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Who did this to me!
Wuster: You're welcome. ;D

Pokémon Trainer Xande: Tbh, I don't have a clue who you want to do it. Be clear, please.

lucarioisawesome: The picture you gave is of very low quality. So sorry, not accepted, unless you are okay with any other Lucario image.

GoldenOza: First, if you would've read the first post, you would see that I'm not accepting any more workers at the moment. Second, this needs to go by pm. This is counted as SPAM.
OK any lucario picture will do :)


I think my ban has expired, so...
Wolftamer, can you make me a fusion?


Pokémon: Lairon and Torkoal

Details: Can you keep the overall Lairon "look" but add a few details of Torkoal, most notably its coloring? Then basically just add a few other details like smoke etc.

Thanks in advance! :D
Sure!Expect it done soon~
Not open for further replies.