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***The Fan-Art Open Request Thread***

Mugshot Request
Could I have the trainer in my sig doing the thumbs up sign?


Level Up Mr.Skibbles
i want a cool celebi signature with my name on it (ThePokeBlake) if any of you EXPERT signature makers could make me one i would be very greatful you can just post it here or PM me it so umm please and thank you!

P.S. i will be sure to give credit to the maker in my sig


Well-Known Member
Can someone make me a banner with Zoroark on it.

I want it to say "Zoroark, The Monster Fox"

And the background to be of a red/Black color.


New Member

can someone make me pmd style sprites for zoroark and if time left the baby zoro.
i only need walking idle and thats it (please?!, everyone would become better of ti
cause a lot of people would like that.)


Oh noes.
Hello. I'd like to request a Banner for a friend and me pwease.

-The scene is a field of in the middle of the day. Windy, so the grass is blowing, and leaves are flying through the air, too. The focus of the pic are a Raichu and a Pikachu. The Pikachu stands at the right of the image, the Raichu at the left and slightly further away.

-Normal Pikachu really. Bigger tuffs of fur on chest. Longer fur on top of head that sticks up in random directions. Has a Red collar with small light ball on it around neck; a bit loose. Black part on tip of left ear jagged in the transfer to yellow fur. A littler leaner then usual as well

-Raichu is mostly normal, as well. Slightly taller and thinner than a typical Raichu. Wears a small silver orb, similar to a light ball, on a blue Special Band around his neck as well. Has rougher-looking fur than normal. Headfur is slightly longer and unkempt; not sticking up like the Pikachu's, but has a messy look to it.

-Both pokemon should be staring at each other with intense expressions. Not full hatred, but the simple look of two comrades preparing for a friendly scuffle.

If more elaboration is necessary, PM me and we can work out the details.

You'll be credited for all work. We appreciate it greatly and Thank you in advance.

Deleted member 133172

Could I please have a Zorua and a Zoroark Chao please?

Seperate pictures please.

Thanks in advance, please PM me if anybody manages to make one. :)

This could EASILY be not what you want, but if it isn't please PM me and tell me what sort of thing you do want, i have good photoediting stuff so close to anything you want i can get http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/054/f/b/For_Nacreous_by_abyssmalstar.jpg


Well-Known Member
Gday Serebii Members! I request a banner of Max!

Text- Max's Johto Journey
Size - (Same size roughly as my Max banner at the moment)
Theme - A Johto sort of theme
Coloration -Don't Mind
Font - Similar to one in banner at the moment
Render/Image - Bayleef Charmeleon Max Harriet (The Girl)

Can you use the upper part of the bodies please on the humans and I dont mind Ralts being kept in on the Max image! Also can you try and fit all of Charmeleon and Bayleef in!?!
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Better Than Thou
Alright, her's my request. Please, if you will complete it, do it ASAP. If you complete it before tomorrow at 7 PM Central Time, you will be my bestest friend ever.

I want a DPPt battle scene. Have it be Golem (player) vs a Poochyena (opponent). Name Golem "Shrugger" and Poochyena "Fawful". Have Fawful use a move called "RUIN THE GAME IN FAVOR OF THE WOLVES" or something similar. Have the animation be something like the Noise Moves and Taunt/Torment, whatever's easier for you. Have Golem be then enraged. Have him use "RAGERAGERAGERAGERAGE". Have it do something like Close Combat or Eruption, depending on what's easier for you. Have Fawful's HP go down to zero, then faint as usual.

Again, if you do this, you will be my bestest friend ever.


Platinum Expert
Trainer Card Please

I want A trainer Card for myself
Pokemons : Drapion M 75
Raichu F 75
Crobat M 75
Roserade F 75
Garchomp M 75
Gallade M 75

(Key : <Pokemon Name> <Gender> <Level>)