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***The Fan-Art Open Request Thread***


ill have it up soon!

sorry it's not verry good... i used iaza and then paint paint made it look messier but iaza left red bits..
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thank you...^^;
is there any way you can remove the red spots?
or anyone here...i was very happy for your effort
thank you


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I did my best...


I'm a monster...
Can anyone animate sprites? Please PM me if you can. I've got 2 requests


fan of pmd series

Can anyone change this to a mudkip dancing instead? :D I will be greatful if anyone can do it :)

Edit: If anyone decides to help me with this, mind pm-ing me ? :) Thanks
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I have an odd request. >>

I'm looking for someone to create an animated avatar of the dimensions 150x150 of my character and a shiny drifloon floating above their head. If anyone's decent with animation, pease PM me. Danke schon.

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That One Trainer


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Does anyone have any ripped sprites of Gold's overworld sprite from HGSS? Preferably one that is facing forwards, so I can see his face. If you have any others, feel free to post them.
is any one willing to do a lot of pixel overs for me

or if you can scrath pixel sprites big ones but not to big id pefore this one ^^