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The Eternian Forces Tournaments


Believe in Yourself!
:V I wanna be the very best... V:< Like no one evah was!!!

Username: Burnerv2
Tournament: NU
PS/Wifi/Both(note this depends on the tournament): Both
Timezone: GMT +5 (EST)
Will you get your battle done by deadline?: Yup


Metroid Hunter
:V I wanna be the very best... V:< Like no one evah was!!!

Username: Burnerv2
Tournament: NU
PS/Wifi/Both(note this depends on the tournament): Both
Timezone: GMT +5 (EST)
Will you get your battle done by deadline?: Yup

forgot to accept this lol anyway ill add you on the front

alright people we kinda short for the nu tournament if we don't get enough I may either cancel it or it will drag into oras so please post your apps if you like to join.

Razor Leafeon

The Shadow Remains Cast!
Well, someone needs to bring some life to this place. SOOO.....

Smash Bros Tourney time! One for 3DS, and one for Wii U! Each will be a different tourney, per say, and each will have one winner (We'll get to them in a bit) For now, let's get to the rules.
[spoil]2 stock, Winers, Losers, and Grand Finals 3 Stock

8 Minute timer

Starter stages:
Final Destination/Omega Mode
Yoshi's island

Arena Ferox
Prisim tower
Tomodachi Life
Dreamland 64

Player with the higher seed will strike first, for the second and third round, the winner will strike 2 stages and the loser will choose where to take them. Gentlemen rules and DSR apply (Thx to Jon for typing these out)[/spoil]
Signups will be here soonish...in fact, here's the 3DS one now! http://challonge.com/tefsmash2
Also post on here for neatness sake pls.
Sign up form:
Sign up:
Serebii name:
3DS or Wii U:
Nintendo Network ID/Friend code (Respectively):
Time Zone:
Anything else?:
Is Captain Falcon hype?:
So, fun part. The people who win the smash 3DS and Smash Wii U tourneys will face off after both tourneys are over (If possible). Winner gets a DLC gift from me. Prize still yet undetermined. Dates will also be posted at a later date. Soo...
Start training, and let the hype begin!
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I'll edit the OP when I get a chance. I'm set on DLC, so I won't take a slot that someone else could enter in.


Believe in Yourself!
:V signiing up. We should have enough spots


Metroid Hunter
been awhile since we had a official tef touranment so I will start to make one since this thread has been dead for ages XD

I will do a standard word tournament for now for the guild where it will be done on PS this will test your skills on your team building which this will be a good exercise since some letters are very limited.


Team Builder / RMT
Christmas Friendly: lv1 Doubles

I hope you are all having a good holiday season!

Starting from today we invite you all to participate in a tournament with a few twists:

1.Check out the Little cup (LC) tier
First of all, team choices may only be selected from the Little Cup Tierlist
Basically we're talking about the first form of every evolution line that has an evolution (with a few exceptions,as listed in the link above).

2.The level limit is now lv1
You may notice in the link that all pokemon must be level 5 in little cup. To make things interesting this will be brought down to level 1 for this tourney. EVs,ivs and base statistics are no longer as important as your items,abilities and movesets. So remember this when choosing your team!

3.Double battle format
Keep a sharp eye out for abilities that will be useful to you in doubles,such as intimidate,friend guard,levitate,telepathy...

4.The Christmas Nickname Clause Claus
Your entire party has to be given nicknames related to the holiday season in some way!

Signing up
There is no end to the sign up date,but please let us know at any time over the next week if you are by posting in this thread!
Just be sure to participate in at least one match and write the results in this thread
before next Sunday,including a link to the showdown replay or wifi video!
There will be some rather shiny prizes presented to certain participants when the tournament draws to a close!

Get Team Building!
You can use the Showdown! online simulator, or your XY/ORAS game card to build your team and win points.

Let's get started!