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The End (Sign Up)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Anton, Jun 27, 2007.

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  1. Anton

    Anton Red Cheat Master

    The year is 6666 and the world has been overrun with monsters form the demon plane that crosses over to our world every 6666 years. This time the monsters have come under a head of power as apposed to being rampant. The monsters name is Buizelbub. since the year 3000 the world has been a peaceful place and all guns, gun powder and anything used for them has been destroyed. there are still some crimes commited. The world has been overrun for 9 months now and almost everyone has been slaughtered. With the introduction of these monsters they brought in magic and some humans have figured out how to use it. Only a handful remain. Most are those who could defend themselves. Including you.

    Sing up

    Character Name:
    Basic Class (warrior, rouge, mage):
    Advanced Class (you choose):
    Discription (Not required if you don't want to explain your char yet):
    Character Background (same as disc.):
    Small RP text:

    heres mine

    Character Name: Anton
    Age: 14
    Basic Class (warrior, rouge, mage): Warrior
    Advanced Class (you choose): Weapon Master
    Discription (Not required if you don't want to explain your char yet): Anton wears a blood red shirt that is striped diagonally with black. he wears a set of jeans and cowboy boots. He carries two knives, one that is 1" long and is shapped like a heart. the other is 12" long and is tampered.
    Character Background (same as disc.): Anton was raised with animals and is very charismatic, the black cat that follows him around i actually a doomkitten Anton saved from another stronger one. It loves him and will do anything for him. Anton was naturally good with knives and toys when he was young and his parents shipped him off for training. At the age of 7 Anton was shipped back, knowing now how to use any weapon ever made. He was drafted for the police and quickly rose to be the best at the age of 12. At the age of 13 the world was overrun and Anton quickly picked up magic. Very Quickly Anton mastered it and become the best. Now using everything Anton could he has become a hunter. Sworn to kill all monsters, except for his pet.

    The RPing wont start until 5+ people have signed up. I ask for a small RP exert from you because I wish to see how good you are. If not good enough you will be turned down.

    Note: There may be violence, gore, and swearing. Youve been told.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2007
  2. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    What sort of monsters? Overrun how? How long did it take? Did nobody make any effort to stop them? What demon plane? How does it cross over?

    Size, shape, personality, description, goals, command structure?

    The year 3000 and people are using gunpowder? It's 2006, how many people use gunpowder on a constant basis now? How did this peace come about? I doubt it was overnight through magic happy means and everyone held hands. No wars, peace treaties, diplomatic talks? Any sort of history? Has the entire planet done nothing for 4000 years?

    If almost everyone has been slaughtered in the year 6666, when I imagine the worlds population was massive, why did any humans survive in the year 0, when they would have had much more primitive means of fighitng back, limited medical facilities and a significantly lower population. This makes no sense.

    How convienient that some humans can now use magic, having never encoutnered it before, known of it's existance, and being the lone survivors of their entire species. Deus Ex Machina methinks.

    What are classes? What on earth do they have to do with anything? This isn't dungeons and dragons, if you have classes you need to explain what they are, what they possess and why they exist.

    Description: Required if you want the RPG to stay open

    A 14 year old weapons master, who lives in a world that's been at peace for 3000+ years. Amazing that he could learn to be so proficient at fighting at such a young age, and with less than 9 months to do so. After all, before the monsters came, why would he need to know of any kind of weapons? I notice your character is also bald, has no eyes, his skin has no colour he wears no shoes and has no presence other than his comparison to a boyband wannabe.

    A what kitten?

    Training for what? "Where shall we send our only child this year dear?" "How about that weapons school where he will learn how to kill?" "Yes that sounds good, in a world of peace what better place could there be for a young boy than teaching him how to cut things"

    A 12 year old police officer with knowledge of every weapon ever constructed in the 6666 thousand year history of the world, not counting the many millenia before that. Since you gave zero information about the history of your world, I will be attempting my own character with this information.

    How very convienient. Weapons master, photographic memory, youngest police officer ever and now a magician too.

    Now my form.

    Character Name: Dan
    Age: 4
    Basic Class (warrior, rouge, mage): Mage
    Advanced Class (you choose): Eternal God
    Discription (Not required if you don't want to explain your char yet): Appears as a ball of light
    Character Background (same as disc.): He is the past, the present and the future. He simply is.
    Small RP text: Dan was born during the monster raid. He quickly excelled in all things, learning everything there is to know about molecular science, quantum physics, al sentient anatomy and how to make pie. He then mastered magic and turned into a god.

    Since you put no restriction on anything, no history to suggest what is and isn't the norm, no background information, basically, nothing to support anyone making a character, there is no reason for you to turn my character down.

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