that right, Tidus?” She looked expectantly at her vaporeon, who was startled out of staring at Andre’s sylveon. He gave a quick bark of agreement. She flourished one arm toward her chest. “My name is Mariana Brightsea. I’m a water-type gym leader. As for what I’m doing here, I am guessing the same as what you are doing here? The dream I had did say there should be eight of us in total…”

    Tidus, meanwhile, had strutted closer to Andre’s sylveon, entranced by her flirtatious introduction. “Vapor, vaporeon,” he purred, brushing her side lightly with his tail fin as he walked by to give her a once over. He clearly liked what he saw.

    Mariana hadn’t even noticed the next boy come over until he introduced himself as Joshua – Mariana blamed herself for being so focused on Andre. “Apologies Joshua, I didn’t even see you there…” She introduced herself again with a dramatic arm flair and ensured she mentioned her status as a gym leader. She did so once again for the next newcomer, Greta. (Tidus’s attention broke from Jeanne to briefly watch Greta’s glaceon groom herself.) And then again, and again, and again, until finally a trainer with an espeon appeared.

    The eighth trainer made a joke about how the others had been expecting him – honestly, Mariana was still a bit surprised that anybody else had actually shown up, but yes, by this point it was only an espeon that was missing from the eeveelution family. Eight eeveelutions, and eight trainers… so why were there nine indents?

    Mariana crossed her arms and studied the monument. The eight illuminated indents glowed brightly, with only the first in the series dulled. “Wait…” Mariana said, looking closer at the first indent. Had it just flickered, or were her eyes playing tricks on her? Then it happened again – the first indent glowed light grey, then faded out. After a few moments, it glowed once again, faded briefly out, then shone brightly. The ground beneath them began shaking – though again, the townsfolk didn’t seem to notice. The light from the indents became overwhelmingly bright, and Mariana shielded her eyes –

    When she opened them, the first thing she became aware of was that she was standing ankle-deep in cool water. Soft mud lined the bottom of the water, discouraging her from moving around too much. It took her eyes some time to adjust to the light, as it was very dark in… wherever they were. She noted the seven other trainers and their eeveelutions had joined her. She felt Tidus press himself to her leg, letting her know he was still there. She could slowly make out trees through the darkness – a lot of trees. The branches knotted thinly around each other and dipped into the water. The water at least didn’t have any odor, implying it was clean and likely not dangerous for them to be wading in. Mariana put one hand on Tidus for comfort. She did not like the look of this place.

    “Allo?” A young voice echoed across the dark marsh, prompting Mariana to glance around in confusion. “Excusez-moi, mon English is not too great...” It was definitely the voice of a child and had a heavy French accent attached to it, but where was it coming from?

    “Who are you? And where are you?” Mariana asked.

    “Moi?” the voice asked in innocent surprise. “My name is Gabriel. Yveltal took me and my eevee friend Pierre from our ‘ome in Vaniville Town! But it is okay, I am with Zygarde now! Well, many little Zygardes. It is ‘ard to explain. But listen to me – what you all saw in that dream, it was not just a dream, it was, ‘ow you say… destiny? Non... prophesy! It was foretold thousands of years ago!

    You are in the first “biome” – it is for water, dark, and grass. You must find the three elemental stones ‘idden in each of the three biomes. This is what Zygarde ‘as told me. Each of you should 'ave the powers related to your element if you are truly the trainers of the prophesy, yes? I know where all of the stones are – Zygarde has told me, as part of my test. The water elemental stone is at the bottom of a lake, the grass elemental stone is in the middle of a ‘idden grove, and the dark elemental stone – “

    A thunderous roar echoed across the area, interrupting Gabriel. “…The dark elemental stone is in the belly of a monster!” Gabriel finished, maybe a little too cheerily. “You can only touch the stone if its element corresponds to your eevee, but you can all ‘elp to get to it. Er, maybe especially with the monster. That will require much… travail d’equipe? Er… team effort!”

    There was another roar – even louder, followed by loud wingbeats. And then Mariana saw it – a huge hydreigon, except pitch black in colour with beady red eyes. It spotted the ground and soared toward them with an angry bellow. It took off again, gliding scarily close to everyone’s heads as it did so. Mariana ducked with a shriek.

    “Qu’est-ce qui se passe?!” Gabriel’s voice called. “You need to get to its belly!”

    Mariana panted and stared over at Joshua. “Well alright then, “element of darkness”. Do you have any ideas?!”
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  10. Schade

    Schade Do you hear it? Don't listen.

    Joshua Pierce and Zeke
    Geosenge Town -> Undisclosed, possibly lethal location: The Wherever!

    “Apologies Joshua, I didn’t even see you there…”, The blue-clad woman with the very uninterested Vaporeon said, flashing a series of admittedly impressive poses as she introduced herself as Mariana, the Water-Type Gym Leader. Josh had never heard of her, but nodded in partial confusion to try and divert her form that fact. The pink guy also assumed everyone knew him, he was probably some sort of idol by the looks of it. Josh didn't really recognize them though, as he hadn't had the time to dive into the ocean of pop culture and the likes during his upbringing. He made a mental note to casually ask the pink guy about this later.

    One by one, more people and their Eevee-related pokemon showed up, as Josh had suspected. This was the real deal. Whatever was going on here was serious, and it would look bad for him if he slipped out and went back to Lumiose now, as the bigger threat had yet to be revealed. If the surroundings was of any help, the rock formation was now partially an indecisive glowstick, incapable of settling with one color to commit to. The people around him were all as colorful personalities as their pokemon, ranging from the posh and spicy, to the more subtle and down to earth. Considering the celebrities in their presence, it wouldn't surprise him if the whole ordeal turned into a fan-event or something; Andre's army was still around, dousing the usually serene town in screams that would make outsiders wonder if they were cheers of joy, or screams of a bloody massacre.

    Most of the other people introduced themselves before asking whatever was going on, so it didnt seem like any of them had any clues either. That's just great. The blind leading the blind. After the spectacle had quieted down, yet before the awkward silence ensued, Mariana took it upon herself to inspect the prideful rock, looking for some sort of clue. Not much happened after that, though the suspense in the air could be cut with a knife as everyone glared at the rock obsessively. The glaring sort of worked though, as the different indents started glowing more fiercely until it was literally blinding, forcing Josh to look away.

    As he cast his eyes aside, he was made aware that he was now looking at some sort of pond? There was no pond in Geosenge town? Looking back, as the light had now faded, he saw that they were clearly not in Kansas anymore Barbara. It was very dark there, but rippling sounds as he moved his legs gave away that they were standing in some sort of water? A Marshland, to be more precise, as he could faintly see trees around them. the dark Wherever was dimly lit up by an ambient irrational greenish light, giving away very very dark clouds overhead.

    Then, a tiny voice could be heard from somewhere nearby, starteling Josh, who turned in the direction of which the voice came. It was a very french-sounding accent, trying its best. Mariana called out to it, as she could likely see the person of which the voice was coming from. Even though his sight adjusted to the darkness, Josh couldn't see where the voic came from, as the trainers were the only ones in the area save from the occasional shadow mocing in the distance.

    “Moi?” the voice asked in response to Marianas question regarding his identity. “My name is Gabriel. Yveltal took me and my Eevee friend Pierre from our ‘ome in Vaniville Town! But it is okay, I am with Zygarde now! Well, many little Zygardes. It is ‘ard to explain. But listen to me – what you all saw in that dream, it was not just a dream, it was, ‘ow you say… destiny? Non... prophesy! It was foretold thousands of years ago!

    You are in the first “biome” – it is for water, dark, and grass. You must find the three elemental stones ‘idden in each of the three biomes. This is what Zygarde ‘as told me. Each of you should 'ave the powers related to your element if you are truly the trainers of the prophesy, yes? I know where all of the stones are – Zygarde has told me, as part of my test. The water elemental stone is at the bottom of a lake, the grass elemental stone is in the middle of a ‘idden grove, and the dark elemental stone – “

    "Is right here.." Josh said quietly to himself, but was cut off as a thundering roar could be heard from somewhere in the darkness. “…The dark elemental stone is in the belly of a monster!” Gabriel finished, in an eerielly cheery tone. “You can only touch the stone if its element corresponds to your Eevee, but you can all ‘elp to get to it. Er, maybe especially with the monster. That will require much… travail d’equipe? Er… team effort!”

    The owner of the very sinister roar let out another one, louder than the first, indicating that whatever it was, it was close. Whatever it was however, was a Hydreigon. Josh was familiar with the species; he had seen one under the ownership of Carlos Morelli from the crew, but this one looked different, it looked wrong. It was pitch black in colors, donning bright red eyes on its three heads.

    “Well alright then, “Element of Darkness”. Do you have any ideas?!”, Mariana said in a panting, sarcastically annoyed tone. Was she expecting an actual answer to this? Josh was terrified. The situation was unknown, their location was unknown, he didn't know these people and now some Hydreigon wanted to eat them, and this was some sort of test aimed at him apparently and he had to get a something out of the dragons stomach because of course the glutton ate it.

    Josh just blurted out annoyed clueless nonsensical noises in return as he raised his shoulders in the classic "Does it look like i have the answers to this specific predicament??" fashion before he had to duck out of the way from the low-flying Dragon. Collecting himself as best he could, he started analyzing the scenario. "Well first of all, what do we know about Hydreigon? Despite it's obvious name it is in fact a primary Dark-Type." Maybe that was why it was down here in the Wherever, the "Dark-Type trials" or whatever the little boy who had conveniently vaguely explained certain things said. "Dark and desperate, death to make yourself alive. A broken body, bloody, banged on the stone cell, guts gripping in the dark dank. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Wringing us out. Wrought right and rigid. Can't relax. Can't see.." Wait, there it is! To fight the literal Dark glutton threatening to eat everyone in the ethereal darkness, one should first be able to actually see it coming!

    "Zeke, light this place up with Flash!" Josh commanded before Zeke jumped in front of him into formation. His yellow rings started glowing, releasing a cold light, illuminating the immediate proximity of their surrounding. It did just appear to be water and trees everywhere around them, confirming his suspicion that they were in a swamp of sorts, but at least now they had some range of sight. In the corner of his eyes, Josh could see some Palpitoads running away, while a Trevenant was casually observing the scene, waiting for leftover scraps from the dragon for it to feast upon. Hydreigon itself, however, was still as pitch black as if manifested by the raw darkness surrounding them. It didn't seem to distract it too much, and it retaliated by firing a raw beam of energy from all 3 of its heads. All 3 beams missed however, if not by a little. Josh had to jump out of the way to not be hit, and figured he didn't really need to taunt the pokemon? into attacking him as well as Zeke.

    "I can also do this." Josh said as he phased out of noticability, effectively reducing himself to a voice in the back of everyones head when he spoke. The Hydreigon seemed surprised by his sudden disappearance, but sniffed out into the air, confirming that he was, in fact, still there. As it couldn't see him anymore though, it focused all its attention on the glowing beacon of darkness that was Zeke. "Zeke, use Screech, and follow up with an Iron Tail!" Josh then commanded as Zeke jumped into action, releasing a harrowing shriek directly aimed at the dragon. Hydreigon was caugh by the move and staggered, giving Zeke the opportunity to land an Iron Tail right at its stomach. It got knocked back, but quickly regained its posture. It then fired off another Dragon Pulse. Zeke took the direct hit and shrugged it off as the dirt settled. "It's ok boy, you can take it!" Josh said reassuringly, though he could see Zeke struggle a bit with his posture. Hydreigon were powerful opponents, but Zeke was tanky. He had endured worse than simple Dragon Pulses. "Counter with Fake Tears!" Josh commanded, and Zeke sat down and held his front paw to his face, giving the Hydreigon the masterful art of puppy-eyes, shedding a single dramatic tear, echoing as it hit the water below. Hydreigon stopped mid-charge in what looked like a Flamethrower move, and looked apologetic, as if total annihilation wasn't the intended outcome for its unprovoked attack.

    "Ok, Cece, Now it's time to do something!", Josh shouted to Cece, who was standing next to him, and was visibly startled by the sudden voice from nowhere, so close to her . He was still in stealth-mode, hiding from the dragon, whose defenses were down due to Zeke's deception. Josh hoped Cece's Jolteon would pick up the baton, and continue the fight now that the dragon was weakened.
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  11. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou your deadman

    Cecilie "Cece" Novák & Caesar the Jolteon

    "... Oh. So, this is what."

    Cece's question was answered soon enough, though not quite the way she'd expected. The last unlit indent had begun to flicker, followed by a quake - and then all of a sudden, Cece had found herself ankle-deep in muddy water. Or that's what she assumed she was standing in, at least; the darkness made it difficult to be sure. It blinded her to all details, turning the trees that surrounded the group into lanky monsters with a million blurry fingers.

    And then the really weird stuff happened.

    It started with a voice, young and heavily accented. It explained that the prophecy had not been just a mere dream like most people would likely assume - but that it was indeed all real. The boy kept talking after that too, but Cece was no longer fully paying attention. She was far too excited to. A real prophecy? With a real adventure and real danger? Since when had Christmas come this early?!

    A loud roar tore Cece from her excitement-induced euphoria. Far above them, barely visible in the poor lighting flew a Hydreigon, its hide as black as the darkness that surrounded it. Were it not for its sinister red eyes, it would've blended in perfectly with the night. If it was really night. Cece could not make out any stars.

    Right. She didn't really get the whole deal with the biowhatevers, but if stones were what they needed and one of 'em was sitting in the belly of that beast, there was only one thing to do. So when the Vaporeon's trainer posed a question with an obvious answer, Cece didn't hesitate to answer, totally unbothered by the fact that it was not addressed at her.

    "Simple!" she announced. Caesar climbed her way to her trainer's shoulder, already guessing the words that were to follow. "We zap it right outta the sky!"

    Jolteon's fur begun to crackle once more. Sparks travelled along her spiky pelt, briefly illuminating the ghastly trees and the hovering beast. But before she could release the electricity she'd gathered, a boy and his Umbreon appeared out of nowhere to steal the (literal and proverbial) thunder. The Umbreon assaulted the dragon with a series of moves, disorienting the beast and lowering its defenses. Boring, but admittedly useful.

    "Ok, Cece, Now it's time to do something!"

    Cece jumped, though it was difficult to say whether it was out of startlement at the sudden voice out of nowhere or poorly concealed excitement. Either way, she did not need to be told twice. With a grin, she pushed her shoulder forward to help propel Caesar into the air. The electric type leaped as high as she could go, every strand of glowing fur standing upright.

    "Discharge a nice dose of Pin Missiles right at its face---es. Faces! Go!"

    Caesar launched a series of electrically charged spikes right at her target, pelting the dragon in a hail of sharp projectiles. They struck its wings and eyes, until the monster found itself off-balance - and falling off the sky. It made a huge splash as it hit the water, soaking the nearby trainers and their companions.

    But Cece wasn't done. Excited by her success so far, she raised a hand in the air. "Come on, finish it off with Thunder!"
  12. Minteh

    Minteh It's so shiny!

    Greta Berg and Kari the Glaceon
    Geosenge Town

    After Greta had arrived, four others had followed her to this strange place. It would seem that all those who had gathered, had been drawn here by some unknown force. Greta introduced herself to each of the newcomers and noted the names of everyone when they introduced themselves. Two of those gathered were more well-known to her than the others, with Greta instantly recognising Andre the movie star, and Mariana the Gym Leader. Whilst she was busy mingling in with those already gathered, Kari was ignoring most of the other eeveelotions. Her only interaction so far was to sniff indignantly at Mariana's Vaporeon who had stared at her.

    Greta was about to chide her Glaceon, perhaps even encourage it to be more polite to the other pokemon, when she heard Mariana mutter something before the ground began to shake again, and light blinded them. Greta forced herself to shield her eyes, and when she opened them again she was surprised to find they were all stood ankle-deep in cool water. As Kari pressed against her leg, Greta took the time to look around this place. It was certainly a very unusual place with an abundance of trees.

    Before she had much time to think about things, a voice called out to them from across the marsh. The voice was definitely that of a child, but no matter where she looked, Greta could not see any sign of a body to whom it might belong to.

    Upon Mariana's questioning on who he was, the boy began to speak again. “My name is Gabriel. Yveltal took me and my eevee friend Pierre from our ‘ome in Vaniville Town! But it is okay, I am with Zygarde now! Well, many little Zygardes. It is ‘ard to explain. But listen to me – what you all saw in that dream, it was not just a dream, it was, ‘ow you say… destiny? Non... prophesy! It was foretold thousands of years ago! You are in the first “biome” – it is for water, dark, and grass. You must find the three elemental stones ‘idden in each of the three biomes. This is what Zygarde ‘as told me. Each of you should 'ave the powers related to your element if you are truly the trainers of the prophesy, yes? I know where all of the stones are – Zygarde has told me, as part of my test. The water elemental stone is at the bottom of a lake, the grass elemental stone is in the middle of a ‘idden grove, and the dark elemental stone – “

    Greta barely had time to process any of what was said before a thunderous roar cut him off. Out of the darkness, flying above the treeline, a huge Hydreigon made its appearance, gliding scarily close over their heads. Greta moved to avoid, gesturing for Kari to move as well. And that was when the trouble began.

    Encouraged by Gabriel's words of using "team effort" to take down the Hydreigon, Mariana had turned to Joshua, the "element of darkness", asking what to do. He pointed out he didn't really know what to do, but this didn't stop him from urging his Umbreon to take action. It landed a few decent hits and left the creature in a more vulnerable state, after which he encouraged Cece to attack.

    She shouted for her Jolteon to attack, and it fired off an electrically charged round of Pin Missiles, some of the projectiles clipping the beast in the wings and sending it crashing into the water. It had only just hit the water when the girl was encouraging her Jolteon to hit it with thunder, not giving any thought to the fact it had landed in the same water they were stood in.

    "Stop!" Greta cried out, moving towards Cece. As she did so, Kari crashed into the Jolteon, preventing her from leashing the attack. Whilst Kari waited for a command, Greta gripped Cece. "You could have fried us! Be more careful next time!"

    Greta then turned to Kari. "Okay girl, lets hit this Hyreigon with a blizzard!" With a small nod, the Glaceon stepped forward, opening her mouth and releasing a strom of min snowballs, which pelted against the Hydeigon's scaly skin. The pokemon made a low roar of annoyance, its dual dragon typing made it vulnerable to Ice-type attacks, which Greta knew she could play to her advanatge.
  13. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy The dimpiest imp

    André Bellamy and Jeanne the Sylveon
    Geosenge Town > Disgusting Swamp Thing

    The girl happily accepted the rose, and seemd excited to seem him. André was delighted. He was always happy to meet one of his fans. The girl explained that her name was Mariana’s Brightsea, and that she is a Gym Leader. André knew that Gym Leaders had prestige, but never paid much attention to the battling circuit. Being a movie star took up so much of this time. Still, he nodded his head, and acted interested.

    Meanwhile, Mariana’s Vaporeon tried to flirt with Jeanne. The Sylveon giggled, and lightly stroked the Water type’s head with her ribbons.

    André hadn’t even noticed the next boy come over until he introduced himself as Joshua. How in the world did such a handsome guy walk past unnoticed, André didn’t know. After Mariana introduced himself, to him, André went ahead and did the same. “Bonjour mon ami!” Just like he did to Mariana before, he gave him a kiss on both cheeks, and handed him a pink rose as well. Then he gently stroked his cheek, and giggled.

    Meanwhile, Jeanne brushed the Umbreon lightly with her ribbons. “Sylveon.” She purred and winked.

    One by one, more people started to arrive. André introduced himself to each and every newcomer in his usual manner, by giving each of them a kiss on each cheek, and handing them a pink rose. First another girl clad in blue named Greta, then a red haired girl named Valerie. Jeanne took the opportunity to flirt with her Flareon. She was thrilled to have so many male Eeveelutions for company.

    Then there was a tall blonde young woman with a flower in her hair. She called herself Rose, but she introduced herself as a Princess. André had met some celebrities before, but never one who was actual royalty. André knew he had to meet her immediately. “Bonjour Princesse.” With a flourish, André gave her a kiss on each cheek, and handed her a pink rose. “I am André Bellamy. It is a pleasure to meet you mademoiselle.” He grinned, while putting his arm around her shoulders, and showing off his perfectly white teeth.

    The girl was completely calm as she accepted the flower, and got out of André’s grip. “Thank you André. It’s beautiful.”

    André had no idea what to do next. Usually people had some sort of reaction to having a famous movie star such as himself talk them, but André got nothing out of this girl. He would have to try to get to know her better. People would love it if he were to be seen in public with a real princess.

    Meanwhile, Jeanne clearly had plans to flirt with every male Pokémon present. She now tried to get her ribbons on Rose’s Leafeon. The Leafeon however was having none of it. He rubuffed Jeanne’s advances, much to the Fairy type’s disappointment.

    Oh well, no need to worry about that now, there were more people to meet. There was a girl with messy blonde hair that he introduced himself to. He kissed her on only one cheek. That was because he got an electric shock from her the moment his lips made contact with her skin. “WAH!” It was nothing serious, but it was definitely unpleasant. The girl apologized for it afterward, but André made note to back away from her immediately.

    Jeanne tried to putting her ribbons, and giving a kiss to the girls Jolteon. André wasn’t entirely sure that Jolteon was male, but André found the situation too amusing to tell her the truth.

    Then finally, the last person arrived. A cute young man with a fabulous haircut, and who actually had a sense of style. It was nowhere on André’s level, but he still appreciated the effort. “Tu es si mignon. J'aime ton style.” He gave the young man a kiss on each cheek, and placed the pink rose behind his ear. Then he gently stroked the young man’s dark hair, in the same way Jeanne stroked the boy’s Espeon with her ribbons.

    At last, everyone and their eight Eeveelutions had arrived. All but one of the indents on the stone pillar had lit up. Suddenly, the last unlit indent had begun to flicker, followed by a quake, then a blinding flash of light that forced André to shield his eyes. When the bright light cleared, they were all someplace dark... And wet, and not very pleasant. Immediately, André let out a scream. “AHHHHH! MY SHOES ARE WET!” The young movie star started having a freak out, trying to look for some place dry and seeing nowhere. “I did not sign up for this! These are expensive shoes! They are not supposed to get wet! And is that mud on the bottom?! Merde!”

    Jeanne was even more nervous being in the water, and touching the mud on the bottom. She tried standing on her hind legs, and leaning against her trainers legs trying to keep as much of her body out of the water. André had spent all morning keeping her fur groomed, she couldn’t possibly get it wet.

    Princess Rose Hadley and Brier the Leafeon
    Mysterious Biome

    Rose sighed and shook her head as she watched André have a freak out at simply being ankle deep in water. It wasn’t even dirty water either. Sure, it probably wasn’t very good for her shoes to get wet, but she wasn’t standing here having a breakdown over it. Even his Pokémon seemed to be having a fit, meanwhile Brier seemed to be enjoying soaking in the water.

    Before Rose really had time to ask any questions, a voice called out to them from across the marsh. It sounded like it belonged to a child with a pronounced Kalosian accent. He introduced himself, and explained that their dreams were not mere dreams, but an actual prophecy, which was rather obvious in Rose’s opinion. Gabriel shared more information, such as them having to find three elemental stones, and one of which was the Grass stone.

    The moment Gabriel said that the “Dark elemental stone is in the belly of a monster” as if on cue, a huge black Hydreigon made its appearance, gliding scarily close over their heads. Rose moved out of the way to dodge, and Brier stepped in front to protect her.

    At this point, Mariana had turned to the boy with the Umbreon, the "element of darkness", asking him what to do. He seemed as clueless as everyone else, but this didn't stop him from commanding his Umbreon to attack the creature. It landed a few decent hits and left the creature in a more vulnerable state, after which he encouraged the Jolteon to attack. André should have had his Sylveon attack, but the pink clad young man was still disgusted about his shoes getting wet. It was getting ridiculous now.

    Instead, the Jolteon girl had her Jolteon attack. Her attacks succeeded in getting the monster to crash into the water. Then, she ordered her Jolteon to hit it with thunder. She hadn’t even thought about the fact that they were all standing in the water, and would be electrocuted as well.

    Fortunately, the young woman with a Glaceon had some common sense. Her Pokémon pushed her Jolteon aside, and told her to be more careful next time. Then, she commanded her Glaceon to attack with Blizzard.

    Meanwhile, André was still upset his wet shoes. Enough was enough. She approached André, and grabbed his shoulders. “Listen, we are all very well aware your expensive shoes are wet. So are mine.” She spoke in a calm but still stern tone. “However, you can see we have much bigger problems to deal with right now, yes? Now, your Pokémon have a type advantage here. Please have your Sylveon hit that beast with a Fairy type move and end this.”

    André still didn’t look happy, but resigned himself to the fact that his shoes were probably ruined. “Jeanne use Hyper Voice on that monster!” He commanded.

    At this point, the Sylveon was very much in the mood to scream. She opened her mouth wide, and released pink sparkly sound waves out of her mouth, aimed at the Hydra.
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  14. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Valerie Arkwright and Blaze
    Underground Water Cave

    Great. Water. Of course the first trial is in a cave filled with water. What counters fire again? Right, water. What a fantastic start to the day.

    Val shakes her head and waves her hands, ten little embers appearing at the tips of her fingers and providing a bit of illumination in the overwhelming darkness. In doing so, she accidentally set the rose André had given her alight, and quickly dips it in the water a few times to extinguish it. Not that she particularly cared for the thing — but setting fire to a gift is… kind of disrespectful. She bends down and lifts Blaze out of the water, setting the eeveelution down on her shoulder.

    “AHHH! MY SHOES ARE WET!” — these are the first words to break the silence, and Val immediately finds herself cracking up, holding back her laughter as the resident movie star embarrasses himself. Her mood lightened by the probably-unintended comedic relief, she wades through the water to position herself closely to the rest of the group. If something were to happen, it’d be best to be closer together.

    And there was definitely something sinister about the atmosphere here. She’d been in dangerous places before, and they all had a certain sort of aura to them — this place is no different. “I don’t like the feel of this place.” She calls out, her voice loud in the relative quiet, “Stay alert — it could be dangerous.”

    As if on cue, a heavily accented, kind of boyish voice echoes in the caverns. As it spoke of prophecies, quests, and legendary Pokemon, Val narrows her eyes and scans the darkness around them, searching for threats. Something definitely isn’t right here — and she isn’t about to let herself, or anybody else, get caught off guard.

    Her suspicion is soon vindicated by a loud roar, and the ensuing chaos. A Hydreigon soars out of the darkness, immediately, the others jump into it, each one unleashing their own series of attacks on the monster. There are some hiccups here and there (someone almost electrocuted everyone, but hey, people make mistakes), but nothing major. Val runs through the water, ducking under the Hydreigon’s attacks as she looks around for anyone who might be struggling. As the mysterious boy said — this was a team effort, after all. “Blaze, let’s light this place up!” She yells, “We can’t have our friends fighting in the dark! Use Will’o’wisp!"

    Blaze barks an affirmative, letting out a series of ghostly blue fires that hang still in the air, lighting up the dark cavern in a pale blue light as attacks continued to rain down on the three-headed dragon, bringing it crashing down into the water. Val grimaces, shielding herself from the resulting splash of water with her arms. The beast was weakened — now would be the best time to deal the finishing blow. Unfortunately, given how wet the surroundings are, and the natural type disadvantage Blaze suffers, someone else would have to do the job.

    “I’ll trap it!” She shouts, raising her voice to be heard over the clamour, “Someone hit it with something big!” Then, at a normal volume — “Fire spin!” Her companion obliges, spewing out a stream of fire from his perch on her shoulder. The fire that quickly forms a swirling tornado around the Hydreigon, trapping it in place and leaving burns all over its body just as the pink sound waves of André’s Sylveon ring through the air, inflicting damage on the beast.

    Val jumps up to let out a cheer, only to double over slightly as a searing pain arcs through her chest. Grimacing, she curses under her breath and staggers backwards. Instinctively, she reaches out to grab a rock to steady herself — only for her hand to come in contact with someone’s shoulder instead. Strange -- there hadn't been anyone there last time she checked. “Sorry —” she coughs, “Just — gimme a second.” Closing her eyes, she takes a few deep breaths, and waits for her heartbeat to slow.

    As soon as the pain fades, Val quickly takes a step back and lets out a laugh. “My bad. I’m not supposed to run around — doctor’s orders.” She says. Squinting a little under the glare of the flames, she tries to make out the person’s face, and her eyes widen in recognition. “Oh hey, I know you! Bartender in Lumiose City, right?"
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  15. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Jordan Myung & Cosmo the Espeon
    Monument (Geosenge Town) > ???

    Jordan was shocked, as suddenly the internationally know movie star, André Bellamy was upon him. As he tried to process the comment, he was sure it was Kalosian, and he only caught the words for 'you' and 'style', it took a moment more for him to even realize what André was doing. The man had kissed him and was playing with his hair, putting a pink rose in it. Jordan took a step back, cringing, but also hoping he didn't look totally disgusted. He knew some Kalosian were considered very touchy feely in the way they greeted people, but that did not make him okay with it, he ahd not signed up for this. Still, this was André, and he didn't want to totally offend him, did he? He tried to smile and commented, “Uhh, N-Nice to meet you too.”

    A short way away he could see the water gym leader cross her arms as she examined the monument, and wondered if the same math problem had occurred to her. Then suddenly the earth shook, and the lights from the indents flared up. Jordan was first aware of the darkness, then the outlines of trees. And after that, the sound of water, looking down confirmed they were standing in it. He was glad to be wearing his signature boots now, but a little annoyed that this was probably going to ruin them. That also explained why André was screaming that his shoes were wet, to the annoyance and amusement of some of their other party members.

    The girl with the Flareon warned them to be alert. That seemed like sound, though maybe slightly obvious, advice.

    Jordan looked about as a voice echoed through the darkness around them, Mariana. . . apparently they were all destine to fight monsters and obtain elemental stones. The first of which was a dark stone. Okay, Jordan really did not sign up for this.

    Then this guy, this naturally hot, but not willing to put any effort into his looks sort of guy, stepped up, though perhaps a little reluctantly. He analyzed the situation verbally, attacked, and passed responsibility onto the Jolteon's trainer. They brought the monster down into the water, where Greta had to stop them from frying everyone. André finally followed suit as well, when the girl in the fancy dress got him to stop freaking out. They seemed kind of close. Were they a couple?

    Meanwhile Flareon girl had her pokemon trap the beast. Their group should be able to finish this thing off no problem. Jordan knew he was at a type disadvantage here, but luckily there was a popular fairy type move that Espeon could learn, that not only looked fantastic in contests, but was pretty powerful. Jordan directed his pokemon, “And you Cosmo, Dazzling Gleam!”

    The monstrous pokemon was bombarded with a rainbow of iridescent sparkles. After this, Jordan turned his attention to the red headed girl, she didn't seem to be feeling well, but was already using someone else to support her. Okay, good. He returned his attention to the monster. Was it down for good now?
  16. Schade

    Schade Do you hear it? Don't listen.

    Joshua Pierce and Zeke
    The Wherever!

    In an act of both surprise and surprisingly accurate responce, Cece told her Jolteon to do a barrage of damaging moves, hopefully this would make the Dragon at least flinch for a while while Josh came up with the next plan. Zeke was ready on standby, shrugging off any previous damage and redying himself for the next wave. "Stop!" One of the other trainers shouted out, prompting the Jolteon to practically stop in its tracks. "You could have fried us! Be more careful next time!" she then explained. That was... actually very true. The group was standing in ancle-deep water, and electrifying that would probably mean bad times for most, if not all of them. The girl then instructd her Glaceon to take action, and use a Blizzard move, heavily crippling the dragon.

    Hoping the trainer with the Fairy-Type evolution would make the finishing blow on this dragon, as its Fairy-Type moves would be the most effective against it, Josh turned to the pink guy who had introduced himself in a crude way as Andre. Alas, there didn't seem to be much help to get from him. Being more concerned about his shoes, it was obvious he hadn't even noticed the Hydreigon to begin with.. Ok nevermind that, the Fairy-Type was out of the equation. Luckily, the Leafeon Trainer had the guts to put him in his place and remind him of the more important matters regarding the dragon, pretty much ordering him to order his Sylveon to attack it. It worked though, for Sylveon let out a horrendus scream in the same fashion as Zeke could, allthough it definitely hit bullseye as the Dragon now looked worse for wear than ever before.

    In perfect tandem to the moves before, The Flareon trainer jumped in. Using a well-hitting Will-O-Wisp to once again make the dragon fall out of the sky. how it ever got the time to readjust itself was beyond anyones imagination. “I’ll trap it!” she then yelled, making her Flareon use a Fire Spin move which, indeed, did trap the pokemon. Before Josh could take a moment to appreciate the teamwork the crew put into defeating this being, the last trainer made his... her? Josh wasnt entirely sure, he wasnt paying attention when they introduced themselves. Either way, their Espeon fired off a Dazzling Gleam. Nice, another Fairy-type move! The dragon was pushed back several feet by this blinding light, and was now struggling to get back to its very unrealistic hind legs.

    "Right, Zeke, it's up to us again!", Josh said while Zeke was almost vibrating in anticipation. What did the weird french spooky kid voice say he needed to do? An elemental stone, in the belly of the beast. Josh sighed loudly at this realization. "Well excuse me for not bringing my hunting knife then!" he shouted sarcasticallyto the dragon, which seemed to burpe in response. What could he even do in this situation? The dragon was down for count, but he didn't exactly wanna go gut it if that was what the twisted little french kid wanted. As he was thinking to himself, a plan took form in his head. "Wait, this may actually work" he said before turning to the others. "Watch your shoes, Andre." he sarcastically warned before continuing. "Zeke, use Toxic on the Hydreigon, now!". Zeke followed, making a making a weird cracking sound as he unhinged his jaws before a huge bile of purple'ish venom shot out in a straight line, hitting the dragon in the face. It was easy to see that the move worked, as Hydreigon was now busy and visibly ill. It faultered around on the ground for a few moments, letting out weak roars of agony and pity before bending over, throwing up everything it had probably eaten the past century or so in the process. like all three of its heads were throwing up here, it was bizarre. The stench was sickening and Josh quickly sovered his nose. "Good job, Zeke!" he said with the funny vice of someone pinching their nose real hard. "Now fetch me the item we are searching for!" Zeke paused for a moment and looked at him, giving him the purest "Are you f***ing kidding me no way in f**k am i going near that disaster" look. Josh sighed and just went for what he needed to do before thinking it through. If he was to think this through there was no way in hell he would do it.

    Luckily, the group was standing in ancle-high water. Unfortunately, the group was standing in ancle-high water. trying to fan away the mucky puke-water, Josh got to the epi-center of the disaster. The Hydreigon had eaten quite a lot of strange whatevers, as there was everything here ranging from punctured footballs, to suspiciously small bones. fighting back actual tears as the realization of what he was doing hit him, Josh finally found what he thought he was searching for. It was a rock, wasn't it? A dark one at that. Entirely black, probably the blackest thing he had ever seen. It also weakly pulsed with a black glow, remenissent of a beating heart. "PiCk Me Up" he heard a whispering sound from somewhere. "I aM eVeRyThInG yOu DeSiRe". Yep, it was the rock. "I cAn TeAcH yOu ThE tEcHnIqUe To MaKe ThE bEsT cRePeS!" it said, but was cut short as Josh stuffed it in a convinient bag he had on him.

    Walking over to the rest of the group, refusing to acknowledge what he had just done, he firmly said: "Great. Now what.". Zeke looked very ill himself.
  17. Tangeh

    Tangeh Well-Known Member

    Mariana Brightsea & Tidus
    First Biome - Dark Swamp

    Despite Joshua's initial hesitation when Mariana had asked what the hell they were supposed to do now, he leapt into leadership mode shortly after that. One by one the others joined in. Tidus glanced at Mariana, who gave a nod, and he joined in the assault with an ice beam. At one point the beast was knocked out of the sky, drenching Mariana and a few others. She shielded her face instinctively, though was hardly bothered by a bit of water - then Tidus jumped desperately toward her, putting up a protect shield -

    Mariana blinked in confusion, noticing Greta yelled at Cece for nearly frying them. She wasn't totally sure what happened, but Tidus was staring at the girl's glaceon in admiration. Without any instruction from Mariana, he bounded next to her and used ice beam along with the glaceon's blizzard. Everyone was yelling and calling out instructions, circles of flames were intertwined with ice and sparkly sound waves. This was no regulation gym match, that much was for sure. It was hardly a standard victory either - the hydreigon, poisoned, ended up vomiting up the stone. Mariana hastily backed away as the stomach fluids spread through the shallows waters toward them.

    "Did you get it?! Did you get the stone?!" Gabriel's voice echoed excitedly around the gloomy swamp - which looked no less dark and unsettling, despite the stone now resting safely in Joshua's pocket. He reacted to Joshua's weak question of "now what?" with far more enthusiasm: "Bravo!" he cheered. "Now... you must go get the other two! I do not know where it is. Maybe just look for deep water or a forest."

    Unhelpful, but Mariana was eager to move away from the ill hydreigon anyways, lest it recover and attack again. The body fluids flowing from the creature, as disgusting as it was, made her realize that there was a slight current flowing out of the swampy area. She gestured to the others. "Let's continue downstream. That should be our best bet for, what did you say Gabriel? The bottom of a lake?"

    "Yes!" Gabriel replied eagerly. "Maybe along the way there will be a secret grove!"

    Mariana wasn't as sure how to go looking for that. There were trees all around the area, none of which had routes that were easily passable. She started walking, then paused and glanced back. Her eyes lingered on Valerie. "Is everybody okay? I'm not sure it's safe to rest here, but..."
  18. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy The dimpiest imp

    André Bellamy and Jeanne the Sylveon and Princess Rose Hadley and Brier the Leafeon
    First Biome - Dark Swamp

    With everyone working together, the dragon was finally defeated. The creature landed in the water with a splash, that no doubt would have gotten André wet. He thanked Xerneas that Jeanne put up a Protect shield. His shoes were already wet, he didn't want to get all of his clothes wet too.

    "Watch your shoes, Andre." Joshua warned before having his Umbreon to poison the Hydreigon. Causing the beast to vomit up the stone they were looking for. André cringed, and he and Jeanne backed away from the stomach fluids. That would ruin his shoes even more.

    Now, they had two more stones to look for. No one had any idea where to go next, but Mariana suggested they go downstream. As they went along, looking for who knows what, Mariana asked if everyone was alright.

    "I am fine I suppose... Although, my shoes are still wet!" He complained loudly while flailing his arms in an overdramatic fashion. "Why oh why did they have to send us to a disgusting swamp like this?!"

    "As... theatrical as he is being, I do have to agree." The Princess chimed in. "I do hope we can find someplace dry soon. As you can see, I'm not exactly dressed to be trekking through swamplands either." Rose then decided to turn her attention to the redheaded girl. She looked like she was suffering during that battle with the Hydeigon. Rose couldn't help feeling bad for the girl. "Beg your pardon dear. Are you sure you're ok? You seemed to be in some sort of pain during that last battle."

    Taking a cue from Rose, André also turned his attention to one of his fellow companions. Not to check if they were ok, but more just to socialize. He spoke to that cute guy with the Espeon he had talked to earlier. He seemed uncomfortable by André's attention, which the young movie star found amusing. He never understood why so many people were bothered by a little affection. After all, it's not like he had intentions to hurt them or anything. "Andrè removed his pink sunglasses, made direct eye contact with the boy, and placed his hand on his shoulder. "Bonjour mon ami!" He said with a smile, flashing his perfectly white teeth. "How are you handling this... situation? You know, I do not believe I got your name." André activated his Fairy Charm, which made him surrounded by pink sparkles that enhanced his charms.
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  19. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Jordan Myung & Cosmo the Espeon
    Location: ???

    The guy with umbreon moved forward to deal with the downed dragon, complaining that he did not have a hunting knife. Jordan grimaced, it was one thing to battle pokemon in self-defense, but to kill them? The guy warned André to watch his shoes before having his pokemon unleash a toxic move that made the hydreigon sick. And that was terrible all around; the visual, the triple hacking sound, the assortment of half digested junk, the stomach acids swirling into the water, and the putrid smell. Oh, the smell. . .

    Jordan felt queasy as the other trainer dug around in the vomit looking for the stone. They weren't all going to have to to that, right? He wasn't going to have to do something like that was he?

    Mariana spoke again with the disembodied child's voice, deciding they had to move downstream looking for deep water and a grove. Jordan was fine with that plan, he wanted to get as far away from here as possible. Then André came over to ask how he was doing, and impress upon him the fact that he did not know his name. Of course not, why would a movie star bother to follow contest news? He probably thought it was beneath him. He smiled weakly, “Oh right, it's Jordan, Jordan Myung,” then decided to play with André a little, “And you're. . . Andrew, was it? . . Yeah, I'm fine. This is all a bit. . . no, excuse me.”

    It was not fine. Jordan rushed off into some nearby shrubbery to be sick. Cosmo just stood there looking up at André and occasionally shaking a wet paw unhappily.

    Jordan pulled out a fancy handkerchief and wiped his face before returning. He avoided direct eye contact with André, as he apologize, “I'm sorry. . . I guess I'm not fine. I don't normally have to watch dragons throw-up in stereo.”
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  20. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    Valerie Arkwright and Blaze
    Underground Water Cave

    Leaning against the wall, Val watched as Joshua waded into the now-vomit-filled water and pulled out some sort of glowing black stone. It seemed to say something, but she couldn’t quite catch it before he jammed it into his bag, silencing it immediately. She couldn’t help but laugh a little at the disgusted faces of everyone present — not that it wasn’t disgusting, but it was still humorous, in that twelve-year-old, poop joke sort of way.

    After some quick celebrations, the group was on their way, and Val waded after them at a leisurely, using her jacket’s sleeve to block out the stench as she took some deep breaths. It had been a while since she’d last ran around so much, and she’d almost forgotten about the whole ‘broken ribs and punctured lung’ thing, but she'd lived with it for a long time, and knew how to deal with it no problem. Making a wide circle around the Hydreigon and its bodily fluids, she followed the rest of the group downstream.

    “Is everyone okay?” Mariana said, giving her a pointed look, “I’m not sure it’s safe to rest here, but…”

    Oh, great. The last thing she wanted was to be seen as a liability, and to be perfectly honest, it hurt a little. A few years ago, she would no doubt have been among the fittest people in this little group, and while she wasn't prone to jealousy or anything like that, she didn't like this feeling of vulnerability very much. As if to drive the point home, the girl with the Leafeon approached her and asked her if she was okay, with a hint of pity in her voice. Blaze waved his tail back and forth in a greeting, slapping her gently in the face a few times.

    "I had an accident a while ago, and I’m not supposed to move around too much.” Val replied, straightening up a little and sliding her hands back into her pockets, “But I can take care of myself, so there’s no need to worry.” Giving a reassuring smile, she added, “Never mind me. Your name was Rose, right? You holding up okay?"

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