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The Eternian Forces Guild

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WeCounting Stars
Hey how is everyone I just wanted to pop in and say I'm still very much alive. Just been lurking on and off the site along with the discord. Hopefully I'm a lot more active when Sword and Shield comes out.


Hey folks.
Your friendly scizor here. Definitely getting one of the two new versions coming out. That and the new yugioh switch game. Oh yea, I have a switch now.
Still doing friendly battles so feel free to pm me to set up a battle on:

ORAS | X/Y | Sun or Moon


It's a mystery.
I am more or less alive, and always lurking about in the discord. Life keeping me busy since school started up again.

As far as gaming goes, my Pokémon-related activities are still on a halt due to needing a battery replacement on my 3DS... and I'm probably still waiting till Nintendo restocks on those before I can buy one. x.x
I kinda miss playing VGC tbh. xD But depending on things, I probably may be missing out on the rest of Ultra series this format, so I might just consider prepping for Sword/Shield when the time comes. lol

That's about it from my side haha. Hope everyone is well!


Hey, guys. Rate my team, please. It's called Hail the Sun by Hand, in the Team RMT Section. :'D :D

Cosmic Fury

Evil Overlord
Just wanted to pop in and say that I'm still around. I know I've not been active on the forums in recent months, but I'll still be sticking around on Discord.


Active Member
I hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday Season. :D


And a

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Metroid Hunter
happy holidays everyone! I don't really log online anymore here but I have been still in discord hanging out with our guild members here. I just wanted to say we moved to discord since there hasn't been any activity in the guild section in ages. I wish everyone the best if you are a old guild member and would like to join discord you can contact any guild leaders here and we are sure to respond you to our discord :) Most not all have moved to sword and shield games.


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I hope everyone enjoys the upcoming Spring

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