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The Evolution Solution (068)


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Underwhelming and the comedy is half decent, I wasn't a fan of the Psyduck/Slowbro stuff.


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Don't you think that it's a weird concept in the anime for Slowpoke evolving with the bite of a shelder on the tail or even the head? In the games its leveling up. What if it happened like this in the games too? that would be weird.


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yah thats wierd how in the game, it is diff from the eps. Meh, i wasnt really a fan of orange islands episodes.


Ashy Boy said:
Who was the VA who did Professor Westwood???
Tonio Von Der Meden was Professor Westwood's Voice Actor in Germen. ^^;

The American one is on the tip of my tongue....I tell you when I find out. ^^;
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why dont u search for it on the internet?


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I didnt really like this epi. Jesse Should of kept Shelder imo. 5/10


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A good episode, I love slowpoke and it's evolutions so this was a good episode. I like that they devoted a entire episode to the Slowpoke evolution into Slowbro, this is the first mention of using another Pokemon to help and Pokemon evolve a concept we won't see anything like that in the games until 4th gen with needing a Remoraid to help evolve your Mantyke into a Mantine, i'm surprised that the developers haven't added that for Slowpoke to evolve into Slowbro. Lastly i'd love to see Psybro in the anime and games.


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I really didn't like this episode that much. I was kind of bored when watching it.
Is it merely coincidence that Shellder clamped onto Psyduck's head in this episode, and a few years later Game Freak designed a Slowpoke evolution that is the result of Shellder clamping onto Slowpoke's head? Anytime I watch/remember this episode now, after Ash's Psybro joke, I think about a Psyking!


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Oh, I remember this one!

My favorite part of the episode was that Westwood guy showing Ash & co. pics of him and his ancestors... and they all looked the same, except for his great-great grandfather (Westwood I), who was kinda handsome actually... and he told Ash& them that it was a picture of him XDDD Then he bowed to them, begging forgiveness for his stupidity, and always forgot that the best-looking pic was him, apparently. XD

That's seriously all I remember from this episode. I forgot entirely about Jessie & that Shellder. Wonder where we'd be with it today if she'd kept it?

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How gutted must Team Rocket have been, they manage to catch a pokemon and it would rather evolve a Slowpoke than stay with them.


This episode is very informative because it reveals how Slowpoke's evolution works. In the game it's different because it evolves in Level 37 without a Shellder biting its tail. In the anime, a Slowpoke evolves when a Shellder bites to its tail. I really don't get it as I've always thought whatever goes in the games, it happens in the anime. Well, some events from games happen in any particular episode.


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I didn't understand how slowbro was effected buy it's own move amnesia and didn't remember how to use mega punch?


I loved this episode. i like the evolution of Slowpoke, it's great.

And Slowbro was strong.