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The Fan Art Open Request Thread! V2! (PLEASE READ THE FIRST PAGE CAREFULLY!)

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Absol 20/20

Seasoned Trainer
Welcome to The Fan Art Open Request Thread! Before requesting here, please remember to check in other "shops" on the fan art forum. In case you're new to SPPF, this is the whole fan art request forum. People set up threads for you to post in with things for them to do! If you have a request that other people can do, like a trainer card, for instance, they can do it for a lot less time and effort. This thread is for different things that can't really be requested anywhere else on this forum.

Originally, this thread was for requesting ANYTHING. I thought that a lot more people would come here to help out, but they didn't. Many requests ended up being unanswered and passed over.

These are the rules. If you don't follow them, I will ask you (then a mod) to change/remove your post.

1. All SPPF rules apply. Some things to stress, however...

a. No SPAM-ing.
b. No flaming other members/things.
c. No foul language.
d. Please do NOT double/triple/quadruple/etc.-post. If you need to change something about your post, you can click a nifty little button labeled "Edit" at the bottom of your post. If it was an accident, just click "Edit" then "Delete". That will delete the one post, but leave the other; your first post will stay where it is.

2. TITLE YOUR POSTS. This is here for two reasons.

a. There will be an "Unanswered" list. If you have not received a response to your request for ONE WEEK (SEVEN DAYS), your name will be put on a list that will be put at the beginning and end of the thread. YOU WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN. When you title your posts, that will let the person responsible for that list know to place that title in the link to your post (when they put it in the list).

b. When artists use the "Search This Thread" option at the top, they can quickly see who wants what. When they pull up anyone who wants "Banner(s)", instead of seeing "Hi. I would like a ...", they'll see "Banner(s)".

Once again, if you're new to SPPF, you can put a title into the post. Just take a look at the text box at the top of the window when you're making a new post. It's right above where you make the post.

Here are some basic titles to use:

Trainer Card(s) (Though, there shouldn't be too many of those. You can request them in other shops on the fan art request forum. Almost every, single shop here does trainer cards. Either request those somewhere else, or make them yourself.)
Scenery (Sceneries)

^Most of these things can be requested in other shops with better/faster results. When choosing a different title, just keep it brief, and use common sense, huh?

3. When you get your request answered, edit the request out of your post. This is here as more of a service to you. If you leave your request in the thread, then other people won't know it's been answered, and you'll just continue to get replies. Whatever you want to do, in that regard, is fine by me. :)

4. This is NOT a conversation thread! Really, it’s like the other things on this forum; request what you want; get what you want; and leave. Leave the conversation to other forums and PMs. If you insist on using this thread to put in comments and other things besides requests, you WILL be hearing from me. If it continues, I will be forced to bring a mod into the issue.

5. Give credit to the artist who makes whatever it is you requested. I've always considered this to be an arrangement between the artist and "customer", but it's a forum rule. Follow it.

6. As I've been saying throughout this whole thread, make sure you can't request it anywhere else. Other shops can do a lot of the regular things. Trainer cards, pokemon sprite changes, ESPECIALLY White-Be-Gone(s)/animation(s), and other things can be done in a fraction of the time that it would take to do it here.

In my wanderings on this forum, I have found that most of these can be requested SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN HERE.

Trainer Cards
Banners (as long as there are specific details - if you want an artist to have more freedom, go ahead and request here.)
Sprites (general sprite-work - inversions, re-colors, etc...)

7. Now then. On requesting/answering requests.

To the "customer":
a. Post your request here.
b. Wait for a period of seven days (one week).
c. If the request has not been answered (after one week), do NOT PM me. PM Dragonfree. I won't be on as much, so she'll handle that.
d. Don't keep posting unless you have a different request.
e. Don't contact me OR Dragonfree about making the requests. We don't make them. Just PM her to be put on the "Unanswered" list.
f. Once your reuquest has been answered, PM Dragonfree again to be taken OFF the list.

To the artist:
a. PM the "customer" with the finished product.
b. If the "customer" does not use your work, don't pester him/her about it.

To all:
Once again, this is NOT a conversation thread. ^See rule #3.^

This section was added as a kind of "fail-safe". Here are some people who still haven't gotten what they asked for, and it's been a while. I'd like to offer my apologies. If you post here, and your request goes unanswered (for about a week), PM Dragonfree and she'll put you right here on the first page (and the following pages when she updates things).

Tempus Fugit - Sprites
Jonah - Nasty scratch-sprite I want, isn't it
chosen_one386 - Banner
Astral_Arrow - Banner for My Story, Genesis

On-going requests
This section is an idea of mine. If you want to request something, and you want the answers to keep coming, PM Dragonfree, and she'll put your name in this list. For example: I got a banner request answered, but I still want more :)D). So...

Absol 20/20 - Banners


There are a lot of people who ask about getting sprites. If you want sprites (among PLENTY of other things like backgrounds, etc.), just click here. It'll handle any requests for those.

This thread was made to give freedom to the artist. When you request something, you are giving the artist permission to take your idea and run with it! Just keep that in mind when requesting. Thanks. :)

I want to thank this forum's mods. I contacted them all about this beforehand and agreed to write this thread up if a majority was in favor. Well, three contacted me with a positive response. And one (I’m pretty sure) wasn’t completely for the idea. To that one I’d like to say that I know what you’re talking about, and in a way, I agree. If it gets too cluttered, and you have to close it down, I would understand completely. Let’s just try it out and see what happens!

Also, credit goes to Oblivion0807 for giving me the idea. His original post was in the "No more 'please make me this!' threads!" thread. For reasons unbeknownst to me (lol), that thread has since been deleted.

Note to "customers": You may get multiple answers if you post here. Also be prepared to wait for a while. This thread does not have regular "workers" as in other "shops".

Note to artists: Be prepared to see somebody else’s work get chosen over yours.

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Badge Designs Needed!

I am working on a Team Galactic wifi group and I need 7 Galaxy peices to be made for people to collect after they beat each of the 7 Galactic Members.

The Galaxy Peices should be in the shape of planets, stars, the moon, the sun, etc and each peice must contain one of the following colours.

Each colour represents a Galactic Member in order of Rank, Aqua is the Grunt's colour while Grey is the Master's colour.

If it is no trouble, can you white-Be-Gone the Galaxy Pieces too?

eg. For the Master (Which is the last Grey colour) you might make a Moon with a Grey Pearl in the middle, though this is an example so do what you would like.

Thankyou to whoever helps, Can you PM me the final result, I promise to give credit once the project starts in afew months.
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The Admiral

solid state survivor
Multitude of sprite requests (non-Pokemon)

Can someone make me a banner?http://www.desenfocados.cl/joomla/images/stories/otros/dx_chi.jpgI would like that picture with the word Wrestling King in the center please.
Will something like this do, or would you prefer it in a different style...? (Note, the text is transparent.)

Okay, here we go. It's time for pain and suffering all around. It's time for TEMPUS FUGIT'S BIG REQUEST NUMBER!

Note: For more up-to-date info,you may want to check here.

What I'm requesting: Some sprite sheets.
What style they should be put in: I don't know, but it needs to be fairly articulate - I'd say some sort of "side-scroller" style works best.
What they'll be used for: This sprites will be appearing, with all credit given where due, in a sprite comic to debut on SPPf some time in the hopefully near future. The title is set to be "The MiND DRiVE Project" - but this is subject to change.
Details?: Well, you asked for it...
-Sheet #01 - Frank Zappa (vis. aid: 1 2 3 - use clothes from 1. Note also that he carries an all-black guitar with him at all times as an instrument and a weapon)
->Standing: Should be obvious.
->Walking and running: These can be quite similar, but two are necessary.
->Playing guitar: Zappa turns towards the screen and plays his guitar a bit. His style isn't too flashy, but he can play fairly fast sometimes.
->Guitar bash: He smashes somebody with the guitar, obviously. (This is done with a horizontal swing.)
->Shield: Frank puts up his hand and it creates a frontal energy shield. This is the typical "spell-casting pose" for most people.
->Fall: Like most characters, FZ falls on his back or his face when he's hit hard. I'll need BOTH.

-Sheet #02: Patchouli Knowledge (vis. aid: 1 2 3 - in 3, it is the girl on the right)
->Standing: ...
->Walking and running: She has an extremely slight lavender afterimage when running.
->Floating: Floating above ground, of course.
->Shield/magic: Similar pose to Frank Zappa, as above. Slight lavender glow during shield/magic use. Do not attach effects of the magic, I'll do that myself.
->Fall: See above.

BING BONG. We regret to announce that this list is subject to change.

Thank you to any and all who help - yeah, this comic project is quite ambitious and may eventually feature some animated comics, too - that's why I need this much. Sorry about that.

-Tempus Fugit
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Live long, & prosper

Hello!? It's been three freakin' weeks people! If you remember, I want a banner advertising my fanfiction, League of Masters with a Dragonite, Espeon, Umbreon, A silohuete of Lugia and if you can, the male trainer from colosseum. Please and thanx


Well-Known Member

hey, i was wondering if i could have one of those "shiny" banners everyone's got. i would like it to have fearow, snorunt, and yukimenoko(#478) thanx in advance

Absol 20/20

Seasoned Trainer

All right, here's a request...

I need some banners for my club, "The Golden Summit". Here are the details, but I want individuality and difference! So take these things and fly with it!

Work in the text "The Golden Summit" or "Reach the Summit!", somewhere. (If you want to put in text other than those, just be dramatic and cheesy! :D lol)

Work in the gold Battle Frontier Symbols (only if you want - it's not necessary at all.). Also, if you're going to use them, put them in this order:

Ability, Tactics, Spirits, Guts, Knowledge, Luck, Brave.

Use the colors gold and black, mostly, but try to work with bold and competitive colors, as well. (And other dark colors as well.)

If you want to put any pokemon in, use Tyranitar, Salamence, Metagross, Slaking, Alakazam, Starmie, Umbreon, Jolteon, Blissey, Snorlax, Sceptile, Blaziken, and/or Swampert. (In any order/combination/quantity (0, 10, 20, 100, etc.))

Thanks in advance. Credit will be given. If you see that the request has been filled, I could always use more!

(As a bit of a reminder, approved banners are (a maximum) 468x100 pixels in size.)

(BTW, to the other posters in this thread: Please follow my example in this post. I'm not requesting in a shop, because I don't really know exactly what I want. I'm also not going to make a new thread, even though I want lots of people to answer this. Please just do your best to find out if you can request in another place first. That's in there for you! If you request here, it might not be answered until five months later, when you could just ask in another thread and get it the next day! :))
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Rocket Champion

cann i have a banner?
background- something metally, like steel
pokemon on right steelix
pokemon on left skamory and last evolution of the water starter
text- Challenge Elite 4 Bliss
plz and thanks
and in the very right corner have a in smaaaaaall but readable text- The Spectrum League
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Latias Tamer

The Tamer of Latias!
Pixel Art

I've been trying to find someone who might be able tofill this request. Could I have the following?

A Latias on two legs. Can he be dragging an Wooper and Pikachu away from the tail. In the background can there be a person with a T-Shirt saying 'New PUKer'

If you could do that I would be very gratefull. Could it beable to fit under 40 pixels and be about 300 X 300 Pixels if possible.
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Snakes are cool!
MD backgrounds?

can anyone give me or tell me where to get some mystery dungeon backgrounds,sutible for making banners.
i need some! thanks!


Scary Faerie♥
Template Request

Does any body have coordinator card templates, fronteir pass templates, and gym leader card templates? I've been looking for them, but I can't find them.

For the CC I want the one that has the 6 boxes, and underneath, it says star pokemon, favorite appeal, and ribbons, the regular one. And for the FP I want the one with the seven circles for the symbols, and 3 holes for the pkmn. For the GLC I want the one with 6 pkmn, a favorite type spot, and a spot to show your leader badge.

Thanks, I could really use these to revive my old thread.

Hi, I need Trainer-style sprites of the following Boktai characters:

Django (With Otenko next to him/ holding Gun Del Sol)
Sabata (Holding Gun Del Hel)
Zazie (Holding her staff)
Aaron (Lunar KNights/Holding Solar Guns)
Lucian (Lunar KNights/Holding sword)
Terrenials (Lunar Knights)
Black Dain
Vampire Ringo (Holding Gun Del Sol)


Oh, and I'd prefer the sprites to be the size of FR/LG sprites.
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Li Shenron

Rookie Trainer
Orange Islands

I was wondering I am going to be making a site about the orange islands and i need the sprites of the island gym leaders along with their icons as well

if someone could make them please tell me in a pm with the link to the post you have put them in.


Finally found them
Banner Background Request

I need a pic of a half-Diamond half-coal the size and length of a banner for a sig can anyone get me one please?


Pokemon Graphics
HTML format

can some one make me a website layout in html format with the new pokemon as a theme. i want the legendarys as the banner thing on the top.
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