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The Empoleon, Prinplup, and Piplup club V.2

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New topic:


Surf is great, and Hydro Pump is ok too, but get rid of Drill Peck and Earthquake. Both moves are physical, and Empoleon is a special attacker. And, in my experience, they won't help you much, even if Earthquake is strong against Electric types, Empoleon's attack stat leaves something to be desired. Consider teaching it Ice Beam (Deals with dragons) and/or Grass Knot.
I know drill peck and earthquake isn't the best choice but I have to have it cause i'm really weak against figthing types and electric types.It'sthe biggest weakness of my whole team if I would teach it graas know I would probably won't use it and ice beam I have other pokemon in my team that know fine ice attacks so I see no use of it

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Hi igsey! *sniff* I smell rivalry... Oh, yeah, I'm in the atheist alliance, so, well, yeah, I smell rivalry. Speaking of which... *checks for new posts in the SPPfAA*

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*pokes "member of the christian alliance"* And there were no new posts. So I guess I'll stay here for a while.

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Bah! >_< *disappointed* *snaps out of it* Sorry. Nothing else to talk about. *strolls off to keep the atheist alliance alive*
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Athiest are respectable at times, but what ticks me off is jack-*** athiests. Seriously, you give a bad name to athiests. Seriously, you want to talk about being an athiest? Well, there is a club for that. Want to talk to a non-athiest person? Well, they created the PM system for those sorts of things. In the mean while, don't post until you decide to post something on the current topics, understand?
Igsey, same goes for you.

As Tyler said, Empoleon + Physical Attacks=bad.
Seeing as Empoleon is meant to be a special attacker.


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Thanks, §Suicune§.

I think we need a new topic, but... nobody seemed to notice the old one, so I'll keep the first and add another.

1. Post the stats/moveset/nature/ect. of your Empoleon! (if you have one)
2. What do you think is the best/worst nature for an Empoleon?

Topic #1:
EMPEROR (Empoleon) LV.83 @ Mystic Water
Nature: Hardy - Met at Lake Verity on 4/24/07
HP:249, ATK:171, DEF:185
SP.ATK:221, SP.DEF:205, SPEED: 135
Ability: Torrent
Surf (18PP), Brine (10PP), Ice Beam (10PP), Hydro Cannon (7PP)
Ribbons: 5
(Effort, Sinnoh Champ, Gorgeous, Royal, Footprint)
Topic #2
Best: Modest (Sp.Atk+, Atk-)
Worst: Adamant (Atk+, Sp.Atk-)


herd i liek spindaz
Hey! Can I join? I like all of the Piplup line. I also have a Empoleon, currently unable to get his moveset.


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Have't posted in a while... But, I have to agree with suicune619. Modest rules.


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i would like to join. and i'm sure it won't bother anyone that one of the main reasons i'm here is because i'm a pokephile and one of my attractions is prinplup (don't ask because i won't be able to answer). however, i always ask first what my limits of converstion are...


53, in Buizel Years
whoops sorry did not notice the date of the last post
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