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***The Fan-Art Open Request Thread***


Pokemon Theorist
could someone make me a YouTube avatar? I created a picture on a website, but I wish it was a different pose and better quality. I am female, have long wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, a green jacket, and have blue jeans and brown hiking boots, as well as a shiny umbreon at my side. could anyone draw this up for me to use in my YouTube channel? I will give credit in the description of every YouTube video I create using it.


New Member
Hello! Can someone create me a banner for my trade thread aka Gaudi's Shop RNG dex? I want it to be old school, have mew on it (the blue), a big forest and me as a hunter. Im a blond tall normal weight (not muscular but pretty much it) man of 24 .



Smash Trainer
I'd like a piece of art. A drawing of a Venusaur riding a bike. Not a person dressed up as Venusaur, but the actual Pokémon riding a bicycle. That is all. A signature of the artist in the bottom corner would be nice, makes it easier to give credit. Thanks!! :)


Pokemon Theorist
Could someone make a drawing of Litten and Purrlit (fakemon starter in pokemon SolarLight and LunarDark) in love?

John Trainer

John Trainer
I was wondering if I could have a banner that features Volcarona, Minato(from Naruto), and NiGHTS(from NiGHTS Into Dreame) with the caption Worlds Collide... I always think it best to give an artist free reign cause that's so interesting to me(I'm not really an artist so I feel someone else may have a better vision than I) but if someone is interested and would like images or an outline I can provide


New Member
Im giving all my legit shinies i caught on my last game if someone can make art of hau cuddling a litten.

I have these legit self caught shinies:
Aipom nicknamed Squirrel
Nuzleaf nicknamed Shady
Nidoking nicknamed Ocean
Rhyperior nicknamed Bolt

Then i also have a cobalion and a shiny sharpedo along with three master balls.

Pm me.
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Team Volt Grunt

Pokémon Collector
Is there any Sugimori art of Volkner in a standing position? or does anyone have one in a style similar to Sugimori's? The closest I can find is just an outline.



Happy Person
Can someone do a Fusion of Eevee and Dendenne? Please PM Me!
If possible could someone please draw a fan art of the five stat trainers from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum in iPad wallpaper format?
Like Kawaiiconcept, I am on mobile, so an imgur link would be brilliant.
If someone is willing to do it, could they please PM me?


what ever........
I need a custom sprite made for me of a key stone set in a pair of blue headphones
and if I could also have a ORAS pokdex sprite but colored blue?
PM me please, if you can do these.


Ghost Master
I'm looking for someone to make me a few banners for a new shop I want to start up.
If anyone is willing to attempt this, please send me a PM for more details.

There will be payment in shinies or items. :p


Pokemon Artist
Not 100% sure if anyone still checks this forum. I would like to request a team line-up of sprites (just the Pokemon) for Pikachu (Male), Furfrou (Shiny), Alola!Vulpix, Charizard, Gliscor, and Origin!Giratina inside little diamonds with a Luxury Ball sprite on the corner to the left of the Pokemon. Something similar to a trainer ID but with a completely blank box so I can manually insert the trainer would be nice. Please PM if you are interested. I may have to give you a rough sketch of the finished idea TwT Thank you in advance.


Hello, i'm creating a pokemon tcg app for mobile, but i need some help with some artwork. I can only give credit but nothing else. If someone is interested please message me.


The #1 Remus Lupin f
Looking for someone to make a couple of trainer sprites for me! You're welcome to use already existing Pokemon sprites or make them from scratch. Further details below.

Sprite 1:
Blonde hair that falls to her shoulders is one of the first things you'll notice about Ashleigh. Her eyes are a deep emerald green, and they have an almond shape to them. She stands at about five feet, three inches tall, and she weighs about one hundred and twenty-five pounds. She has an average build, and there's a little muscle to her. Her skin takes on a lightly tanned appearance in the summer months, but in the winter months, she's a little pale. In terms of what she wears, her wardrobe is a bit on the tomboy-ish side, so it mainly consists of t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. There's some dresses and other nicer clothes in her closet as well, but you won't see Ashleigh wearing them very often.

Sprite 2:
Aleria has strawberry blonde hair that's more on the red side than the blonde side. Her olive skin fits perfectly with her hair. Bright hazel eyes allow Al to see the world around her. Al's outfits change from day to day based on her mood; one day, she'll be a punk rocker girl, and the next, she'll be that cute pretty girl.


Eon Fan
Could someone draw me a phone wallpaper (for like a 5 inch phone) of either just Latias or both of the eon twins and Shaymin Sky? They can do whatever you want to (as long as it stays within the rules of course) but do know, creativity is key.