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The Everything N Fan Club!


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Welcome to the Everything N Fan Club!

Hello there and welcome to the club! In this club, we talk about anything that has to do with the leader of Team Plasma, N Harmonia! You can talk about his clothes, his Pokémon, any shippings about him, and more! As long as it has to do with N, you can pretty much talk about anything. Although, there are some rules.

1. All Serebii Rules Apply.
2. No Spamming or Flame Wars.
3. Be careful about shippings, others may not agree/support them.
4. Only post in the club if you are a member! This will result in a strike.
5. No one-liners.
6. If you would like me to add specific art, PM me the art you want in the club as well as the code for it.
7. If your post contains spoilers, make a spoiler tag! Use this to make one:
Write the Spoiler Here![/SPOILER*] Just remove the *.
8. Breaking ANY of the rules will result in a strike!
9. Have a Fun Time Here!

Make sure you don't get strikes! But if you do, here's the strike system:

Strike System:
1 Strike - Warning
2 Strikes - 3 Day Ban
3 Strikes - 1 Week Ban
4 Strikes - 1 Month Ban
5 Strikes - Permanent Ban

To join this Club, Just fill out this form!:

I Wish to Join the N Fan Club Please!
Why Do You Wish To Join?:
Why Do You Like N?:
Which Pokémon Should N Have?:

Turtlestarf (<that's me!)

Nobody at the moment, but if you would like to be the Co-Owner PM me and I might let you! But you have to be a die-hard N fan!

None at the moment :(

Artists (Art Providers):
None at the moment :(

People With Strikes:
Let's keep it like that!

Banned People:
Make sure it stays like that!

Remember: Try to Stay Active!