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The Fan Art Open Request Thread! V2! (PLEASE READ THE FIRST PAGE CAREFULLY!)

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Absol 20/20, Jan 1, 2007.

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  1. Lucario Master Chris

    Lucario Master Chris Master of Psychics

    Banner Bump

    Light Venusaur said he'd do it but I haven't heard back from him in over a month so I'm reposting it.
  2. Gold E Lox1

    Gold E Lox1 Elegent Power

    Hi i would like some Linoon overworld sprites
  3. Light Venusaur

    Light Venusaur Konoha's FMA Ninja

  4. blake0108

    blake0108 Hello To All

    [align=center]Julius's PokePet
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Martin the level 99 Lugia![/align]

    art work from pokejungle.com
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2007
  5. Auperghost

    Auperghost Member


    could i have this made into an overworld sprite?
  6. Lucario Master Chris

    Lucario Master Chris Master of Psychics

  7. ChaosMew

    ChaosMew Shiny Psycho


    Name: Celestial Chaos
    Pokemon: Jirachi Mew and Deoxys (Pixel over if possible) if not sprites.
    Scenary: Fractal/Supernova
    Extra: None.
  8. Mike2494

    Mike2494 Member

    I dont know if you wanted something like this, but:
  9. MBlack475

    MBlack475 Falcon PUNCH!!!

    Hey guys can someone make me a sweet card and banner thx

    my team
    Shiny gallade
    shiny porygon-z

    anyone who steals my team is DEAD!

    on the banner include at least shiny gallade and whoever else of my team that would make it look sweet
    thx again
  10. Flame of Madness

    Flame of Madness I didn't do it!


    You didn't explain what you wanted on the card well so, that's all I can do... =P Anywayz, I hope you like it, give credit if possible... By the Way, the background IS NOT plain blue... =P
  11. MBlack475

    MBlack475 Falcon PUNCH!!!


    Thanks a whole lot it looks sweet even though you didn't have much to go by

    cough*now i just need a banner*cough
  12. Hauntershadow92

    Hauntershadow92 The Mono-type Man

    Epic Battle Scene

    Ok. I don't know how hard what I want is, but since I can't find ANY shop that is open that can do thi, I'm reuesting this:

    Battle Scene:
    Frame 1: Weavile is Sent out, VS Infernape. Text reads: "The opponent sent out Infernape!"

    Frame 2: Driftblim is Sent out. Text says 1st: "Infernape used Mach Punch" then changes to "It doesn't affect Driftblim..."

    Frame 3: In place of Driftblim is a Sub, Blim's HP is at 75%. Ape is still there. Text reads "A substitute was formed!" "Infernape used Flamethrower. The sub dissapeared!"

    Frame 4: Same as 3, but HP should be now at 50%. Same text. Same order.

    Frame 5: Same as 3, but HP should be at 25%. Text reads "A sub was formed! Driftblim's Salac Berry raised its speed!"

    Frame 6: A Shiny Charizard with the nickname of Havoc. *Remeber, the Sub is still up, so the Shiny sprite is not-needed yet.* Inferape is still there. Text: "Hunter sent out Havoc!"

    Frame 7: My Hp is down to 50%, sub still up. Text: "Havoc used Belly Drum!" "Infernape used Flamethrower! The sub faded!"

    Frame 8: Sub is gone, Shiny Zard sprite NEEDS to be used. Ape has 0% Hp. Text reads: "Havoc used EQ. It's Super Effective!"

    Frame 9: Bronzong is out. Bronzong's hp is at 0%. Text: "The opponent sent out Bronzong!" "Havoc used Fire Punch. It's Super Effective!"

    Frame 10: Garchomp is out. Hp at 0%. Zard's HP should be around 25%. Text reads: "The opponent sent out Garchomp!" "Havoc used Double-Edge. Havoc's Salac Berry raised it's speed!"

    Frame 11: Swampert is out. HP at 0%. Text Reads: "The opponent sent out Swampert!" "Havoc used EQ."

    Frame 12: Metagross is out. Hp at 0%. Zard's HP at 13% [Give or take]. Text reads: "The opponent sent out Metagross!" "Metagross used Bullet Punch!" "Havoc used Fire Punch. It's Super Effective!" [If someone is adding the move images, then use Bullet punch first, then Fire Punch.]

    Frame 13: Magnezone is out. Hp at 0%. Zard's is still at 13%. Text reads: "The opponent sent out Magnezone!" "Havoc used EQ. It's Super Effective!"

    Frame 14: A Black Screen with Red letters reading: "Are you sure you want to face me?"

    Details: The text doesn't really matter to me. Its fine if you abreviate. I really want the nickname "Havoc" to be above the HP Bar. Use a grass type bttle floor or w/e you call it. I would REALLY apreciate it if battle animations were used. If you do, I can trade you ANY pokemon you want with ANY move on it. You name it. You don't need to have the Hp bar dropping slowly, just have it go directly to 0. As the text, the first one listed in each scene should be shown first, then I want it to change to the next one and so on. This is pretty important to me, so I would like it to be nice. Make it a normal speed, like in the actual game. If you need the pics [I can't get the move animations though] then ask me. Again, TY VERY MUCH! I AM IN YOUR DEBT IF YOU DO THIS PRECISLY AS I SAID!
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2008
  13. Reign G

    Reign G Roggen and Rolan

    Overworld Sprites

    Could someone please take this Sprite:


    And make an Overworld of it in RSE or FRLG style? I only need walking/standing/running in all four directions, but some added poses like fishing or Surfing would be nice, too.
  14. Light Venusaur

    Light Venusaur Konoha's FMA Ninja

  15. Flame Haji

    Flame Haji Dark Type Trainer

    Custom Pokemon Sprite

    I look at a few pages in the Shops, but I did not see anything like this so here it is.

    I would like a Custom sprite that would be a New 3rd Evolution something in the wolf/dog/ whatever family. Use the same color theme as Mightyena.

    If this is not clear, or you don't get what I am asking please feel free to pm me with anything you need to know.

  16. Astral Arrow

    Astral Arrow Active Member

    Banner for My Story, Genesis

    Okay, um... I'm quite new to things like forums, but I know SOME stuff, so, here I go! I want to request a banner for my Genesis story, so I can use it as my sig and attract more people. If you want details, go to Genesis in Fan Fiction and you'll see firsthand, but if you want short details, I'll post 'em below.

    First off, I was thinking of Pirri Masenuko, a Pikachu with Metamorphing powers, on the right side, with Roman, her Human friend and lover, on the left. Pirri Masenuko has a woman's face, but with large green eyes, and a long mane of wild purple hair, spiked, and yellow fur in some places, but mostly around her body there is minute fur. Her face should be smooth and curvy, like a heart. Roman looks more like Vegetto from Dragonball Z, with navy blue tunic and orange undershirt, as well as a red headband, with the Japanese symbol for Earth on it, and a longsword, and he also has black hair that spikes upward. That's only a suggestion and I cannot make this into a reality, I know that, but can one of you? Like, put stars of dark shadows in the background, and maybe add Giovanni, one of the main characters in Genesis? Thanks!
  17. Hi.

    If possible can somebody make or find me some Red Anime Style FR/LG Overworlds, and some Jessie and James and Crystal and Silver.

  18. MBlack475

    MBlack475 Falcon PUNCH!!!

    is there anyone out there who knows of a 3D gallade model????
  19. MLS

    MLS .::Lost Butterfly::.

    Could Someone Please Color my Fan Art?

    I've been having trouble coloring this, and I'm not the best at coloring... Could someone please do it for me? And perhaps fix any mistakes, I would be very grateful. ^-^ It is raining, so it would be nice if you could add that, too. :3 Thank you!

    Note: These characters are from the leaf village in a Naruto RP, so the headbands should have a leaf symbol. (Around girl's neck and just above guy's left knee) And I would prefer if someone with a lot of computer-drawing experience could take my request. ^-^' Thanks!

    Drawing to color:
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2008
  20. Light Venusaur

    Light Venusaur Konoha's FMA Ninja

    I can get one, but it'll be from the card for it.

    I can get a friend of mine to do it for you when he comes over to my place.

    *Watch this space.*
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