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The Eevee Spectrum | RP Thread [PG-13]

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Tangeh, Dec 11, 2018.

  1. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou your deadman

    Cecilie "Cece" Novák & Caesar the Jolteon
    First Biome - Dark Swamp

    Honestly? Cece felt sort of bad for the Hydreigon, monstrous size and abnormal coloration or not. After Caesar zapped the dragon from the sky, the poor thing was blasted with just about every attack imaginable - until it ended up vomiting out the stone they were after. Yikes. Talk about bullying. Then again, throwing the stone up was probably the easiest way to get it outta the Pokémon's stomach, for both the Hydreigon and them. Cece couldn't think of a better alternative, anyway - not that she bothered to think for long. What was done was done, time to move on and give the beaten creature some room to breathe.

    She distanced herself from the spreading bile to avoid getting it on her legs, but wasn't particularly disgusted by it. Yeah, the smell was pretty pungent, but it's not like she hadn't come across much worse on her travels. Long as she didn't get the stuff on her, she was fine. Caesar was the more perturbed of the two, really; the second the hurling had started, she'd backed away and bristled her fur in annoyance. To be fair, the smell was probably much stronger for her, so Cece didn't make fun of the Jolteon - this time. She did grin down at her though.

    Before long, the group was moving again. According to the disembodied voice, they ought to look for a lake and a secret grove next. Now that was something right up her alley! Finding places that weren't meant to be found was her shtick. That grove didn't stand a chance.

    At Mariana's question, Cece raised a hand high in the air. "All good here! Rest's for the old and the boring."

    It looked like not everyone shared her sentiment, though; that André guy was complaining about his shoes, the flashy guy with an Espeon ran off to puke, and the redhead seemed pretty dedicated on proving that she was okay, despite what had happened earlier. Oh. Well, guess they were having a break then. In that case, if everyone was gonna just stand around and talk...

    Cece glanced at the blonde girl whose Glaceon had intercepted Caesar's attack earlier. The Jolteon was glaring at the Pokémon in question now too, figuratively and literally ruffled. Cece ignored her, and casually moved next to the girl. On the way, she stretched her arms, then settled them behind her head as a makeshift pillow, her whole body slightly bent backwards. If her backbag had been any heavier, she might've just fallen backwards into the water. She seemed unaware of the possibility.

    "Pheew, that sure was something, huh?" before her rhetorical question could be answered to, she spoke up again, "Just so we're clear, I had things under control back there." Her tone wasn't unfriendly so much as it was just stubborn, like she was stating an obvious fact that should not be disputed. Not that she paused for long enough to allow it in the first place; in an instant she was already continuing, a playful drawl in her voice. "Buuut I guess every group needs a worrywart~"

    She skipped in front of the other girl, walking a few steps backwards ahead of her. Cece grinned, then nodded her head. "Name's Cecilie - but really, Cece is fine. Ah, I'd shake hands and all, but I got this lil problem, y'see..." she gave her own cheek a quick tap. A few bright sparks ran across her skin for a fleeting moment, clearly visible in the dark. Every now and again, similar sparks would appear elsewhere on her skin as well, but she didn't really acknowledge them.

    "So, what's your name, Miss Worrywart?"

    Caesar rolled her eyes and started stealing glances at the Sylveon who'd kissed her earlier instead.
  2. Minteh

    Minteh It's so shiny!

    Greta Berg and Kari the Glaceon
    First Biome - Dark Swamp

    It took some time, but with a combined team effort, the assembled youths and their eeveelotions were able to take down the beast. Kari worked well to weaken the beast with Blizzard. though Greta knew that even with the type advantage, it probably wouldn't stay down for long. Thankfully, André had finally settled down enough to instruct his Sylveon to attack, which combined with an attack from the Flareon helped weaken it further. The Espeon and Umbreon were what finally defeated the creature, but not before the Umbreon's Toxic attack made the Hydreigon vomit into the water.

    Whilst Greta stepped back to avoid the vomit coming closer to them, her blue eyes watching as Joshua waded out into the water, and retrieved the stone the Hydreigon had retched up. Greta's nose wrinkled in disgust as he retrieved it from the water, certainly not envying him for being the one to fetch it.

    There were a few celebrations when it was confirmed he had gotten the stone, only for the mood to be slightly dampened when Gabriel pointed out they still needed to find two more stones. Mariana suggested they head downstream, something which the group were quick to agree to. They hadn't walked far when Mariana paused and turned back to look at the group, asking whether everyone was okay. Greta noted that her gaze seemed to linger on Valerie in particular.

    With the brief respite, Greta took the chance to crouch down beside Kari, and gave her a reassuring pat, under the guise of checking she was uninjured. As she straightened, she was aware of the girl she had stopped earlier, who was making small talk with her. The conversation started out animatedly enough, but it did take a turn after a while. Greta wouldn't have said she was being unfriendly, more stubborn and mocking if anything, but she disliked the tone the other used around her.

    The girl skipped around her, grinning as she did so. She introduced herself as Cecilie - or Cece for short - and mentioned about shaking her hand, before showing off why she couldn't do so, as sparks danced across her skin. Greta eyed the sparks curiously, but she was not unnerved by them.

    "My name is Greta," she responded curtly, a slight edge to her tone as she added, "next time I won't get in your way. Wouldn't want you to get caution confused for overprotectiveness."

    By her feet, Kari glared between Cece and Caesar, before a quick glance from Greta made her settle. More riled up from the pair than Greta was, she moved away at her trainer's bidding, moving near to Marian's Vaporeon, Tidus. She had noted the Vaporeon's stares earlier and was keen to return the gesture, staring at him intently, trying to make sense of him.
  3. Schade

    Schade Iron Defensive

    Joshua Pierce and Zeke
    The Wherever!

    "Did you get it?! Did you get the stone?!" the childlike voice said enthusiastically. Josh held up the pulsing stone. "CrEmE fRaIcHe!" it whispered menacingly before being stuffed into the bag again. "Bravo!" Gabriel cheered. "Now... you must go get the other two! I do not know where it is. Maybe just look for deep water or a forest.". Well anywhere would be better than the dank dirty swamp. It took everything in Josh's power not to vomit himself after the disgusting act he had to preform earlier, but seeing as there was already one vain charicature in the group, they idn't need another one. Mariana then gestured for the group to follow the flow of the water to the end of the river, with Gabriel giving not so sublte secretive hints and vague tips along the way. Asking if everyone was alright, and asking Valerie in particular, Mariana gave everyone a slightly worried look. The girl with the Leafeon also aske Valerie is she was doing allright, to which Valerie replied she had an accident some time ago and that she would be fine if she could ust catch her breath. she then pointed her attention to the Leafeon girl to change the subject, confirming her name as Rose.

    The girl with the Jolteon let everyone know she was ok and didn't need no rest, while Jordan was off puking in a bush. It was good someone else had the guts to do so. Josh fought with all his stregth the urge to follow his footsteps. Swallowing heavily, he managed to speak. "I.. I'm good.". Zeke was patiently sanding next to him, trying to avoid the eeper ends of the water. He was not good. None of this was good. He had spent a good 10 minutes washing his arm after digging around like that in a safe spot far away from the scene.

    It would seem as introductions were in order then, as the group mingled and spoke to each other while casually walking downstream. Cece introduced herself to the girl with the Glaceon, who was named Greta, while the Jolteon seemed to not so subly glanced over at Andre's Sylveon. The whole scenario was strange, as Marianas Vaporeon flirted with Sylveon, Caesar threw longing looks over to Sylveon, who also flirted with Flareon. The whole thing was strange, and Zeke kept close to Josh to avoid it. Not that he seemed interested in any of them, but he also seemed scared to be on the recieving end of their strange harassments.

    Shaking off the strangeness of the Eeveelutions, Josh focused more on the task at hand. They had the dark black pulsing stone of delicious meals, but what was next? Gabriel had said that they would need to go to the end of the river or in the attached forest. Josh walkd up to Mariana and talked to her, startling her by coming out of nowhere. He really had to stop doing that.. "So, the voice told us to just follow the stream? Do you think we should be aware of more powerful pokemon like that strange Hydreigon back there?". Zeke was walking closely to him, eyeing their surroundings.
  4. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou your deadman

    Cecilie "Cece" Novák & Caesar the Jolteon
    First Biome - Dark Swamp

    The other girl introduced herself as Greta, but didn't seem to be all too pleased to make her acquaintance. Cece found herself taken aback by her tone, unsure what had prompted such an icy response - pun sort of intended. Was it something she'd said? Hmm... nah, she couldn't think of anything. Maybe the girl was just the grumpy type by nature. Greta the Grump. Sounded kinda cute, actually.

    "Great!" Cece exclaimed in response, accentuating her enthusiasm with a raised thumb. She seemed so unfazed by the passive aggression that it was difficult to tell whether she just chose to ignore it - or missed it altogether. "Knew you'd understand. Oh, and-- don't worry, you're forgiven for this time. Everyone makes mistakes. Even I, sometimes, but..." she threw a quick glance at the Jolteon, making sure she was out of earshot. Once she was certain it was safe, Cece leaned closer to the other girl and lowered her voice to a whisper. "Don't tell Caesar I said that, though. Lil bugger would not let me hear the end of it."

    She winked as if she'd just shared a deep dark secret with the girl, then straightened back to her usual height.

    It was then that she happened to overhear someone's question - though it took her a moment to find the person who'd asked it. Turned out that it was that guy, the one she kept forgetting existed. It was as if he was there one second, and just... not, the next. Oh well. Either way, his question piqued her interest; the prospect of running into more strange Pokémon on the way was exciting. Maybe if they ran into - and beat the crap out of - enough of them, they'd eventually be able to figure out what caused their rage and discoloration. Ugh, if only she'd brought Pokéballs. Those things had to be rare as all heck. If they found a small one, screw Pokéballs, she was capturing it by hand!

    "Hey, Ghostie!" she called out to the guy, wherever he was at the moment. "If you're worried, I can check the perimeter. Oh--- you guys might wanna duck."

    She turned to her Jolteon who'd nearly walked up to the Sylveon at this point. "Pin Missile. Let's see if there's anything alive around here."

    Caesar didn't seem all too pleased to be bothered, but did as she was told regardless. She jumped as high as her legs would allow, fur sharpening into glowing spikes - which she then fired indiscriminately in all directions. Some of them glowed with traces of low-voltage electricity, momentarily lighting up their surroundings before darkness swallowed them whole. Cece only barely managed to avoid a few of them, one by absolute accident as she happened to lean forward to listen for any potential cries from the darkness.

    Hopefully, the others were as lucky. She had told them to duck.

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