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The Eeveelutions Workshop v3.

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Sorry, I totally forgot to check this page to see updates on the banner you were making me! I thought you`d answer me by private message and then I hadnt heard from you for like a week =p but just saw your message about the laptop being crashed. So yeah, keep me updated!

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^Stop asking me!
I do also have a social life outside here you know & I also do work (Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm & I don't get home until 5pm (sometimes 6pm) then I have to cook dinner when I get home)).

It's half way done!

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^It'll take a few days.
I'll send you a message when it's done.

Edit: Here you go all done!
~Click on me to get the link
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G'day LV, this member would like to request a Group Pose.

Basically, I'm wondering if I could trouble you to please update my centuries-old team pose below.


I didn't see an official form, so hopefully this makes sense. I'd be happy to repost if you need me to.

.::Group Pose::.
Custom Trainer, Mightyena, Medicham, Kingler, Hariyama, Honchkrow, Torterra, Zebstrika

Also, if it's not too much of a bother, would it be possible to get a version of my team pose with the exact same Pokemon as above, but only with this Custom Trainer instead, too.

Feel free to use whatever base you think looks cool, and no worries if you have to spread it out a bit in order so that everything fits.

No rush and I look forward to seeing your finished work. Muchos gracias~


I see no form so can ihave an avy of a shiny ducklett with its wing up and like an aqua theme background thanks

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^Funny, I found it...please fill it out:
Image +
Size + (160x160 max)
Style + (Normal or Xous)
Text +
Font +
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