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The Elder Scrolls Thread


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"The Elder Scrolls (abbreviated as TES) is a series of action role-playing open world/fantasy video games developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks."

Hello, citizens of Tamriel. Welcome to the Elder Scrolls thread, where you can discuss anything related to:

- TES: Arena (1994)-
- TES II: Daggerfall (1996)-
- TES III: Morrowind (2002)-
- TES IV: Oblivion (2006)-
- TES V: Skyrim (2011)-
- The Elder Scrolls Online (2014)-
- Spin-Offs -

Let's start with something simple: What was your first TES game? (Mine was Oblivion)


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I'm fairly new to the Elder Scrolls series. I've only played Skyrim, though I'd like to go back and play the other games if I can. I've played Dungeons and Dragons for a few years now and an epic fantasy experience like this is difficult to pass up.

I've only played one character, an Argonian spellcaster (in other words, a lizard wizard x3) with destruction and conjuration maxed. I pretty much entirely used magic to fight, which made it somewhat difficult. In addition, I feel like an oddity within the Elder Scrolls community in that I try my hardest NOT to steal anything and I attempt to follow the laws. In addition, I had speech fairly high so I could talk my way out of many problems. This left me with a bit of financial troubles but I didn't really need to BUY weaponry or armor that often, mainly just potions and potion ingredients. In the war, I sided with the Empire (I couldn't sympathize with people giving me death glares every time I walked into the city, me being a beast race and all). Thus I pretty much considered Stormcloak cities enemy territory and thus avoided them like the plague.


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I dabbled in Oblivion, but I didn't really get into the series until Skyrim. I have considered playing the previous installments more thoroughly, but regardless of gameplay I just can't bear such comparatively-abysmal graphics.

As for the Elder Scrolls Online, I will probably get it. I expect it to sort of end up like Star Wars: The Old Republic where it was popular for a month or two but is then completely forgotten about. I am looking forward to partying up with some bros and killing sh*t though.


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my first Elder Scrolls game was Renting Oblivion back in 2009.

Never really got into it though, and i think all i did that first time was the arena and half the main quest. i was also stuck on level 1 the whole time because i couldnt figure out how to level up.

Ive Rented it 3 other times since then, but i still have trouble finding any quests besides the main story and the guilds.

Skyrim however, i played once a day for the first six months of 2012. I ended up Deleting and creating tons of Characters in that time.

i still havent done the whole main story, but i have way more fun with Skyrim than I did Oblivion.


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About time someone started a thread like this!

My first was Morrowind, had a blast playing that.

Then Oblivion came around, started playing that, and had more of a blast.

Skyrim is by far my fav, and I'm currently Lv.38 on my first file. Haven't played in a while, though...been busy.


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I've only thoroughly played through Skyrim, I'm like level 50...or 60 something...I love it, probably one of my favorite games, if not my favorite.

I tried playing Oblivion, but it froze on me and I lost my save...so yea.

Has anyone tried the Elder Scrolls Online Beta? I personally haven't played it yet, because my computer is stupid. I would definitely try to play and get into it when the full version is released


My 1st game was Skyrim. I bought it this year back in February for the PS3.

I'm currently on level 31. Doing the Thieves Guild Questline. I used to have an older savefile. But then i overwrited it by accident by starting a new game.

I have also Dragonborn and Dawnguard installed.


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The first game I played was Oblivion but only briefly and never really got that into it.

But Skyrim was totally different story. I must have put something like 300 hours into it trying to do all of the possible side quests and missions to unlock all the possible armors, weapons and collectibles.

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The first game I played was Skyrim. It's one of my favourite games (not to mention it annoys my friends because I don't like Call of Duty and play Skyrim instead). I've made several characters, my most recent being a pure Thief character, although I've had to resort to 15x Backstabs with a dagger to get through certain levels. I've only just started the Thieves Guild. Haven't really touched the Main Quest (I've got to do Bleak Falls Barrow). I'm level 22, and by the time I'd left Whiterun for Riften I had 100 in Pickpocket and a good 10,000 golds worth of loot. I was also by that point level 15. To avoid using the weak Thieves Guild Armor I went to Solsthiem and got the Blackguard's Armor (which is better than the Guildmaster's Armor, but slightly weaker defensively).

I'm looking forward to ESO, and I'm hoping a few firneds of mine will get it on PC, like me. Either way, I'll be playing the game.


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I played Skyrim, got stuck in the valley of dragons and sold it.
I tried Oblivion became a vampire and deleted my previous saves before realizing being a vampire is awful.
I love Elder Scrolls but don't own any of their games now


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First TES game I played was Oblivion (got it when I first got my xbox, though the disc skips randomly), and really, REALLY got into it. Unfortunately, I couldn't finish all the quests, thanks to my random murder sprees.. Then I tried Daggerfall, and it was fun for a while, but I got kind of tired of it pretty quick. Then Skyrim came out and about 2 or 3 months of my life vanished.


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Oh dear, looks like this thread is collecting dust. How about a new topic?

What are your thoughts on The Elder Scrolls Online? I'm aware that the fanbase has mixed feelings. Do any of you have a beta key?

I, for one, am SUPER hyped.