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The Fan Art Open Request Thread! V2! (PLEASE READ THE FIRST PAGE CAREFULLY!)

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Absol 20/20, Jan 1, 2007.

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  1. Queen_Lugia

    Queen_Lugia The Soul of Silver

    Wobbuffet Sprite

    Dark_Aura, I just did this Wobbuffet sprite in MSPaint. Hope you like it.
    I didn't know what Wobbuffet sprite you wanted for the dress-up, so I used the Male Wobbuffet D/P Second Frame sprite.

  2. Shadow Aura

    Shadow Aura Well-Known Member

    Thanks, it looks fine. :)
    I'll then delete that request form my post.
  3. yelsha

    yelsha The Legendary Yelsha

    hi was wondering if anyone had the scans for Great Encounters Playmats (the kind you get in the decks)? I was interested in editing them.
  4. ShadowX

    ShadowX Shadow Master

    Im looking for trainer overworlds of people like Ash and other charcters fromt he show, in Pokemon emerald style. Or any other cool edits, maybe some evil people too

    I also need attack effects that i could use with pokemon mystery dungeon pokemon, like water gun razor leaf etc.

    I'm gonna start a comic soon and i need a few more sprites.
  5. runka

    runka Charizard pwns it!

    Hey, could anyone draw a Charizard beating Articuno(like in the episode)?Straight pics would be appreciated even more.If you draw,please draw Charizard victoriously setting out a Flamethrower to the sky and Articuno lying fainted on the ground.Oh and please get it in the sig rules, tell me if it has to be a banner.
  6. cybermew

    cybermew A la lune!

  7. blazegirl

    blazegirl ~.:The Kyuubi:.~

    Banner Resize

    Hey can anyone do this for me? I need someone to resize This Banner so it fits all the signature rules wile keeping the main pictures and the animation. Or could someone tell me a shop to request this at. Please and thank you
    Last edited: May 8, 2008
  8. MBlack475

    MBlack475 Falcon PUNCH!!!

    Can someone recolor and assemble the Gyarados sprite from ranger?
    Thanks in adv.
  9. quazafreak99

    quazafreak99 Darkrown Seeker

  10. SacredSwampert

    SacredSwampert Herd u liek Pygola?

    Fakemon Scratch Sprite please?

    Could someone, anyone really, as long as they're good, make a scratch sprite for my buddy Tarkidger here?


    BLAZEQUAZA Fires of Hell

    can I get a shadow typhlosion?

    if you just have an online pokedex of shadows thats fine, I just need one

    BLAZEQUAZA Fires of Hell

    can I get a shadow typhlosion?

    if you just have an online pokedex of shadows thats fine, I just need one
  13. -Apocalypse-

    -Apocalypse- Stay back...

    If you're asking for a sprite, I made you one.

  14. Stabberz

    Stabberz The RPG Godfather

  15. Warfare

    Warfare liverliverliverliver

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