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***The Fan-Art Open Request Thread***


Ronin Harrier

Tell me if you need anything changed~

Nightdreamer, you sir, are my new hero! This looks really good and better than I imagined or expected. It's brilliant!!! Thank you so much!


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can someone make me a banner with oshawott and chespin doing a fusion pose like in dragonball? with the text saying "FUSION!"

Squiddly Dee

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Alright, I really need a banner. Here's what I need:

Images: Arceus and Mew
Text: Islands of Origin
Colors: Warm colors, mostly oranges and yellows.

It's pretty important that I get this soon, so thanks to anyone who can make this for me!


Lover of underrated characters
Could someone make a banner with the X/Y male trainer wearing the black Team Plasma outfit with Dawn standing next to him? I would also like Froakie and Fennekin next to the male and Chespin next to Dawn.
If you can fit text I would like it to be "Past Shadows of Evil" The background/text color can be whatever is easiest for you.


There for grace I go
Alright, I really need a banner. Here's what I need:

Images: Arceus and Mew
Text: Islands of Origin
Colors: Warm colors, mostly oranges and yellows.

It's pretty important that I get this soon, so thanks to anyone who can make this for me!

Eh, the image of arceus said you could not use it without permission, so I found another. I hope you likey <.>


PM me for any changes
Fairly large request, hope someone can help me.

I'm doing a 6 piece project. 6 albums that I will be releasing with Pokemon based titles (Blue Version Mixtape, Silver Version Mixtape, Emerald Version Mixtape, Pearl Version Mixtape, Black Version Mixtape, The X/Y Tape in order) and will each have one track with a beat made from an iconic sound/music from that gen (Lavender Town Music, Lugia's Song, N's Final Battle etc.).

Effectively what I need are a FB Banner, matching Avatar, Desktop Wallpaper, and a custom pokeball for each album.

Its easier than it sounds because I want them to be the same layout, just colour and title change really. As for the custom pokeball, integrate it into each of the graphics as you wish, add your own flair. Doesn't need to be something insanely detailed, but make it unique and use the colour of each album version on the pokeball (keeping the traditional white bottom half). I'll need a graphic of each of the pokeballs alone with a transparent background as well as I'm going to have someone locally make and paint an actual version of each of them for me.

Only text I want on the graphics is the title of the album it represents and my stage name Sly Scripts.

Greatly appreciate anyone who does this for me, I'll be more than glad to repay you in any talent I have that you need (intro/outro's for videos, song for a background track for a project etc.)


The Mystical Master
I am looking for a trainer card style banner. (Larger than a trainer card but not too big).

It's for a Mystery Dungeon Team.

No trainer
No Badges
Text: Team Temporal ~ Rescue Team
Pokemon: Riolu & Squirtle
Color: Dark Blue/Navy
Border: White Stone Pillars

Thanks in advance!
Hey, I'm looking for someone talented to make some banners for first, second and third place for the 5th annual Pokemon Masterclass tournament that's being held currently.

Here are some samples from previous years Here and Here

If any of you would like the opportunity to be featured in this long standing annual tournament as an up and coming artist, please send me a PM!


Psychedelic Prof Oak
Hi, I'm looking for character and graphic artists to help me with an MMORPG i'm making. I will need ALL SORTS of graphical work done eventually, But right now i need some good anime monsters designing. This is an ongoing project and one I hope we can all enjoy eventually.

Thanks ^^


looking for someone to do this:
I'm requesting you to make a banner for a thread I shall be posting soon. It will be the Electric-Type Pokemon Fan Club and I need a banner for it. Here is an example of one I really like:
. I was wondering if you could make one similar to this one, but with a Yellow Backround, and this font: Hemmet That reads: Electric-Type Pokemon Fan Club. With the following pokemon in it:

Chinchou (The center)
Rotom (+ 1 random form)

And the trainer: (left side please)

And if possible some of the Pokemon shiny. And lighting in the background

If you can't complete this request I understand, it is a bit much, but if you can thanks!
Trainer: here
Animated(Y/N): N
Notes/Extras: Can you change the shoes to white, pants to black, jacket to black, hair to brown, pokeball to silver, his belt can stay black, and can you remove the gloves?

-Hayward- : Completed

I really need a Banner. :3
Images: Image 1 and Image 2
Text:Mansion of Horror!
Colors:Black and Purple


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I'd like to request a banner if you wouldn't mind.

Images: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/153/1/e/giratina_altered_forme_v_4_by_xous54-d51zvoq.png & http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/219/9/d/awakened_Negi_by_haosama.png
Size: Not sure on the size, just make it big lol
Text: The Forogtten Memories
Colours: Black and Yellow

I've been pretty anxious to make some graphics, and I haven't gotten any requests in my shop just yet, so I took a whirl at this one. Not the best result I've ever had, but I think it turned out pretty good. Hope ya' like it~


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^ OMG Thank you so much! It turned out exactly how I pictured it :D
With this, I can finally publish my Fan Fiction


Ronin Harrier
Hey y'all. I'm looking for someone who's good at doing recolors to help me out with a pair of simple requests!! I can't pay you, but I will give you all the credit. Thanks in advance!

Image to Recolor #1: Hugh
Notes: I'd like the hair to be a light shade of brown, the eyes a greyish-green, while the jacket can just be all black.

Image to Recolor #2: Hugh
Notes: Following the same scheme above, I'd like the hair to be a light shade of brown, the eyes a greyish-green, while jacket can just be all black. The Pokeball can be silver or a metallic grey.