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The Experiment (Rated PG-13/R)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Gentleman Skeleton, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. Gentleman Skeleton

    Gentleman Skeleton Well-Known Member

    Alright, I have enough people to start, rmember, if you still want to join, all you have to do is sign up at this link:
    Here we go.

    Deep insde a Team Rocket research laboratory sat a boy, no older than 16, locked like an animal in a steel cage. As guards opened his cage to feed him, he fought back, throwing them all backward wth an apparent Psycic attack. He ran out of the cage into another group of guards, and threw them aside like rag-dolls. He finaly got to the end of the hall, but ran into a brick wall. As he stared down the guards, a stange ball of energy appeared in hs hand. He turned away from the guards and fired a Hyper Beam from his hand into the wall, destroying it only to find he was hundreds of feet above a raging sea. As the guards approached, guns drawn, the boy jumped, only to Fly away. The guards looked stunned as Giovanni himself came down from his private suite to assess the situation.

    "Find him!" Were the only two words he spoke.

    Several days had passed before the boy washed up on the shore of a mysterious island. In the center of the island stood a lonely mountain, and around this mountain, along the river were huts. The people tried to be kind to the young man, but he was extremely scornful toward them. However, that changed during the night. Rain began to pour harder and harder on the island. Eventually, the river flooded and washed away all of the huts. When Azreal awoke the next morning, Azreal witnessed the aftermath of the disaster. What Azreal did next, some say he felt guilty of his treatment of the locals, others say that a bubble of kindness buried deep in his heart finally came to the surface. Either way, he went to the mountain and used Secret Power to create tunnels in the mountain, from which he created new homes for the people of the island. He then laid torches along the tunnel and in all of the homes. He then tried to use Will-o-Wisp to light them all, but what came out was something different, what came out was Sacred Fire. A fire that would not burn out when wet, a fire that would not burn the hand of those who touched it. The people saw it as an omen from Ho-oh. The people began to worship him as a prophet, but Azreal walked off, ignoring the praise. A young woman, no older than 13 with two Eevees and a Combusken came to him and begged him to stay. He ignored her for a while, but soon found himself returning. The people made him one of their leaders and he trained them and their Pokemon for the day his captors found him. When asked for his name, the young man replied, "Azreal, Prophet of Ho-oh."
    Two years later

    Azreal walked down the beach with three Pokemon by his side, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. The three of them heard Azreal's call a year prior and came to him, giving him their loyalty. They serve as his companions, as well as guardians for the new village carved in the mountainside. He looks out at the ocean and finds a ship with a red R on it's front heading for the island. Azreal knew he and the villagers were in trouble.
  2. -Discord-

    -Discord- Rawrtar

    Nick was in the tunnels, made through Secret Power, interesting, that R symbol, of Team Rocket.

    "Let's come on out Suicune, Milotic and Metagross."

    Hearing the pokemon's confident cries, Nick headed to the beach, with the massive ship staring right at him, he stared at the prophet of Ho-oh.

    "Ready prophet, we can fight them. All of us."
  3. Gentleman Skeleton

    Gentleman Skeleton Well-Known Member

    "Stand back," Azreal replied. "You still have much to learn about tactics. We can't win in a battle on the land, so we're going to have to bring the fight to them!" Azreal faced Regice. "Are you ready, old friend?"

    "RREEEEJJJJIIII!" It shouted in response as a bright, blue ball of energy appeared in Azreal's hand.

    "Ice Beam!" Azreal and Regice shot Ice Beams at the water surrounding the ship. It began to freeze. Another blue ball of energy appeared in Azreal's mouth. This time, it was Sheer Cold. The water froze even faster than before until an ice bridge formed connecting the ship to dry land. Azreal and the Regis charged across the bridge. "If you're coming Nick, now's the time!"
  4. Kris

    Kris Whitest Kid U'Know.

    "NICK!!! WAIT UP! I'm the leader, remember?! You don't need to be getting so much ahead of me--" -she paused to catch her breath- "especially when Team Rocket is near. I mean, I could easily take them down, but you--"
    "...Team Rocket..." Mewtwo interrupted. He narrowed his eyes. "They--"
    "--are a bit weak, at least weaker than mine," Kris continued, glaring at Mewtwo, "although you're getting slightly better, especially with that Suicune. Though, ehe, I'm sure Mewtwo could take her down in, let's say, seconds, perhaps?" She continued rambling about the same subject until Mewtwo interrupted her again.
    "Uh, the prophet..." he looked over to Team Rocket's ship. "He wants us to follow him."
    "Just look."
    "Oh. Well, we'd better go then. Come on, Pikachu, Mewtwo, Nick, and Nick's Pokemon. We had, eh, better follow him." Kris began to follow the prophet, Azreal, across a bridge that he made as she was rambling.
    "Pika!" Pikachu cried as he jumped onto Kris' shoulder.
    Mewtwo narrowed his eyes again, jumped about a foot into the air, and began to float after them.
  5. -Discord-

    -Discord- Rawrtar

    "Ugh, ready Suicune!"

    "Ready bomb.... err, I mean Metagross?"

    "Ready Milotic!"

    "Suicune and Milotic! Use surf! It's time to rock the boat!"

    2 large tidal waves advanced to the ship of Team Rocket and hit for minimal damage.

    "Maybe I should make some..... explosive negotiations with Team Rocket, hee, hee, I still have those Max Revives. Should I Metagross?"

    "Metta?" Metagross said knowing where this was going.

    "Suicune, Calm Mind!"
    "Milotic, Hypnosis on those crew members!"
  6. Gentleman Skeleton

    Gentleman Skeleton Well-Known Member

    "Hold on," Azreal told Nick. "I have a better idea. Save your strength." Azreal stepped back and shot a Flamethrower at the hull of the ship. Kris and Nick gave him odd stares because it was apparently doing no good. Then, the hull glowed a bright red and Azreal shot an Ice Beam, followed by an Ice Beam from Regice. Eventually, a small area of the hull had cooled down, this is where he had Registeel finish the job.

    "Registeel, Metal Claw!" Registeel ripped a hole in the weakened hull, big enough for all of them to enter.
  7. -Discord-

    -Discord- Rawrtar

    OOC: Are we allowed to catch new pokemon in the rpg, If so may I take like Lugia or Deoxys or Raikou or Kyogre? Any one?

    "Heh, interesting idea. let's go Suicune and Metagross, Milotic, you stay outside and Ice Beam the crap out of the intruders."


    Nick advanced to the top of the ship with Metagross next to him and Nick on top of Suicune.

    "Let's finish this, Meteor Mash, Metagross, on the engine!"


    The engine of the ship was already destroyed, the ship was soon going to be down.

    "Milotic, Ice Beam the Team Rocket Members!"

    It was too late, they were frozen by someone else...

    "Let's go! finish the job Azreal!"
  8. Evil Munchlax

    Evil Munchlax Well-Known Member

    OOC:Ok, Diablo going to be in controll of the rocket grunts.


    Diablo felt and heard waves hit the ship."Hm....so they wanna play?Well two can play at that game.", said Diablo."Murrrr-krroowww!",crowed Murkrow in agreement.Then a Team Rocket grunt entered the room and said,"Sir, the boy, Azreal, is out side."Diablo replied,"Excellent.You and the other grunts, deal with the onbored trainers.I'm going after the prophet."Just then he heard some explosives comeing from part of the ship.He walked to a phone(They'd be those T.V. ones like in the anime.) and called a group of grunts also in the ship."Go down to secter 4 and see what hapened there."He saw on the screen a hole bunch of grunts knocked out by most likely a pokemon attack."...weaklings..."Then he heard some more explosives and sounded like they were getting closer.Knowing he better get off this ship before the cause of all these explosions sinks it, he exited the ship to find an ice bridge and the boy, Azreal."Finaly.Ok, come with me and I'll spare your life."
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2006
  9. -Discord-

    -Discord- Rawrtar

    "Grr, they have Azreal." Nick Shouted
    "Milotic, use Hypnosis on that Team Rocket guy. Forget it, I have a better idea. Go Gardevoir."


    "Gardevoir, telepathically tell Azreal of my idea to death threaten him, don't worry I won't kill him. I know he's no use to Team Rocket dead."
  10. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    "KARI, CARLA, FLAMENCE!" Serenity shouted. She lept down from the ridge she was standing on to help Azreal. She grinned. "You know what to do!" She finished. The three pokemon, an Umbreon, Espeon and Blaziken each used their most powerful attack. Flamence, her Blaziken, a blaze kick, Carla, her Espeon, a Psycic, and Kari, her Umbreon, a bite attack. They lunged at the people and that gave her time to speak with Azreal.

    "They keep on getting worse and worse, don't they?" she grinned. "So, are you going to help me or what?"
  11. -Discord-

    -Discord- Rawrtar

    "Good work, you must be Serenity. Gardevoir, Metagross return!"


    "The ship's going down, Suicune, let's jump out of here!"


    Suicune jumped off the ship with Nick riding Suicune.

    "You, Team Rocket Leader, I'll kill you! Leave Azreal alone."

  12. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    Serenity sighed. this was the second fight in a week and it was only a Monday. She tumbled to the floor in exaution and her pokemon ran over to her. The two cat pokemon licked her face while Flamence helped her up. "you guys must be tired too. Come on. Let's go back to the village, my feet are killing me anyways," She said. "You coming, Azreal?" She asked her friend. He responded by following her up the hill and towards the cliffs where the village was set.

    "Serenity, azreal, are you alright?!" Shouted someone in the distance. the two looked up to see Serenity's dad running up towards them. "I saw the hunters and team rocket, you aren't harmed, are you? Azreal?" he said, flustered.

    "Dad, we're fine! My pokemon took care of it for us...no help from Azreal here..." she shot a look at him and then laughed. "Only kidding! Lets get back, my feet are killing me."
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2006
  13. Evil Munchlax

    Evil Munchlax Well-Known Member


    Diablo glared at the boy."You'll kill me?Ha!I dout that.I'm Diablo, a bounty hunter hired by Giovonnie to carture Azreal for him, and I'll desimate anyone that gets in my way!"The boy still looked as he wanted to battle."But you must be atleast a little good to catch Suicune.Fine we'll have it your way!", Diablo grabbed one of his pokeballs."Sceptile go!", the powerful pokemon Sceptile emerged from the red blast of the pokeball, "Use solor beam on that Suicune!"Then he noticed a girl and Azreal escaping."Murkrow, go follow them!Spy on them, but you need to be quiet."Murkrow grinned an evil green and flew up in the air from Diablo's shoulder.

    OOC:please dont spot Murkrow, atleast not yet.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2006
  14. -Discord-

    -Discord- Rawrtar

    "Suicune, dodge that and retaliate with a Calm Mind followed by an Icy Wind! Gardevoir and Dragonite make sure Serenity and Azreal make it safely."

    "That's enough. This has to end! Go Milotic, Swampert and Metagross Metagross, Meteor Mash, Milotic, Surf and Swampert, Surf on all of those Team Rocket members."

    Ater that there were many downed Team Rocket members, a few still remained. A few grunts some admins and most importantly the Rocket boss Diablo.

    "Grr, some are still alive, it's a war-zone it's like Normandy out here."

    Team Rocket members still sending out Golbats, Crobats, Raticates, Seviper and Kingdra to do the dirty work, and then... a feather fell from the sky into Nick's hand, a feather of Ho-Oh.

    "Azreal will be fine."
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2006
  15. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    Serenity stepped out of her hut after bandaging her feet. Her pokemon were being treated at the healers hut and she was pretty much free to do what she wanted for the rest of the day. She looked out towards the ocean and sighed. The hunter Nick and the Rockets were still at it. "When will they ever learn that war isn't any fun," she put her hands on her hips and looked as they carried out more of their fight. She then turned around and headed towards Azreal's hut.

    She stood in the doorway with a grin on her face.
    "The Rockets and Nick are still fighting. That'll keep them out of our hair for a while," She stared out over the horizon. "They're all after you and I've been with you from when you came here," she stared at him and the grin came back. "I'm also three years younger than you and I saved your butt out there today. A thank you should cover it."
  16. -Discord-

    -Discord- Rawrtar

    "Suicune, Let's use another Calm Mind attack and follow up with Icy Wind again. You know Diablo, if you you were Giovanni, I might have felt threatened, and pity we might have made good partners if you were on the right side.. Gardevoir, telepathically tell Serenity that you and Dragonite will protect her and Azrael."
  17. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    Serenity, before Azreal could say anything, felt a sensation in her mind. She then heard a rough voice.

    "Do not worry, i shall protect you and Azreal." It said.

    "O-kay. That was weird," She said. he looked confused. "I just heard someone...or something tell me that we'll be okay. It's weird but I have a bad feeling about a good message..."
  18. -Discord-

    -Discord- Rawrtar

    "I've arrived and so has D-Nite" Gardevoir said telepathically to Nick


    Gardevoir entered the hut and Nick ran to it with Suicune, they got there at light speed.

    "I have no time for you diablo."

    "Serenity, Azreal? Guys (Nick's pokemon) take a rest. This is for you Azreal."

    *gives ho-oh feather.*
  19. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    "Thanks for having our backs out there, Nick," Serenity said. She sighed in relief after thinking it might be another rocket. "Whoa, is that...a Ho-Oh feather?!" she asked, shocked. He nodded. "This is great! We're so close now!" She beamed. Her happiness was enough for the three of them. She calmed herself down to ask nich something. "I take it you were the one who sent me that message? Next time, wait to tell me-telepathy is creepy."
  20. -Discord-

    -Discord- Rawrtar

    "Next time, wait to tell me-telepathy is creepy."

    "Carefully noted. Yeah, it fell from the sky while I was battling the Team Rocket boss Diablo and his Sceptile. He fleed after I left."


    "Woah, that was loud, the ship probably exploded already. I would have talked to you before but I didn't count on running over here. Well we do have the day to ourselves for now.... I'll start making a ship, can ya help me out, maybe Blaziken can help lift the stuff, while I make blueprints. Next time we get invaded by sea, we need a ship."

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