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The EU Referendum

Discussion in 'Debate Forum' started by controversial?, Jun 23, 2016.

  1. Theo-92

    Theo-92 Well-Known Member

    Your not following England and were not dragging you along. Each individual who voted voted to stay or leave as part of Britain not as their individual country, if we did it would have been 2 against the other not Britain as a whole.
  2. Hero of Truth

    Hero of Truth Lillie Fan


    The old worldview is much better than todays in some ways in most ways. Aside for the black people/n word thing which even I don't find it right, insulting the gay and whatever other freaks out there is fine by me. It is wrong for all those freaks to be promoted as ''right'' when they are so wrong. Some things are just unacceptable.

    Gay Marriage? Blech! Most disgusting thing ever! I was referring to the UK's decision to leave the EU.

    Nothing to say on the last one. It's clear I will be wasting my words on you and I don't have the time right now to discuss it.

    I heard Russia has expressed interest in investing in the UK now that it leaves EU, so that is good news for all of you British people. See? Things will be getting better! You just have to believe!
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2016
  3. Class Zero

    Class Zero We have arrived.

    Oh, you're one of those.
    And what's with all that elders know better crap? It's the older generation that didn't actually seem to extensively research the point as it's not their future that was on the line. And I've already heard countless cases of people saying they "voted leave but they didn't think they'd actually win and would change it if they could", it's just plain idiocy.

    I'm sure you've all already see it, but I do feel this paragraph sums up the general feelings of the youth right now.

  4. Theo-92

    Theo-92 Well-Known Member

    They (or should I say we as I am the younger generation) haven't lost their right to work and live in one of those 27 other countries. It just isn't going to be as easy as having a european passport now.

    I've heard people voted remain because their holiday prices and overseas tariffs would go up. Just as silly as voting remain because you don't like 'those who come over and take our jobs".

    The older generation's futrue wasn't on the line but their children's and grandchildren's definately was.
  5. Class Zero

    Class Zero We have arrived.

    True, it's just a tad more difficult as we'd have to apply for a Blue Card, and the cost of going over to wherever would also be higher, and on top of that I also read that 15 EU Member States have a rule where you can only be hired if no other suitable candidate has been found within the EU area... So long story short, it's definitely not helped any future prospects of living and working abroad.

    You're right there.. but it seems as though they disagree with what the youth voted for, and I definitely believe that a lot of them didn't have their grandchildren and children in mind; hell, I know my own family weren't thinking of me when they voted, being the bunch of causal racists that they, and a lot of vocal Leave supporters, are.
  6. Krokketto Prime Danjal

    Krokketto Prime Danjal Done with worldly lies

    All I keep hearing and reading about (not just in this thread but across other media too) is that those who voted leave are idots or words to that effect. Are they really or is this just the remain crowd being bitter because they didn't get their decision. It's not much different to when a general election takes place; one party will take up government and the other's won't (assuming it's not a coalition). If the party you voted for didn't gain power what can you do about it apart from make the best of it. That's what Britain needs to do now. We were given a choice and thanks to democracy, the slight majority voted to leave the EU, this is the reality.

    What's not neccessarily a reality is all this doom and gloom stuff that people, especially those that wanted to remain, are predicting. All the potential negatives are being highlighted but I'm not hearing much about the positive outcomes that may happen.

    As a youngish person, I'm not blaming any elders that may have voted to leave, a fair few of the younger generation also voted to leave but I'm concerned about the morals that this and the upcoming generation have and the direction that the world in general is heading.
  7. Auraninja

    Auraninja Try to understand.

    I hate to compare Brexit to something worse in amplitude, but Hitler did end the German depression, so something good did happen in Germany, but massively outweighed by the bad.

    Also the lead campaign for this was from the UK Independence Party, who had members use systemic racism in order to sway a particular group on their side.

    I'm not saying that there will be "nothing but chaos", but seeing this, "Texit", and Donald Trump, and more smear campaigns against anyone who calls out the BS others have done, I'm not particularly optimistic.
  8. bobjr

    bobjr It's Fusion, I don't have to expalin it. Staff Member Moderator

    The whole "Hitler stopped a German depression" is a double edged sword anyway. He only did that because he was planning to invade countries and the other European nations didn't want another huge war, and he forced their hand.
  9. Auraninja

    Auraninja Try to understand.

    Maybe that wasn't the best example I could have used.

    I have zero faith in the British Independence Party, which I see some parallels to the American modern Republican party with:
    Latching on to a 80s politician to give themselves merit (Reagan/Thatcher).
    Doesn't care about environmental woes.
    Tried to repeal a same-sex marriage law.
    Some members known to be racist, but no one in the party particularly calls them out.

    I'm not optimistic about Brexit having much merit.
  10. Aegiscalibur

    Aegiscalibur Add Witty Title Here

    Good job, Dave. For years, he blamed the EU for just about everything, so this is what he gets.

    Why all the talk about a democracy deficit and unelected EU leaders? The European parliament was elected. The head of the commission was elected. The heads of state were elected. Alright, there would be more transparency if the European parliament had more power and was able to do better oversight, but the people who call the EU undemocratic usually don't want that.

    "It's not democratic if foreigners can vote!" Hah.
  11. Ketaru

    Ketaru Well-Known Member

    Ah, you're one of them. What makes homosexuality inherently freaky and why are they wrong? Any actual moral reasoning for why it is unacceptable? Or is it just one of those things we should take for granted because you said so?
  12. Aromatic Mist

    Aromatic Mist Sensuble

    Please, tell me about these 'ways' in which the past was better?

    Oh yay, at least you have some decency.

    And why would they be unnaceptable?

    I knew what you were talking about, I was just saying that it obviously isn't the best decision they've made in recent times because Gay Marriage literally has no downsides except 'eww, those icky gays are getting married, I don't like that ;-;'

    Save your breath, I don't want to debate with someone who somehow still thinks in the 21st century gay bashing is perfectly acceptable, and that people who will die within 20 years should have their choice valued over people who will be living a full adult life under their decision.

    Russia isn't exactly a cherishable investor due to their dubious choices, unlikeable leader, and more than questionable morality towards their own inhabitants.

    Still, the fact that Scotland and Ireland as a whole wanted to stay should still be a considered factor because they're still two countries in their own right.
  13. AquaRegisteel

    AquaRegisteel Face Oblivion

    I voted to remain, I'm obviously disappointed by the outcome but I had my day of "oh crumbs this is going to go horribly wrong" panicking yesterday. We're just going to have to pull it together.

    We're really quite divided by this right now.

    I will say though, the worst thing is that some people now regret voting Leave. Some didn't even know the consequences. Cornwall voted to leave, they now want protection to guarantee they won't be worse off as a result of leaving. :/
  14. The Admiral

    The Admiral solid state survivor

    This isn't the first time they've done it just since we've elected Obama to office. I think they're just angling for attention.
  15. I-am-the-peel

    I-am-the-peel Justice Forever

    The Labour Party are now preparing to motion an issue of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn next week. According to the Observer, a group of shadow cabinet members will resign in protest to Corbyn, led by Hilary Benn, Shadow Foreign Secretary.

    Absolute madness. If they do this and Jeremy Corbyn is booted out, it will spell the end of their election chances in 2020. Back in the summer of last year, Jeremy Corbyn should never have kept Benn on as Shadow Foreign Secretary and replaced him with Fabian Hamilton, Shadow Foreign Minister. Hamilton is a much kinder man, he agrees with Corbyn on reforming Europe and abolishing Trident, and as he is Jewish, he would help lessen the image that Labour is an anti-semitic party.

    But if Labour do kick out Corbyn from leadership, I'll never vote for them again and just join the Green Party.
  16. phanpycross

    phanpycross God-king

  17. Theo-92

    Theo-92 Well-Known Member

    But it wasn't as a whole, both Scotland and Ireland had leave voters aswell, like England and Wales had remain voters. Still they haven't said they want to have a referendum right away but that the card is on the table if need be.

    I'm sure their's alot of people on both sides who regret the vote they made, goes to show how much if leaving (and staying) is the right decision. The faster we get past this the quicker we can get back to making the best of things for all of us.

    Oh god please don't kick out Corbyn.
  18. I-am-the-peel

    I-am-the-peel Justice Forever

    After declaring that Jeremy Corbyn wasn't electable as party leader, Hilary Benn has been sacked from the shadow cabinet. Heidi Alexander has also resigned, and more resignations are expected in protest to Jeremy Corbyn. It is believed the cabinet have been planning this since Christmas.

    It is appalling that the Party are more concerned with advancing their own careers and getting elected rather than try to make the EU result work. If they oust Corbyn as leader and he doesn't get enough nominations to run again, I won't be voting for them in the next election. It is disgraceful that they are trying to blame the EU result on one man, they ought to be ashamed of themselves.

    Brexit result has led now to both the two main parties fighting each other now. I really want Scotland to be independent now so I can just run there and avoid all these troubles.
  19. Sonic Boom

    Sonic Boom @JohanSSB4 Twitter


    It's the political equivalent of a 12 year old rebellious kd running away from home only to find he never planned a step 2.

  20. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    The UK was screwed long before the referendum. The country is full of racists, homophobic and islamphobic twats. Our goverment is ran by the rich for the rich. With all these cuts, job losses and lazy people that can't be bothered to get a job and then they blame the foriegners, the UK have been digging themselves in a big whole for ages. It feels like the recession ever ended. The brexit was the final nail on the coffin. The country same old shithole as it was before.

    And politicians always quit when things don't go their way. Complete cowards if you ask me. We're not even gaurenteed the brexit. I've known countless times when people voted against cuts and they still went and did them anyway.

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