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The Endless World: A Fantasy RPG

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Shampoo Thief
Name: Callum Blackmore
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Race: Human
Class: Ranger (bounty hunter)
The avatar isn't perfect, but its good for the general idea

Callum stands at about 6’2, and has a muscular build due to his physical lifestyle keeping him in shape. He has dark brown hair that he keeps slicked back, and the sides of his head are shaved short. He has a short beard that has hints of red at its tips, and he keeps it trimmed and neat. His skin is slightly tanned, but gets rosy when it is cool out. Although still relatively young, you can see small wrinkles forming near his dark brown eyes and on his forehead.

He wears a dark green cloak, generally with the hood down unless he is tracking someone. Underneath the cloak, he wears a tan long sleeve shirt with a dark brown, visibly worn leather vest. Two knives are strapped to the sides of his chest by leather straps for easy access. Leather armor is strapped onto his forearms, which serves as both protection from enemies and protection from his bowstring. His hands are covered by black cloth, fingerless gloves. He wears brown pants that tuck into his leather boots, which reach about ¼ up his shins and have multiple gold buckles. He has a black leather utility belt that can hold many different small items needed for survival such as flint and steel, maps, a hatchet, and a bota bag of water. On his back, strung over his right shoulder, is a quiver of arrows.

Personality: Callum is a very eccentric man, who has a passion for hunting and tracking difficult game, which is the main reason of his behind becoming a bounty hunter. He enjoys living off of the land, away from people. This does not mean he doesn’t enjoy other people, in fact the opposite is true. He loves being with others and making people laugh, and especially loves getting drunk with people he meets in his travels. His cheery demeanor and welcoming laugh allows him to make friends easily. However, at heart he is a loner, and never stays in one place too long. After a bounty is collected, he finds a new one and goes wherever that job takes him. Sometimes people travel with him, but this is not ideal for him. They often slow him down, and he feels the need to protect them. He will not abandon anyone on a journey. The guilt from abandoning people in his past now motivates him to watch over the people who join him, and he will go to great lengths to ensure their safety. This is generally not out of affection, but seen as a penance for his past wrongdoings.

Background: Born in a small farming village under the reign of one of the 16 noble families, Callum had a very modest upbringing. He was the third of seven kids, who all helped run the family farm as soon as they were able to walk. The farm his father owned relied mostly on livestock, and they took care of cows, horses, goats, and chickens. Callum hated it. At the age of thirteen, much to the family’s protest, Callum took an apprenticeship with a local ranger, who frequently patrolled the woods around the village, hunting for food and watching out for any potential threats such as wolves or bandits. Callum learned all about hunting, trapping, tracking, and shooting, and he excelled in the field.

At the age of 20, Callum knew he had to leave. He did not want to be anchored to this village his whole life and end up back on the farm with his family. He packed up his things and left in the night with a horse from the family farm, with no idea of where to go or how to make money. After a few days on the road, he was stopped and questioned by knights of the noble family. They asked him about a criminal who had been hiding out in the woods. He told the knights he had not seen anything, and they let him go. Suddenly, he had task that his skill would prove useful for. He spent the next few days in the woods, tracking the criminal. It wasn’t long before he found him. Wounding the man with an arrow and then tying him up, he put him over his horse and marched him into town to turn in. He was thanked for his assistance and given the bounty that was on the man’s head. He’s spent years traveling the lands of Refia in chase of bounties big and small. He is addicted to the chase, hunting intelligent game was much more exciting that trapping rabbits. The reward money was just an added bonus to the sport for him.

It was many years before he returned to his village, mostly due to his guilt from abandoning his family. He had changed a lot in those years, but did not expect them to be much different. He quickly learned that his was wrong. The town, although small in his day, seemed to be near deserted. His old farm was abandoned, with nothing left inside to hint to his past life. He rode into town hoping to find some clue to what had happened here. There was an inn open, and after putting his hood up, he headed into the building. Sitting down at the bar he ordered a pint and began a conversation with the innkeeper. She informed him that the village was struck with a deadly sickness a few years back. Many people died, or packed up and left. When he asked specifically about his family, she realized who he was. Embarrassed and ashamed, he left the inn and rode off without learning of his family’s fate.

Equipment: Bow and arrows, flint and steel, some hunting knives, maps, bota bag, supplies for trap building, and a hatchet.
Abilities: Hunting and tracking, trap setting, fire building, and skill with a bow.
Companion(s): He travels with Nymeria, the horse that he took from his family’s farm when he left the village. She has a dark brown coat that fades to black near her hooves.


sleep researcher
Shampoo Thief: Great character. Especially loved the backstory. Approved!

As I mentioned you will enter the LSU queue and I'll send you a VM once your character can enter the game, at which point we'll coordinate his entrance. Hopefully we will reach that point of the RP fairly quickly.


Solar Panels
Name: Barca
Gender: N/A
Age: 300
Race: Automaton
Class: Berserker

Description: At first glance, Barca appears to be little more than an extremely tall humanoid of two metres thirty, but despite superficial similarities lacks many traits that could be associated with those races (such as pupils, fingernails, facial hair and actual ears). In fact, it is not a member of any of the existing humanoid species, nor is it even a biological organism in the first place - the tanned being is actually a machine, albeit one that possessed a layer of organic material above its casing as a possible form of disguise. The signs of its artificial construction can be found in places along its body, including its dull-red eyes (which are made from some form of crystal), its razor-shaped steel ... teeth, and the two spinning gears (the left red, the right blue) on its shoulders. With its apparent musculature, the automaton cuts quite the intimidating figure.

The alien appearance, however, is a major threat to Barca's wishes to remain mostly unidentifiable (disregarding its ridiculous height). As such, it wears a gigantic brown cloak over its body, ensuring that none of its features can be seen but its constantly-closed mouth. Many who meet it rarely ever discover its status as an automaton, and those who do usually discover it on the field of combat. When the chips are down, the cloak is shed and Barca takes upon a shade of either red or blue (the colours of its gears), a sign that it has prepared for battle.

While capable of withstanding numerous strikes, from time to time the construct's artificial skin may fall apart, revealing the mechanical structure that lies underneath. It can be quite horrifying to witness the semi-realistic (and somewhat creepy) visage of the robot contrasted with the wires and gears and other innards that may lie within (although much is still covered by purple metal). Barca dislikes ("for a certain value of dislike") being so vulnerable at times, and usually performs the harvest of organic matter to repair its fake skin (although at times it can look ... patchy).

Personality: Although it is clearly a sapient construct, Barca lacks the creative reasoning skills of non-artificial beings. It has an overly literal view of the world, incapable of understanding metaphors, similes and the like unless someone explains them to it. Empathy however, is beyond its capabilities: the automaton sees everything in terms of "useful" and "not-useful", "threat" and "not-a-threat"; to its programming, the feelings that organics feel are "tacked on", and serve as distractions to the proper fulfilment of its goals. However, it is quite capable of understanding that organic creatures will react differently to emotional responses to it, but it is unable to capitalise on such knowledge. The polite façade that Barca possesses is simply that: a façade. It may appear to have some modicum of emotion, but that has only been programmed into it by its creators in order to ensure that communications did not break down.

Even so, the automaton's character is not entirely alien - it is simply focused on the fulfilment of its goals/orders and ensuring that its body does not suffer irrecoverable damage. If others can assist in its goals, its allegiance will shift to include them as well. In recent times, however, Barca has begun to lose purpose, with data on its original motives becoming more and more corrupted over time. In order to combat this, the automaton has provided itself with a new goal: to seek out orders from anyone who can provide them. It is such a human wish; to travel without purpose is absolutely unacceptable for it, and no matter the cost it will find itself a cause to serve.

Background: Prior to the complete subjugation of the indigenous Saray tribes of the northern steppes by the Noble Families, the Kimak Confederation was dominant. Originally just another group of human Saray tribesmen, the Kimak people launched devastating wars of conquest against its neighbours under the rule of its Qagan, whose ruthless tactics crushed all opposition, whether they be human or beastmen. These wars united the disparate peoples of the steppes, and the Kimak-led tribal nation soon became a vested threat to its southern neighbours, whose allegiances lay with the nobles. Wishing to prove their worth, the Kimak launched continued raids into the southern territories, an action that, while beneficial at the time, sealed their fate forever.

From the client states of the Noble Families, the Kimak obtained the knowledge required to establish their own, albeit incredibly weak, industries. As time went on, they grew in power, but also grew to admire the status of those beneath the Noble Families. They dreamt of proving themselves superior to the nobles, and this attitude drove each and every policy the Kimak tribe undertook. Unwilling to accept such harsh rulership, the disaffected Kimak vassals sought their own freedoms, tearing the nation apart. It was fortunate that the nation survived, but from the end of the civil strife onwards, the Kimak, while still at the head, found themselves part of a far more decentralised state that became easier and easier to fight off by the the client states of the nobles. At times over the next few decades, even they themselves were forced to submit to the power of the ruling noble!

The shame at having to grovel beneath the feet of the Families soon lead to a rapid militarisation movement within the Kimak Confederation. Unwilling to be another client kingdom, the Kimak launched a full rebellion, bringing to bear its industrial capabilities and surviving military force to obtain independence. It was here that Barca first appeared, serving as another robot trooper of the Kimak Confederation.

Yet the Kimak had dared strike against the might Nobles. Even with their history of military might and new technology, they were incapable of withstanding the sheer force of the nobles. The war was bloody, and in the end the nobles, having tired of the Kimak "client state", annexed the various tribes.

Its creators gone and its original purpose moot, Barca now roams the continent in search of that which will help its secondary goals.

No matter the cost.

- Gigantic Scissors

- Biofuel Conversion: The preferred fuel source of Barca is biofuels, and as such is capable of processing all organic matter that enters its system into energy.
- Physical Powers: Barca's physical capabilities far outstrip that of baseline humans (such as faster reaction times, greater durability, greater strength and greater speed).
- Berserker Mode: When entering a berserker state, the limits on Barca's matter-processing systems are broken and as such it turns purple, providing it with even greater energy and greater biofuel processing rate. However, this comes at a cost of ridiculous consumption, relying on a fast and constant stream of organic matter in order to keep it up, and a great strain is put upon the automaton's inner workings.

- Metal Slime: Barca's Slime companion is a curious case; originally once a normal Slime, it was experimented on by the Kimak Confederation to become an incredibly fast, magic-immune and super durable Slime. While cowardly by nature, frequently attempting to bolt from any threat no matter how minor, it has joined up with its fellow survivor in order to find its own path in a world after the loss of their masters.
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sleep researcher
Awesome character, great backstory.

Just a question, I'm assuming your Metal Slime companion is pretty much the same as its Dragon Quest counterpart? You might want to describe it a little for people who aren't familiar with it, as well as give a reason why it follows Barca around. Clear that up and you're approved.

People who still have reservations or WIPs in place: Please try to finish up your sign-ups this weekend. The RPG will ideally start next weekend.

The Admiral

solid state survivor
Name: Rutger Mulder
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Race: Human
Class: Dandy Highwayman Rogue

Description: A lanky fellow with slightly gangly limbs, Rutger easily stands at a minimum of six feet tall. He's a bit slim, giving him a slightly shadowy appearance (if shadows were especially colorful), but he's fairly well-built for his slender frame. His curly hair, brownish in color and of a fairly decent length (having not had a haircut in years), tends to be unkempt. Keep in mind that he currently spends a fair bit of time camping out in treetops; he doesn't exactly have a lot of time to wash his hair. However, when he's not on one of his, er, "business trips," he tends to keep himself very clean.

Always well-dressed, Rutger likes colorful clothing, taking a particular shine to shades of blue. He doesn't usually do a good job of blending in, as a result, but he does own clothing in other colors, too, which he has few qualms switching into. His main outfit for this adventure will probably consist of a pair of loose-fitting blue pants, kept in place with a leather belt, and a white pirate shirt.

Of course, this is far from all of the clothing on his person. After all, Rutger is rarely seen without one thing in particular: his scarves. He tends to wear, at bare minimum, two lengthy, colorful, flowing scarves, at least as long as his armspan. They almost give him a winged appearance when they flow in the wind -- or maybe they just make him look like he's nuts. Both work just as well for him. Winged humanoids probably still have various connotations in this world, and if he's underestimated, that just means his marks will be that much easier to steal from. Also, he thinks they look cool, so who cares what anyone else thinks.

Oh, also, his eyes are a dark brown color. Footwear-wise, he usually goes for rather basic, yet very durable (and decently comfortable) leather boots.

Personality: Rutger is the energetic, vivacious sort who lets his overwhelming energy and apparent goofiness cover up the fact that, underneath it all, he is incredibly competent, skilled in many roguish arts and an adept actor. He's taught himself all of that; after all, he definitely needed real skills to get out of a jam more than once. Because of his occasionally goofy attitudes, he can be hard to take seriously; he leans on this heavily during a robbery in order to make his marks less likely to take him seriously.

Rutger generally has massive ambitions. Keep in mind that the only reason why he took up roguish professions was so that he could become famous for pulling it off against all odds. Rutger is probably not the best person to ask for ideas from -- since he tends to think big, coming up with something that seems utterly ridiculous in scale. He can, however, occasionally come up with a more down-to-earth idea. After all, underneath the ridiculous, colorful clothes, he does carry some very utilitarian gear that he can use to solve problems equally well.

One word to describe him when it comes to business: boisterous. Most rogues would try to keep quiet, but Rutger doesn't. Instead, he becomes as loud and obnoxious as possible, hoping to distract others by specifically grabbing their attention and grabbing their valuables when they're not focused on them (or on the fact that he's right in front of them being a clown). He loves the theatricality of fictional thieves and tries to emulate that, but he also has some sense of realism. Sometimes it's just easier to snipe an enemy from afar and nick their purse than it is to put on a song-and-dance routine and then take the price of admission without the audience realizing.

Basically, yeah: he's over-the-top and loud. However, he's very slow to anger and generally a strict optimist, a fountain of morale even in the face of truly grim circumstances. He is also, however, quick to run away and employ evasive tactics rather than fight. Despite all outward appearances, he's very careful. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell; his goofy demeanor, of course, can make it seem like it's entirely an accident.

Background: Rutger was born to a family in the east of the deserts, possibly an exorcist family; he didn't get a chance to really know them, though, as he was abducted and his parents were killed. Tossed upon the waves of the sea of a bad metaphor, he eventually wound up with another relatively lower-class family in a town in the Pocchi family's domain. The Pocchi family, hailing from the west of the continent, were wealthy wizards who built beautiful cities in the "Fortune Lands" -- named for the principle city, Fortune City. A place of gambling, gold and grifters, the Fortune Lands attracted beings of all species from around the continent to try their luck, or just to indulge a little. If there was anything in the world that someone could want, they could take hold of it in the Fortune Lands, if they were willing to pay the right price. (Arguably, being able to required you to win in the casinoes of Fortune City.)

He was granted his name by this family, the Mulders. They knew Rutger wasn't like them, but didn't have the heart to tell him ... of course, they also didn't know where he was from. As a result, Rutger doesn't know where he's from. He thinks he was born in the Fortune Lands, but... he is still mindful of that entirely-too-convenient year or two missing from his memory. It was fully possible that he could be from almost anywhere else; he saw people come and go all the time, and some of them settled down for a long time!

As a young one, he spent much of his time taking in cheap performances at local theaters and even trained as an actor for a time -- he proved a quick learner in that area. For some reason, he was always drawn to thieves in these types of stories: they tended to be unrealistic, the type of people who wanted attention. Don't the roguish sorts usually want to stay hidden? he reasoned. But maybe, just maybe, he could perfect that art? His family hadn't been doing well lately anyway, to the point that Rutger already felt that he might soon need to start stealing in order to help his family hold onto their social clas. He figured he may as well strive not just to hang on to his lot in life but to rise higher -- and if he's going to climb, why not climb as high as possible? He decided he'd try to become the sort of person about whom stories are written. For that, he'd have to be memorable, hence his specific ambition: make those stories of the olden days come true.

The Pocchi family was notoriously fortunate, thanks to the power of an Artifact. Even the most skilled of criminals who acted intelligently tended to have a hell of atime even being successful, and they were often caught in short order. That made the Fortune Lands a dangerous place for the young thief to work -- but oh, it would have made successes that much sweeter. To steal anything in Fortune City would have made him famous in a heartbeat. Rutger, though, had the strangest luck. He was a real mold breaker; for as much as some easy things tended to fail for him, he proved adept at the most difficult acts. Of course, even he wasn't about to rob a casino in the Fortune Lands just yet. He made do lightening the purses of those in a fairly nearby area. He accumulated a fair amount of money over time; eventually, he left most of it to the Mulder family before leaving them to "make a name for himself."

He eventually did successfully rob a casino, claiming a fair amount of money for himself. Of course, this wasn't before he used the rest of his ill-gotten gains to gain himself a wardrobe of impressive, flashy, colorful clothing. He ran from the city before he could get caught. However, he definitely made a name for himself, becoming an urban legend overnight. This probably wasn't what his adoptive parents had expected of him. Honest folks that they were, when they heard of his deeds, they gave the money away, hoping it would reach its rightful owners. No doubt about it, Rutger doesn't believe for even a minute that his adoptive family even still considers him their son, but he hangs onto the Mulder name. Hey, everyone's got to be called something, right?

He made his way westward in a meandering path, taking what he could as though it were all his. As he went, he developed his own thieving technique, with two key components: a. be unpredictable, and b. misdirect like a politician a month before a big election. His acting skills would come in handy here, he knew, and they definitely expanded a little as he kept at it. Of course, there were times when he just couldn't get away with being roadside entertainment -- he learned to be quite handy with a knife, and purchased a modified crossbow in order to supplement it, for times when theatricality wouldn't get the job done and a more deadly art was necessary.

Eventually, he moved a town on the edge of the Atma family's territory, but he certainly did seem to disappear for extended periods from time to time. Maybe he goes back to the forests to try his hand at banditry again? Probably.

  • Sighted Crossbow: Everyone and their mother has seen an FPS that uses a crossbow as a sniper rifle at this point. This is the equivalent at Refia's technology level. It's a crossbow with a spyglass mounted on it by a Dwarven engineer. It's definitely jury-rigged, yes, but it's decently well-made for what it is. It works decently if not perfectly, since obviously, the bolt doesn't exactly shoot out the center of the spyglass.
  • Dagger: Resembling a poignard in scale, it's... well, it's a steel dagger. Not really much else to say about it, honestly. This is what he uses when fighting up-close. Now with lock-picking action! (Note: Do not attempt to use lock-picking action. It may damage your dagger and will void the warranty.)

  • In addition to his skills with weapons and as a thief, he's a talented actor with a very good memory.
  • Rutger is unusually lucky. It sometimes seems like the less possible something is, the more capable Rutger is of pulling it off.

Companion(s): N/A


It's so shiny!
Will finish this tomorrow night, but here's the start of it.


Name: Ariadne Dacus
Gender: Female
Age: 112 (Appears to be in her mid twenties)
Race: Elf
Class: Elementalist (Specialises in water)

Description: (Mercenary/Everyday) (Formal wear)

Like most elves, Ariadne is a tall woman. Whilst she isn't the tallest elf she definitely towers over most women of other species being a lofty 5'11. In fact many people find her to be quit an imposing figure because of her height. She has a lithe build and little muscle definition on her upper arms. Many elves are also known for their beauty and Ariadne definitely sticks true to this stereotype. She has curves in all the right places and her breasts are of ample size. Still, despite this, many say that her prettiest feature is her face, which is described as that of a porcelain doll. Her skin is fair but her white hair makes it appear much lighter in contrast. Her face is heart shaped, with the most defining area being her almond shaped eyes. Her eyes are a soft, azure blue, the same shade which is shared by her mother and two siblings. Her lips re thin and wide, but the lower lip is more plump than the upper. Her nose is small a button-shaped; yet another feature she shares with her mother. As mentioned before, Ariadne's hair is a white-grey colour. Her hair falls just past her shoulders and is a little wavy but is by no means curly and unruly.

Clothing for Ariadne varies. As she travels a lot, she doesn't have the luxury of a full wardrobe of clothes. Her everyday outfit consists of brown trousers, which are rolled up at the bottom and would reveal her ankles if it weren't for her shoes. She tends to wear a black bely around her waist. Her footwear typically switches between ankle boots that are a slightly darker shade of brown or a pair of climbing boots. On her upper half, she wears a cream shirt with a golden yellow vest on top. The vest has tow pockets in it, but they are of no use.

Two items which Ariadne is rarely seen without are her satchel and cloak. Her satchel is fairly large, allowing her to hold a variety of items, including her throwing knives and hunting dagger if it is not in its hilt on her belt. The other item is her cloak. Her cloak is a dark shade of green and is crafted from a durable material that is mainly accessible to elves. She has owned the cloak for over 50 years, and even now there is only a little bit of wear and tear on the hood.

Personality: Ariadne is a calm and collected individual, who is careful not to let her emotions get the better of her. She is quite confident when she speaks and enjoys striking up conversations with most of whim she meets. Her work as a bounty hunter is often improved by this, as she can sometimes learn interesting facts which can aid her whilst collecting her bounty. She is intelligent and knows exactly what she wants and what she needs to do in order to get it.

Whilst she is a generally sweet person, if one were to provoke her enough they would soon wish they hadn't. She won't hesitate to voice her feelings, even it makes her come across as quite unfavourable to others. It is mainly strangers she has this problem with, as even though she can be provoked by her friends and family she knows not to lash out at them as they mean it in a teasing manner rather than an aggressive manner. She is a loyal and patient friend, who is willing to stick by their side through thick and thin, as evidenced when she remained by her friend Aldrich's side until his passing. She doesn't she her friends and family often, but she makes sure to regularly visit when she can so that they can catch up and to let them know that she is well.

When collecting a bounty, Ariadne is extremely dedicated and ruthless. She won't just drop a bounty if she finds it too hard or has failed. No, she never gives up until the bounty has been collected. Most of the bounties she works with aren't too difficult, nor are they too much of a problem. However, there are some where she needs to resort to some more extreme measures to get the culprit. And she has no problem with resorting to these methods...

Background: Ariadne is the fifth born child and eldest daughter of Oren and Melina Dacus. Her father, Oren, self-styled himself as lord of the hallow forest, a small forest that was once plentiful in trees and animals before humans came along and built a village nearby. The Dacus family are a wealthy and prominent family with a expansive family history, however they are not one of the noble houses. The Dacus family are loyal friends and allies with the Kiloud family, the only noble house of the elves. Unlike many elves, Oren actually tolerates most of the other races. And whilst he occasionally disagrees with some of the things they do, he can at least put up with them for now. The one race which Oren cannot stand is the humans, and it all stemmed from when the humans first came to his forest.

It was a story that Ariadne had heard many times, and it was the same story that her father would use to remind his eight children why humans were the worst of all the races. When Oren first took over as head of his house, a small number of human settlers came to the forest in search of a new home. They came from a city further south and their reasons for leaving were never shared with Oren. At first her father was sceptical, but eventually he relented and allowed the humans to settle a little bit outside of his forest. He made them promise if they were to stay, that they would not hunt the animals in his forest nor would they cut down the trees of his forest. For a while, the humans and the elves who lived with Oren lived in harmony. Then one day it all changed. The humans began hunting the animals in the forest, they cut down trees to build more homes, and many elves were driven out. The humans were lead to these actions by a young man from the Astarte family, one of the noble houses. The Astartes lived somewhat near to the forest, but they'd never been much of a problem to Oren and his kind before. He soon learnt that the Astarte family promised to bring wealth into the small village if they hunted for them and gave them supplies from the forest. Oren was enraged that the humans had betrayed him, and vowed he would never trust humans again.

As Ariadne grew up, she was raised to hate the humans and to consider them as monster. Whereas most of her siblings were comfortable with complying to this, Ariadne was not. She did not think it was fair that her father painted humans with the same brush. No matter how many times she tried to challenge her father on this, he would always remind her that it was because of them that they had to live deep in the forest and if they didn't they would surely have been driven out by the expanding village.

Ariadne never gave up on her beliefs, and after a while Oren began admire her for doing so. Whilst he still distrusted humans, he knew and understood he couldn't change his daughters mind and respected that this was what she chose to believe. When Ariadne reached the age of 43 she set off to travel Refia by herself. Several months into her journey, she came across a young man named Aldrich Buckleberry, an orphan who had lived on his own after escaping the orphanage where he had been staying. They were both initially distrusting of each other at first, which had stemmed from Aldrich's wariness of her having only heard negative things about the elves. Slowly, the two became closer, and their relationship developed into a life long friendship. The two travelled through most of Refia, working as hunters who would catch prey for traders and taverns. The pay varied, but since the two were constantly travelling they needn't have worried about having to save up for a home or large commodities. The two became bounty hunters for a short while, up until Aldrich reached the ripe age of 67. He was old and his bones ached from years of travelling. Ariadne offered to stay with him and care for him as he had nobody left, however he would not accept this and sent her on her way to finish the journey she started.

It took Ariadne ten years to find her way back to Aldrich, though she had finished her journey many years before she had been reluctant to return to him in fear of losing her closest friend. Building up her courage, she eventually found him again, and though Aldrich was an even weaker man, he was overjoyed to see his friend again. Ariadne could sense he did not have long left, and decided to say with him until he passed away two years later.

Currently, Ariadne continues to work as a bounty hunter, but she still does a few odd jobs on the side as well.

  • Dagger - A small dagger/hunting knife with a serrated edge. Ariadne's weapon of choice.
  • Two throwing knives - Two small knives which Ariadne can throw to take down enemies. Best used as a short-range attack.
  • Map - An old dusty map of Refia
  • Aldrich's Locket - A silver locket once owned by Aldrich Buckleberry.

Abilities: Magic: Water
  • Water tentacles - By absorbing water from a nearby water sources, Ariadne can envelop her arms in water creating tentacles which can be used attack enemies. Easily destroyed by melee weapons and other magic.
  • Ice shield - Ariadne can create a small shiel of ice to protect herself
  • Ice blast - By chilling moisture in the air, Ariadne can throw blasts of ice at foes
  • Water blast - Identical to water blast, only that the moisture isn't chilled

Miscellaneous skills:
  • Tracking and hunting skills - Many years of travelling has helped refine her tracking and hunting skills to a somewhat advanced level
  • Basic knowledge of archery - Aldrich taught her how to use a bow and arrow once. This skill is rarely used, as Ariadne favours her knives and magic.
  • Basic cooking skills

Companion(s): N/A
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Solar Panels
I've added some reasoning for the Slime.


sleep researcher
Titan500: Perfect. You are now approved.

DVB: Your character is great, though I'm going to impose an important limit on his healing ability: Diego can only heal others through direct contact, not from afar. This is also done gradually, it doesn't work instantly. If you're cool with that, then you're approved.
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Philosopher Knight
Titan500: Perfect. You are now approved.

DVB: Your character is great, though I'm going to impose an important limit on his healing ability: Diego can only heal others through direct contact, not from afar. This is also done gradually, it doesn't work instantly. If you're cool with that, then you're approved.
Yeah all right, I am okay with that!


sleep researcher
Minteh: No problem at all! Great character, approved.

DVB: Perfect, then you're approved.


Nanomachines, Son!
(Here is is. Though I felt like I really rushed this in my efforts to get it out during the weekend, especially the background.)

Name: Kitsune Abe, though some simply call him ‘Kit’ or ‘Kitsu’

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Race: Halfbreed (Fox)

Class: Magus

Description: Kitsune is rather short for his age, standing just under 5 feet in height. His skins is a pale white complexion, he has short brownish-red hair, and his eyes are sky blue. He also has fox-like ears covered in fur with the same brownish-red color as his hair on the outside, and white fur on the inside. In addition to the ears he also has a long, bushy fox tail with white fur on the tip while the rest of it is primarily brownish red.

Kitsune’s clothes are very unorthodox, as they are designed in a style similar to what he had worn when he first arrived to the village in which he currently lives. He wears a black shirt with a light leather chest piece for some protection without hindering his movements, and black baggy pants with a hole in the back for his tail to slip through. He also wears a long white cloak with long sleeves that covers him down to just below his knees. In addition, he wears a long black scarf around his neck, and wears a white beret-like hat with holes in it for his ears. Finally, he carries around a staff that’s much taller than he is with nine different symbols engraved onto the handle while the top is in a circular loop with nine paper talismans hanging off of it.

Personality: Kitsune is a gentle, yet timid individual. He can be oblivious and naive at times, but not to the point where he can be completely manipulated. Even though he’s a child and hates being alone, he’s not overly dependent on others as he is able to take care of himself.

Kitsune starts off nervous when talking to someone for the first time, and how long it takes for him to open up to others varies from person to person. He opens up quickly to those he considers nice while doing his best to avoid those he considers scary. Despite his timid nature, he’s willing to approach others and speak up when he absolutely needs to. He also tends to be very curious, often eavesdropping on conversations or watching some kind of commotion that interests him from a hiding place, be it behind a wall or tree or on a rooftop. Having been raised by someone who risks his life for the defense of others, Kitsune aspires to do the same, and hopes to overcome his fears and grow stronger to that end.

Background: Kitsune was born of a traveling Human male named Renard and a fox-like beast woman named Sakuya Abe in a remote forest village. Four years after Kitsune’s birth, the village was beset by a group of traveling bandits. While Renard was killed fighting off the bandits, Sakuya took Kitsune and fled. Eventually the bandits caught up to her and she was forced to fight them herself with magic as Kitsune hid. Unfortunately, Sakuya was overwhelmed by their shear numbers and was severely injured. As they were about to finish her off and go after Kitsune however, an old Human Magus named Malchior appeared in the nick of time and used his own magic, which was much more powerful than Sakuya’s, to eliminate the bandits.

After dealing with the bandits, Malchior approached Sakuya, who used her last breath to ask him to take care of Kitsune before succumbing to her wounds. Respecting her last wishes, Malchior then willingly took Kitsune with him back to his home village and raised him by himself. Even though he was afraid of Malchior at first, Kitsune quickly came to like Malchior and had even gone so far as to start calling him ‘Grandpa’. As he grew up, Kitsune revealed he had an exceptional talent for magic with his mother’s staff, which Malchior decided to help train him to master his gift upon this realization, but only under the condition that he would use his magic to help others and not for selfish gain, to which Kitsune agreed. By the time he became a teenager, Kitsune had become skilled enough in magic that he was able to help fight off the monsters that would regularly attack the village alongside Malchior. However, Malchior became ill one day, and had become bedridden.

Kitsune frantically brought the village doctor to his home, where Malchior was then diagnosed with a rare and fatal disease, one which if a cure was not gotten to him within a couple years, he would die. Though a cure for the disease did exist, it was extremely expensive, to the point where not even the wealthiest man in the village could hope to afford it. Not wanting to lose his ‘Grandfather’, Kitsune is searching desperately for a way to acquire the cure.

-Fox Spirit Staff: A staff that belonged to Kitsune’s mother before she died. It’s believed to have a magical fox spirit sleeping within it. It’s much taller than Kitsune himself is, has nine different symbols engraved along the handle, and has a circular loop at the top. Hanging from this loop are 5 different paper talismans with symbols painted onto them. These talismans levitate into a perfect circle whenever Kitsune casts spells with it, so it’s believe that the staff may actually amplify his magic in some way. He’s also the only one who can use it, possible because he was born of the same tribe it was created by.
-Leather Chestplate: Provides light protection for Kitsune’s chest area.
-Leather Backpack: Provides Kitsune a means to carry supplies.
-Hunting Knife: A simple knife that Kitsune keeps sheathed to his belt and uses to cut meat whenever he goes hunting. He rarely uses it as a weapon.

-Foxfire: Kitsune conjures a large blue, seemingly sentient, burst of fire that seeks out and burns any enemies within close proximity of him. If there are no enemies around him, then Kitsune can direct the fire to other more distant target.
-Infernal Prison: Kitsune picks out a single target and conjures a magic circle around it, this circle then quickly erupts into pillars of fire that trap and burn the target and anything close to it.
-Cyclone: Kitsune conjures a small tornado and sends it after his enemies, anything caught in the tornado gets cut by the blades of wind dancing within it.

Even without his staff, Kitsune is able to perform certain feats of magic without much hassle, though these are more for simple necessities than fighting, such as conjuring small flames to light the way in the dark, or using magical threads to trap living things.
True to his animalistic traits, Kitsune is able to perform certain feats of agility. He can climb trees and walls swiftly and easily. He can also outrun and outmaneuver most animals while hunting.


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