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The End As We Know It

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by CptDrDigi, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. CptDrDigi

    CptDrDigi Chickity China

    It is a normal Friday in London, most people are either having lunch or watching TV, unaware that outside their houses is something happening, something horrible. It is the beginning of the end. On the news there is a special report that there is a new virus in the United States of America, the virus is more deadly then Bird flu, swine flu and mad cow disease put together. The three main symptoms in order are lightheadedness, bloody vomiting, and finally extreme hunger.It is unknown what causes the virus, there are many different theories, varying from the scientific, a new rabies pathogen, to the ridiculous, that wasps caused it or a tainted burger from a petrol station.

    The infected, after a estimated 12 hours, gain a strange pale grey skin tone and also if they had visable scars before the transformation, they will become larger and for some reason pulsate. The infected are extremely aggressive, they hunt down and infect survivors. There has also been reports of them becoming stronger and developing higher muscle tone or the ability to spit acid.

    Most British citizens claim that the new story was a hoax, choosing to go on with their lives. However after a week, there is utter chaos in the streets. The virus slowly made it's way to Europe, it first started in Spain and made it's way North,the virus has killed 99% percent of Europe's population. It is now up to you, you are lucky, you are somehow immune, do you use this God-given gift to save the world and remake the world in your vision? Or do you flee and go to find one of the many rumored quarantine zones. It is up to you, but pick quickly, they could watching you....


    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____


    1# Follow the main Serebii rules.
    2# This Role Play is rated PG-15, meaning there will be blood, a small amount of gore, please if you have to swear, self censor, and finally for romance, kissing is fine but anything else has to be time-skipped.
    3# No god modding, bunnying or Gary Stus/Mary Sues.
    4# Please don't argue in OCC.
    5# Please if you want to find additional weapons, please contact me via pm first.
    6# Have fun.

    The sign ups.

    Name: First and last name.

    Gender: Self explanatory.


    Appearance: 1 paragraph.

    Personality: 1 Paragraph.

    History: 1 Paragraph

    Weapons: (max of three)

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___
    Accpeted sign ups.

    Digipoke1= James Shade.
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2011
  2. CptDrDigi

    CptDrDigi Chickity China

    My sign up.

    Name: James Shade

    Gender: Male

    Age: 22

    Appearance: James stands at 6'2 and weighs about 180 pounds,he has medium length reddish brown hair, he has a pair of bright green eyes, but there are hard to see because of his glasses. For clothing he wears a black T shirt with a gold welsh dragon on it, he tends to wear a denim jacket, on the back he has a holster for his shotgun and cricket bat. He wears a pair of old faded jeans with another smaller holster for his Glock 17,and a pair of boots. He also carries a grey duffle bag that carries a couple differnt changes of clothes. The other clothing her wears is a white dress shirt that has a front pocket, with the shirt he wears a red tie. For pants he wears a pair of black slacks and a pair of black loafers.

    Personality: James is a very comedic person, he loves nothing more then playing pranks on people or killing zombies in a funny way, such as placing buckets on their head or spray painting on them. He does have a serious side that shows it self when he meets another survivor for the first time. He is also very protective of the younger survivors, telling them to run if they encounter a special infected. James also speaks with a very thick Welsh accent, he also on occasion will shout out words in Welsh, causing other survivors to wonder what he is saying.

    History: James was born in Wales and had a rather boring up-bringing. He never really excelled at anything except a working on old cars, from this he developed a love for Rallying. Taking old cars he bought modifying them and competing, he did it all until he had a car accident when he was 17, in the accident he broke three ribs, punctured a lung and lacerated his kidneys. After this he started taking classes in engineering at Coleg Ceredigion. After graduating he moved to London, were he worked as mechanic. He has lived normally since then, until the Epidemic began. After it began he stayed in a Bar with a couple of his mates, however he soon found out a special infected, it was a female infected, it wore shreded clothes, had snow white hair and 9 inch nails. James was unable to do anything until after he saw the "witch" kill his friends, after this he was able pull out his Winchester and filled the witch with lead. Now all he does is patrol the streets looking for other survivors.

    Weapons: A cricket bat, a glock 17 and if need a Winchester Model 1897.

    Other: None.
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2011
  3. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    Main Serebii Rules include the RPG Forum Rules. Plot Length. Sign Up Form length. I wont close, but you need to increase the length of your plot, and the length of your personality, description and history.

    Though kudos for you for setting the RPG in the UK.

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