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The Fan Art Open Request Thread! V2! (PLEASE READ THE FIRST PAGE CAREFULLY!)

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Absol 20/20, Jan 1, 2007.

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  1. Cutty

    Cutty Forever now

    Aaaw... thank you <3333, I like it. I didnt realize it was finished till now. I seldom check this section. Can you update my banner please too please? Maybe everyweek (so wont bother you too much). I'll send you message for the new shinies.

    Right now I need you to add:
    Venomoth (you forgot to put after Ditto but its ok), Bannette, Altaria, 4x swablu, 3x Pachirisu, Pidgey, 3x Parfetch'D, Surskit, Ampharos, Flaaffy, and 6x Mareep.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2007
  2. Virtual Chatot

    Virtual Chatot Circa 2006

    Could someone make me a shiny banner?

    Size: 468x100
    Text: None
    Background: Blue/Green ish?
    Pokemon in Squares: I'll do it myself

    I'll update the banner myself, so basically all someone has to do is make a base for me...


    Images:[​IMG] AND [​IMG]
    Can you make the Cherishball really BIG and/or shrink the jirachi. Can you make it look like Jirachi is Standing on the cherishball?

    Background: Space or something cool like that :p
    Size: 350 X 120
    Text: Daisuke Club '07 Jirachi (at the top)
    Only 100,000 on Earth... (On bottom)
    Text Color: Any GOOD contrasting color
    Border:(Optional): i you use one, just make it match

    Oh and can you PM me when its done please.
  4. Light Venusaur

    Light Venusaur Konoha's FMA Ninja

  5. Emerald Charizard

    Emerald Charizard Beginning Trainer

    OverWorld Sprites

    I'd like some pokemon in overworld form please:


    in FR/LG style please.



    Size : 245 X 245
    Image 1: [​IMG]
    Image 2 : [​IMG]
    Image 3 (Optional):
    Color: A good contrasting color (maybe green or red)((not green and red together though))
    Text: 10th Deoxys (on top)
    {Deoxys holding cherishball}
    Available only when 10th pokemon movie tickets were pre-ordered
    June 23 - September 2, 2007

    Other: Can you make it so it looks like deoxys is holding the cherishball in his hand
  7. pantyer2

    pantyer2 << HOOT HOOT

    I was wondering if someone could handdreaw me a detailed pic: Can It be a 11 year old trainer, hugging a baby Umbreon who is sleeping with a latias sleeping on his lap. Could they be behind a big rock. Thanks!
  8. Magicute

    Magicute KKIIIIIIIIIIIII...!!

    My store is now open sir.
  9. Flame of Madness

    Flame of Madness I didn't do it!

    Excuse me, the people working here might have missed my request, and for you info, it is on page 9...
  10. Hexagram

    Hexagram Sic Transit Mundus

    Fakemon Request

    If someone or some group of people could make fakmeon sprites or drawings of thse that would be great. I need them for this forum based RPG I joined- they want pictures of my ideas. Credit will be given.

    Species Name: Argesnow
    Types: Ice/Steel
    Description: Argesnow is like a snow leopard cub. Its fur is white, with a tad bit of ice armor, and with small black metal spikes. The three claws on each foot and fangs are also black metal. This Pokemon lives in the very tops of cold mountains, near glacial areas. It is a stealthy carnivore, often jumping on to prey from heights of up to 500 ft.
    Evolves Into:
    Species Name: Blizzaurum
    Types: Ice/Steel
    Description: After very long training (to, in game terms, level 50), Argesnow evolves. Blizzaurum is a much bigger leopard. The fur now has blue ice armor between spikes, and metal armor on its head and legs. The spikes are now copious, and much, much longer. The paws now have five blades instead of claws. The mouth’s fangs are also a bit longer. The tail is now 13 spinning and extendable blizzards, each with sharp ice blades swirling on the outside. They end in an ice orb, with a black metal orb in the center. This orb reaches out with spikes to penetrate the surface. This carnivore is the scourge of all frozen mountains. A pack hunter, these carnivores jump from mountain to mountain, and on to their prey, and then impaling them. This Pokemon is at the top of the Icy Mountain ecosystem.

    Species Name: Angelash- Shiny Form for all three of this evo. line.
    Types: Flying/Fighting
    Description: Imagine a young child. This child is yellow skinned, and has purple hair. If male, it’s a buzzcut or bald, and if female it’s either long and free or in two ponytails. This child ranges from short to relatively tall, and is not too muscular, yet not fat. The fists are a tad bit accentuated. This child has a normal nose, and brown eyes. They are wearing gray angelic robes, which cover legs, arms, and torso. Boys have pants, girls have mini-skirts. Then, this child has two small lavender wings sprouting out of its back.
    Shiny Form Description: Pale white skin, blue eyes, golden hair, red robes and black wings
    Evolves Into:
    Species Name: Cherubrawl
    Types: Fighting/Flying
    Description: This is like an 12 year old, as Angelash was 5. This form has the same hairstyles. Instead of robes, Cherubrawl has gray armor on its limbs, but the torso and waist just have nicer robes. Females now have small breasts, and both forms have a few noticeable muscles. The fists are now covered in boxing gloves. The colors are the same as Angelash. This form has 4 wings.
    Shiny Form Description: Same shiny colors as Angelash
    Evolves Into:
    Species Name: Serafight
    How: Triforce
    Types: Flying/Fighting
    Description: This form is an adult. They now have very noticeable muscles, and the armor, which covers the torso and limbs, is tougher, adorned with gems, and has a big gem in the center for wind control. On each arm is a pink bow, like from Kid Icarus. It has the Triforce, which is also seen on the head, bone blades, and on other parts of the armor. This form can also form bone blades to use. The knuckles are spiked, instead of boxing gloves. The breasts mentioned before for females are now much bigger, depending on specimen. This species has 12 wings.
    Shiny Form Description: Pale white skin, blue eyes, golden hair, red armor, diamond bow and black wings

    Species Name: Dracodusk
    Types: Dark/Dragon
    Description: A small(4 ft tall, 5 ft long) dragon. It is long for its size, and is covered is night-black scales. It has two arms in front, its only limbs. Hey are relatively muscular, and end in a hand with five ruby claws. The head is a regular dragonhead. It has two ruby horns, much like Shenron from DBZ. The eyes are pure white. This form also has two mouths, each with rows of razor sharp gold fangs.
    Evolves Into:
    Species Name: Draknahell
    Types: Dark/Dragon
    Description: Dracodusk is much bigger version of its preevo, as it has grown 3 feet taller, and 6 feet longer. Now, it has diamond armor on its arm, sides, complete with spikes and cannons. The arms are also longer, and now feature blades on the arms made of sapphires.
    Evolves Into:
    Evolves How: Unholy Vortex Crystal at level 75+
    Species Name: Dragnarokk
    Types: Dark/Dragon
    Description: Due to its power surging through it, Dragnarokk is a gargantuan 666 feet tall, towering above all Pokemon.. It weighs in a relatively light 8658 pounds, only 13 pounds per foot. It is the beast of hell, the scourge of many. It has 7 heads, each made of the bodies of dead people caked in blood, and separated by barbed wire. The 6 heads on each side have one horn, but the middle head has 4 horns. Each horn has a burning halo crown around it. Each head also has 3 mouths. The first has laser katana for teeth, and the bottom of the mouth is a pit of horrible weapon related tortured. The second mouth has upside-down people being electrocuted for teeth, and the bottom of the mouth has a pit of boiling acid. The third mouth has nuclear warheads for teeth, and a pit of disease-filled, nuclear waste. All the teeth are white, and all the pits invisible. The heads are black, with huge, glaring red eyes on either side. The necks are covered in black scales and in key parts, diamond armor with spikes. The torso, right after the long necks, begins with two long arms stretching out, featuring a ton of arm blades made of the diamond armor, the arms end in a five ruby clawed hand with a vortex on the palm. The part after the necks is mostly black scales and armor, but soon fades into an apocalyptic wasteland. This wasteland is sand, sludge, ruined buildings, and half buried, rotting corpses. The middle features a pentagram. The points of the five sections, and the points of the pentagon in the middle, are never ending pits of hell. The dots are connected by canals of toxic, glowing gold sludge. The underside starts with a huge black and red circle made of the Unholy crystal, then opens to reveal white fire that will suck someone in when open. Then, there is a part with gold armor, and glowing silver energy connecting an intricate pattern, much like that of Rayquaza. Anyways, this is really like a hellish computer, and people are turned to spiritual data, and tortured, as there is never enough space for all of the victims. This is because, due to size and power, Dragnarokk is a legendary. Of course, it has to evolve, but that is to ensure that it is unlikely a Dragnarokk will ever arise. That is also why there are only 13 Unholy Vortex Crystals ever made.
    Shiny Form Description:

    Species Name: Leviakros-Shiny Please
    Evolves From: Gyarados
    How: Dragon Fang
    Types: Water/Dragon
    Description: Leviakros is like a bigger, badder Gyarados. First off, it is longer, and all white and silver. It has 6 necks, each ending in a Gyarados head. Each head has much bigger fangs. Second, Leviakros has sharp fin blades all over its body, making it near impenetrable.
    Shiny Form: Black and gold.

    Species Name: Negatov-Shiny Please
    Evolves From: Electrode
    How: Dusk Stone
    Types: Electric/Dark
    Description: Negatov is a huge white ball. It has a light blue pentagram on both sides. A light purple energy connected neutron of floating green balls covered with spikes surrounds it. On the outside of those are two yellow electric tunnels, ending in huge dark gray dark energy spheres.
    Shiny Form: Black ball, red pentagrams, royal blue neutron, gold spiked balls, white energy tunnels, and transparent energy spheres

    Species Name: Nesshell
    Evolves From: Lapras
    How: Dawn Stone
    Types: Water/Ice
    Description: With Nesshell, Lapras changes a lot. For one, the horn on its head becomes longer. Two, the shell becomes more heavily spiked, and now covers Nesshell’s longer neck. The shell is now white, but the tips of the spikes have become icicles. The limbs have also been lengthened by ice. The skin of Nesshell is a dark, dark blue.

    Species Name: Kongorilla
    Evolves From: MALE Primeape
    How: Rage Barrel
    Types: Fighting
    Description: This Pokemon is a huge standing gorilla. Across its chest and back is an X of barrels. Its fur is blinding white, while the barrels are red, and his back is gold. A twisting connection of black bone covers his arms and legs. On its upper back, there is a silver cage containing two blue hammers.

    Species Name: Bowskoal
    Godormas or Synthetic: Godormas
    Evolves From: Torkoal
    How: Royal Shell
    Types: Fire/Dragon
    Description: You know Giga Bowser from SSBM? Imagine him. Then, make his shell black, skin red, horns and spikes gold, and reduce spike number and add some fiery holes, with white fire. All normal red on Giga Bowser is now a dark blue.

    Fossil Ideas:
    Species Name: Dezerexx-Regular
    Fossil: Spine Fossil
    Types: Ground
    Description: Imagine a baby T-rex. Dezerexx is like that. The normal form has golden brown sand for skin. Its arms are a bit short, and have two purple claws. It has a rudimentary white horn on its head, and a small white crest in the back. The tail is short as well, and made of sand. The legs are a bit longer, and each foot, covered in sand, has two claws in front, one in back. The eyes are solid pink
    Shiny Form Description: Dark brown sand, light brown eyes. Horn and crest are pink. Claws are yellow.
    Evolves Into:
    Species Name: Tyrannodune-Shiny Form
    Types: Ground/Psychic
    Description: Now, the T-rex is at a huge (Realistic to Non-Legendary Pokemon) size. It is covered in tannish brown sand armor. On its two sides the armor has holes for cannons. The arms are now longer, and have four claws in front, one in the back. Each arm also has three blades, two off the arm, one off the elbow. The claws are yellow, and made of psychic energy. The tail is also longer. Spikes cover it in all directions (spikes also cover tops of arms, around the cannons, on both sides of legs, and back of neck to upper back), and it ends in a huge, heavily spiked club. The legs are now sandstorms, and end in five yellow psychic energy claws, and a huge claw in the back. The back has six silver razor blade sails coming out. Tyrannodune also has three pair of horns, three horns on each side of its head. They are devil horns. The rudimentary horn on its snout has now become one long horn. It’s on the front, like a spear. It is made of swirling sand. The eyes are purple now. Orbs of sand also orbit the club, horn, and devil horns.
    Shiny Form Description: Black sand armor and sandstorms. Spikes and eyes are green. White sand for arm blades and long horn, blue sand for club and devil horns, red energy claws, red sand razor blades and gold sand orbs.

    Species Name: Venego
    Types: Rock/Poison
    Fossil: Plate Fossil
    Description: Venego is like a baby stegosaur… sans spikes. It, on its limbs, head and tail, is covered in thin plates of green-brown rock. Its skin is purple. Its eyes are green. Its legs are very short, and end in a foot with 2 toes in front, one in back. The aforementioned tail is pretty short, but it shoots poison. Venego’s mouth is normal for a stegosaur, but the teeth are rocks. Its plates are actually tiny little grey nubs.
    Evolves Into:
    Species Name: Steroxin
    Types: Rock/Poison
    Description: Steroxin is at the huge size now. It has plates, and instead of spikes, bulbous poison shooters. It has the same colors as before. Its head rock is actually now a helmet done in the Greek style, although it has a split down the middle. Rock plates, now thicker, also cover the knees, neck and most of the tail. The feet are the same design. Its back now has a row of plates on each side. Its tail is now much longer, and ends in a group of yellow poison shooters. The poison is white in color.

    Species: Dimetrosteel-Shiny Form Please
    Types: Grass/Steel
    Fossil: Sail Fossil
    Ability: Solar Power- Immunity to Fire Type Attacks.
    This pokemon looks like Dimetrodon, a lizard from the Permian Period. The Pokemon was found in rainforests about 222 million years ago. It has a bronze body. It has vines all over its tail and limbs, and off of the vines sprout blue flowers. its back sail is a green, giant plant-like semicircle, with an iron edge that goes in to about 2 feet. This sail absorbs light, giving Dimetrosteel a powerful edge in grass type attacks. This Pokemon was the dominant carnivore until the dinosaurs, like Terranopsych, came along.
    Shiny Form- Silver metal body, white vines (normally pink), red flowers, blue sail, gold edge.

    Species: Glacierhino
    Type: Ice/Rock
    Horn Fossil
    Ability: Hardcore- immunity to fighting type
    this giant rhino lived during the ice age. Its body is made of light blue crystal. Then, it is covered in a coat of red fur on most of its body. However, the legs, some parts of torso, and some parts of the head are covered in unmeltable white glacial ice. This ice is spiked for extra protection. This pokemon also has three horns made of the same ice. This pokemon was a very violent herbivore, and a worthy opponent for any ice age predator.

    Species: Ursusteel
    Type: Steel
    Fang Fossil
    Ability: Ferocity- double effectiveness for its physical attacks.
    This cave bear lived during the ice age. Made of blonde fur, this Pokemon had tons of blue steel spikes all over it, as well as armor for more defensively vunerable areas. Its clawed paws helped it tear apart its prey, and it was a feared predator by most Ice age herbivores.

    Species name: Ankylovolt
    Types: Rock/Electric
    Animal Base: Ankylosaurus(see wiki)
    Fossil: Club Fossil
    This species has an oval body, a small head, and a club tail. Its head is white, with black lightning on either side of its mouth. Said mouth is filled with rows of white teeth. Its torso is ruby armor- which is nearly impenetrable. Its spikes are long and gold, and are charged with electricity. This torso is short and wide, and the legs(it has 4) are also covered in armor and are short- yet make this pokemon move VERY FAST. Its tail is long, white and whiplike, and ends in a black thundercloud with golden spikes.

    Species name: Inferaptice
    Animal Base: Velociraptor
    Types: Fire/Ice (i know, its weird...)
    This species has a long head, covered in horns, a short necks, a short and narrow, yet muscular, torso, long legs with clawed hands, and a long tail. The body is made of ice blue... permafrost. This ice is absolute sero, and therefore, unmeltable. However, it has volcanoes in 3 rows of 3 on each side. its claws are glowing orange fire. these claws are also sharp, and sear the enemy. The fangs are also like this. Its eyes are white with a red pupil. This predator lived a long time ago and froze, then roasted, its opponents.

    Thank you all who work on this extraneous request.
  11. Pokérus-Deity

    Pokérus-Deity <---- King Pikachu


    Can someone create me a page or worksheet of some kind with all the types of pokeball on?

    Example: Say, an Ultra ball (in 3D form) on a white background.

    If someone could do that, it'd b great, since I want to start doing pokemon pokeballs. Thanks
  12. Arceus Master

    Arceus Master Goodbye

    Animated Banner

    Can somebody please animate these images into a banner?

    Images: 1st
    Speed: About the same as a userbar's if you can but a bit slower.

    I will give credit to whoever can do this.
  13. PurpleMew

    PurpleMew no promises

    Hey everyone can someone animate this banner please
    Can you put some falling snow like on the serebii advent calender and can you put some flashing lights around the tree.

    Have put in a link to th image

    thanks guys^^
  14. lamp of meow

    lamp of meow Well-Known Member

  15. Shin Ura Yuuki

    Shin Ura Yuuki Red's Follower

    Team Picture/Pose

    Whee, my request was done. =)
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2007
  16. Mayziken

    Mayziken Advanceshipping<3

    Here you go simonferno125:


    Here are your banner to Flame of Madness


    If you don't like it PM me
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2007
  17. Copygoo

    Copygoo Page of Heart

    Um, can someone make me a fast Aipom animation?

    Positions: http://i5.*******.com/71nb0vn.png

    Please and Thanks.

    EDIT: Already been done by someone.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2007
  18. razr12

    razr12 Your Mom's Trainer

    Color Request

    I'm not good at coloring through color pencils nor digitally. Would anyone kind enough color this through PhotoShop or something to make it look better? I'm terrible at coloring >.> I don't mind you signing your name as long as it says "colored by...."

  19. Phoenix Fire

    Phoenix Fire scream your self

    I think you missed my request. It is on page 9.
  20. BrawlMaster

    BrawlMaster Live long, & prosper


    Hi. I was wondering if someone here would kindly fulfill this request. I would like a banner advertising my Fanfic Chronicles of Hoen. In the banner cuold please put these pokemon and this trainer: Treecko, Raikou, Butterfree and the male trainer from Ruby. Also, could you make the lettering a bit transparent with a green outline. Also, could you make the background look like a valleuy with many flowers. Thanks.
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