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The Experiment (Rated PG-13/R)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Gentleman Skeleton, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. SwabThePoopdeck

    SwabThePoopdeck Guess Who's Back?

    OOC: Holy squeeze, this is the longest post I've ever made.

    Jack groaned, and Mrs. Fuller ran up to Jack and hugged him. "You're safe!" Jack stared at her, before adding, "Mom. Get off of me." He got up, brushed his jeans off, and lays in the sand for a few minutes. Espeon runs over to him and licks his face. Jack laughed and pulled his Pokeblock dispenser from his jacket pocket. He pulled out a pink PokeBlock and fed it to Espeon, and it mewed happily. Jack sat for a moment, before deciding it was time to put some training in for his Pokemon. He planned to defeat the Elite Four soon, so he carved in the sand a letter to Serenity; he couldn't find her anywhere.

    I'm going to go train my Pokemon. Call me on my PokeNav if you need me. I'll be at Ever Grande or Indigo Plateau.


    And with that, he sent out Dragonite and motioned for his mom to hop on. He flew home to find Team Rocket vehicles parked outside his house. "Shh." Jack told his mom to SHUT UP in a polite way. He pulled his bow out and an arrow, and walked quietly inside. Espeon and Dragonite followed. He sent Roselia out, and used Grasswhistle on the grunts in the kitchen. He went upstairs, down the hall, taking out grunts as he went. There were two Executives guarding his room: one male, the other female. "Nobody can see Giovanni, unless they get past us." Jack smirked. "Well, that's pretty easy. Roselia, Bullet Seed." Seeds flew everywhere, bruising the executives, and Jack pointed his bow at the female. "Want to move yet?" She whimpered and stepped back. Jack opened the door to his room, and Giovanni turned around in Jack's computer chair. "Hello, Jack." Jack glared at Giovanni. "Hi. Get the hell out of my room." Giovanni obeyed, and left his house laughing. Jack checked his storage and there was an egg missing. "Victreebel's egg's gone..." Jack clenched his fist. "Looks like the Elite Four will have to wait."

    Jack flew to Team Rocket and picked up his PokeNav and called Serenity. "Where are you? I looked everywhere on the island for you! Well, anyway, I'm at Team Rocket's. I'm going to shut them down."
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  2. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    OOc: Yeah, i don't think that last edited part is going to work. If Serenity's in the past then I don't think you can call her.
  3. PokemonBreederChris

    PokemonBreederChris UnlimitedBlade Works

    OOC: I'm BACK!!!! Watch out people, Azura is back in action! HUZZAH!

    also my post stinks for a reintro, but I have little time, so this will have to do for now...

    Darkness, Darkness, Darkness surrounded her, nothing but darkness.

    Azura thought to herself.

    'Is this what death feels like? Azreal....Serenity....Yura....Somebody...Save me...'

    Azura's body floated in nothingness, she was paralyzed.


    She tried to call out hoping someone one would answer
  4. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    *OOC: YES! Finally somebody listens to me! :D*

    Serenity stood there as Azreal gawped.

    "Azreal...?" she asked, worried. "Are you okay?!" He tried to say something but nothing came out. Then, something that Serenity will always remember happened. Her mom came to the door.

    "Willow? Are you alright?" She noticed Serenity. "Hello there. Are you one of Willow's friends?" She asked. Serenity stood opened eyed. there was her mom. So real. So...healthy. So living and full of happyness. Just like her. Serenity smiled. She really did look like her. They both had the sam weird hair colour, body build and peircing grey eyes.

    "Yes. I am one of..." she looked at Azrea suspiciously. "...Willow's friends. And these are his brother and sister," She pointed out Nick and Sarah.

    "Hi Serenity's mom-" nick froze and Serenity looked worried. "...I-I mean sure is warm. Here. it's really warm. Not like that where we come from!"

    "You mean Viridian city? isn't it usually hot there?" Nami asked.

    "Uh...we're having...bad weather!" Sarah thought up. serenity said a silet thanks to both of them.
  5. SwabThePoopdeck

    SwabThePoopdeck Guess Who's Back?

    OOC: I know.

    Jack hung up because Serenity wouldn't answer. Maybe she left her PokeNav at home, he thought. He entered the building with Dragonite, Roselia, and Espeon, knocking out everyone he saw along the way, except for one person. It was his best friend, Ella Islail. She had long, black hair, with hoop earrings and hazel eyes. They grew up together. Ella had an Umbreon that lived outside its Pokeball, as Jack had with Espeon. When Jack joined Team Rocket, Ella joined too. She was higher-ranked than Jack, though. Jack frowned when he saw her.

    "Oh, hey Jack! What's up? Are you working on that Eevee that Giovanni wanted you to breed from your most adorable Espeon?" Ella smiled sweetly at him. Jack sighed. "Uhm. No. My Espeon shall remain a virgin. Anyway... Ella... I've quit Team Rocket." Ella smiled. "Oh, me too. They just don't know it yet." Jack laughed. "Well, Help me get everyone out of the building. I'm going to blow it up."


    Many, many hours later....

    Jack finally made it to the top floor with Ella at his side. "Giovanni. Give me the egg. Now." Giovanni turned around. "Why... Hello. You want your egg back, you'll have to battle me for it." Jack laughed. "Pushover. Three Pokemon each?" Giovanni agreed. Ella jumped up in the air. "I'LL REFEREE."


    The battle resulted in a tie. Jack just sighed. "Why didn't I try this before?" He walked over to Giovanni, kicked him in his groin, grabbed the egg, and walked off. "Hey Ella, want to come to Faraway Island with me?" She smiled. "Sure!" Jack remembered what he came here to do. "Dragonite, Hyper Beam!" The base of the building creaked, and the building sort of wobbled before crashing down. "Ok, now. Let's go."
    Ella sent out her Swellow and mounted it, as did Jack with Dragonite. They landed on the beach. Jack smiled. "I want you to meet my friend Serenity. If I could FIND her." Jack sighed. "Anyway, let me show you something." They walked toward the mountain in the distance. "I hope it's there." Jack hoped.
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  6. Gentleman Skeleton

    Gentleman Skeleton Well-Known Member

    Nami left for the kitchen to make some tea and Azreal decided to go in and help. But as she was heating up the stove and getting some water, Azreal recieved a vision. It was Azura, and she was in danger. Azreal struggled to keep his balence, eventually stumbling and placing his hand on the hot stove. The pain didn't connect for a few seconds until Nami started to scream and dropped the teapot. Azreal snapped out of his trance to pull away his hand. It was pretty badly burnt.

    "Let me get you something for that," Nami said, with a slight panic. "Are you alright?"

    "It hurts," Azreal replied. "But I'll live." Nami left to grab some burn ointment as Serenity and Prof. Willow ran in to help. As Nami came back down with the ointment, and Serenity's father, Nami noticed the burns were healing themselves.

    "What...are...you?" Nami asked, slowly trying to get away.

    "Look, I'm sorry about the teapot. Serenity, try and calm your mother dow-" Azreal covered his mouth. Serenity's mother tried even harder to get away. "Oh, no! Me and my big mouth!"
    A few hours passed and Azreal explained the whole story to Nami, Serenity's father, and past Serenity (with her siblings overhearing the entire conversation.)

    "Daddy," past Serenity said. "That's Azreal! The guy from my dreams! Except he's a bit older than I remember."

    "That's because I'm from the future!" Azreal said. Past Serenity began to laugh. "Anyway, I have important news from the future. Nami, in about a week, you'll die. And in seven years..." Azreal pointed to one of the children on the stairs, and the baby in Nami's arms. "Those two will die as well. I'm only telling you this, because the future can be changed." Azreal placed a phial of red liquid on the coffee table. "If you want to live Mrs. Featherthrow, inject that into yourself tomarrow. It's a small amount of my blood, it contains antibodies that resist alot of different diseases. And if you survive, the children I pointed out will as well. Now, if you excuse me, we need to go, we've said enough already. Serenity, if you need time to say goodbye, I'll leave Jirachi with you. I'll just take Celebi with my dad and siblings. Take your time." Azreal waled over the the present Serenity and gave her a hug. "I know you could use one of these right now. Take your time, but I think Dark Azreal is doing something to Azura, I need to stop him. See you in seven years!" Azreal rejoined his family and dissappeared into the present. Jirachi floated onto Serenity's shoulder.
  7. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    "God, this is going to leave me with a headache when I get back..." Serenity said to herself. She then turned to her mom. She was crying softly. "M-mom? You okay?" Serenity asked. Little Serenity asked the same thing at the same time. Normal Serenity looked down at her for a second.

    "I-if I'm going to die..." She gulped. "I'm glad I got to see what my little girl looked like all grown up," She stood up and held Serenoty's cheek in her hand. "You look just like me..." she said quietly.

    "Mom, here's the deal. You are going to die in about a week. If you want to live, then Azreal's blood is right there for you to use..." Her mother shook her head. "What?!"

    "No, no. It's alright, Serenity," Little Serenity looked emencely confused. "Remember what I always told you..." Serenity paused. "You can never play around with destiny..." They both said. Nami smiled. Serenity had a tear roling down her eye.

    "I'll miss you more than ever, mom..." She sobbed. "Oh...and I named a Vulpix after you in the future..." Serenity's mom smiled again.

    "How are your pokemon?" She asked.

    "Just fine...Kari and Carla are the best and Flamence protects me with all it's got..." Little Serenity piped up.

    "What did you evolve Kari and Carla into?!" She cried out.

    "An Umbreon and Espeon." Serenity smiled.

    "One more question." She said.


    "Is Azreal our boyfriend?" She asked. Serenity paused for a second.

    "I'll let you figure that one out on yor own. Goodbye eveyone!" She said, smiling. "Jirachi, I wish I was back in my own time." Jirachi nodded and they both flashed back home.

    "...That was weird." Serenity's dad said.
    Serenity felt a lurching headache when she got back but still remembered everything from before she went back in time. She walked over to Azreal.

    "...Mom's not coming back..." She said. "It's better to not toy with destiny like that..." Jirachi looked up at her sympatheticly.
  8. PokemonBreederChris

    PokemonBreederChris UnlimitedBlade Works

    OOC: Dragonic man, I came up with a half plot, of making the Regis fuse to Regigigas for a fight later on or something, as well this post is character developement, Flygon, I want to make serenity's and azura's relationship more, the gal has to get to know her future sister-in-law, lol. Also the character I mention, might be part of the future.

    A voice echoed through Azura's mind, this voice, calming, simular to Azreal's.

    Young maiden, tis not your time

    "Az-Az-Azreal? Brother? AZREAL!? Is that you brother?"

    Azura looked yonder, a small sparkling light bleeped to and frow. It was doing a small cascading dance. Her body reached for it, the warm feeling, she felt happiness again.


    No, I am not the one you call Azreal...

    The voice, was that of a charming victorian male, high in class, his voice so serene.

    The orb of light, vibrating many differant colors; vibrating at a heart's pace, began to take form, of a human.

    The figure was almost identical to Azreal, the only differance was paler sking, silvery-white hair (same length), and golden eyes. The figure bore angelic wings as well. Azura shocked looked at him with her guard up.

    "Wh-Who are you!?"

    "....a friend..."

    The Azreal-look-a-like looked at Azura, then at the darkness shouding her.

    "Your past, it is full of darkness...They have treated you wrong...A girl like you should not come here yet...You still have many years..."


    "You are the one born of human, the only experiament that was human before, you must tell the prophet of Ho-Oh(Azreal), this message:

    When the Oracle of the moonlight enters the realms of the sun, the power of the three elements into one shalt defend the lands from infinit night mare.

    The figure disappeared, Azura felt like she was dropping, dropping forever.

    Light came, Azura crashed into the beach of her new home, Azreal's home.

    (I could add more, but no time)
  9. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!


    Serenity heard something coming from inside Azreal's home.

    "What was that?" She asked worriedly. "Ah, heck with it," She ran towards the sourc of the noise where she found Azura rubbing her head. "AZURA!" She yelled. "Azreal, come quick! Something weird's happened and Azura's on your floor!" Azreal instantly ripped through the door. "Well this is a kinda sunshine on an otherwise rainy day..." She said. Azura looked at her in confusion. "You don't know yet. Everyone's kinda dead. Everyone I know, anyway. The elder, Nikita and Joe..." She said in a depressed voice.
  10. May_65

    May_65 <--Mewtwo Rockz!

    "um.... Any one there?"
    She says when she found herself in a house...
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  11. PokemonBreederChris

    PokemonBreederChris UnlimitedBlade Works

    umb, you have to be accepted to join.

    Also, I have decided to get anyone's neck if they do not post by the RPG standards, on my time away, I read some of the posts, and a few were just plain illegal to post...THAT IS A NO! May_65, if you are accepted, please don't post 1 line posts.

    (This is the smallest a post should be, I have no time, so I can't really post my big ones....yet...)


    Azura looked confused, how'd she get back, the last thing she remembered was being killed by a poisonous arrow shot from the direction of Grim's manor. (off RPG cameo). Azura looked arround, seeing Serenity's gleaming smile, and joyous personality made Azura smile as well; even Azrela beared a minimal smile. Azura looked above the mantle, there was the doll, that held Yura's spirit...The whole older siblings of (insert last name here Dragonic Man) were there in the hut, but where was their parents, and the two younger twins?

    Azura opened her mouth, trying to speak, but nothing came out, only a grunt, he eyes started crying. She was happy to be home.


    Azreal nodded, and smirked, he stayed in the corner, allowing Serenity to babble on what has happened. Serenity had grown a liking towards Azura as well. Azura sat up from bed, and looked out the window, she witnessed lugia (which I befriended way way way way way way way back, but haven't really used) Lugia was flying arround; the legendary bird of moon, MOON, that was it. Azura's breath begant to tighten, she remembered what the stange azreal look a like told her. The order of Lugia, the rivals of The Order of Ho-oh, there were coming to defeat their rivals once and for all.

    Azura looked at azreal, and emotionaless blurted out what she was told, Serenity and Azreal were shocked at what Azura said.
  12. -Discord-

    -Discord- Rawrtar

    OOC: PBC, I caught Lugia in the RPG way back when... why would I tell it to fly without me, now that I'm releasing Kyogre into the wild. I'm going to post about Regigigas forming.

    Kyogre.. the Sea Basin pokemon. Full of raging power that would destroy the land if it was unleashed.

    "Kyogre, go back to the Marine Cave. Go back to your home." Nick said.

    "Kyoo?" It said refusing.

    Nick shined the Red orb to Kyogre and it was controlled to go back to its home.

    "Go Slaking" Nick called

    "Slak.." It called.

    "Are you okay?" Nick asked, remembering the incident before, when the guy with the electric beam blasted Slaking...

    "Slak" It nodded. Nick let out a sigh of relief.

    "We're going to take a walk." Nick said. He went to one of the caves on the island. It was known as the Solar cave. It had a strange temple at the top that was known as the realm of the sun. Nick was always curious about what was up there, but he never got the chance to.

    "Lugia, fly us up there." Nick called.

    'Luuuggyyahh" It called.

    "Yes I know, it has been a long time." Nick called.

    The beast of the moon flew up to the monastary, which was the realm of the sun. The gate of life and death that afected everything. It was a forbidden region, but Nick didn't know it. Nick reached the top of the monastary and noticed something. The floor had the emblems of ice, steel and rock. At the front were 3 pillars, holding a glowing nevermeltice, a glowing rock and a glowing piece of metal..
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  13. Gentleman Skeleton

    Gentleman Skeleton Well-Known Member

    Just as the three pieces come together, they split back apart. The being was sucked back into the light, and the glowing shards returned to their pedistals.

    "The fusion was incomplete," A man said as he approached Nick. "In order for the fuson to truly begin, you need the guardians of ice, stone, and metal. Bring them here during an eclipse, and that being will be reborn. Now leave before the others return." Nick looked at the man. "I see you have the eyes of unrequited love. That stare is unmistakeable. And those garbs you wear, you must be of the Order of Ho-Oh. Let me rephrase what I'm saying, I know who you are, Nick Parks. And you have something I want. Give me what I want." Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres appeared behind the man. "Give me Lugia!"
    Meanwhile, on the island, Nikita and Joe were buried beside their mother, and the Elder was cremated in the same way all the Elders of the past were. It was a time of greif, but also a time of hope that things will soon get a little better. Within hours, alot of the high ranking officials were determining candidates to be the next Elder. Soon after, the list was narrowed down to eight candidates. Since the officials couldn't drop the list any farther, they decided to engage the initiation rights, something that didn't need to happen in over one hundred years. The list was posted on the doors of every resident. The list was as follows:

    Azreal Willow
    Professor Nathaniel Willow
    Serenity's Father
    Azrocco (no last name given)
    Serenity Featherthrow
    Azeria (no last name given)
    Azura Willow
    Nick Parks

    And within hours, a tournament bracket was formed:

    Azreal Willow

    Nick Parks
    Nathaniel Willow

    Azura Willow

    Serenity Featherthrow
    Serenity's Father

    "Now, the tournament will go as follows," an official said. "It will be a 1x1 tournament. One Pokemon each. However, any member of AZ-13 may use themselves as a substitute. You are not allowed to switch Pokemon between matches. The one you use Round one will be the same you use in the finals. We'll begin round one immediately. The winner of the tournament will be crowned Elder of our island."
  14. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    Serenity grinned. "There hasn't been a female elder before..." She said. "I may not be that old but I'm going to go for it!" She released Flamence. "Flamence, I'm going for Elder!" It cried out in approval. "It's a battle and I'm going to use you for it! Remember everything i taught you because we're going up against my dad and your dad first!" She smiled at him. It looked a little afraid: Serenity's dad's Blaziken was hs dad and was much more experienced than it was. "Flamence! We can do this together! Just keep your hopes up and don't stop trying 'til we win!" She grinned at him. "Now lets go find Azreal and wish him luck!"
    Serenity ran behind Azreal while he was preparing unoticed.

    "Surprise!" She cheerfully exclaimed, making him jump. "Aw, did I scare ya? Well I'm going to scare you even more when we battle!" She laughed. "I'm going to bat my dad...we are," She hugged Flamence. "And don't think I'll hold back in beating you either!" She exclaimed. She paused and let go of Flamence. "...So, I guess you'll be using yourself as a competitor?"
  15. Gentleman Skeleton

    Gentleman Skeleton Well-Known Member

    "It's alot more fun that way," Azreal replied. "I am a little worried about Nick though. He hasn't come back yet, and if he doesn't before my match ends, he'll be disqualified. Hate to say it, I don't even think he knows about this yet."

    "We'll find him," Nick said behind Azreal's back. "As much as I'd love to see you win your next match, Sarah and I will go find Big Nick."

    "Alright, just be back soon, I'll draw my match out as long as possible." And with that, Nick grabbed Azreal's Salamence. Nick and Sarah grabbed on and took off.

    "Mind watching Jirachi while I'm up?" Azreal asked Serenity as Jirachi floated onto Serenity's shoulder. "I'd leave him with my dad, but he likes you better."

    "Will the first round competators please report to the arena immediately," An announcer called out. Azreal ascended to the top of the mountain, where the arena was located. Azreal looked to find Azeria already there, and looking prepared for a fight. "Initiation Rights, Round 1: Azreal Willow vs. Azeria. 3, 2, 1, Begin!"

    Azreal charged at Azeria, whom looked timid as ever. "What's worng Azeria?" Azreal asked. "C'mon, try and beat me. You can do it, I just want to see what you're capable of." And with that, Azeria began to glow. She grew a little and when the glowing stopped, plants have grown all over her body. "That's it, now let's see what you can do." Several leaves appeared in her hands. She threw them like knives. All Azreal could do was dodge and weave. As he reached the end of the arena, he had no choice but to attack. As she started another round of Razor Leaf, Azreal fired a Light Beam, vaporizing the leaves. But by the time it reached Azeria, she was able to absorb the light, jump high into the air, and convert it into a Solarbeam. The Solarbeam dug deep into Azreal. He fell to the ground, but quickly rose.

    "You're seeing my best, Azreal," She said. "What about yours?" But as she fell to the ground, she felt a searing pain. She looked down to see that Azreal had laid down several layers of Spikes. Strands of her hair began to lash at Azreal like tenticles. Azreal used the oppertunity to shoot out a Flamethrower. It hit it's mark, but did less than Azreal would have hoped.

    "Much better," Azreal said. "This'll make it much easier on me when I win." Azeria used Frenzy Plant as a last ditch effort to protect herself.

    "Alright," Azreal said. "Now things get interesting."
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  16. SwabThePoopdeck

    SwabThePoopdeck Guess Who's Back?

    OOC: Omgomg. I have an Idea.
    Jack and Ella ran up the side of Mount Faraway, with Espeon and Umbreon following closely behind. They were nearing the top slowly, when they heard the roar of a Pokemon. Jack turned around to see Entei gazing up at them. It lurched forward towards Jack, and Espeon jumped in front, followed by Umbreon. They hissed at the giant dog. Entei shot a blast of fire from its mouth at Jack, and he ducked, narrowly avoiding it. "Espeon, Hyper Beam!" "Umbreon, Giga Attack!" Entei staggered back. It roared once more, before loosing another Fire Blast at Umbreon. "Espeon, use Psychic!" The blast froze in midair and Entei was lifted off the ground and slammed back down onto the floor. Entei was pretty damaged now. "What do you want with me?!" Jack shouted. Entei roared in reply, then lunged onto Jack, knocking him down. He landed on top of Jack and pinned him down, charging a Hyper Beam aimed at his head. Jack reached in his bag for a PokeBall, and threw it up lightly at Entei. It disappeared inside the Pokeball. Jack scrambled away from the Pokeball. It moved around for a while, before clicking. Jack sighed, picking up the PokeBall. "...What the hell was that about?" Ella shrugged. "Shall we?" Ella smiled. "Let's go." They walked towards the peak. A bright rainbow came into view. Ho-Oh cried out to Jack's arrival. Ella gasped. "Ho-Oh lives on this island?!" Jack nodded. Ho-Oh flapped its wings, creating a gust of wind that blew Jack and Ella off. Espeon and Umbreon jumped down after them. They fell down into an arena of sorts. Azreal was there, along with someone Jack didn't recognize. Both of them had been knocked unconscious from the fall.
  17. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    Serenity grinned.

    "Jack!" She cried out, wavng a slender arm in his direction. "I'm back from the past!" She smiled. Ella looked confused as the two sat down next to Serenity. Jirachi was playing around with her hair, wrapping it around itself and pretending to choke. Serenity laughed and tickled it. It settled down into her arms to watch its master's battle. "Come on, you two!" She cried out o the two. she turned to Jack. "It's a battle for who gets to be the next Elder. Azreal's been chosen, so has Nick, Professor Willow, my dad and of cource myself. I'm going to try my best to win this thing!" Jirachi looked confused as who it wanted to win. "It'll mean that probably me and Azreal will have to battle but I won't hold back. I want this posistion badly and I'm not giving up..." Azreal struck a good blow. "Come on, Azreal!" She laughed.
  18. Gentleman Skeleton

    Gentleman Skeleton Well-Known Member

    Azreal continued to dodge a barrage of Razor Leaves. He was running out of places to hide. The crowd cheered him on as the Frenzy Plant continued to lash into him. At that moment, Azreal began to glow red. Almost the entire crowd knew what was coming. A pair of vines hardened in Azeria's hands. She ran at Azreal and tried to catch him off guard with Leaf Blade. As she was about to strike, Azreal shot an Overheat out of his mouth. The crowd went nuts as it slammed into Azeria, dropping her back into the pile of Spikes Azreal had laid. She began to glow again as she became her human form once again.

    "Azeria is no longer able to battle," The announcer said. "Azreal is the winner." The crowd continued to show their support. Azreal went toward Azeria to help her up. Meanwhile, the officials were trying to figure out what to do until Nick returned. It was decided that they would continue the matches in the other direction. "Do to the fact that a entry has not come in yet, we will run what would have been round 4: Serenity vs. (Serenity's Father.) Would the next combatants please come into the ring?"

    "Good Luck," Azreal said. "You're going to need it."
    Meanwhile, Nick and Sarah made their way to the massive monastary to see Nick under fire from the legendary birds. Salamence landed nearby and began to fight them off whatever way it could.

    "Come on, Big Nick," The little Nick said. "We're getting you outta' here."
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  19. SwabThePoopdeck

    SwabThePoopdeck Guess Who's Back?

    OOC: Jack's in the process of nicknaming some of his Pokemon. like Muu for Muumajii and Rose for Roselia.

    Jack pouted. "Man. I wanted to participate." Ella sat up and looked at Jack. "What's going on?" Jack explained about the Elder's death. "Ah..." Jack pointed to Serenity. "That's one of my best friends. Her name is Serenity." Ella pouted from jealousy; she thought there was something between them. Jack, sensing this, reassured her. "Nooo. No. No way." Jack stretched back, and Ella tried to slip her hand into Jack's. Jack pulled his hand away from hers. Just then, Jack's PokeBall burst open, and Entei popped out, roaring loudly. Jack glared at it. "Entei." It roared once more, lunging at Jack. "Entei! Get off of me!" Ella screamed, and, stupidly, punched Entei in its nose. It roared loudly and chased after her. "Espeon, Hyper Beam!" The attack barely touched Entei. It had gotten much stronger from when Jack first encountered it, or maybe it was injured when he first saw it. Entei turned around to Espeon and shot a massive Fire Blast at it. Espeon didn't have a chance. "Espeon!" Jack hugged it. "Muu, Perish Song!" His Muumajii began to sing depressively. Both Pokemon began to cry out in pain. "Muu, I'm sorry." They both fell to the ground and fainted. Jack pulled out a Hi-Potion and gave half of it to Muu and half to Espeon. Jack took an Ultra Ball out of his belt and threw it at Entei. "That'll hold ya." The PokeBall wobbled for a moment, before clicking shut again. Jack fell backwards in exhaustion. "...What does it want with me...?"
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2006
  20. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    Serenity gave Azreal a warm and cheerful smile.

    "i'm going to need that luck for this battle...god, i hope i win. If i do then it's one more step closer to seeing you in the finals-our first battle as boyfriend and girlfriend!" She laughed and after a brief hug stepped onto the battlefield.

    "Serenity Featherthrow versus Charles Featherthrow!" The announcer shouted. a few people looked at Serenity's dad, they didn't know his name was Charles. "BEGIN!!!"

    "Come on out, Flamence!" serenity exclaimed.

    "You too, Tyranitar!" Serenity's dad also cried out. The two pokemon landed on the field. This was going to be a battle to remember...

    *OOC: A battle that I am too lazy to even START right now. Oooooh.*

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