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***The Fan-Art Open Request Thread***


hi im new to this and i would just like to know how to get spoilers if someone could tell me it would mean a lot thx


i would want my spoiler to look like this

No Badge
No Trainer
Text:Join the hood
Pokemon:Mew,Meowstic(male),Riolu and Cubone
Colour:purple and Black

Thank you so much if u could do this


♥ Ace ♥


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Custom Trainer Sprite

I would like to have trainer sprites of the Pokemon X and Y Gym Leaders and Champion in the style of Pokemon Black and White if possible. Thanks!

StoneCold Destroyer

Hidden in the Sand
I would like to have a big banner that closely reaches the max size allowed for pictures in the signature.
Pokémon: Regigigas, Regirock, Regice, Registeel
Background: An inside look of a temple with a giant throne in the middle
Text: "Ancient Ruins" on top of the banner
"Venture into the Ruins if you dare..." on the bottom
I want Regigigas to be in the giant throne looking forward and also I want him to look epic while the other Regis are standing around him like guards and I also want them to look epic. I can't wait for this awesome banner if anyone wants to create this for me. Thank you.


Krookodile hunter
Requesting banner
Size:Big, but enough to fit in the signature
Pokemon: Giratina (origin form), Yveltal, and Darkrai (all on the same banner)
Style: Dark and haunting
Text: "The dark side" and "BmanP1" should both appear on the image somewhere, in whatever text the artist sees fit for the style
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Requesting a banner!

Hello everyone, I like to make a request of a signature banner of a fanfiction I'm making.

The characters are Grimsley, Shauntal, Caitlin, and Marshal (you can add Alder if you want to.) It can be either their sprite mode, mugshot or just fan arts.

The title will be call Four Wishes: Sweet and Sour.

I hope this is clear enough and thank you for trying to do my request.


Bane Of Pigs
Hi could you make me a banner of a/an moving/animation of a shiny Genesect and my username ShinyGenesectFTW beside it ? Thanks !

PS:Normal size banner pls

epic mew

Zorark + mew = death
Hello, I would like a banner alot like this 1.
Pokemon - Shiny pelipper, Shiny sandile and shiny gurdurr
Background - shiny background
Background Colour - Blue
Text & Colour - Text: All of epic mew's shinies


Second to none
I have a simple request. I'd like for someone to make the background of this Pokemon Y Logo transparent, so it does not have any type of background at all. That'd be great, thanks!


A new beginning! <3
Hi! I would really appreciate if someone took the time to make me a button that said "The Darkness That Bonds" on it, with a Serperior (preferably a 3D model) on it. Again, thanks so much! :)


title goes here
Requesting an xat avatar of the Highlander's (from Etrian Odyssey Untold) head with "SD" in the bottom right corner. I hope that isn't too hard, and thanks in advance.



Mega Gobli

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I will give this a try. If anyone has the time, well I want to request a cool Pokémon Siggy featuring either Xerneas, Yveltal, or Mawile. I don't care much about looks, but try to make it look awesome and with a cool, dark background. lol Just add my user name somewhere in there with gold letters, and also your own in a corner so as to give credit to whoever made it. Much thanks in advance. You can pm me or vm me when you have it done. ~AG
I hope this is the place to do this. But I have a request for those who can attempt to do this:

In "Pokemon X and Y" you can change the bottom screen with different wallpapers during battles. I'm looking for the eevee wallpaper for my actual computer screen. My resolution is 1366 x 768. I hope someone is up for the challenge and thanks much!


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*steps in* Um, I feel bad requesting this because I just got this banner in my sig, but I'll just see if its out there. Does anyone have a gif of unown? ;201-?; Basically what I'm asking for is whats already in my sig , but without the 3DS.
Edit: nvm, I found one.
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Hello, I am currently looking for someone to put in an Eevee on this guy's shoulder. I'd like it to be simple, just like Pikachu sits on Ash's shoulder. Thanks.

Here is the pic. I'd like it to remain in the same dimentions as the original. W=272 Pixels H=228 Pixels



If I could get a response via PM, that would be great.


I'm looking for a new Trainer Card. My team is Raichu, Mega Houndoom, Milotic, Salamence, Torterra, and Aegislash. And this is my Trainer, Terry.