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The Evolutionary War (371)



they really knew their pokemon's moves even though they came from diffrent islands


Pretty cool episode, I liked it since Gorebyss appeared, it's one of my favorite water Pokemon. Nonetheless, a decent filler. I'm also glad I saw Birch again!



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i liked this episode. at least it was better than the relicanth epidsode, i almost fell asleep. Gorebyss and Huntail were interesting and i liked how the clamperl evolved at the same time.( yes im amused by small things) 8/10

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I wanted Shaymin! :(
Actually it taught us again that anime Pokemon don't evolve by trading.

While there were a couple of trades in the anime, the writers realized that it would be ridiculous to have Pokemon trade-evolve like in the games. Why? Because that would mean having to give your Pokemon to someone, and by doing this, what's they say they wouldn't take the Pokemon and run? The writers came up with an idea that using the Pokemon center teleport system would work like trading(they did this before, with Misty's Poliwhirl).

It makes sense, since the trade center remains in a Pokemon center.

While I admit that they could have had the two kids trade their Pokemon back and forth, the writers probably didn't want to use that(although they said that at the end that people were trading their Pokemon) so they used the shtick that Misty's Poliwhirl went through when it evolved to Politoed.

I did hear about the change of the attacks in the end of the second battle. Not that I am complaining - I'm getting sick and tired of Pikachu zapping Team Rocket until they are blown away with thunder attacks. Of course, I did see the edit a bit now that I heard about it.


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I enjoyed this episode and seeing Prof. Birch again is a nice treat since he is my favorite Prof. It's interesting to see how Clampearl aevole into Hntail and Gorebyss with the Deepsea Tooth and Scale, makes one wonder how Clampearl first evolved into Huntail and Gorebyss since it looks like the Scales and Teeth come from Huntail and Gorebyss themselves, perhaps it has something to do with the minerals in the water.
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It was convenient that the Deepseateeth were on the island that loved Gorebyss and the Deepseascales were on the island of Huntail-lovers.
I myself prefer Gorebyss, because it can learn healing attacks along with damaging ones. Gorebyss may look girly, but it has a more useful list of learnable moves.


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It was good to see clamperl, gorebyss and huntail!
The episode itself was a bit dull...


Professor Birch returning was great.
it was cool to see Huntail and Gorebyss like it's boy and girl... it was funny.


Huh, weird lol. Prof Birch actually appeared a lot in Hoenn despite my earlier claims that he rarely appeared. But he only appeared in Fillers like this one.

It focused too much on evolution which is a boring subject especially when you know all about it. I didn't understand why Gorebyss and Huntail were able to survive out of water in one scene though. I thought they were eels.

Overall, a cute rivalry between a girl and boy made it a little entertaining. But that's it. 4/10


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This episode was ok... It was cool to see a Clampearl again, this time introducing DeepSeaScale and DeepSeaTooth and how Clampearl evolves. It was cool seeing Gorebyss and Huntail for the 1st time. Both Pokemon are very strong. It was cool seeing a rivalry between the girl and boy from 2 different islands. Interesting how the Gorebyss Island resident wanted a Huntail, and the Huntail Island resident wanted a Gorebyss. It was odd that the islands were named A B and C Islands.



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Episode was good, Nice appearance of Goybyse and Huntail, decent filler, Ash and Co taking on Team Rocket's Giant Enemy Robotic Crab.



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I liked this episode,Even though it was a filler. The Island names were generc,A,B and C I wish they were more creative. Seeing Clampearl evolve into the different evolotions at the same time was cool. Cool to see a rivalry between the boys and girls. Seeing Prof Birch again was cool. Odd How the boy wanted Goybyse and the girl wanted Huntail. But saying that I am a boy and I prefer Goybyse.


Two ugly Pokemon getting an episode to together. It's better than them both getting an individual one I suppose. I was surprised that Joy did not know who Prof. Birch was but I guess he's not world famous like Oak is. The two kids were annoying too but that's all that this episode had.


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I suppose the only good redeeming factor of this episode was the addition of Professor Birch. For the rest, this episode was merely a filler that had big similarities with a previous filler episode back in Johto. Not the most strongest episode, but an mediocre one.


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This was an OK episode, not good but not bad either. It's odd how the island's name were generic A, B and C, 4kids should've been more creative about naming the islands. It's good to see Clamperl's evolutions Gorebyss and Huntail in the same episode. Professor Birch's appearance was good too, I liked how he explained Clamperl's evolution process to the kids. Keith and Nancy were kinda annoying, but their rivalry was interesting.