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The Experiment (Rated PG-13/R)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Gentleman Skeleton, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. Gentleman Skeleton

    Gentleman Skeleton Well-Known Member

    "Who do you think is going to win?" Jirachi asked.

    "It could go either way," Azreal replied. "Serenity is quite powerful, but then again, Charles taught me alot of what I know. But, if Flamence uses what I taught it last night, this match is in the bag."

    "What did you teach it?"

    "You'll see, I don't want to ruin the surprise." Azreal laughed a little. "Alright Flamence! Show 'em what you've got!"
  2. -Discord-

    -Discord- Rawrtar

    OOC: Lol, it's Nick RiverStone.
    Could I make up a pokemon for Nathaniel? (If so, either Gengar, Lanturn or Flygon)

    "I don't know who ya are, but if you are trying to help me, I guess we should go. Go my friend," Nick called and Lugia emerged.

    Nick eventually learned that his rescuer was also Nick. Little Nick told Big Nick about the tournament and the battle.

    "Sounds really fun," Nick said.

    They were still in the air, flying in the night skies. So divine. The moon shined brilliantly on the sand and the stars twinkled ever so brightly.

    Nick landed on the mainland and thanked Nick for helping him.

    "Now the only thing left to ponder. What pokemon will I use!" Darnit. Ah, the lightbulb in my brain is surging. Damn. Metagross or Swampert? Darn, they are both so awesome. I think I'll take Swampert though." Nick was ready for the tournament.
  3. Gentleman Skeleton

    Gentleman Skeleton Well-Known Member

    OOC: If you don't mind, the Prof. is going to use Metagross. You can have it use whatever attacks you want, but it needs to know Electrolevitate (info is on it here if you don't know about it http://www.serebii.net/attackdex-dp/electrolevitate.shtml)

    Meanwhile, Azreal's father is in the stands, considering the Pokemon he'll use when he goes up. Hmmmmm, Metagross or Claydol? He thought. Well since odds are Nick will either use his Swampert or Metagross, either really would work. However, I like to give the audience a show, so Metagross it is. Especially since it has it's "anti-ground" attack it's perfect. I also have Azreal and whoever ends up in the finals to worry about. So, yeah, Metagross. As he pulled out Metagross' ball, little Nick and Sarah sat near him.

    "Don't worry dad, we found him!" Sarah said with a wide smile on her face.

    "So who are you going to use for your round?" Nick asked.

    "I'm using my Metagross, no one has ever been able to beat it, not even Azreal," Nathaniel replied. Nick and Sarah laughed a little to themselves. As the twins were giggling, the older Nick sat nearby. "Hey, Nick. Either Way this goes, good luck." As he watched the match, he yelled out. "C'mon Charles! Show her we dads still have it!"
  4. -Discord-

    -Discord- Rawrtar

    "Metagross, eh..." Nick said... "Althought my Swampert would work pretty well here, I think I'll use... Salamence. Make this more interesting. Besides Salamence is my strongest physical attacker, who can take care of both Metagross' weaknesses.

    Nick was sitting on the stands and shouted.. "Do this Serenity, you're strong enough to win.." Nick shouted.

    This tourney. I don't know why we're having it, but I'll like it. Damn, Metagross versus Salamence. I don't like those odds. Meh. I have Earthquake and Fire Blast on my Salamance anyways. Time to roast the competition.
    Nick thought.
  5. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    Serenity smiled. So many people were behind her in this battle...she couldn't let them down.

    "Okay, Flamence! Lets get this fired up with a swift attack!" Serenity ordered the Blaziken. It nodded and spirled a star based attack at Tyranitar.

    "Tyranitar, dodge!" Serenity's dad shouted. Tyranitar moved rapidly from side to side to avoid the stars and landed about 10 meters in front of Flamence. "Now, use Take down!" He yelled once more. Tyrnaitar roared and rared itself up for the attack. i ran towards Flamence and Serenity simply stood her ground with a small smirk on her face. Just when Tyranitar was only 2 meters away from her pokemon, she made her move.

    "Flamence, use flame wheel!" She grinned. Flamence did likewise and shot a devistating blow to Tyranitar, being a fire and close range attack. Tyranitar stumbled back. "Now use sky uppercut!" She yelled, thumping her arm in the air. Flamence jumped up with its claws outstretched and gravity pulled it down to earth, sending the claws in for another dirrect hit.

    "Tyranitar! Use Hyper beam!" Charles yelled. Tyranitar sprung up and began readying itself for the powerful attack. Serenty knew she had to make it faint now or she was toast.

    "Flamence, I want you to use as much swift stars as possible and then set them alight with flamethrower! Go!" Flamence did as it was told and flaming stars were soon sent hurdling into Tyranitar. it worked, it was knocked from concentration and the orange beam withered away. It was also extremly worn out. "Okay, now use a hard core tackle to finish this up!" Serenity laughed. Flamence grinned and ran nto Tyranitar.

    A giant dust cloud was sent through the air. Serenity covered her eyes with her arm and the members of the crowd did likewise. she couldn't tell when it was over until she could hear the announcer.

    "Tyranitar is unable to battle! Serenity Featherthrow and Flamence win! Congratulations!" He yelled. She removed her arm and ran over to Flamence hugging him.

    "Keep this up and we are so going to the finals, Flamence!" She laughed. Her father walked up to her.

    "Congratulations, Serenity. You did really well. So did Flamence." He smiled warmly at the two of them. Serenity thanked him and ran up to the stands for her friends.

    "I won against my DAD!!!" She shouted. They all turned around: Jack and his friend, Azreal, Azura, Little Nick, Sarah and surprisingly, Big Nick. "Nick, what took you so long?!" She asked him, still grinning. "I thought you'd miss it!" she paused. "I won against my da-ad, I won against my da-ad!" She laughed, jumping around in a circle in a playful way.
  6. Gentleman Skeleton

    Gentleman Skeleton Well-Known Member

    "We're going to hold the rest of the matches tomarrow," The announcer said. "Get some rest everyone, it's getting pretty late." Azreal, Serenity and Azura walked down back home. Azreal decided to first check on his mother, whom had been at home all day.

    "Azreal," She said. "I won! I won! I won the trip!"

    "Trip to where, mom?" Azreal asked.

    "Goldenrod City! I entered a contest and won! It's a trip for two, so I want you to come with me. It'll be a chance for a mother to bond with her son."

    "Sure, I'll go. Sounds like fun. Azur-" Azreal looked around to find Azura and Serenity were gone. He looked out of the window to find them giggling and talking. "It's good to see Azura interact with other people her age. She was always so timid in the Rocket lab. You know, maybe we should let Serenity and Azura go. It would give Azura a chance to interact with Serenity a little more, and it would give Serenity a chance to see the big city. We'll still go somewhere, how about Saffron? I have an old friend there who'd be more than willing to give us a place to stay."

    "Okay," Azreal's mother replied. "I'll talk to Serenity's father tomarrow to see if it's alright."
  7. SwabThePoopdeck

    SwabThePoopdeck Guess Who's Back?

    OOC: I might not be able to post for a while. My mom grounded me. x_x
    I may be able to squeeze a post in on schooldays, though.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2006
  8. Razor Shiftry

    Razor Shiftry Cynthia = Porn Star

    OOC: HAHA! my first post, feel free to include me in anyway in your posts as my computer is still currently buggered. just keep me in character.

    Jack watched from his vantage point the battles. Psy, his Alakazam, and most trust friend lay down on the grassy bank next to him, seemingly asleep. Breeze was fluttering a little way away around some flowers.
    ‘do you think I should join the tournament for the elder Psy? I have been watchng the goings on for a long time now and I think I should get involved with this yarn…’ Jack let his sentence hang, and stared off into space.

    <why don’t you then?> said Psy, this telepathic voice echoing in his mind. He sat up and looked at his Trainer, <so, ok, you’re not a people person, but we can fight, and we win, you know that Jack. And of course, your attire always gives you the added bonus of curiosity> added the psychic pokemon.

    ‘hmm… I suppose so… but how will they enter me in the competition? I’m not even from around here…’ Jack said, still staring into space. Dimly, he could hear the crowd cheer. Some had one a battle.

    Psy paused, this super mind thinking up a plan. A light sea Breeze blew in, making his beard sway along with his Trainer’s cloak.
    <How about you saying that whoever wins must battle you, ‘Jack of Blades’ and defeat us, for the right to become Elder. We need a battle, all of us do>

    Jack smiled to his best friend and then whistled to his Beautifly to come over.
    ‘Breeze, can you fly down to see what’s going on down there and report back to me?’ his trusty pokemon nodded confidently and, with the next breeze, glided down to the village. Jack looked back to Alakazam with a glint in his eye and drew out his sword.
    ‘fancy a little duel my friend?’ asked Jack casually, looking along the length of the blade, glittering in the sunlight.

    The Psychic pokemon looked at him, and smiled, his spoons elongating with psychic powers, to form two long blade-like spoons.
    <Now when have I ever said no to that? >

    Jack laughed and took up a fighting stance along with his pokemon.
    ‘On Garde!’ cried Jack and they both clashed, their Blades whirling in the sunlight…
  9. SwabThePoopdeck

    SwabThePoopdeck Guess Who's Back?

    Jack flew home on his Dragonite with Ella. He was thinking about what had happened with Entei. It seemed like nobody else could see what had been happening but him and Ella. He landed softly in New Bark Town and hopped off Dragonite, landing with a soft thud. He patted Dragonite's head softly. "See you in the morning, Ella." She smiled. Jack walked into his house, greeted by his mother being asleep on the kitchen floor. "Man, she needs a bedroom..." He went upstairs lazily and sat down on his bed. He sent out his Pokemon. Bad. Idea. Entei glared at him. "ENTEI RETURN ENTEI RETURN JUST DON'T KILL ME!!!" Jack was panicked. Entei wouldn't listen. A voice sounded in Jack's head. Release me and I'll leave you alone. Jack obeyed and Entei walked off in the distance. Jack wanted to get back to Faraway Island. "C'mon, Dragonite." They flew off to Faraway Island, meeting a young boy with an Alakazam. Jack smiled at him. "I don't believe I've seen you around here before. My name is Jack Fuller."
  10. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    *XD this is going to be confuzling.*

    Serenity and Azura walked back to Azreal and his mom with grins on their faces. Serenity giggled.

    "Twister and Flamence have been fighting again and surpisingly Twister is afraid of Flamence!" Flamence walked in with a grin on his face. "Who could be afraid of you?" Serenity asked him, hugging the Blaziken offectionally. "I mean come on, it's not like you go crazy with battling...most of the time."

    Azreal's mother smiled.

    "Well it's good to see that you two get along." she said.

    "Well it wasn't that way at the beginning," serenity looked solemnly. "We didn't exactly get along."

    "Well you can't see that now and i want to give you two these!" She said, producing 2 tickets. Serenity looked at them curiously.

    "What are these? And why are you giving them to us?" She asked.
  11. Gentleman Skeleton

    Gentleman Skeleton Well-Known Member

    OOC: What happens in the second part of the post IS possible in the D/P games according to the Serebii.net pokedex.

    Azreal gave a chuckle. "My mom won a trip to Goldenrod, and she thinks you and Azura should go. Oh, and mom, there was something else in the envelope." Azreal handed his mother a check. "10,000, wow that's alot of money."

    "You guys can have it too," Azreal's mom replied. "I have enough for mine and Azreal's trip." Serenity gave Azreal and his mom a confused look. "Oh, I thought it would be a good idea for the both of us to go out for some mother-son bonding time. I haven't seen him in over thirteen years, so this will give us a chance to catch up. By the way, I've arranged a plane to come and pick you two up after the initiation rights finish tomarrow, I've already talked to your father, Serenity. He told me that this might be the best thing for you after, you know, everthing that happened this past week."
    Later that night, as Serenity was asleep, Flamence escaped from it's ball. It travelled out into the wood until he came to Azreal on the beach.

    "So," Azreal said. "You decided to show up."

    "I don't understand why you want me here," Flamence replied.

    "I want to see you make it to the finals. If Azrocco beats my sister, I won't. He's both water and ghost, which makes him untouchable by your attacks. But there is a move you can learn now that can take him down. Solarbeam."

    "I can't learn Solarbeam, I'm a fire-type, that's a grass move."

    "You can now, now follow my example." Azreal demonstated how to use Solarbeam. Azreal and Flamence practiced for hours until Flamence finally got it right. "Excellent, now, go home and rest. And don't tell Serenity about this, I want it to be a surprise."
  12. Razor Shiftry

    Razor Shiftry Cynthia = Porn Star

    OOC:lol, same, and by the way, my character is 27 or something...


    ‘Err…’ Jack was dumbfounded by the presence of the boy, and the fact that, although he was young, a Dragonite stood confidently behind him.

    The boy held his hand and after a few seconds of thinking, Jack reluctantly took it.
    ‘My name is Jack by the way’ Jack said a little quiet that he intended. But instead, the boy grinned.

    ‘What a coincidence eh?’ he looked over at Psy curiously and blurted out a question to him rather loudly. ‘What were you just doing here?’

    ‘well…um…’ Jack was feeling a little panicky now. He was just so unused to talking casually to other people.
    ‘well, I was sorta…practicing with Psy here…’

    ‘really? Wow! That’s sound cool! Would you fancy a battle? How about a one on one? Right now? Your Alakazam vs my Dragonite?’

    Jack open his mouth a little in slight shock at how quickly this conversating was turning out. ‘err…sure, why not? Are you ready Psy?’

    <of course I am> said Psy telepathically to Jack. He stopped and turned towards the Dragonite. <Dragon, all I say is that I will enjoy a battle with you, but be warned, for I am a very experienced fighter and have beaten one of your species before with ease>.

    Jack looked round at his pokemon, ‘now when did you do that?’ said Jack, genuinely surprised.

    The psychic pokemon looked at its trainer with a smile spreading across his face, <when we were saying at Blackthorn city for a few nights, and I must say, he was very good at fight->

    <yeah, yeah> interrupted the Dragonite, <lets get on with this>

    <your on Dragon>

    OOC: if you post the battle, can you let me win dramatically please? As my character is the more experienced fighter and all…and take note of the attacks that the pokemon knows and that my character doesn’t need to say commands to his pokemon…
  13. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    OOC: Bad Blaziken! XD

    Serenity and Azura looked up at the massive plane that was on the beach.

    "How can something this big get through Faraway winds?" Serenity pondered. "It hardly makes sense...but then again when your boyfriend and most of the people around you have pokepowers then nothing makes sense anymore..." Azura laughed. Serenity's dad came up to Serenity and surrounded her in a giant hug. "Can't-breathe!!!" She spluttered.

    "Be careful and just promise me you two will be safe. i can't loose another child this week." He said.

    "Yeah, I'll try not to die while I'm there." Serenity said. She ran across to Azreal and handed him all her pokeballs. "Look after them and make sure they get out of their balls. they need as much exercise as possible at the moment," Just then, Kari and Carla popped out of their balls. "Cann't you two give me at least one moments peace?!" she asked, jokilly.

    "Yeah, as if we're ever going to leave you alone." Carla grinned.

    "Okay, you can come," Serenity took the two pokeballs back. "looks like you've only got Flamence, Lucario and Twister because I'm taking Nami!" Serenity took the little Vulpix from the floor. "Try not to kill yourself!" She said, waving to everyone and boarding the plane with Azura.
  14. SwabThePoopdeck

    SwabThePoopdeck Guess Who's Back?

    OOC: Sure.
    "Is it okay if I use my Espeon instead?" Other Jack smiled. "You're best pokemon?" Jack nodded. "You ready?"

    "Espeon, Return!" A massive attack slammed into Psy, knocking him over. "Wow, your Espeon REALLY likes you..." Jack laughed. Alakazam readied a Psycho Cutter. "Espeon, dodge and Hyper Beam!" Boom. Psy was thrown off its feet. "You're not doing so well, Jack!" Jack called to other-Jack. It shot a Charge Beam. Espeon was hit and stumbled backwards. "Wish!" Espeon bowed its head for a moment. "Now, Return!" Psy was pummeled again. "Finish
    'em with Hyper Beam!" Other-Jack smiled. Psy dodged and used Psycho Cutter. Espeon flew into the air, cringing, when Wish had just came true. Espeon was restored in health again. It smiled, but it was immobile for a while. A final Psycho Cutter connected with Espeon. Wham! "Espeon is unable to battle! Alakazam wins!" Ella called and laughed. "Wow, Jack. You actually lost?!" Jack sort of grinned, sort of frowned.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2006
  15. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    OOC: Bored so I'm going to do a part on my pokemon training. Yay.

    BIC: Flamence, Twister, Suicune and Lucario were out training in a part where there was a forest for the landies and the cliff overlooking the sea for Suicune and Twister, the...waterys.

    flamence fired a Solar Beam up at the sky. The others looked at him, surprised.
    "You like?" He asked with a grin.

    "Me love. But how did you learn that? Isn't it for grass types?" Suicune giggled.

    "You wouldn't be laughing if I pointed this at you, would you?" Flamence threatned. suicune stopped laughing. "I learned it from the prophet," He said, firing a flamethrower at the cliff. Twister moved away just as it hit. "Hehe, sorry, big guy!" Flamence laughed nervously.

    "You should really call him Azreal, ya know. "Prophet" is so long winded and besides, Serenity doesn't call him that." Suicune said.

    "Yeah, I know." flamence fired another Solar Beam but it hit a tree. He tried to put it out but got scaled. "HOT HOT HOT!!!"

    "Aren't you a fire type?" Lucario asked.

    "Yeah but I'm fighting too and it still hurts!" Twister used a Water gun on the tree.

    "Do you mind?! I'm trying to train here and I would love to do it without distractions! Mainly you!" He said. Suicune fell about laughing.

    "Yeah...I gotta work on not setting trees on fire..."
  16. SwabThePoopdeck

    SwabThePoopdeck Guess Who's Back?

    OOC: Wtf, lmao. -joins in on talking Pokemon- I dont have much time to post, though.
    BIC: Jack hugged his Espeon. "You did great. Everyone, take a break." He sent Dragonite, Rose, Muu, Emuritto, and his newly evolved Glacia out. "Glacia, meet the rest of the gang. Oh, and Espeon, if anything happens, fire a Hyper Beam into the air. I'll come for you." With that, he walked off.

    Espeon frowned. "That Alakazam sure had one heck of a Psycho Cutter." It used Wish and waited a few minutes before being restored in HP. Muu sighed. "I wanted to fight." Glacia walked over to Espeon. "Shall we train, everyone?" They all agreed.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2006
  17. Gentleman Skeleton

    Gentleman Skeleton Well-Known Member

    Azreal sat on the rocks, waiting for his mom to pack for their trip to Saffron. Azreal checked his belt for his Pokeballs, but he found he was missing one.

    "Jirachi?" Azreal shouted. "Jirachi, can you hear me? JIRACHI!" Serenity's father came running. "By any chance, have you seen Jirachi?"

    "Nope," He replied. "But I'll help you look. He couldn't have gone far."
    Meanwhile, on the plane, Serenity's suitcase slowly began to zip open. Jirachi's familiar star-shaped head poked out as it escaped from the case, dragging it's Pokeball along with it. He watched what was going on in the cabin of the plane through the grate of the luggage compartment. Suddenly, the plane hit a little turbulence and Jirachi fell out of the carry-on luggage compartment, into Serenity's lap.

    "Big Sister!" Jirachi said, a smile beaming on his face. "I wanted to come too!"
    Azreal and Charles continued to look for Jirachi, when Charles remembered something he saw earlier. "You know," He said. "When I was saying goodbye to my daughter, I thought I saw Jirachi sneak into Serenity's bag. Wouldn't surprise me, back when Jirachi belonged to the Elder, he was always a little ladie's man. He likes the attention women give him because of his natural cuteness. Maybe he's with Serenity and your sister."

    "Could be," Azreal replied. "I just wish he would have told me before he left."

    "Azreal," Azreal's mother called out. "Ready to go?"

    "Yeah mom," Azreal replied. "Be right there." Azreal joined his mom on the beach. She was all packed and ready to go. She even had several bags packed for Azreal.

    "Hold my hand," Azreal replied. "And hold on tight." She grabbed his hand as she was giving instructions to Azreal's father. Just like that, they were gone. They reappeared in Saffron City, Sabrina was already waiting for them. The bags floated away into the building.

    "Thanks for letting us stay on such short notice," Azreal said.

    "No problem," Sabrina replied. "I knew you were coming since about a month ago. Come on in, I'll get some tea going."
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2006
  18. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    "Jirachi?!" Serenity exclaimed. Jirachi looked so happy though so she just hugged him instead of starting to get mad. "What made you want to come with us? What about Azreal? He's your master." Serenity said, looking at the small pokemon. It shrugged.

    "I wanted to come here!" It said. Serenity smiled.

    "Well, I'd better call Azreal. He's probably at the Saffron gym by now, ya know." Serenity said. She plucked her pokenav out and dialed a number.

    Sabrina pickeded up the videophone in her house to see the beaming form of Serenity.

    "You want to talk to Azreal because his pokemon's on the plane you and Azura are on. I'll get him." She said. Serenity sweatdropped.

    "Yeah, don't do that. It kinda freaks me out," Serenity grinned. About a minuite later and Azreal was on the other end of the line. "Sabrina disturbs me when she does that!" she laughed. "Anyway, Jirachi's here in case you haven't noticed. the cheeky thing must of snuck into my bag. Landed littraly in my lap," She laughed again. "If you want him back it's okay but it's you and your mom and I don't think the little fella wants to go!" she smiled. "One more thing...he kinda called me...'Big sister'. Why do i get so much of that?! Wouldn't be surprised if you started calling me it!"
  19. -Discord-

    -Discord- Rawrtar

    Nick was thinking about the pokemon he would use for the battle with Azreal's father. Then an idea jolted through his mind.

    "Hmm, I know he'd expect Swampert or Metagross, so I'll surprise him with.." Nick said and then released one of his pokemon.

    "Starrrrmiie!" It cried.

    "Yeah. Starmie's Surf should damage Metagross heavily. Also it's Meteor Mash or Earthquake won't fatally hurt me. Also Starmie is faster meaning I have an edge. The only problem I'd have is if a critical hit sprung up. That'd end it for me. But it'd also apply to him. In a non-critical environment, I'd win." Nick said a loud without knowing and Nathaniel walked up to him.

    "Hey, Nick," Nathaniel said.

    "Oh darn, did you just hear that?" Nick said.

    "Yeah... Don't worry, I won't switch pokemon, so I'll stick with Metagross, but you have to use Starmie, okay?" Nathaniel said.

    "Sure. But.." Nick said and Nathaniel interrupted.

    "I can't mess up your strategy because thats how it works. Starmie is very fast and Metagross will have trouble dodging it." Nathaniel said.

    "I'm surrendering the tournament," Nick said.

    "Why" Nathaniel curiously asked.

    "Look, this tournament winner will be the elder of the village, I am not ready to take on a responsibility like this. But I would like to battle you here and now to see who'd win. Let's face it, I'm not responsible with power, and I almost killed people the last time I had power," Nick said.

    "Yeah, I understand. Fine, this will determine the better trainer. Ready?"

    "As I'll ever be," Nick said. "Starmie, you ready?"

    "Starrmmiie!" It cried.

    "Go Metagross," Nathaniel said.

    "Mettagross!" It cried.

    "Starmie, use Surf." Nick said.

    "Metagross avoid it with ElectroLevitate." Nathaniel said.

    "Damn it." Nick said and ordered Starmie to bring it down using a Thunderbolt.

    Metagross fell back to the Earth where it used a painful Earthquake on Starmie. It was near atal.

    "Starmie.. Use Surf, as strong as you can!" Nick called.

    "Metagross, use Meteor Mash!" Nathaniel called.

    They were both hit at the same time. They were both down for the count.

    "Starmie, you can do it," Nick called.

    "Metagross, stand up." Nathaniel called.

    Starmie got up with the last ounce of its strength. Metagross was out cold.

    "You win, Nick, " Nathaniel said.

    "Barely, you're an awesome trainer." Nick said to Nathaniel. "I know you'll win, my Starmie barely won, but it got some great excercise and we all had fun." Nick said.

    "I don't know if I'll win, but I'll try," Nathaniel said.

    Nick left to the coast of the beach, he submitted(surrenderred) from the tournament, but he was satisfied, because, he knew how it would've ended. Well, not really, since it was so close, it could've went either way. But it was fun. Nathaniel moved on to the next round.
  20. SwabThePoopdeck

    SwabThePoopdeck Guess Who's Back?

    Jack looked up and saw several Hyper Beams flying everywhich way. "Oh snap." He ran towards the beams and saw leaves flying everywhere, Thunder cracking down to the ground, snow and hail flying everywhere, and Emuritto somersaulting every now and then. "What the HELL?!" His pokemon were fighting each other. Espeon vs. Glacia. Muu vs. Rose. Dragonite vs. Emuritto. Espeon sent Jack a telepathic message, We're training. Jack laughed. "Oh."


    Jack sat down on top of a hill-cliff thing with Ella. Espeon and Umbreon were cuddled together. Ho-Oh flew over them. Jack looked at it. "Gotta go." He flew after Ho-Oh on Dragonite, hoping it could shed some light on the thing Entei had against him. Instead, it shot a powerful Sacred Fire at him. Dragonite was knocked out, and Jack fell off of him. He heard in his mind, Fool. You threatened my island by bringing Giovanni to it, and now, you're after me. However, I'm different. The island won't fight back, but I will. Have a nice swim. Jack held Espeon in his arms and hit the water with a huge splash. Dragonite fell a few meters away from him. He swam out to Dragonite and sat down on him, pouring a Max Revive into his mouth. It woke up and Jack sat on it's back. Dragonite's wings were too wet for him to fly. "We're stranded." He thought for a moment. "Go, Glacia!" It landed softly on Dragonite's belly. "Glacia, Ice Beam!" A bridge of ice formed over the water. He jumped up and hugged Glacia. The ice gave out from under him when he stepped onto it. Dragonite dove underwater and got Jack. Glacia, Ice Beam again!"


    By dusk, the bridge was a foot deep. Glacia was worn out. The bridge didn't go too far, either. Jack sighed. He picked up his PokeGear and called Ella. "Uh... I need help. I'm stranded in the ocean. Ho-Oh like... Went psycho on me and attacked me. Dragonite can't fly me." He looked at Dragonite's wings. Jack completely forgot about them, and they were frozen because of Glacia's Ice Beam. "Yeah. His wings are kind of. Icy. Well... Yeah. See you later."


    Morning, Jack heard the flapping of wings. "Hi, Ella." Soon, they were on the island. Jack was tired, and fell asleep on Dragonite.
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