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The Eternian Forces Guild

Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by FairyWitch, Jun 3, 2014.

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  1. MotherRussia


    Hi guys! I'm checking in. Still at camp, will be here still till this friday. I've been able to nuzlocke a little, I'm grinding before the first gym, and I already have a full team of 6. So yeah, here's my progress:

    Trainer name: Muffin

    - Hooters (Hoothoot), level 10, female, calm
    - Maneater (Bellsprout), level 8, female, lonely
    - Sunspot (Bellsprout), level 10, male, naughty
    - Raterta (Rattata), level 7, female, serious
    - Garfield (Gastly), level 10, male, bold
    - Egg (Mareep from Primo, counts as my Violet City encounter ^_^)

    So yeah. A little more grinding and I'll be good to wreck Falkner. Training Mareep will be a PAIN
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2014
  2. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    no worries muffins :) glad to see your still around though can't wait to have you back friend :)

    also here is the list of the nominations to vote on

    xDIRCIOx's mega gyarados
    Minedregion's Diggersby
    Geovanicaon's chansey
    Akafila's Mega Pinser
    Ace of Shadow's Mega Mawile

    Azulart's Mega Heracross

    Bab's Hitmonlee

    Crystalninetales's Sylveon

    Fairywitch's mega gardevoir

    vote now and you can only vote once of course and the most votes wins the first round for the team​
  3. Swampurtz

    Swampurtz God of Destruction

    I place my vote for Fairy's Mega Gardevoir *Goes back to reading Alternis's Journal*
  4. Skullbash

    Skullbash Fire-Dragonslayer

    Voting for Fila's M-Pinsir.
  5. SilverLanayru

    SilverLanayru It's a mystery.

    Voting for Azulart's Mega Heracross set.

    I have a huge support for Trick Room strategies. Many Pokémon used in the OU tier have very good base Speed stats and can easily get screwed over by Trick Room, if done correctly. The only downside besides Trick Room lasting five turns is the fact that priority moves can potentially shut down Trick Room strategies.

    Btw, in case this still needs to be updated on the spreadsheet, I should be at 205 sp points for trading the Careful and Naive Dittos HollowZard needed.
    (As well as HollowZard to be at 40 sp points for trading me a trophy shiny Greninja in exchange, as I didn't have it for the shiny dex yet.) Unless that needed to be confirmed first or so.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2014
  6. MooseSmuggler

    MooseSmuggler #DeathToFascists

    Voting for Mega-Gardevoir.

    And Rair, PM me whatever it is you need to talk to me about. My partner's laptop is on the fritz so I've been letting them use mine...so I have less chat access than normal. (I'm on right now, but not for long)

    Edit: Talked to Rair, but my point still stands. Until we get a new laptop, I'll be more sporadic in the chat/ability to battle on PS.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2014
  7. Rocxidi

    Rocxidi ס₪₪₪§€ΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞ7

    Gonna vote for that Pinsir.

    Also, I still can't go on Xat, bummer...
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2014
  8. Azulart

    Azulart Shiny Hunter

    Voting for Bab's Hitmonlee

    I never really used Hitmonlee in the current metagame of XY but I think it has alot of potential actually.
    Lower tier mons usually have a ninche in the OU metagame for only the fact that most OU teams are not prepared for lower tier threats.
  9. M.Oreo

    M.Oreo all hax or no hax.

    i was former battle captain at pokeforce (good times :) anyone wanna wifi battle?
  10. Rocxidi

    Rocxidi ס₪₪₪§€ΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞ7

    Damn, people are waking up already and I can't even sleep lol...

    Anyways, I signed up for that one tournament that Azulart had to drop...
  11. Ace_Of_Shadows

    Ace_Of_Shadows Edgy edgelord name

    I'm voting for the Mega Pinsir! It looks like it'll be fun to build around and can wreck face. Mega Gardevoir is cool, but Pinsir is deserving of this.
  12. Geovanicaon

    Geovanicaon Need Pokemon Switch

    Well since my Chansey is too OP to be understood, I'll vote for Mega Mawile cause that **** is no fairy at all.
  13. akaFila

    akaFila #2L2Q

    Point Update:

    Current: 280
    Earned: 30
    Reason: Successful win against guild member.
    After Update: 310
  14. Azulart

    Azulart Shiny Hunter

    Good luck Dircio ! idk if you have any Doubles expercience but that doesnt really matter.

    Thanks for keeping the tournament up and running.
  15. HollowZard

    HollowZard Hello there! x3

    I vote for Pinsir! ^^
  16. Razor Leafeon

    Razor Leafeon The Shadow Remains Cast!

    I've used almost every pokemon here in a competitive battle at some time or another, and as much as I like Mega heracross, my vote is for Mega Pinsir.
  17. EmiiLava

    EmiiLava Joltik Queen <3

    Good morning everyone~

    I'm still wondering when the spreadsheet/main page is updated, I have 210 sp points correct?( joining(20) + 6 mon donation(150) + giving moon stone to Geo(20) + Giving free 6IV Ditto to Blade(20) = 210 sp points? )

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay and have fun~

    I remember! I was there a little bit. :)
    I'll wi-fi battle you. :) I'll be in the xat or on here.
    My 3ds FC is 4012-3813-9306
  18. Razor Leafeon

    Razor Leafeon The Shadow Remains Cast!

    Point Report

    Your username: Razor Leafeon
    Opponent: EmiiLava
    W/L/D: W
    Notes: Dem stealth rocks. Ouch. GG.
  19. EmiiLava

    EmiiLava Joltik Queen <3


    Confirming that stealth rocks ate my team lol


    Point Report

    Your username: Emiilava
    Opponent: Wecondo12
    W/L/D: L
    Score: 4-0

    gg that pokemon ripped my team to shreds lol

    Your username: Emiilava
    Opponent: Wecondo12
    W/L/D: W
    Score: 1-0

    gg I got lucky lol
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2014
  20. M.Oreo

    M.Oreo all hax or no hax.

    gg, confirmed. what can i say? tangrowth is a beast.
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